The Growing Hamas-Egypt Connection

Not at all good news – from Pajamas Media:

Hamas is hailing the “new wind” blowing from its Egyptian neighbors, one that is strengthening the position of the terrorist group in the international arena. With bold words and actions, Hamas is celebrating the end of its international isolation and new Egyptian involvement. Says Hamas political head Khaled Meshaal, in an article for Egyptian daily Al-Ahram:

Egypt is dealing in a “new wind” with Hamas, because its responsibility now is different after the revolution. … We are looking to Egypt now, hoping that Egypt is prepared to face the Zionist danger at the strategic level.

The “new wind” is evident in Egypt’s diplomatic strategy. After brokering the reconciliation between the two major Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, Egypt has encouraged the United States to support the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state…

And I’ll bet that at least some in the Obama Administration are in agreement with that – because the basic, leftwing narrative is that Israel is an imperialist creation and is the stumbling block to peace in the Middle East…if only we could some how, some way, curb Israel, all would be made well. You know, a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capitol…and a “right of return” for Palestinian “refugees” (some of whom are the great-grandchildren of those who fled in 1948). All tied up in a pretty, little bow.

The unreality of the liberal view is astounding. Locked in to a rigid, narrow ideology, they are incapable of either applying the lessons of history or even so much as thinking things through. The supposition that a Palestinian State would solve the problem ignores the fact that Hamas, especially, is committed to the destruction of Israel…and as long as we don’t confront them on that, they’ll never have a reason for retreating from that position. Given this, any attempt to meet their other demands (demands which are purely interim as far as Hamas is concerned) is folly. We can negotiate with anyone – but only if the ultimate goal is the same. If Hamas had a goal of a two-State solution, then we could work that out…but as long as their goal is a single-State solution, there is no point.

And now that Hamas has Egypt at their back – and likely even more firmly at their back once the upcoming Egyptian elections put at least some Moslem Brotherhood people in to the Egyptian government – they will simply be more convinced that time is on their side. They will believe that the correlation of forces is coming around to their view – and will continue to press their ultimate goal by every means possible.

US policy as regards Hamas – and Egypt, if they continue to back Hamas – should be “no deal” as long as Hamas will not make a public announcement – in Arabic – that they fully recognize Israel’s right to exist with Jerusalem as the undivided capitol of the Israeli State. Until they do that, then there is just no reason for talks – not talks about a Palestinian State, not even talks about exchanging phone numbers for future talks. Nothing, nada, zero, zip. Make them come to us – and the Israelis – hat in hand to negotiate the half a loaf which is the only possible outcome in accordance with Israeli security.

Can this lead to frustration on the part of Hamas and other Arab powers? Sure could. Could it lead to another war? You bet. And if it comes to that, then Israel backed by the United States will whip the Arabs, again. Eventually, as long as we stick to the basic, reasonable demand that Israel must continue to exist as a Jewish State, they will come ’round to our view – they’ll have to. The only reason they don’t is because they are convinced that eventually they’ll march on Tel Aviv and kill or exile every Jew in Israel. That dream has to be destroyed before peace is possible…and that will take firmness and a willingness to go all the way on our part.

The other side is coming together and setting out their firm goals – we must do the same. Anything less will make war more likely, rather than less. If Egypt wants to buddy up to Hamas then it is time for us to be more demonstrably on Israel’s side than ever before. But, will we? I doubt it. We’ll probably get the worst of both worlds – both an unwillingness to fight for what is right combined with an unwillingness to surrender. We’ll totter and sway and make things worse as we go…and we’ll have quite a middle east mess to clean up once we get Obama out of office.