New York Suffering From Applied Liberalism

From the NY Daily News:

Escape from New York is not just a movie – it’s also a state of mind.

A new Marist College poll shows that 36% of New Yorkers under the age of 30 are planning to leave New York within the next five years – and more than a quarter of all adults are planning to bolt the Empire State.

The New York City suburbs, with their high property values and taxes, are leading the exodus, the poll found.

Of those preparing to leave, 62% cite economic reasons like cost of living, taxes – and a lack of jobs…

They’re voting with their feet – liberalism just doesn’t work and no one who isn’t poor enough to be on welfare or rich enough to not care can live under it. I dug in to census data yesterday and found this to be a nation-wide trend. States with the most liberalism gained the least population over the last ten years. Texas, for instance, gained population six times faster than New York between 2000 and 2009. And when you go in to those liberal States and look at the cities and counties, the areas of the liberal States which are most liberal (like, say, San Francisco in California and Detroit in Michigan) actually lost population.

Liberals these days puff themselves up because the most liberal areas of the country have the highest per-capita GDP…but what they are crowing about is leftovers…economic facts which were developed prior to the uber-liberalization of those areas, and the facts are now showing that those high GDP areas are soon to be outpaced by other, more conservative places. You can’t live on inherited wealth, welfare and a Culture of Death, people…you have to work, each generation, to build anew. And in doing that you can’t have too many people on the dole, nor can you set in place policies which positively discourage family formation and child rearing. The most liberal areas of America are pretty much the same as most of Europe…and Europe is dying; dying of liberalism.

The future belongs to those who wish to work and build – those who have hope and a desire to do; for themselves and for others. And, so, the future belongs to us…if nothing else, we’ll simply outlast these liberals.