Out and About on a Monday Morning

Democrats getting ready to cave in Wisconson? The story has it that Democrats will come back because their work is done….Walker is so unpopular that once the bill passes, Democrats will be well positioned to win it all back. This is what is known in more vulgar circles as BS. If they come back, it is because they know they’ve lost.

Gold continues to surge in price because no one trusts Uncle Ben’s little slips of green paper, anymore. For as long as I can remember, the US dollar was worth a significant amount more than either the Australian or Canadian dollar…now, their dollars are worth more than ours. This is what happens when you print up money – essentially, Bernanke is picking our pockets so that he can prop up the banks. How does that taste, Americans?

More on Ben Bernanke being a fiscal moron.

Archbishop Dolan calls out Obama on failure to defend DOMA. If any of you out there were looking for a Christian leader who Christian leader to offer a robust yet loving rebuke to the President, here it is.

Calling on Nevada’s Democrats to listen to the will of the people – an admirable attempt, but as in all States, Democrats really only listen to their paymasters…especially in the unions.

Some bad American habits. No, they are not all, entirely the fault of liberals…not completely and strictly and sure some other influences are there…but they are bad habits and, my goodness, wouldn’t be nearly as bad if liberals weren’t around…