Black Conservatives Condemn Obama's Race Card

From Texas Insider:

Members of the Project 21 black leadership network strongly disagree with the President’s contention, as reported in the new book Family of Freedom: Presidents and African Americans in the White House, that the tea parties are motivated more by the color of Obama’s skin than the content of his agenda.

“As a keynote speaker at numerous tea party events around the country which has allowed me to meet tea party activists from all walks of life, I know it is Obama’s progressive politics and not his race that motivates these patriotic Americans to protest our nation’s slide toward socialism,” said full-time Project 21 Fellow Deneen Borelli.

By engaging in race-card politics, Obama shows he is willing to follow the lead of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to ignite racial tension as a means of maintaining power and furthering his agenda.”

Its going to get harder and harder for the left to sell the notion that Republicans and conservatives are racists. They won’t stop trying, of course, but it will have less and less effect. Part of this is the fact that “racism” has been grossly over used by liberals – especially by people like Sharpton and Jackson. Use a word too much and it starts being less potent. But in addition to that there is the fact of a rising generation of black and other non-white leaders in the conservative movement…hard to call a white GOPer a racist when he’s donated to Allen West and is thinking that Cain might make an excellent GOP nominee.

The tide has turned; we are winning this.