Obama: Spreading Disaster Where Ever He Goes

From the AP:

President Barack Obama may have been in Puerto Rico for only four hours, but his brief fundraising visit has unleashed a growing political furor in this U.S. Caribbean territory.

Legislators of Puerto Rico’s pro-statehood ruling party say they are resentful that he swooped in to raise about $1 million and did not offer any help or solutions as the island battles a soaring crime rate and higher unemployment compared with any U.S. state.

One legislator threatened to derail one objective of the president’s June 14 visit: to woo Hispanic voters on the mainland in his quest for re-election.

Local Sen. Melinda Romero, a delegate of the island’s chapter of the Democratic Party, said she has demanded an apology from Obama and will travel to the U.S. next week to meet with Puerto Rican leaders in key states including Florida and New York…

Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight! You go to one of the poorest areas of the United States, raise a million dollars and then take off without offering anything…and all of it done as a cynical ploy to woo mainland hispanic voters for 2012! This guy Obama is a roving political disaster just waiting to happen.

The more I look at 2012 the more I see it as liberalism’s last stand – all the pandering, race-baiting, deal making, gamesmanship…it is all at long last wearing thin. The people see the naked emperor and are not inclined to play along anymore.