Kevorkian: Nothing but a Common Murderer

From Detroit Free Press:

Dr. Jack Kevorkian — embraced as a compassionate crusader and reviled as a murderous crank — died early this morning.

Known as Dr. Death even before launching his fierce advocacy and practice of assisted suicides, Kevorkian, 83, died at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where he had been hospitalized with kidney and heart problems…

If he was in any way sincere about what he did, he would have hooked himself up to one of his own infernal machines and offed himself when it became clear there was no cure…but, no, he died in a hospital, which is where you go when you go when you want someone, some how, to keep you alive. Life being precious, after all.

Kevorkian was a serial killer who worked out a way to do his murders in broad daylight…and received plaudits from the rest of the Culture of Death for doing it. I hope a lesson has been learned here – anyone peddling death and despair is being a wicked mad man, not a hero.

Please offer prayers for the soul of our departed brother – while it may seem impossible that such a man can enter in to glory, with God all things are possible.