NAACP Executive Convicted of Voter Fraud

From the DC Caller:

…In a story ignored by the national media, in April a Tunica County, Miss., jury convicted NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots. Sowers is identified on an NAACP website as a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee…

…Sowers was found guilty of voting in the names of Carrie Collins, Walter Howard, Sheena Shelton, Alberta Pickett, Draper Cotton and Eddie Davis. She was also convicted of voting in the names of four dead persons: James L. Young, Dora Price, Dorothy Harris, and David Ross.

In the trial, forensic scientist Bo Scales testified that Sowers’s DNA was found on the inner seals of five envelopes containing absentee ballots…

This is why we on the right want people to show ID when voting and why we want voter rolls purged of dead, moved or invalid voters.  Doing so would make it exceptionally more difficult for a criminal like Sowers to operate.  Naturally, our liberals are opposed to this for that very reason – if we make voter fraud difficult, it will impinge upon liberals’ ability to cheat.

It is my contention – backed up by the amount of research Matt and I did in writing Caucus of Corruption – that voter fraud is endemic to the Democrat party.  It is not a bizarre event; it is not something which some times occurs in the heat of political battle…it is carefully organized and done in such a way that whenever a vote comes close, Democrats can count upon a pool of bogus votes to put them over the top.  I believe that in all voting districts where Democrats have any sort of control, the cheating is systemic…even in areas where they are sure to win as a sort of “just in case” assurance.

This first came to my attention in 2000 when I got down and dirty in to Florida precinct returns and noted a bunch of precincts which had 90% or better turn out with 90% or more of their votes going for Al Gore.  In the normal course of events, this just doesn’t happen…90% of any group more than a 20 simply cannot make it to any event (you’ll note this each time you set up a dinner party at your house) and you don’t get 90% of the votes going one way except when you’re cheating; there simply isn’t that level of unanimity in politics.  You might get 90% voting in favor of motherhood (and that is a “might”), but outside of that sort of thing, people tend to disagree.  This told me that a certain percentage of the votes being cast were bogus…and then I just paid attention since then, and noted it more and more often.

Dead voters, multiple registrations, illegal voters, ballots being “discovered” by Democrats in just sufficient numbers to put their guy over the top.  Absentee ballots have become an especially strong tool for fraud (in my view, only active duty military, police, firefighters and emergency responders should be allowed absentee ballots…everyone can just get to the polls, or don’t vote).  This conviction is just the very tip of a gigantic iceberg – quite honestly, we should investigate every race where the margin of victory was less than 1%…doesn’t matter who won, just investigate it…place the balloting under the microscope.  I bet you’ll find questionable votes throughout the system, and I’ll bet almost all of them will eventually be traced to liberal persons and groups.

We must bring an end to this – and here’s how we do it:

1.  Require all voter registration be done in person.  No mail in registration, no people sent out in to the streets to collect registrations.  If you want to register to vote, get yourself to a voter registration office, present your ID and some sort of proof of address, and register.  Yes, this is a bit difficult…but voting is a responsibility as much as a right, and if you wish to exercise the right you’ll have to take the responsibility to get your registration done.  All voters must register at least 6 months in front of election day in order to ensure that there is time for random registration checks to be done by election officials.  All persons registering to vote must swear to their legal ability to vote and the correctness of the information provided on penalty of one year in jail for lying.

2.  Require all voters to present their picture ID before voting.  Once a person has voted, have them dip their right index finger in blue ink.

3.  Voter rolls must be purged every other year.  The voter registration bureaucrats must send out letter requiring a response from all registered voters.  All letters returned or un-answered will result in that person being purged from the voter rolls.  All voter rolls must be bounced against lists of convicted criminals and anyone convicted of a felony must be purged.  All voter rolls must be bounced against a registrar of deaths since the last election and all deceased persons must be purged.

