Joe Biden on Freedom of the Press

From the PJ Tatler:

[The following arrived unsolicited in The Tatler mailbox. We have no way of substantiating it immediately, but apparently something did go on at the Bill Nelson fundraiser in Florida.]

An incident at a Florida Democratic political fundraiser this week should be front page news in every paper in the country, and the lead story on TV newscasts, but it has been virtually buried…. until now

Here are the details.

On Wednesday morning, Vice President Joe Biden attended a fundraiser for Democratic Senator Bill Nelson…

The Orlando Sentinel assigned longtime reporter Scott Powers to cover the event. But when he arrived, Biden staffers decided they didn’t want him mingling with the 150 guests who had forked over $500 to meet Biden, so they locked him in a closet! A member of the Biden advance team even stood guard outside the door to prevent Powers from escaping…

Drudge has it, too. We’ll have to see how much corroboration there is for this, but it does appear, as Tatler noted, that something happened…and something clearly designed to prevent a reporter from finding out what was going on.

We’ve seen all sorts of bullying of the press by the Obama Administration – most of it taken lying down by the MSM because they are, after all, loyal lapdogs of their liberal masters, when push comes to shove. But I do wonder how long they can keep it up – taking abuse from those you love can, at times, lead to quite an explosion.