The Death and (Possible) Rebirth of Civilization

There is, as you might expect, a lot of dooming and glooming going on right now. Conservatives are a bit shell-shocked: this was not the result we hoped for or expected. There is a sense that this was our last chance and whether you want to assign our defeat to cheating or to failure, the bottom line is a sense of hopelessness: that we’ve shot our bolt and now our nation – our civilization – will die. Well, I’ve got some news for you on that score: our civilization will not die as the aftermath of this failure. So, you can feel better about that.

Now, for the bad news: our civilization is already dead. Been dead for a while. Our country has been dead for just as long.

When Alaric and his Visigoths entered Rome in 410 is wasn’t the end of Rome. It just told everyone what was obvious to the perceptive for a long while: Rome was dead. And, man, was it ever dead. It is estimated that at the time Rome’s population was still about a million people and Alaric’s army probably numbered in the tens of thousands. So, the Romans could have put up a fight but simply chose not to – deciding that, in the end, it was safer to be sacked than to fight for hearth and home. The city which had once defied Hannibal after Cannae simply gave up and that showed that whatever Rome had once been, it was long dead by 410. If you had to pinpoint a time when it died, it would probably be about the time Caracalla extended Roman citizenship to all free adult males of the Empire – he did this for tax purposes because certain taxes only applied to Roman citizens. This indicated that Roman citizenship was fundamentally meaningless – and so Rome was meaningless: just a collection of people held together by force of habit and doomed to fall to pieces at the first serious outside pressure.

Sound a bit familiar?

If I had to identify the time when our civilization threw in the towel I would say it was when the French – with our approval – gave up in Algeria. I’ve talked about this before but to really nail it down, let us note that prior to that surrender, the West had fought two world wars – at a cost of about 80 million deaths – to uphold the principle that you can’t shoot your way to power and wealth. The basic sin of Kaiser and Fuhrer was this: a determination to use unlimited force to obtain national ends. Hitler was, of course, vastly worse in degree from the Kaiser but no worse in kind.

Whole forests have been used to print the books trying to explain – or explain away – the causes of WWI but the bottom line is that no matter what else was going on; no matter what stresses and fears were operational in that terrible July of 1914, Germany had absolutely zero cause to go to war against France, Belgium and Luxembourg. None of those nations has offered the slightest threat to Germany. France hadn’t even offered to come to Russia’s aid in her looming war with Germany’s ally, Austria. But Germany attacked, determined that unlimited use of force would be to Germany’s benefit. Britain and, much later, America voluntarily joined in the effort to thwart that idea. And, it worked: Germany was defeated. But didn’t learn her lesson. And so Hitler tried again, this time willing to be even more brutal in the application of unlimited force than the Kaiser ever was. And at very high cost the United States and our allies thwarted this ambition.

And it was a good thing and a fine principle and a principle, moreover, which was not only successful, but morally correct. Whatever had happened before in the long trail of human crimes – all the conquest and colonization and other uses of force to gain wealth and power – the West had now risen above that and set the new standard. The good standard: the assertion that civilization would conduct itself properly. That if there were differences, they would be composed by fair negotiation between the parties and all civilized people would unite against anyone who sought to change the situation by force. It was a human peak and it should have ushered in a Golden Age. But it didn’t.

Pretty much as soon as the guns of WWII fell silent, other people took up the guns and started trying to shoot their way into power and wealth and this great Western Civilization which had just spent so much just to stop that…wavered. It hemmed and hawed. It made, at best, half-hearted efforts against the violent barbarians and tried to accommodate them rather than destroy them.

Oh, lots of reasons were advanced to explain why we couldn’t or shouldn’t destroy these new purveyors of violence, but none of them stood up to any sort of scrutiny. It was all a mere coward’s dodge: a simple unwillingness to fight. And that, to me, was why Algeria was such a pivotal event. Sure, the French could be (and often were) amazing SOBs in how they treated the Algerians. There were genuine grievances to be addressed…but it was also France doing this. It wasn’t Nazis or other brutes – the French were civilized and even when they were doing their worst, voices in France were calling for different ways of doing it. At the end of the day, a free press and a democratic system of governance would ensure that the Algerians got a fair shake. And as proof of this – proof that France was trying – tens of thousands of Algerians volunteered to fight to keep Algeria French. Some estimates are that more Algerians fought for France than for independence. But they and everyone else were tossed aside – and power was transferred not to civilized Algerians who simply wanted fair treatment, but to beasts in human skin who’s main tactics were the torture of Algerians who didn’t support them and the murder of French civilians in their cafes and shopping centers. That France – the very center of Western Civilization – signed off on this showed that the Civilization was, if not dead, in its death throes.

In and among all of this, whispering poison into the soul of the West, were the Marxists. You can call them what you like as they went by many names but the bottom line was that curled at the breast of the West were her own sons and daughters who had taken up the Marxist philosophy and come, in various ways, to despise their own civilization. They harped upon its flaws – real and imagined – and sought to demoralize and disarm the people of the West, claiming that if we could just get rid of it – get rid of civilization – something better could take its place. But all they were and remain are barbarians – people who shook off the West didn’t have another civilization; they just had a new barbarism and one worse than any others. Worse because not only were they hate-filled vandals, but because in pursuit of their ideology they proposed to abolish the two things which lay at the foundation of any decent civilization: the worth of the individual and the primacy of the family. They, in their various ways, wished to reduce the human to a mass of atoms with no faith or loyalty – only appetites to be filled and with the filling determined by a person’s place in an ever changing, but rigidly enforced, social hierarchy.

As we surrendered again and again to the armed barbarians we became, as a people, demoralized: blood was expended as was treasure but no victory was won, no destruction of the wicked. In fact, usually the wicked emerged triumphant and often lauded by those supposedly in charge of sustaining our civilization. The thought crept into the public mind that all effort is pointless, that patriotism is folly, that the family is oppressive and that justice never triumphs. All became a crazed desire for more goods and comfort…a frenzied pursuit of toys and sex combined with public posing about morality.

It took from 1960 to 1970 to accomplish this – since then, what good we have has been mere leftovers from what was built before. And it is getting rather tattered and threadbare, isn’t it? Kinda like it is dead, or at least very near death.

Can it be fixed?

I think so. But not by trying to uphold what is. We’ve got the hollow shell and what occupies the shell is overtly hostile both to the old, dead civilization as well as any attempt to revive civilization. I think a recent poll of British youth indicated that less than 1 in 5 have a positive view of Churchill. The slayer of Nazis is felt to have been an old racist that nobody can possibly like. So, no, we’re not going to just win an election and, presto, party like its 1949. It will take much more than that. It will take a Revolution.

