Most Transparent Administration?

Yeah, sure – from CNS:

A political review of open records requests smacks of “Nixonian” tactics by the Department of Homeland Security, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said Thursday.

Two investigations found that Freedom of Information Act requests sent to the DHS were reviewed by Obama administration political appointees.

“Through the course of an eight-month investigation, the committee has learned that political staff under the DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano have corrupted the agency’s FOIA compliance procedures, exerted unlawful political pressure, on FOIA compliance officers, and undermined the federal government’s accountability to the American people,” Issa said…

And, of course, all of us on the right knew that Obama’s assertions about being open and honest were lies from the get-go – we know they left; an ideology based upon a lie cannot do other than lie in operation. But even though lies are inherent in liberalism, this still does not excuse liberals from having to obey US laws.

Unfortunately, as long as the Justice Department is run by a corrupt ideologue like Eric Holder, justice will not be done – until, that is, we get Obama out of office there is no chance of punishing these people. And so our task is to investigate and find out the facts and wait for a more honest Administration to come in to office. But once that is done we cannot forget this…everything which has been done by the Obama Administration must be reviewed by the next Administration and any one who has been found to break the law must be strictly punished. It is the only way we can instruct liberals that they are not above the law. For far too long we have let them get away with it, and we can’t afford that any longer.