NAACP Official Convicted of Voter Fraud

From the PJ Tatler:

In Tunica, Mississippi, ten guilty verdicts of voter fraud were returned yesterday against NAACP officer Lessadolla Sowers. She was sentenced to five years for each count without the possibility of parole and will serve the terms concurrently. Sowers manipulated the absentee ballot process in the 2007 election. Absentee ballots in Mississippi are notoriously subject to voter fraud…

What is surprising is that there was a prosecution. Democrats don’t prosecute voter fraud because they benefit from it; Republicans shy away from it for fear of being called “racists” or some such nonsense. Naturally, the MSM will not cover this – they’ll be too busy covering Obama’s asinine claims that oil companies are responsible for high oil prices. But voter fraud is important – it goes right to the heart of our American institutions. If the vote isn’t fair, then our democratic republic is a sham.

Each and every case of irregularity in the vote must be investigated and anyone who commits even the slightest bit of voter fraud must see the inside of a jail. Our ability to vote is a trust given to us by men and women who died for it – we dare not allow it to be cheapened so that corrupt political groups can gain power.