The good news is that as bad as things are, the basic structure of the old system is intact. Especially here in the United States, our written Constitution, often only honored in the breech, still exists. It is a handhold – a lifeline. Something we can refer to and cling to as both a roadmap to what we want and an unanswerable argument in our favor (any application of the Constitution as written works in our favor). We can, that is, via Constitutional means obtain the perfectly legitimate power to impose our views on society (don’t go thinking that you can’t impose morality – all law is an imposition of morality: we’re just arguing of which morality will be imposed). But do to it will take a view-shift: it isn’t just enough to win nor is it enough, victory secured, to tinker about the edges. When we obtain power in whatever form and for however long, we must ruthlessly use that power to advance our cause to the maximum limit. We must crush our opponents and build up our allied. We must play favorites. We must become convinced that Party over Country is really Civilization over Barbarism. We are the only people who can restore civilization: everyone not on our side – witting or not – is on the side of the barbarians. We must become the miracle Army of Caesar showing up as Alaric lays siege to Rome and changes the course of history by sending the barbarians packing.

In this the only people we can count on is ourselves. The broad mass of people must be convinced to back us even when they don’t fully understand what we’re attempting. This will require tactical adjustments. Never a lie! Barbarians lie; civilized people don’t. But it does mean that if securing power requires us to go along with some particular stupid idea, then it is worth it if by so doing we gain the power and then use the power to advance our real goal: a reborn West. A civilization of educated, moral, truthful and hardworking families. A people of self reliance and uncomplaining patience in the face of adversity. A people like our grandfather’s who endured far more hardship and trial than any of us ever have.

It can be done. Mostly because barbarians, as wickedly destructive as they are, remain stupid and cowardly. They’ve only won because we surrendered to them. They will be put to flight by any army of civilized people who are wiling to stand up for themselves. The real question is: will we stand?

How Tough Are You Ready to Be?

Floating across my Twitter TL earlier was a video of a housing contractor having a bad day – the video showed a house deep in the process of being constructed and his complaint was that for three days in a row, nobody showed up for work. The man’s claim was that he could offer $40 an hour and he’d get no-shows. It was very sad to watch.

But it is also something I’ve heard more and more of – work going begging because people simply won’t show up for it. And we all know why: there is so much money floating around out there for people sitting on their butts that butt-sitting is preferable to work even when work pays more. Its like this: you could make 75 grand a year by working hard…or you can milk the system for 32 grand a year and get to stay home or go hang out. It is a lot less money…but it is almost all tax free and you don’t have to work for it. Human nature: when we don’t have to persist, most of us don’t.

The problem is widespread not just in the United States, but all around the Western world. The welfare State is shoving money at people – and no surprise: the Welfare State dies if people are working property owners. If they are forever waiting for their EBT card to reload, then the Welfare State lives forever. An additional benefit for the Ruling Class is that people waiting for their EBT won’t rebel for fear of losing it. In the United States and around the West, there probably total several hundred million people who are a simple drain on the economy – either by directly taking government money or by working in perfectly useless government-funded or subsidized jobs. Needless to say, this is not sustainable.

As I have endlessly yammered on about, real national wealth is only what we make, mine or grow. It isn’t our dollars. It isn’t government spending which is counted as part of GDP. It is what is made, mined or grown – physical things which people need. Write a report about farming and you’ve created no wealth even if someone pays you a million dollars for it. Grow one ear of corn and you’ve created wealth. Make one nail. Dig one ounce of copper out of the ground: wealth is created. But the back end of that is we must have people who will make, mine and grow things.

One of the unstated things about illegal immigration is that very often it isn’t so much that illegals will take less money (though that is a big factor) but that they’ll show up – especially for the hard, dirty work. Some years back I wrote about finding that tens of millions of acres of American farmland lie fallow because nobody would farm it – my solution to that was to import, say, Nigerian farmers…give them the basics and some instruction on American farming (which is different from Nigerian farming for a host of reason; farming isn’t, of course, just putting a seed into the ground and waiting)…and then let them have the land if they farm it for five years. This is Great Replacement in action, I’m afraid, and I’m all-in on it – damn straight I’ll replace a white welfare bum with a Nigerian farmer every day and twice on Sunday (though, honestly, a Mexican or Sri Lankan farmer would do just as well for my purposes).

To carry it further – bring in miners. Bring in construction workers. Not this unvetted surge of illegals. Not the Corporate visa programs which just rip off American and foreign workers – but bring in people who want to work and just need the land, tools and law and order to make it happen. In other words, bring in Americans. We’ve lost a lot of those we had to welfare: so, let’s go find some more.

But even that is just a stop gap; an assist. Because we can’t allow millions of our own to lay around uselessly. It isn’t fair to those of us who work now, and it won’t be fair to any we import to pick up the slack in the hard/dirty but rewarding work. We must get our own people to get back to work. Many things go into making a Republic work but one of the crucial things is that the overwhelming mass of the people be independent, hard-working, law-abiding citizens. It just doesn’t work any other way. And this isn’t new. As the Roman Republic entered its final crisis, many people tried to restore the old Roman ways – various schemes to get people off the dole and into productive work. They were defeated by people who figured, instead, that increasing the dole was the path to power – that dependents would endure a Caesar a lot better than yeoman farmers would. Sound familiar?

What I’m driving at here is that if we really want to save our Republic, then we’re going to have to get a bit hard nosed in our demands upon our people. Right now, I do believe that the majority is still very much American (November 8th will go a long way towards ratifying or falsifying my view, depending on how it goes), but the number who cease being Americans and become dependents is rising all the time – we have to end that sort of thing. The rule must be, as it has been through all time, if you will not work, you will not eat. It is Biblical, after all: 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

This is not to say that the physically incapable should be forced to work or starve – but if you are under the age of retirement and are physically fit, you must work or we will literally watch you starve in front of us. Now, this does mean that there must be work – something to be done by the fit person to earn their daily bread. Yes, this will require some make-work in some cases. But on the other side of that, each of us bears the moral obligation to ensure that our brothers and sisters live dignified lives. We must, if needs be, pay taxes in order to provide work as necessary to those who cannot find employment at any given time.

But make no mistake about it: if there’s a job, the person must take it. If the only job available is cleaning sewers, then sewer cleaner it shall be. Nobody gets the Welfare without the Work. This will provide a massive disincentive to be on welfare and a huge incentive to get off it at the earliest opportunity. But, also, if someone can’t get any other work than welfare work, then at least they’ll be able to hold their head up and say, “I earned my food”. That, I think, is the very crucial thing – the moral thing; that which makes the program an act of love. We’ve been letting people slack off for so long that is has lost its stigma, but that stigma must return. We must retrain people to be ashamed of taking anything they played no part in making. And we must, then, also revive the notion that all honest work is honorable to the worker and everyone who works to earn their daily bread deserves our respect no matter how lowly the sort of work is.

