You Say You Want a Revolution…

Well, here’s why:

She drew the big names — but didn’t dole out the big bucks.

The celebrity-backed charity launched by departing Daily Beast editrix Tina Brown failed to meet the company’s goals in its first year out of the gate — handing out just $10,000 in grant money in 2011 despite raising nearly $1.2 million, IRS records show.

The nonprofit Women in the World Foundation kicked off to much fanfare in 2011 with a star-studded Manhattan party that cost $168,048 and was hosted by Meryl Streep…

…Total expenses, including the launch party, came to $536,868 for the period.

Of course, they are now claiming they are giving out bags of money – in 2012 about $1.1 million out of $2.6 million raised.  Given that I’m a knuckle-dragging, Bible-clinging, teabagging bastard, my math might not be so good…but that, I believe, works out to less than 50%.

Now you might ask, what has something like this got to do with anything?  Well, because this kind of self-dealing by the Ruling Class is what happens all the time.  They are always giving themselves bags of money and congratulating themselves on being so wonderful – and ensuring that they have fabulous parties along the way.  Do you think that Hillary is going to get a “Liberty Medal” because she’s done anything significant?  Nope.  She’s going to get it because she’s Hillary; and they can have a swank party to celebrate it – all at taxpayer expense either in the form of direct taxpayer money, or because the money being spent on it is tax deductible.

Just get in to that Ruling Class and do as you’re told and all door are open.  You’ll have wealth.   You’ll get awards.  You’ll be ensured a well-paid sinecure either in corporate or government America (which are becoming increasingly interchangeable).  Doesn’t matter if you’re a complete idiot or unrepentantly morally corrupt (though you can run afoul of things some times – as the former Mayor of San Diego found out…but even that took decades of misbehavior before someone decided to call him on it…he was one of them; he did as he was told…he had to be protected lest the unwashed masses find out).  Got no talent?  Can’t tell sh** from shinola?  Doesn’t matter.  Just get the right credentials, mouth the right liberal phrases and do as you’re told – you’ll be taken care of.

Leeches like Brown are living off the wealth produced by others – and they are legion in our nation.  Our whole country is infested with these folks – and they are destroying us because being mindless pinheads in service of a anti-human, leftist ideology they advance causes which destroy the very sources of wealth they latch on to.  You see them everywhere – they are in political office, they are running our largest corporations, they man the bureaucracy (especially at its highest levels), they are 90% of the MSM, they run most of the non-religious non-profits.  If you ever say “they are ruining things” then here’s your “they”.  Think of Tina brown blowing through half a million dollars as part of a “charity”.  That is the Ruling Class.

I bring this up because we must get unconfused about this – we are fighting a whole class of people, which includes at least half of the GOP leadership.  These people are either too stupid to know what they’re doing (I’d guess about 70% of them fall in to the “too stupid” category), while the rest know full well what they are doing and think its a good thing…after all, we Bible-clinging morons simply don’t know what’s best for ourselves.  We need a Ruling Class to ride herd on us, you see?  The stupid just want to keep living well, the rest believe that if they can finally, absolutely destroy the United States (fundamentally transform it, as it were) then they will have done a service to the world.  They will have got rid of a Christo-fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic entity which is destroying the world.

For us to survive as a people, all of the Ruling Class ultimately has to go – we can’t think in terms of just winning one election or hoping that a Republican gets in, even if that particular Republican is a a true-blue conservative.  We need a revolution – someone who will go to DC like Andrew Jackson in the 1830’s to clean out the whole mess…get rid of these people.  They are not only unfit for government and corporations, they are unfit for decent company.  Fire them. Send them packing.  Take away their taxpayer funds and tax deductible “charities” which are merely vehicles for their swank lifestyle.  Walk through the bureaucracy and fire everyone who has in even the least instance misused taxpayer money, or abused their authority.  Hammer the big corporations – break them in to little, bitty pieces so that a free market can emerge once there’s no longer corporate money-bags suppressing competition via government regulation.  Unless we think in terms like that, we’ll just be fighting with particular tentacles of the nasty beast rather than driving a stake through it’s vile heart.

Rant over.  But I’m serious – we’ve got to kill the whole, nasty dragon…not just bits and pieces of it.


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8 thoughts on “You Say You Want a Revolution…

  1. Retired Spook September 13, 2013 / 11:43 pm


    Like you, I’ve been predicting some kind of social and/or economic upheaval for some time now — not wishing for it; actually hoping, praying I’m wrong. But if we do have a revolution, let’s hope it originates at the ballot box and not the ammo box, because if we do have a French-style revolution, the ruling class isn’t going to be able to find a hole deep enough to hide in.

