Out and About on a Thursday Morning

Las Vegas leads the nation...in to bankruptcy. Hate to say this about my town, but everything here pretty much sucks at the moment.

Pawlenty would sign a ban on Planned Parenthood funding – for me, this should be a litmus test for all GOP candidates in 2012. Whether or not you are pro-choice, the fact of the matter is that PP is a corrupt organization which exemplifies “wasteful government spending”. If you can’t cut PP, then you can’t cut anything.

1913 – the year our current economic problems began.

We are intensifying our military effort in Yemen…what about all that not getting involved in other people’s war stuff, liberals?

When Obama falls below 50% in a CBS poll, you know he’s got some trouble…if Newsweek comes out with such a poll, then you’ll know he’s doomed.

Are some of Syria’s security goons having second thoughts? Or are they just preparing to join the new, Iranian-controlled masters of Syria, if it comes to that?

Over at The American Catholic, a video round up of GOP candidates on the marriage issue.

For its affront to Obama, reality will be declared racist as will anyone who associates with it.