But, as I said, this will take a bit of hardness on our part – an unwillingness to listen to sob stories. You are either a child, an invalid, a retiree or a worker – those are the four things you can be. There must be no room in society for the bum, the hobo, the layabout. People who insist upon not working must find every door slammed in their faces. No help, not even in the least thing. It might sound cruel but if we are honestly providing some sort of work in return for sufficient aid to live, then it isn’t cruel at all – it is, indeed, an act of mercy to the bum. It is his chance for redemption. A chance to join us and contribute, even if in a very small way.

But it will seem like cruelty. And the bums will howl and the Left will give us tear-jerking stories…and we must set our faces like flint, point to the shovel and say, “get to work, ya bum”. Work is ennobling. It is decreed by God as the means whereby we earn our bread. Anything set up to short-circuit the relationship between work and bread is evil and it must go, if we are to survive.

The Evil Democrats

The Department of Homeland Security is admitting that Cartel income from human trafficking across the American border has risen from $500 million in 2018 to $13 billion in 2022. Drugs are still number one by far, but let’s face the fact that the United States has become an insatiable maw for the new slave trade – and huge numbers of these people are no more than slaves, especially the “unaccompanied minors” being sent across. Also: there is zero chance that there has been this much of an increase without the active cooperation of American law enforcement officials. Something this big is by far too easy to spot and even the veriest simpleton of a cop would be able to figure out what is going on. I’m not saying that everyone is involved but, also, you never need that – and the Cartels have decades of experience of bribing (and intimidating) law enforcement. And with $13 billion just in slaves to sell, the Cartels have plenty of money for bribes.

And we got here because the Democrat Party- the Left, the overall Establishment – wanted this. Don’t try to soften this: what is happening with human trafficking is the easy and obvious result of Democrat policies to allow people to flood in unvetted and then allow them (heck, send them, often by plane) deep into the American interior with a mere notice to appear which will be ignored. And the Democrats did this – opened a border which Trump had by and large secured – simply because they hate us. They don’t care about these poor people (Martha’s Vineyard proved that – they bounced those illegals out so fast their heads were spinning). They don’t care about the mountain of human suffering they are causing not just among these trafficked people, but among the American communities they are settled in, with all the connections to Cartel criminality which comes with them. They just don’t care – they did this because it was the opposite of what we wanted. They are spiting us with the blood of foreigners suffocating in trucks or raped along the border.

And they are like that because they are not good people. And I don’t mean this in the sense that all of us can strive to be better – I mean that they have chosen to be bad. To be evil.

It really should come as no shock – after all, a person who is ok with federally funded abortion on demand to the moment of birth (the core, Democrat demand on the issue) is someone who left off morality quite a while ago. And they don’t get away from this descent into wickedness if they say that they, personally, don’t like abortion to birth…if you think that anyone, anywhere, should be able to hold that position and also hold office in the United States, then you are downright evil on a very personal level. To paraphrase our Democrats, it isn’t enough to be against killing kids 8 months into pregnancy – you must actively work to stop it.

There is no policy of the Democrat Party – or of the overall global Left – which is not based upon hatred. Forget their words: they long ago learned to turn words on their head. Remember, when a person of the Left says they’re fighting Liberty, what they mean isn’t the ability of the individual to live as they see fit. No, it is something much more sinister than that: they are fighting to liberate from the family, from the country, from morality…from God, at the bottom of it. That is what they mean by the word Liberty – and that is why you will see them say “my body, my choice” in regards to abortion and then shout “vaccine mandate” in the next breath. It isn’t a contradiction to them – your Liberty is only the Liberty to be opposed to God and all that is decent…but you don’t have the liberty to do what you wish. Because if you can do as you wish, you may choose to do something the Left doesn’t want – you may even decide to worship God and then get married and raise children in a family.

This all stems, by the way, from Lenin and the Russian revolutionaries. It can’t be emphasized enough how Leninism rules the Left these days. He was, after all, the first successful Leftist. He managed to obtain, retain and transmit his power. All the other Leftist movements before him (most notably the Marxists of 1848 and the Communards of 1871) had been crushed. Lenin won – and even those who claimed to reject Leninism still, by various degrees, sat at his feet and learned from the master. Because Leninism gained a country – and eventually an Empire – it was able to nurture itself and spread out into the world. By threat and blandishment it made it impossible for anyone on the Left first to oppose Leninism and later to refuse to support Leninism. The process took about 50 years (1917 to 1967); it first captured the colleges and then, via the college graduates, captured the institutions college grads work in.

But the main thing about Lenin wasn’t the Marxism – in fact, Marx would have rejected a lot of Leninism. Lenin was an opportunist of genius and in his time Marxism was the fashionable thing as it seemed to offer a “scientific” explanation and cure for the ills of society. But the main thing Lenin wanted was absolute power for himself and absolute war on the society he came from – he hated those damned, thick-headed Russian peasants who only wanted to be left alone. He despised those middle class drones working away and trying to merely build a nice life for their families. He also hated this nobility he came from, but not nearly with the white-hot passion that he hated the peasants and middle class…with their infuriating religious devotion and unwillingness to fit into the boxes Lenin assigned to them. What Lenin did was make it appear that his least desire was the only way to Marxism – didn’t matter if he changed his mind from day to day, whatever bug was up his rear at any given moment was the absolute necessity for the Marxist future.

Does this at all sound familiar? Bring anything to mind? Perhaps all those Democrats who are always immediately on board with The Current Thing? They’ve merely learned their lesson – because failure to immediately follow the Party Line (initially established by Lenin, carried on by whomever gets themselves into a position to make the New Party Line, often on a daily basis) means you are outcast. Destroyed. Ruined! Marked for nothing but destruction.

You might want to say at this point, “hey, Mark: I know that the leaders are bad, but the rank-and-file people aren’t. They are good people. They want good things; they’ve just been conned.”

To which I answer: yes, they have been. Just like the Germans were conned by the Nazis.

