The Western Ruling Class Selling Out the West

From Salon – the intro to the article being the way Saif al-Islam Qaddafi’s son managed to gain a lot of western friends:

…Money, even foreign money (and particularly that Saudi money), has always been able to buy access to Western statesmen. But in the last decade or so, the proportions have subtly shifted. The democratic West has become relatively poorer, while a clutch of undemocratic “emerging” markets have become richer. To put it more bluntly, Western politicians, ex-politicians, and even aristocrats have become much, much poorer than the very, very rich businessmen emerging from the oil-and-gas states of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Twenty years ago, no retired British or German statesman would have looked outside his country for employment. Nowadays, Blair advises the governments of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, among others; Gerhard Schröder, the former German chancellor, collects a paycheck from Gazprom, the Russian energy behemoth…

And its not just European elites selling their country for a fat paycheck – think of all the Americans who lobby for, represent or otherwise kowtow to foreign tyrants to make a buck. I’ll keep saying it and saying it and hoping that some day everyone will agree with me because I am absolutely right – the people of free nations should have nothing to do with tyrants, except when we find it necessary to kill them; and then the introductions should be made by one our special forces soldiers. You cannot do good by doing wrong – you cannot remain civilized if you consort with barbarians. A “realistic” foreign policy is nothing more than propaganda cover for a surrender of principle.

It is well past time for us to re-order our foreign and trade policies and make them entirely subservient to the twin needs of defending ourselves from tyrants, and protecting free people around the world from same. Free trade – but only with other free nations; diplomatic relations only with free nations; travel too and from only free nations. Are we Americans, or just fools who are willing to sell our hangman the rope?

We need none of these tyrants – anything we might need from the territories they hold we can take by conquest and hold until the surrounding territory becomes free. But we don’t even need much of that – control of a few strategic points, perhaps some resources which simply cannot be obtained in a free nation, but not much more. Other than that, let the tyrants stew in their own juices, with the standing declaration that if they ever so much as cross us, we’ll destroy them…and may just do it, anyway, if we take a mind to it.

I’m just sick to death of seeing my side’s honor sullied with the mud of these brutal thugs…nothing to do with them; unrelenting hostility and war; that is the only way to deal with tyrants.