North Korea May Have Nuclear Warheads

Not at all good news from NRO:

On March 10, Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, testified that North Korea “may now have several plutonium-based nuclear warheads that it can deliver by ballistic missiles and aircraft as well as unconventional means.” It is uncertain whether Lt. General Burgess’s statement is based on new intelligence reporting or a higher level of confidence that DIA has in the new analytic assessment.

His remarks were disturbing because most experts to date have held that North Korea has not yet mastered the requirements to miniaturize any nuclear warhead sufficiently to put it on a missile…

A regime which likes to use blackmail may have nuclear warheads capable of being launched on ballistic missiles. Do keep in mind that “close” counts in three types of activities – horse shoes, hand grenades and nuclear war. Its not like a NK missile has to have pinpoint accuracy…if they can get it in the general direction of Japan or Hawaii, they have the capability to cause massive damage. And they’ve got the lunatic reputation necessary to convince everyone they would be willing to do it.

What to do is the tricky part – but like all such totalitarian regimes, there are those big celebrations they put on with massed slaves marching in step. Perhaps at the next such event we can figure out a way to kill the entire leadership with pin point strike? Yes, I know it would be difficult and risky – but leaving nuclear weapons in the hands of the North Korean regime as currently constituted doesn’t commend itself to me.

Once again, the bad news: Obama is President. Whatever course of action we choose, it will probably wind up being the very worst we can get…some combination of alternate kowtowing and chest thumping…the sort of thing to convince the NK’s we’re cowards while also angering them enough to try something stupid…