The Nazis sold the Germans a flaming pile of dog…stuff…but after a while, you are still a human being with agency and you get to decide your level of participation. And some Germans figured out that even the first step was bad. Others figured it out later. But the overwhelming mass didn’t figure it out until a Russian or American boot was kicking their door in. I’ll never forget that The World at War interview with a “typical German woman” and she said it true: she didn’t become angry with Hitler and the Nazis until the defeat. It was a Gangster’s anger – Hitler had promised them the world if they obeyed. They obeyed…and all they got was a ruined nation. And then there was Hitler’s secretary, Traudl Junge, interviewed many years after the war, pointing out that her immediate post-war assertions that she hadn’t known Hitler was a monster was based on her not wanting to know. And your typical Democrat person in the United States doesn’t know that humans are being trafficked. Doesn’t know that crime is rising. That there are shortages of food in some places. That kids as young as 8 are being “transitioned” on the flimsiest of justifications. To be sure, the MSM – owned by the Democrat Party – isn’t helpful to anyone who wants to know…but everyone is supposed to want to know. These rank-and-file Democrats don’t want to know.

And it doesn’t matter why they don’t want to know. Laziness, cowardice…what have you. We’re human beings. We have Reason – we’re supposed to use it. We’re supposed to think about it. Someone says we need to abort a healthy child at 8 months from a healthy mother, we’re supposed to ask why someone would want to do that? What’s the justification? On every level – practical and moral. We are accountable for our actions. For we believers, it is accountability to God. For non-believers it would be accountability to the community. But there is always that accountability – why? Why do you believe as you do? Why do you act as you do? Justify it. And if you can’t justify your beliefs and actions, you’d better stop. The Germans suddenly found themselves in May of 1945 in a non-Nazi world where they had to provide an explanation for boxcars of people shipped – with massive cooperation all through German society – to death camps. There will come a day – and we pray to God it is soon – where people will be asked to justify why they thought it ok for kids to be trafficked across the border. Why they thought it ok for thugs to burn cities. Why they thought it ok for government agencies to spy on Americans.

But until that day, we on our side must be on our guard. We can’t cooperate with these people because, as decent human beings, we cannot cooperate with evil. There is no bi-partisanship with the Devil. There is no mid-point between Good and Evil. There is Good and there is Evil and as far as human Reason can determine, we are obligated to adhere to Good, cost what it might. If this means we lose elections – if this means we lose all power and are utterly under the boot of a Leftist tyranny – then that is how it will have to be. We can’t do what is wrong and hope we will get what is right out of it.

No more compromise. We fight. We fight all the time. We fight on every issue. Nothing Left gets done with our help – it only happens because they overwhelm us. And if we obtain power, then as far as that power allows, we extirpate the Left from political, economic and social power. All or nothing, guys. Good or Evil. I want Good.

Tonight We’re Going to Party Like its 399

The other day I got into a minor Twitter tiff over a Tweet of mine. In it, I pointed out that my generation (and I’m nearly 58) as the last to be properly educated and that each succeeding year after I left school, education became more and more degraded. My point in this was a warning: we’re rapidly running out of people who know how to do things. They’re all getting rather long in the tooth and if we don’t raise up their replacements, we’ll enter a Dark Age as things simply stop working and nobody knows how to repair them, or make their replacements.

One of the comments I got back is that everything is just fine – youth knows what is doing! To that, I rejoined that it’ll be fun watching Tik Tok influencers wonder in 2040 why they only get 6 hours of electricity per day. And the response on that? “Hey, buddy, some of those influencers make more money than you ever will!”. Which is true, and kinda proved my point.

And it can all fall apart. Highly advanced, industrial civilization works very well when the people running it know what they’re doing. As soon as the people who know are gone, everything rather collapses.

I have a Twitter friend from South Africa and over the past few weeks he’s been without power on multiple occasions and sometimes for many hours. What happened? Well, South Africa’s electricity has for nearly a century been provided by a government-run enterprise – so, it started under British colonial rule, transitioned to fully independent South Africa and now is still there long into post-Apartheid South Africa. But the main thing was that after Apartheid, the thing became a patronage slush fund…friends and family of the ANC got jobs…and, of course, nobody would want to take orders from the white people who had been running it so out the door they went. As far as I can determine, since the end of Apartheid nearly nothing has been done to maintain or increase power generation and so now you’ve got an aging power system built for a much smaller population laboring to keep the lights on.

And my bet is that they still don’t know what to do. That is: those in charge of South Africa haven’t the foggiest notion of how power is generated and transmitted and since the end of Apartheid they made little or no effort to send black South Africans to school on these subjects. So, very soon South Africans will be able to celebrate thirty years since the end of Apartheid…they’ll just need candles to see it.

And that is how fast things can fall apart. The Durants, in their history of Rome, noted the life of an upper class Roman who lived in Gaul in the second half of the fourth century. It was an interesting look at life in that time but what was most striking is how everything seemed fine. The man had an interesting and useful life – nothing spectacular; just a life lived. He died about ten years before the barbarian flood. To him, in his time, all seemed well…sure, the government was sclerotic and corrupt; the roads and aqueducts weren’t being well maintained; taxes were too high…but nothing to worry about? Until, of course, there was something to worry about. As I’ve said before, things fall apart slowly and then all at once. The bell tolled in South Africa in 2007 when during an oddly high demand, it was found that the system couldn’t carry the load…15 years ago. Plenty of time to get it right…but nothing was done, because nobody knew how to do it. Just as in, say, 390 AD, nobody really knew how to maintain the Roman Empire. Everyone was sort of going through the motions…but at the first bit of pressure, it was revealed that there was nothing sustaining it.

And that is my point – we have in the USA the infrastructure of a major industrial power…but it is wearing down and it isn’t keeping pace with the continued growth of population. Prices are going up for two reasons: Uncle Sam printing trillions but, also, because we don’t have the ability to just swing into higher production when higher prices makes such production profitable. I did a little shopping trip with the Mrs this week and the thing which struck me the most is how at a glance everything seemed ok but when you looked a little closer, you could see the problem.

She was, of course, looking for stuff that girls look for but, with time to kill, I went to look for some things I needed: in this case, undershirts. I like a particular brand in a particular style. It isn’t fancy stuff – it is from a brand you’ve seen your whole life. And they did have some: the shelves were not bare. But where two years ago I would have seen a dozen packages of each size, I now saw one or two packages, and they didn’t have all sizes. Went to see about getting a couple new shirts: half a rack of men’s shirts where they used to be two or three full racks. Well, we need a new knife set for the kitchen as over the years two of our steak knives have gone missing and the carving knife is pretty banged up…so I go to the rack which would in the past have set after set of kitchen knives for you to ponder quality and price. There were a total of four knife sets. One a return which had been opened (after examination, I bought this one).

This is not the America I grew up in. We are no longer the Land of Plenty. We are the Land of We’ll See What They Got And I Hope It Will Do.

