Walker to Fleebaggers: Come Back to Work or Layoffs Will Start

It is time to call an end to this farce by the Democrats – real people are going to be affected unless they come home and do their job:

A statement released by Gov. Scott Walker’s office on Monday says the option of refinancing debt in order to save $165 million will be lost unless Senate Democrats return to work and vote on it by Tuesday.

“According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, if Senate Democrats refuse to return to Wisconsin and cast their vote the next day the option to refinance a portion of the state’s debt will be off the table,” the statement says…

Boiled down, if there isn’t a vote soon then the State will have even less money to cover expenses, and that means even deeper cuts will have to be made. Governor Walker has pledged to hold off on layoffs as long as possible, but eventually the money really does run out.

This isn’t a game – and our nation is not just a feeding ground for corrupt unions. Decisions have to be made – and for the Wisconsin Democrats, the inescapable facts of life are that they lost the 2010 elections. If they really believe in collective bargaining, then let them campaign on restoring it in 2012…if the people really want it, then they’ll vote the Democrats back in to a majority. That is the way things are supposed to be done in America – naturally, our Democrats don’t want to do it that way. Too American, I guess…