How "Illegal Wiretaps" Helped Catch bin Laden

From the Washington Post:

It seemed an innocuous, catch-up phone call. Last year Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, the pseudonym for a Pakistani known to U.S. intelligence as the main courier for Osama bin Laden, took a call from an old friend.

Where have you been? inquired the friend. We’ve missed you. What’s going on in your life? And what are you doing now?

Kuwaiti’s response was vague but heavy with portent: “I’m back with the people I was with before.”…

…U.S. intelligence agencies had been searching for Kuwaiti for at least four years; the call with the friend gave them the number of the courier’s cellphone. Using a vast number of human and technical sources, they tracked Kuwaiti to the compound…

And that, liberals, was all the signals intelligence program was ever about – it wasn’t about “spying” on the American people; it was about eavesdropping on enemy communications. Had President Bush not authorized it, we may never have caught bin Laden…no one was ever interested in listening to you liberals talk over your next anti-war demonstration; no one ever cared what was passing between you. All anyone in the program ever cared about was finding the enemy so we could kill or capture them.

And yet, this was all part of your series of lies about President Bush – your nonsense claims that Bush was a dictator and shredding the Constitution. All if it – every last bit of criticism you ever launched – was based upon just this sort of lie; taking something legitimating and weaving an anti-Bush fantasy about it…and then repeating it endlessly over the ‘net and the MSM until it started to take hold in the public mind. And you did this – in the end – just so you could get Reid as Majority Leader, Pelosi and Speaker and Obama as President. You didn’t do it to serve truth or America, but just to serve the ravenous political appetites of a corrupt Ruling Class.

You should be ashamed of yourselves – and we can only pray that some day, some how, you’ll drop your talking points and start to think…and then apologize for what you did.