I do believe we can fix this – the bell has rung for us and we are on the precipice…but all we need are people who know how to do things. As we still have people who do know how to do things, the trick is to get them to tell some youngsters how to do it. In other words, if we start very soon and begin to genuinely educate people, then just about the time we’re set to collapse, we’ll have a young generation able to step up and keep things working. It’ll be irritating for them as the generation in front of them will be made up of mostly useless people, but they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that civilization rides on their shoulders…and for all I care, they can send the Tik Tok Influencers to work camps.

We have a very short time remaining where we can transmit civilization to the next generation. If we do, it’ll be fine. If we don’t, it’ll all die…though like as not just after I die. So, this isn’t for me: this is for the grandkids.

Gloria all’Italia

Because I’m old and kinda stupid, I can’t figure out how to embed this video in the post – but if you haven’t seen PM-Elect Giorgia Meloni’s speech , it is all you need to know about why the Globalists hate her. More than anyone else I’ve seen, she gets it. She understand that dehumanization is the goal…to make us mere numbers who consume on command (but only what we’re permitted to consume!).

Watch it. Absorb it. Make it part of your worldview.

What Do We Really Know?

A Twitter friend went into the way back machine and reminded me of the Nuclear Freeze movement of the 1980s. I guess you’d have to be at least 50 to have any memory of it at all: so, a lot of the youngsters in the world wouldn’t know what it was about. Of course, you could Google it – but if you did that, you almost certainly won’t find out about it.

Oh, you’d read a lot about it. And what you read would be almost invariably praising it to the skies. But what you probably won’t read about it is that it was nothing more than a Soviet front organization. We were about to build and deploy a type of nuclear weapon the USSR (a) couldn’t build and (b) couldn’t defend against. Our having these weapons while the USSR didn’t would put us in the driver’s seat – the USSR would essentially be forced to throw in the towel on Cold War competition. So, the USSR did the one thing it was actually good at: call forth the Useful Idiots of the West to ensure the USA shot itself in the foot.

I remember it, now, very well. Especially one of the leading voices of it: Dr Helen Caldicott. She was just about everywhere during the time. Highly in demand for your Soviet inspired peace march and conferences around the world. And she was an Authority on it! She knew was she was talking about! After all, she’s a doctor.

Well, a pediatrician…who never had any experience dealing with either nuclear power or weapons…but she fit the bill: someone who seemed oh, so nice and had Smart credentials and how can you argue against her? You can’t hug your kid with nuclear arms!

The drivel almost worked – huge pressure was placed on Reagan and Thatcher to ditch the new weapons. But, they didn’t…and then the weapons (along with other Reagan tactics) did precisely what they were supposed to do: force the Soviets to the table at a disadvantage and eventually unravel their Empire in Europe (the fall of the USSR was really just a bonus that nobody could foresee).

But that isn’t our issue for the moment – the real issue is that a pack of ridiculous lies nearly sunk Reagan’s USSR policy and even though the lies failed at that, they still managed to implant into the public mind that nuclear power is somehow extra dangerous and that the only safe thing to do with nuclear power is have nothing to do with it. By this time in our history, almost all our electricity production should come from nuclear power. A whole series of plants all across America should be humming with cheap, clean nuclear energy providing far more than our greatest need. We’re not because of people like Caldicott got themselves fooled and then managed to fool enough other people.

And, heck, I have to admit – back there in the late 80s and early 90s, I was wary of nuclear power. I still figured we should go for it, but I had this mental image of it being extra dangerous and we had to take extra care around it…and this was after I got out of the Navy, when I had literally stood next to an operating nuclear power plant aboard a submarine. How could I have been so stupid?

Of course it had to be operated properly – but so does any device. Operate a solar plant incorrectly and you’ll cause a lot of problems. We got into our minds, though, that nuke was Super Dangerous! Thousands of years must pass before it is clean! For goodness sake, at no point did people stop living in Hiroshima. A few days after the bomb went off and all the bodies were cleared away, the people were already starting to rebuild. It is a city of nearly 1.2 million people: far larger than it was when bombed in 1945. Here’s the photo of the iconic dome of Hiroshima. Tell me, what immediately leaps out here?

That is doesn’t quite look like the wasteland of 1945…the trees really take away from the whole End of the World vibe we’re supposed to get here.

Obviously, nuclear weapons are very destructive and nuclear power is something that you have to be careful with…but there is clearly a bit of a mental psychosis in the popular imagination about it which is not supported by things we can easily observe. Things we can know just by knowing them. I doesn’t take special knowledge or insight to know that Hiroshima is a thriving city…but we, in a sense, don’t know it…and so we fear nuclear power and think that using a nuclear weapon is unthinkable.

And then you start to ponder: what else are we refusing to know? How much of what we “know” are lies?

You can do this yourself: just take some subject and think about it. Think about what you know but then take the crucial step: pretend you don’t know it and think about it for a bit. Does what you “know” match up with what you think? Like this:

One of the things you’ll find asserted – in books, movies, documentaries, everywhere – is that the Anglo-American alliance could not have defeated Nazi Germany without the USSR. This is an article of faith. It is true and may not be questioned. If you do, you’re an idiot. I mean, think about it – at least 5 million German and Axis soldiers fell against the USSR. If the USSR hadn’t killed them, then they would have all been turned against us and we never could have won!

Makes sense, right? I mean, that is a lot of dead Krauts and it would have taken us a powerful long time to off them, ourselves. But when examined, it simply falls apart.

At the end of the war, more than 21 million Americans and Brits were in the armed forces. This does not count British Empire forces: even excluding Britain’s Indian Army, this probably worked out to two or three million more. But lets just go with the Yanks and the Limeys.

By 1945, the Brits were at maximum strength: 5 million was about what their population could sustain in the field. The USA could still call up three or four million more than we had, though that would be pushing it. The Germans, if they strained every nerve to the breaking point, could maybe get 10 million into uniform. Starting to see something here? Just the Anglo-Americans, alone, vastly outnumbered the Germans. Throw in the Italians and minor Axis allies and you still have a big advantage for the Anglo-Americans. When you add in that the UK/USA had vastly more economic capacity than the entire Axis (including Japan) and had open access to all the resources in the world what you conclude is that regardless of how any particular engagement went, the only question on defeating Germany was how long it was going to take? Having the USSR in got the job done in 1945, rather than 1946 or 1947. That’s it. Good thing, of course; but certainly far different from “we must be thankful because without the USSR we couldn’t have won the war.”

And who likely floated the idea that we had to have the USSR? The USSR – and their useful idiots in the United States. Starting with those who gave away the store at Yalta in order to get Russia into a war against Japan we had already won.

