An Excellent Opportunity to Practice ASW

AS what? ASW – Navy-speak for Anti-Submarine Warfare. As far as I’m concerned, we should make this a live-fire exercise – from PJ Tatler:

The Fars news agency, which is run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, reported today that Iran has launched its first ever Iranian built submarines to the Red Sea. This is the first time such deployment has been attempted by the Iranian navy…

Iran’s government, having no legitimacy by American standards (which are the only standards that matter), it is not licit for the Iranian regime to even so much as have a navy…and having a submarine is just too risky. Cruel, corrupt and dishonest as the Iranian regime is, it is madness for us to sit idly by while they build and deploy weapons which will only be used for evil. So, treat this vessel, and any like it, as pirate ships…hunt it down and sink it. What if the Iranian government reacts? Let them – it would give us a ready-made excuse for taking our their nuclear facilities.

The bottom line, for me, is that we should start acting in the real world…no more pretending that un-elected, corrupt regimes of anti-human brutes are worthy of our respect or consideration. No more of this absurd dance – time to start doing the right thing, all the time and everywhere.