Democrats Go in to Panic Mode

Trying to save Wiener’s House seat – Jammie Wearing Fool has the details:

Maybe the folks in Brooklyn and Queens ought to make this a referendum on the failed Obama presidency. Considering he’s at a meager 36% approval in New York, a victory for GOP candidate Bob Turner would send shockwaves nationwide. So naturally the Dems are pulling out all stops. And you’ll never guess how they’re labeling Turner.

Nervous state Democrats are flooding voters with mailings blasting Republican candidate Bob Turner in the hotly contested 9th Congressional District, upping the ante in the closer-than-expected race to succeed disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner.

With President Obama’s standing in the polls in free fall, the state Democratic Committee’s mailings to Queens and Brooklyn residents accuse Turner of being a “Tea Party extremist” who wants to dismantle Social Security and Medicare.“…

We’ll see if it works – right now, the Democrat leads in polling by 6 percentage points, which you might think is healthy, but Democrats outnumber Republicans in the district by three to one.  This should be a walkover for anyone with a “D” after his name…but it’s not.  Also doesn’t help Democrats that Ed Koch, a true patriot, has crossed party lines to endorse the Republican (who is, by the way, a New York Republican…trying to paint him as some sort of frothing at the mouth conservative is absurd; but lies never present any difficulty to Democrats).

A message does need to be sent to Obama and his Democrats – something which will tell them that if they don’t ditch their extremism, the voters will punish them.  A win or even a close loss in this heavily Democrat, NY House seat would do it.  Whether or not Obama and Co will listen is another matter…

7 thoughts on “Democrats Go in to Panic Mode

  1. Leonard L'Farte August 20, 2011 / 4:50 pm

    I’m not going to touch a “Weiner” post with a ten foot pole.

    • neocon1 August 20, 2011 / 5:03 pm

      you are not allowed to use the term Weiner you will feel the shadow’s wrath…………

  2. Lgbpop August 20, 2011 / 5:45 pm

    Rep. Horshack may be gone, but his legacy will never die. He gave new dimension to the term “member of Congress” and for that, stand-up comics will always be grateful.

  3. Green Mountain Boy August 20, 2011 / 6:43 pm

    “New York Republican” ??

    Does that mean he votes conservative 1, 2, or 3% of the time? Just asking.

    • Mark Edward Noonan August 20, 2011 / 7:16 pm


      Given where he’s from, he seems like he’ll be pretty solid…though it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to rely upon him for the deep and necessary reforms to entitlements.

      • Green Mountain Boy August 20, 2011 / 9:41 pm

        Then what is the point? Why bother? I donated only 25 dollars to Scott Brown but it was 25 dollars that I wasted. He has voted against anything that will make a difference. Whats the point?

  4. Susan August 21, 2011 / 8:31 am

    Why would they listen in this particular election? They didn’t listen when Scott Brown was elected in Mass. They didn’t listen when Christie was elected in NJ. They didn’t listen in the 2010 elections when we kicked their butts. It may get their attention, but they will rationalize and move on full steam ahead with their destructive agenda. Don’t you get it yet? THEY JUST DO NOT CARE. Any opposition is to be ridiculed and stamped out in the Alinsky mode. Still, I hope Turner does well. It will be one more for the good guys.

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