That is just one mental exercise which, once concluded, lays to rest a myth which is believed really for no other reason than it has been repeated over and over again. But I think we all have to start doing this – start thinking entirely fresh. Roll it around in your. They say this happened: well, does it make sense that it would happen, or happen that way? They say we must do this: why? They say we have retain this policy or alliance: are we sure?

Last night I posted a Tweet where I asserted that the US government must keep no secrets. That a Republic must do her business in the open for all the citizens to see as it is done. Very smart people said we can’t have that – even George Washington believed in keeping diplomatic secrets! Well, sure: if Washington was President today, I’d probably trust him to keep some things confidential. But we’ve got Pudding Brain and his merry band of morons running the show: you really want them to be able to keep what they’re doing secret from you?

But I came to this conclusion by a bit of a winding intellectual road and it just flashed in my mind that secrets are for con artists You don’t keep secret honest dealings – you keep a con secret because if your con gets out into the open, enough people will see it in time to warn your mark off. Heck, even God doesn’t really keep secrets from us – He’s got some Mysteries, but He has shown them to us: we just can’t fully understand God. Go figure. But secrets are just not good – and in government, they are downright bad. And so, the whole FBI/CIA/NSA “National Security” apparatus, in my view, has to be ditched. It is keeping secrets mostly to hide its incompetence. But I only got to this view by thinking anew about everything – by taking nothing for granted. I got here by thinking – and we really do have only two ways to live:

  1. By thought that has been thought out.
  2. By thought that hasn’t been thought out.

For nigh to a century, we’ve been going on “not thought out”. I think we need to change that. We need to find out what we really know.

Democrats Delenda Est

They had Joe Biden go up and, for the 20 minutes he’s capable of semi-coherent speech, say that MAGA Republicans are “semi-fascist”. The MSM and the social media bots – following orders as usual – picked up on this and are out there stoutly asserting either the truth of the accusation, or complaining that Pudding Brain is being too nice about it – that we GOPers are out-and-out fascists.

To be sure, your basic Democrat doesn’t even know what “fascist” means. It is shorthand for “bad guy” and they can’t even tell you what makes a fascist bad, except to claim they want to take away your rights…and pardon us while we impose this vaccine mandate on you and set 87,000 IRS agents to examine your finances. For them, fascists are bad and as they are anti-fascist, anyone who isn’t on their side is fascist, and so bad. It is a very kindergarten view of the world suitable for the most ignorant among us – college educated people in government, education and corporations who make up the backbone of the Democrat party these days.

But we cannot merely note the idiocy of these people and move on – by proclaiming us to be fascists they are asserting that we are the enemies of all that is decent. And just what do you do with such people? You kill, imprison or exile them. There is no limiting principle in stopping fascism. There can’t be. If fascists are allowed to live then they may take charge and they will destroy everyone who is not fascist. Any action taken to stop them is legitimate. What Pudding Brain said – immediately endorsed by the entire Democrat Establishment – is that 74 million Americans are fascists. They have declared war on us and announced that we are fair game for any effort which might destroy us. They are retroactively legitimizing both election fraud and the weaponization of government against us because, after all, to stop fascism, you must do whatever you can.

And, so, now what? That is: what do we do? How do we respond?

Pretend they didn’t say it? Pretend that it is merely political boilerplate designed to fire up the Democrat base? Dismiss it as mere rhetoric which will never result in government action?

Yeah, after the raid on Trump’s home and everything else they’ve done outside the law to get after him and us, I’m going to have to say that it is not mere rhetoric. That they view MAGA as an existential threat and will do everything they can to prevent it’s victory.

And in a certain sense, they are right to feel like this: our victory is their doom. Not, of course, a fascist doom. We’re not fascists. We’re committed to freedom under a Constitutional order. In practical terms, they’re the fascists (“All within the State, nothing outside the State” is vastly more descriptive of the modern Left than anything on the MAGA side). But, regardless of the truth of the matter here, if we win, they’re done for. Not in the sense of being killed or imprisoned but very much in the sense of no longer being in charge, nor being able to rake off vast wealth from the productive economy. Their worst nightmare will come true if we win: they’ll have a get a job where the boss demands results.

On the other hand, if we don’t win, then we’re done for. Our rights and our property will be stripped away from us. We’ll be variously imprisoned or locked up in asylums for our dissent. Massive pressure will be brought on us – including brute force – to compel us to proclaim their lies are truth. There will be nothing for the believer in God and the believer in freedom if the Left wins – we will either have to knuckle under and become Left, or get destroyed. But even if we knuckle under, we still get nothing…a life pod in a gigantic city where the services only sometimes work as the Ruling Class lives behind walls guarded by mercenaries with automatic weapons. It isn’t like they promise us a good life if we go along with them – they promise us poverty and bug paste.

If we lose, we lose all. And they have said, and demonstrated, that they will use whatever tactic comes to hand to defeat us – the law doesn’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. Basic human decency doesn’t matter. After all, they are fighting fascists and you don’t fuss over the law when you’re doing that. And this means our only response can be tit for tat. We have to take off our restraints, as well.

Now, given that most of us are believers and those who aren’t are still decent people, this doesn’t mean we can – or should – be as dishonest and cruel as they are. In fact, we shouldn’t lie at all. Not even on the smallest matter. But unconstrained by any notion that the law is evenly enforced and discarding all elements of what can be called the norms and traditions of American political life, we must go after them.

I’ve said this before here and elsewhere, but now you’ve got no place to hide. You can’t ignore the fact that the person installed in the White House just called you a fascist – and then that assertion was affirmed and echoed within hours all around the American Establishment. They just told you what they think of you and they have shown you what they will do to you if they have the power to do so. It is time, way past time, to admit that I am right: the Democrats – the Establishment in all its manifestations – must be destroyed. Democrats deleda est.

It all has to go – because it is all one thing. There’s no part of it you can separate out and say, “this part is good, keep it.” Zuckerberg admitted the other day that when the FBI told him to suppress to Hunter Biden story, he didn’t ask why, he just asked “how high?”. And this FBI was run by a Trump appointee while Trump was President and with Trump’s man at the helm of the Department of Justice. Think about that – the people of the United States government, supposedly neutral defenders of America, used the power of government to help the Democrat candidate for President. And corporate America went right along with it. And all the MSM. And even a great deal of the GOP leadership helped suppress the story or did nothing to help get it out. What part of this morass of Establishment filth are you thinking is ok? That should be able to retain any of its ability to affect American policy? I’m genuinely curious – you tell me which billionaire, MSMer, bureaucrat or corporate boss you trust with power and why?

It all has to go. Democrats delenda est. Corporations delenda est. Bureaucracy delenda est. Billionaires delenda est. GOPe delenda est. Establishment delenda est.

