Religion of Peace Update

From Roger Simon:

…Another story, smaller in scale, but no less horrific, has received scant notice. Late Friday night, some yet-to-be-identified people — the sort of people President Obama would doubtless describe as “lone extremists” — cut their way through a security fence and entered the Israeli town of Itamar in the West Bank. They then broke into the house of Udi and Ruth Fogel (36 and 35 years old, respectively), and stabbed them to death along with their 3-month-old daughter, Hadas, and two sons, Elad (3 years old) and Yoav (11)…

A little girl, two small boys, a mother and a father…murdered in quite brutal fashion…and further reports indicate there was celebration in Palestinian areas over this despicable deed.

Make peace? Sure, but how? How do you make peace with people who murder little girls? I’m all ears if anyone has got a plan which would ensure that the murderer of a little girl can be made reasonable.