That would do it – we would ensure that almost all votes cast in any election would be legitimate.  Do not tax me with whines about how this would be unfair to this or that voting group…first off, I don’t buy the liberal-racist view that ethnic minorities aren’t smart enough to register to vote and present a picture ID.  Secondly, we must ensure that only those allowed to vote participate in our elections and that no illegal votes are counted.  If we are to be a democratically governed republic, the security of our vote is an absolute requirement…and the need for integrity in voting trumps every other consideration.

Enough of this liberal voter fraud.

10 thoughts on “NAACP Executive Convicted of Voter Fraud

  1. neocon1 August 1, 2011 / 7:37 am

    surprise surprise

  2. Cluster August 1, 2011 / 8:03 am

    I will anxiously await the MSM’s in depth coverage of this story

  3. Diane Valencen, D.S.V.J., O.Q.H [Journ.], ArF J., M.F. August 1, 2011 / 11:36 am

    If there is one thing I cannot stand it is election fraud. Ms Sowers committed her crime in 2007 during a democratic party primary and it involved 10 ballots. She will serve 10 years in prison for her crime and I think that is just.

    This being the case, the theft of the 2004 election by SmarTech will send ripples through the GOP as early as this fall when the investigation now taken up by the FBI is completed as the case King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell moves forward.

    To wit, from

    Cliff Arnebeck, lead attorney in the King Lincoln case, exchanged emails with IT security expert Stephen Spoonamore. Arnebeck asked Spoonamore whether or not SmarTech had the capability to “input data” and thus alter the results of Ohio’s 2004 election. Spoonamore responded: “Yes. They would have had data input capacities. The system might have been set up to log which source generated the data but probably did not.”

    Spoonamore explained that “they [SmarTech] have full access and could change things when and if they want.”

    Arnebeck specifically asked “Could this be done using whatever bypass techniques Connell developed for the web hosting function.” Spoonamore replied “Yes.”

    Spoonamore concluded from the architectural maps of the Ohio 2004 election reporting system that, “SmarTech was a man in the middle. In my opinion they were not designed as a mirror, they were designed specifically to be a man in the middle.”

    A “man in the middle” is a deliberate computer hacking setup, which allows a third party to sit in between computer transmissions and illegally alter the data. A mirror site, by contrast, is designed as a backup site in case the main computer configuration fails.

    Spoonamore claims that he confronted then-Secretary of State Blackwell at a secretary of state IT conference in Boston where he was giving a seminar in data security. “Blackwell freaked and refused to speak to me when I confronted him about it long before I met you,” he wrote to Arnebeck.

    On December 14, 2007, then-Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who replaced Blackwell, released her evaluation and validation of election-related equipment, standards and testing (Everest study) which found that touchscreen voting machines were vulnerable to hacking with relative ease.

    Until now, the architectural maps and contracts from the Ohio 2004 election were never made public, which may indicate that the entire system was designed for fraud. In a previous sworn affidavit to the court, Spoonamore declared: “The SmarTech system was set up precisely as a King Pin computer used in criminal acts against banking or credit card processes and had the needed level of access to both county tabulators and Secretary of State computers to allow whoever was running SmarTech computers to decide the output of the county tabulators under its control.”

    Spoonamore also swore that “…the architecture further confirms how this election was stolen. The computer system and SmarTech had the correct placement, connectivity, and computer experts necessary to change the election in any manner desired by the controllers of the SmarTech computers.”

    Project Censored named the outsourcing of Ohio’s 2004 election votes to SmarTech in Chattanooga, Tennessee to a company owned by Republican partisans as one of the most censored stories in the world.

    In the Connell deposition, plaintiffs’ attorneys questioned Connell regarding gwb43, a website that was live on election night operating out of the White House and tied directly into SmarTech’s server stacks in Chattanooga, Tennessee which contained Ohio’s 2004 presidential election results.

    The transfer of the vote count to SmarTech in Chattanooga, Tennessee remains a mystery. This would have only happened if there was a complete failure of the Ohio computer election system. Connell swore under oath that, “To the best of my knowledge, it was not a fail-over case scenario – or it was not a failover situation.”