They all must be removed from power and the means of obtaining power taken away from them. This means kicking them out of their official and corporate positions…but it also means taking away their money. You leave these people with any lever of power and they will rebuild whatever you took from them. It must be a complete wipe out. An overturning of the order. A revolution. We take what they have and give it to ourselves. We will control all the levers of power – we’ll decide what the rules are. How the law is to be applied. We have to because if we don’t, they’ll do so and their primary decree will be that we are evil and to be destroyed.

And, in the end, if we steel ourselves to this and win, then once we have taken away their power, we’ll find that hardly anyone is in favor of them. That they get by on stealing money from the productive and bribing people to go along with their rake offs. Nobody really wants what the Left wants. We don’t want open borders. Windmills. Puberty blockers for 12 year olds. Bug paste. It is all a scam – a con job by the Ruling Class to keep themselves in power and forever increasing their wealth. Once they are no longer there to defend their castle – and no longer have an MSM magaphone to make it seem like something other than greed – the castle will vanish like mist in the sun. People are normal and sane and only become otherwise when insanity is rewarded.

We can get our Republic back. We can have a future: our grandchildren and remoter descendants can live in the America our grandparents lived in…if we just take it all. Take everything our enemies have. Leave them with nothing. Force them to go out into the world and do something useful for a living. And then it is all over. The Marxist nightmare comes to an end.

Hey, Conservatives: Stop Believing MSM Lies, Ok?

Some people on the right, foolishly accepting MSM framing, are horrified by a proposed anti-abortion law in South Carolina. The MSM is framing it as a ban on so much as talking about abortion – but I read the bill and while it does ban someone from, say, maintaining a website which instructs you on how to perform an abortion, I don’t see anything in there that I object to. After all, abortion is to be illegal, right? And as an illegal act, shouldn’t it be illegal to tell someone how to do the illegal act? I’m a pretty strong 1A guy here but if there was a website telling people how to set IED’s for the police, I think I’d have an objection to it being allowed to continue.

Of course, I’m no lawyer – so maybe there are aspects of this I’m missing. If so, then those in the know should be telling us their objections on that level…not just accepting MSM framing and running with it. I mean, for crying out loud, we all know the MSM lies all the time about everything. And on the abortion issue they are currently working overtime to spread fear among urban and suburban white women on the subject of abortion. If you click the linked article, you’ll see a series of links within it with frightening headlines about women losing their right to privacy – so, you know, the whole point here is fear-mongering. The MSM wants the reader to be afraid that those inbred, hill-ape, Christo-fascist morons are trying to impose theocracy. The bill doesn’t do that. What is does do, aside from making abortion illegal and defining an abortion, is make it illegal to prosecute the mother for obtaining an abortion, illegal to coerce a woman into an abortion, illegal to transport a minor across State lines to obtain an abortion, makes abortion legal to save the life of the mother and codifies the legality of contraception.

Not exactly Theocracy stuff.

But people on our side ran with it. Why? Can’t look into souls, of course, but I suspect that many are actually pro-choice but don’t want to come out and say it lest they lose Conservative audience share. Also, of course, quite a few of these people have liberal friends and they want to be sure such friends know they’re not like “those people”. You know – not like you and me.

And this is just one of many examples – couple days ago I saw that Hugh Hewitt was saying we had to codify same sex marriage and legalized birth control on the Federal level to prove we’re not going to ban SSM and birth control. So, we’re to play into DNC fear-mongering because…why? To stop something that isn’t happening? Or does Hugh and those like him just want something to separate from “those people”? Look, you inbred hicks, you got your abortion ban in some States, now you’d better sign on to a federal law imposing SSM even though the Constitution gives no warrant to the Federal government on the issue.

No. No, no, no and f*** no. Please, stop it: stop ratifying liberalism. We’re Conservatives, dammit. No, we don’t have a particular interest in banning SSM but this doesn’t mean we’re suddenly ok with it, nor that we’ve come around to approving the idea of the judicial activism which created it. SSM was (we hope) the last fling of leftwing judicial activism. Don’t put our stamp of approval on it.

And in the name of all that is decent in the world, stop believing the MSM. At all. Best if you simply stop consuming it – even if this costs you a gig or two. No amount of money is worth being associated with liars. But if you feel you must consume and participate, then at least have the common sense to know they’re lying and go to the original source to see what is happening before you comment. Yes, this might upset your liberal friends and some people might think you’re an inbred redneck…but that’s ok: the people who hate you for being actually Conservative are stupid and not worth caring about.

The Rich, Not the Left, are the Enemy

Saw this on Twitter:

And it is real. They are paying people to stop farming. You know: growing food. As has been pointed out: you are the carbon they want reduced.

You see this and then you take Sri Lanka in mind, see all the fast food corps trying to market “beyond beef” products, endless articles about how we can eat bugs instead of meat…deliberately pushing up gas and oil costs while pushing electric vehicles while mega corps buy up residential property to rent it out. Sorry, but I see a plan: reduce human population and have what remains jammed into mega-cities where common folks eat bug paste in their life pods while getting around by bicycle or electric train. Did some group of rich people sketch this out? Not sure: but the various rich people NGO’s are all singing from the same Green hymnal and it all comes out to regular people having less, with the subtext being there will be fewer regular people.

Leave aside whether this is or isn’t a global conspiracy and you’re still left with the fact of what they are doing: in the name of “saving the planet” they are proposing we completely restructure our society to be Green – and no matter how you slice it, Green gives you less food and energy. With seven billion people on Earth, the wheels of agriculture, manufacturing and transport must turn rapidly in order for everyone to get their daily bread. If you interfere with that, there simply won’t be enough to go around. And rely on it, if there are shortages, the rich people telling us to go Green aren’t suffering them. Went to the store today to get yellow peppers and they didn’t have any. Hardly any red peppers, either. This isn’t odd food – this is staple stuff for the modern American diet. Bin after bin where the peppers normally are sit empty. But I guarantee you that if Gates wants some yellow peppers with his dinner tonight, he’s got them or will have them within the hour.

So, in my view, it isn’t the Left that we really have a problem with. They’re just kooks who don’t know anything – the problem comes in when the rich adopt Leftist views and seek to implement them. As to just why billionaires want to impose the ideals of ignorant Marxists, I don’t know for certain. It is probably a variety of reasons: but the underlying issue is that the Masters of the Universe want to remain Masters…and they are more than happy to change title and Party Line as long as they stay rich and in charge. Chesterton pointed this out more than a century ago when he noted that the British Ruling Class would have no problem changing over from being Duke of Norfolk to being Administrator of Norfolk. Because at the end of all plans of the rich, they remain fabulously rich, immune to law and firmly in control. What matters to you if the mass of people are crammed into stinking, crime ridden cities? You’ve just flown out to your private island after another Geneva confab and you’re getting ready for you and your buddies to abuse some young men and girls.