    • M. Noonan September 14, 2013 / 1:28 am

      I think we’ll do it at the ballot box – heck, in Wisconsin Walker managed to drive a stake through the Wisconsin version of it. What a lot of people don’t seem to realize – though the liberal leaders did, and that is why they fought so hard – is that he cut at the heart of the problem: the corrupt nexus between government unions and Big Government, itself. Each reinforces the other in what amounts to a gigantic conspiracy to defraud the taxpayers. But we need to do it even more – I’m serious about cutting a swath through the bureaucracy. It was derided as the “spoils system” (and eventually led to the Civil Service laws which make it exceptionally difficult to fire a bureaucrat) but President Jackson fired quite a lot of people when he came to town…because he well knew that people who get entrenched in the bureaucracy tend to become corrupt over time…thinking more in terms of advancing themselves and their bureaucracy than the needs of the people. Jackson called it “rotation” and the basic concept was that no man should be permitted to stay too long in a government position…it was an idea that held as abominable the concept that government is a career. I agree with that – and I want it made so that the entire bureaucracy serves at the pleasure of the President. He says “go” and you’re gone. What Lerner did at the IRS would probably not happen under such a system…because she’d be worried that an eventually GOP President would show her the door.

      My basic premise is the reason our society is suffering under liberalism is because we’ve allowed liberalism to live off of us. The height of liberal (socialist) popularity in the United States was during the 1912 Presidential election when Debs scored a pretty high percentage of the vote. From there it all went downhill…and the left became a completely marginal movement…until FDR came along and started to staff the New Deal. Of nature, the various leftists of the United States gravitated to the burgeoning federal government and, once in, ensured its further growth and that ever more money – directly or indirectly taxpayer money – went to fund the left, overall. The left cannot live a day without taxpayer funds…and our revolution is quite simple: cut them off. Fire them. Eliminate tax exemption except for genuine charities (you know, those who toss a buck or two at the poor, as opposed to “charities” which provide vehicles for the already rich to enjoy being rich…think of it in terms of “Catholic Charities is still tax exempt, that donation to the swank museum of modern art which only pinhead liberals love, isn’t exempt any longer). De-fund the left and it dries up and blows away.

  2. Cluster September 14, 2013 / 9:29 am

    The Kenowsha Wisconsin Education Assoc Union just decertified due to inept leadership – something that will be hard to find in the mainstream media. But the following is what you will hear in the mainstream media – a level of delusion and stupidly that is hard to wrap your mind around:

    ED SCHULTZ: I want to start with a number and a poll tonight and I want to talk about the economy, because I just cannot believe this number. Seriously. President Obama’s handling of the economy. Only 45 percent of the American people think he’s doing a good job on the economy and 52 percent disapprove? You mean to tell me we’ve had 41 months of private-sector job growth? We’ve got a stock market that is absolutely going through the roof? We’ve got record profits? People’s 401k’s are in the market and that’s the best people think? You know what that is? That is a lot of negative campaigning in the media. That is the Republican, conservative effect on how we think as a country.

    Here’s the man, the Republicans always love to quote. [Picture of Ronald Reagan appears onscreen.] Here is the man they genuflect to. Here is the man they point to for direction, Mr. Trickle-Down Economics, Ronald Reagan. Brought the philosophy if the wealthy people don’t pay much in taxes, our job market is going to go nuts. It was Ronald Reagan who said we’ve got to deregulate Wall Street. It was Ronald Reagan back in the ’60s who campaigned hard against Medicare and how many lives has Medicare saved and the quality of life for people in their later years has been just enhanced dramatically? Reagan was against all of that.

    And we have put up with a set of basics dealing with Reagan — Reagan’s economic philosophy for the past 35 years. So where are we right now? It amazes me that people don’t love Obama. It amazes me that the conservatives who are seeing the stock market go through the roof in dealing with a President who has pretty much been hands-off on Wall Street, it just amazes me he can’t get above 50 percent when it comes to a favorable view of the economy. Well, you see, Reaganomics has hammered the working folk of America.

    • Retired Spook September 14, 2013 / 12:28 pm


      There’s a reason Ed Schultz and the network he’s on has a very small audience.

      • Amazona September 14, 2013 / 5:03 pm

        I’ve tried to listen to Ed Schultz and gave up after a few minutes. No matter when I have tuned in, all I have ever heard is raging rabid hate and lies spewing like vomit.

        I’ve tried looking into Lefty web sites, listening to Lefty talk shows, etc., to find out what the Left thinks. All I have learned is that the word “thinks” is totally irrelevant, and that the whole movement is based not just on emotion but on blind negative emotion.

        So here I have tried to engage Lefties in rational discourse, hoping to encourage discussions on why they feel the Left is the best way to govern the nation, and for more than seven years I have been unable to get one of them to engage in any such discussion. It’s all about how awful conservatives are (with no clue about what “conservative” even means) and a lot of shrill emoting about things that are lies from the get-go: That killing babies for convenience is really not about killinb babies for convenience but is really about a woman controlling “her own” body, ignoring the body that has just been dismembered and thrown in the trash; imaginary and invented things like a “war on women”; howling at the moon about AGW, etc.

        Never about how to govern the nation.

    • M. Noonan September 14, 2013 / 12:34 pm

      He is delusional – one of the 70% who are just too stupid to see what is going on, but still happy because rich, well-positioned and, of course, doing what he’s told.

  3. neocon01 September 15, 2013 / 9:57 am

    doing what he’s told.

    marx alinsky 101 NEXT?

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