    Bob Magnan, a state IT specialist for the secretary of state during the 2004 election, agreed that there was no failover scenario. Magnan said he was unexpectedly sent home at 9 p.m. on election night and private contractors ran the system for Blackwell.

    • neocon1 August 1, 2011 / 12:43 pm

      diane velcrow MF

      donk election 101 = voter fraud.

      • Taly d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots) August 1, 2011 / 7:05 pm

        King Lincoln-Bronzeville v. Blackwell will be heard right after Snowball v. Hell, and just before the “real killer” in the OJ case is put on trial.

    • Amazona August 3, 2011 / 2:04 am

      I know if I was trying to rig an election I would use a web site with the initials of my candidate,run our of his home and tied directly to a computer necessary for the scam.

      This reminds me of the post about how a person could go into the voting booth, close the curtain, “reprogram the mainframe” from the voting booth, and then cover his tracks so no one would know what he had done.

      Let’s see, there is a lot of “capability”, “would have had”, “might have been”, “could”, “opinion”, and finally a hint of reality–“mystery”. But what makes this all so compelling, you understand, is that the computer company was owned by (gasp!!) a REPUBLICAN !!! And not just any Republican, either, but a REPUBLICAN PARTISAN !!!!!!

      You guys are such a hoot……..

  4. Bodie August 1, 2011 / 6:39 pm

    Oh, look, Scott Walker’s masters, the Koch brothers, are mailing absentee ballots with incorrect information to heavily Democratic areas of Wisconsin. This after the Wisconsin GOP pushed through a voter ID bill…then promptly closed DMVs (where you go to get a voter ID) in Democratic areas so as to keep DMVs open later in Republican areas.

    Enough of this conservative voter suppression. You have very good reason to be afraid of the people, conservatives–after all, you overreached badly in Wisconsin and are about to pay the political price in the recall elections–but cowardice, lying, and hypocrisy are not the solution (though you seem to rely on them heavily).

    • Taly d'Haricots (@Count_dHaricots) August 1, 2011 / 7:07 pm

      Remember the violent and disgusting demonstrations over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker doing away with the collective bargaining for teacher’s unions? The results are in. Some school districts went from a $400,000 deficit to a $1,500,000 surplus as a result. Why?

      It seems that the insurance company that provided all the “so-called” benefits to the teachers, was an insurance company owned and operated by the teacher’s union. Since they were guaranteed to get the insurance business from the teachers and the State had to pay for it, and not the teachers, they were increasing the annual costs every single year to become the most expensive insurance company in the state. Then the insurance company was donating millions and millions of dollars to their favorite democrat politicians, who when they got elected, guaranteed to keep funding the unions outrageous costs. In other words, the insurance company was a “pass through” for Wisconsin taxpayer money directly to the democrat politicians.

      Nice racket, and this is the racket that is going on in every single State that allows collective bargaining. No wonder the States are taking it away. Now that the State of Wisconsin is free to put the insurance contract out for bid, and lo and behold, they have saved so much money it has turned deficits into surplus amounts. As a result, none of the teachers had to be laid off, everyone got a raise, etc., etc., and the taxpayers of Wisconsin don’t have to pay more taxes to fund the union’s political ambitions.

      If you weren’t aware of the reasons why Gov. Walker was fighting to take away collective bargaining, it gives you an idea of the problem
      The Republican Party has. Outside of one or two, none of them know how to speak up and explain properly what the problem was. We could sure use a Ronald Reagan now, someone who could explain things for people to understand, since we know that people don’t like to read anymore.

      Here is the article:

    • neocon1 August 2, 2011 / 6:47 pm


      This after the Wisconsin GOP pushed through a voter ID bill

      Oh the HORRORS showing ID to vote, what unadulterated BS.
      ant photo ID will work DUHHHHHHHHH!!

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