We have to cease worrying about absurdities like AOC or the latest Tik Tok Progressive weirdo who is grooming kids to be trans – these are problems and they’ll have to be dealt with, but the way to deal with them is to get rid of the rich people. Get rid of those who fund, promote and protect the Marxist fruitcakes. The Marxist numbskulls would be powerless and ignored except for very rich people funneling them money so they can attack not the rich, but you and me with our suburban homes, cars and our weekend trip to the beach (and the Rich hates that – hates that right next to their zillion dollar beachfront home are regular folks just being there). And do keep that in mind: for all the Left’s “eat the rich” rhetoric, their practical policy demands are for you and me to have less…less money, less property, less freedom. And who want us to have less? Those who have the most – their wealth is sacred, ours is Destroying the Planet. The footsoldiers of the Left are just too stupid to see how they are being manipulated…but that is no surprise because you have to be monumentally stupid to be a Leftist to begin with. But they are still not the enemy – the most aggressive BLM/Antifa rioter is not your enemy. He’s an idiot. He’s a tool. And he’s sent out against you by people who have fabulous fortunes, almost all inherited or recently acquired via political connections.

Unless and until we make this mental shift and realize that the rich are our enemies, we’re really not going to get anywhere. Any victory will be temporary in nature. Defeated in one field, they’ll just use their money to open up another one…and it doesn’t take them much money. Just a few million dollars can fund all sorts of people and programs to attack us. And what is even a billion dollars to someone with tens of billions? It is chump change – and for chump change, they will destroy you. Unless you take all their money away.

I’m not talking about taxing and redistributing – I’m talking about straight up confiscation. The Ruling Class does it to us all the time via asset forfeiture. Turn about is fair play – their money is forfeit one fine day. We just take it, leaving them with nothing – and then we pass it out to our people in some set increment so that the net wealth of our side increases.

Or, you can adhere to some tired theory which holds that private property includes fortunes of hundreds of billions which are being used to undermine the very basis of normal, human life. Up to you. Pick what you want. I prefer we get rid of those who propose to desrtoy us.

They Want You to Lie

You might have seen the exchange between Senator Hawley and Professor Khiara Bridges. Bridges is absolutely insane. Stupid, too. Someone who knows absolutely nothing but whatever Marxist drivel was shoved into her…and then she was advanced in the legal career because as a POC who could regurgitate the Party Line on command, she was just what Diversity demanded. But there is a very sinister aspect to her – and I’ll be generous and say she, herself, might not understand it. Mindless mouthpieces like the Professor are such because they are mindless, after all. But consciously or not, what she is demanding is that we all become liars.

In the exchange, what the Professor insists upon is that saying only women can get pregnant is transphobic and is violence against transgender people. Think about that – she’s saying that if you state a biological fact (“women get pregnant”) then you are killing people. It is an absurd thing to say. It is insane. But, it is crucial to the Left’s agenda – because sane, tolerant people don’t like to get into confrontations. We like peace and quiet. And, so, faced with someone like Bridges, we start to trim our sails…maybe not all at once going along with it, but carefully editing our own words to cause the least offense possible. But, folks, we’re trying to cause the least offense to people who are insane liars. I don’t think this effort has an upside to it.

The crucial thing for the Left – all the time and on every issue – is to get people to lie. To get them to concede, even if only partially, that the Left’s lie is true. Think about it – when the Floyd issue exploded the Left’s Party Line was that racist cops were hunting down unarmed black men just for the racist heck of it. Not wishing to cause offense, people on the right hemmed and hawed about it – instead of just calling such claim what it is (an insane lie), there was an attempt to not be confrontational. You know how it went, “sure, there are racist cops and there is much racism in America and all of us are saddened by the unjustified death of George Floyd, but…”. And everything after “but” was pointless…because the lie had been agreed to. Maybe not exactly in Leftist terms, but enough of it to make any policy response to the Floyd death in line with Leftist ideology. Had we true courage on our side, we would have said the truth: Floyd died because he was a stupid, high as a kite and passing funny money. Had he not be stupid, high or breaking the law, he’d still be alive. That a cop was involved in his death was pure happenstance – Floyd was going to an early grave, cops or no cops. The example in my mind while this unfolded was my late elder brother: died because of a stupid drug-addict fight at the age of 50…because he was stupid and got high and then got into a fight and so he passed out on asphalt in the summer sun and his brain cooked to death. It could very well have been an interaction with a cop that killed him…but, it was another drug addicted bum who did him in. And it didn’t matter – my brother is dead because he was stupid and high; the particular circumstances of his death are irrelevant.

And I know that seems harsh and perhaps it is – but it isn’t like my brother didn’t have any agency. He had a thousand chances to alter course. He was given aid by family and friends over a many year span of time…all he had to do to live a nice life was stop being stupid and getting high. Lots of people have successfully navigated this and gone on to happy, productive lives. It isn’t a miracle: it is an act. A choice. A decision. Some people never make it and pay the price for their folly. George Floyd and my brother: same/same.

But the Left doesn’t care about that. Didn’t and doesn’t care that Floyd is dead, either. Floyd was just what was necessary for the lie: a black man who died in custody of a white cop. Once that fact was established, all the Left did was tell as story based on the Left’s lie – that racist cops hunt down black people. And it worked – by and large, almost the entire Western Establishment went along with it. But do keep in mind that the Floyd case wasn’t just to advance a false Narrative of racist cops…it was to make it impossible for cops to police our cities and thus allow for an explosion of crime which the Left will then use to advance their biggest goal: the breakdown of American society as “proof” that a free market system governed by people who believe in God doesn’t work. Crime, in the Left’s view, is the result of an unjust system…and by getting the cops out of the equation, they can now proceed to the social destruction which, in their minds, will force people to turn to the Left for a solution.

And it isn’t just one lie – it is a lie about everything. Racist cops, men can get pregnant, illegals are mere migrants, etc, etc, etc…are all designed with the same purpose, to get us to go along with the lies and so make us defenseless as society falls apart…after all, if we’re liars, how do we call out the Left and demand they stop? Can’t: not if you’re a liar, too. But the Left is making it so that just to live in society, you have to lie.

Put the breaks on it – concede nothing. Whatever the Left is saying is a lie. It can’t be other because the Left’s ideology is based on lies. Push back against the lies – this will take some courage and some of us who do so will suffer social and economic pain. But it must be done. The Leftist Emperor has no clothes and if we can merely say that, the Left will lose.