Bin Laden Dead

Color me doubtful convinced.


UPDATE: President says killed in a firefight just today. Hat’s off to the President for ordering the attack and our thanks and prayers for the brave soldiers who carried out the attack.

UPDATE II: Funny how, just now, President Obama notes that we’re at war…first time I can recall him using that word. Here’s another word for you, Mr. President – its called “victory”, and its what we should be shooting for.

UPDATE III: While Obama made it out that it was his superb leadership which brought down bin Laden…it might be that the Pakistani’s just dropped dime on him in order to help us withdraw from Afghanistan – from Hot Air:

Good point from Dave Weigel: Now that we’ve gotten the scalp we wanted the most, the public will probably be even more inclined to support withdrawal from Afghanistan. Which, of course, is what Pakistan’s been after for years. Again, I’m very curious to know just what role their intel services played. Especially if the almost unbelievable detail about where this happened is true.