Why America is Different (and Better) Than Other Nations

Other nation’s have their start lost in the mists of time. Some founded by the merest adventurers, others by conquerors and oppressors; some were just sort of made up by others. The United States is different – voluntarily people removed themselves from their native society and set up a new place where right from the beginning, regular folks would look after their own affairs. It took raw guts to even want to come here – the trip across the Atlantic was fraught with risk, and that was before you even set foot in North America and tried to carve a life out of the wilderness. Only the most stern, disciplined and motivated people would even try…and only the best among them would live. A nation founded by such people was bound to be unique – and better than any other nation out there; and so it has proved.

By the time our Founders gathered in 1776 we were 150 years a people…divided, to be sure; not at all certain as to just what sort of government we should have…but dead set upon the fact that they would rule themselves, or die fighting.

We here in 2011 have lost some of that. We’ve grown a bit fat and soft…and some people who claim the title of American would even fight to defend liberty under any circumstances. But, also, we are regaining some of that. As the forces out to destroy the American ideal advanced, it created a backlash…and now people realize that the precious inheritance is at risk. That we could, indeed, cease to be American and become some sort of besotted, bankrupt, dying copy of disintegrating Europe.

I think we will recover it all – I think we will prove to our Founders that we are worthy descendants. There will be a new birth of American freedom, and we will once again astound the world.

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  1. jim burns September 13, 2011 / 10:51 am

    Impressions after the 10-Year 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony
    by the United States of America

    Only a great and exceptional nation would and could take the horrendous tragedies of 9/11 and transform them into proclamations of remembrance and victory. Only a great nation could convert the site of the largest of the tragedies into both a memorial and an icon of strength, life, and defiance.
    The reading of the names included surnames from all parts of the world—names with hundreds of countries of origin, ethnicities, and religions–names that represented the melting pot of a free and welcoming nation and etched into stone for all to remember and honor.
    There were no emperors or dictators restricting speech and expression at the ceremonies—only presidents, governors, and mayors from the past, present and future, rendering service to a great nation. There were children, spouses, and loved ones standing before their losses—brave and strong. There were “First Responders” representing those whose first response on 9/11 was their last.
    Generals were there–commanders of the mighty and powerful soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the US armed forces whom they led into battles fought, from then to now, for the love of a great nation and defense of its Constitution. These commanders recognized the less than 1% of the nation who are in the armed forces, that have fought on distant battlefields rendering justice and protection for their great nation and showing a love that no one can say is greater, that of laying down one’s life for his country.
    Only an industrious and great nation could engage businesses, both small and large, to design and build a stronger-than-before structure, a superstructure, for One World Trade Center to become an icon of a free society and, once again, a center for commerce; and also architect and build living structures of remembrance for the “Let’s Roll” Flight 93 heroes, to the Pentagon memorial, and the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero.
    Only a great nation could recognize and be grateful to God at a time such as this by singing and playing Amazing Grace instead of shaking fists upward blaming Him for the acts of evil ones—by quoting timeless and inspirational scripture to lift hearts and renew minds, thanking Him for grace, healing and strength.
    Only a truly great nation could show this kind of courage under fire and grace under duress–a nation that has had for over 200 years freedoms of worship, speech, press, commerce, and defense—constitutional freedoms that were under attack on 9/11. Many great civilizations have come and gone over millennia from Egypt to Rome and China; however, these were built on enslaving people, not freeing them. Those nations now pale in comparison to the greatness of the United States, especially in its day of tragedies and the days after. Only a great and exceptional nation could do and be all these things and transform tears and terror into honorable remembrance and triumphant victory.

    • Canada March 3, 2012 / 9:24 pm

      Years later… US government refuses to provide medical assistance to the “heroes” they couldn’t seem to thank enough before. Pathetic. Americans should be ashamed of themselves for the way they treat each other when the camera’s aren’t rolling.

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