Tax and Spend Liberalism: The Chart

I’ve been saying lately that I might have to start drawing pictures to get liberals to understand – fortunately, someone else did. From Investors Business Daily:

You see, liberals, it doesn’t work. This is pretty much “black and white” – as government spending has shot through the roof we should have seen big gains in employment. That is what, according to liberal, Keynesian economics is supposed to happen. It is what Obama and all the liberals and all the kept financial “experts” said would result from the spending. As you can see, it hasn’t happened…at best it kept employment from dropping even further, but even that comes at the cost of galloping inflation and a fast-approaching risk of debt-induced financial meltdown.

You cannot borrow and spend your way in to prosperity. You can only get prosperous by hard work, thrift and sobriety. Those very old fashioned notions were true before, they are true now and they will always remain true. If anyone says there is some other way to do it they are either fools or liars.

We can get out of this. We can rebuild America in to absolute economic supremacy in the world. We retain the un-tapped wealth and we still have the skills necessary to exploit the un-tapped wealth. All we have to do is get to work – but to do that we’ll need to balance the budget, cut taxes and get rid of all those liberal regulations which make it impossible to build wealth. Once we do that, we’ll get rolling again – if we never do it, we’ll not only never get better, but we’ll continually get worse.