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Is public education even remotely worth it? 200 years ago, prior to widespread, public education, 90%+ of the people didn’t know the finer points of theology, philosophy and science; pretty much the same today. Where’s the net benefit in getting kids to go through 12 years of school? As one jokester put it, if you spent 12 years learning something, shouldn’t you be Batman, or something?

If Ebola is hard to catch, why the rubber suits?  Read today that some people in West Africa are dumping the dead in the streets for fear of being quarantined if the authorities find out someone died in the house. The fear is real as the governments there are probably doing it wrong – but dumping the body rather than prepping it for a funeral might actually cut the spread of the disease.

Meanwhile, we all sleep soundly at night as we learn the government which can’t make a website is bringing Ebola patients into the United States.

The only answer to Putin – if we wish to answer him, at all – is to re-fight the Crimean War.  That war is condemned in history as a just a horrible mistake which was terribly mismanaged by all concerned, but the truth is that the war needed to be fought in the 1850’s in order to curb Russian ambitions in the south of Europe. If Russia’s ambitions need to be curbed, again – taking Sevastopol would do the trick. That is, once again, if we wish to do anything – there is an argument to be made that its ok for Russia to run that area of the world.

It astounds me that anyone believes the pictures or statistics coming out of Gaza. Hamas is a criminal mob which has shown no willingness to tell the truth in the past – whence comes this global acceptance of Hamas-provided casualty lists? To be sure, given the nature of things, it is highly likely that some non-combatants have been killed in Gaza during Israel’s counter-attack – but what number and of what kind is entirely unknowable, and may not be known for a very long time to come.  One thing certain: anyone who is repeating Hamas claims on numbers or re-broadcasting alleged pictures of Gazan dead is either a willing tool of Hamas, or a fool.

People were shocked to find that a Hamas spokesman was repeating the blood libel against the Jews. Why?  By what evidence did anyone ever think that Hamas was something other than an anti-Semitic organization?

Interspersed among his 183 rounds of golf, Obama has endlessly claimed he will not rest until this, that or the other vital task is completed. I realize that most political speeches these days are canned – just the mere stringing together or words which come out sounding like the politician is saying something: but can we at least get a speech-writing program which isn’t quite so repetitious, and mendacious?

Did you know that our Congresscritters are allowed to charter jets on the taxpayer’s dime to go on political junkets? If you didn’t, I’ll bet you’re not surprised at all to find this out – if it were announced that our leaders were provided taxpayer-funded champagne baths, we’d all just take it in with a “yeah, so” attitude. Our Ruling Class is (a) ever more corrupt and (b) ever more likely to just hold us in contempt.  A little revolution, now and then…

Apparently, “sorcellerie” is French for “sorcery” – and you can get beheaded in Saudi Arabia for it.

This, it seems, is not a joke:

Despite the loss of high-profile talent like Ezra Klein, who took others with him to Vox Media…

Senator Walsh of Montana may drop out of the race because of a plagiarism scandal – naturally, Talking Points Memo tweets the following:

Sen. Walsh (R-MT) cancels public events, fueling speculation he may drop out of Senate race after plagiarism scandal

Walsh is a Democrat.

UPDATE: ISIS has massacred 1,500 people since about yesterday. Obama, of course, will do nothing – not even, it seems, arm the Kurds who are the most decent of all the Muslim peoples in that area. The world will do nothing. Ok. Fine and dandy. People are to be massacred in great, big, bloody batches – this is the new normal. But I don’t want to hear anyone bleating about Israel’s actions in Gaza.  Even if everything Hamas says is true, then what Israel has done pales in comparison to what ISIS is doing. If you aren’t out there at the anti-ISIS demonstration and demanding the US impose a cease-fire in ISIS, then you are a hypocrite and I don’t want to hear a peep out of you.


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  1. Retired Spook August 6, 2014 / 7:27 am

    Here are some random thoughts. By most estimates, around 300,000 people have illegally crossed the southern border since April, of which 20% or so are unaccompanied minors. Many have crossed the entire length of Mexico apparently unhindered, despite Mexico’s strict immigration laws. I’ve actually read articles that would lead you to believe that many of these kids, some as young as 3 or 4, walked the entire length of Mexico. Many are reported to have been raped and murdered along the way, although there doesn’t seem to be any proof of this. Early on many news photos showed these supposedly “destitute” children arriving at detention centers wearing designer Polo and Tommy Hilfiger clothes, although that “oversight” seems to have been fixed by by the complicit media. This week it’s been reported that people crossing the border have come from something like 78 different countries, not just the 3 most violent Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as was originally reported.

    There is something going on that we are not being told, and, to quote a good friend and former navy intel buddy, it’s likely a big bucket of not good. Too bad we don’t seem to have any investigative journalists anymore. I have a feeling this has the makings of an incredible story.

    • Cluster August 6, 2014 / 8:45 am

      This is an unfolding travesty that is 100% the fault of our governments refusal to enforce current immigration laws Obama’s unilateral action on the DREAM act and lack of clarity on any coherent policy going forward, with the exception of taking my state to court for actually enforcing laws already on the books. It’s unbelievable how bad this president is.

      Here’s another tragic story. I will wonder if Obama will take time away from his fundraising to say something to the family.

      It is with extreme sadness that the National Border Patrol Council announces the murder of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega last night in Santa Monica, TX. Border Patrol Agent Vega was spending his time off with his family when two criminals attempted to rob him. Agent Vega was armed and fought back to protect his family. During the course of the ensuing firefight Agent Vega’s father was hit in the leg and Agent Vega was mortally wounded. After Agent Vega fell, his family members continued to fight back.

  2. Amazona August 6, 2014 / 8:14 am

    Well, 200 years ago, or more, young people who did get an education learned to read Greek and Latin and read classic literature. They learned the math and science of the day.

    Today far too many of our people can’t even use their own language well. I remember a young woman from South America, who had studied English in school, asking me why Americans have such poor grammar. She knew that “less” is about volume, and “fewer” about number, and noticed things like “in less than five years….” and many other rules of grammar that seem to have disappeared. Most of the young foreigners I met who came to work in resorts in Colorado and Idaho knew more about American history than Americans do.

    A couple of weeks ago a woman with deeply furrowed brow and appearance of great distress fretted that Cory Gardner, Mark Udall’s opponent for the Colorado Senate seat, “wants to put women in jail for getting abortions”. She was totally amazed to learn that even if he DID (which is, by the way, a typical Udall lie) his position as a U.S. Senator would give him absolutely nothing to say about any such thing. Really? I suggested that if Mark Udall thinks the Senate has authority over abortions, he should not be sent back to Washington—–and if he is lying, he DEFINITELY should not be sent back to Washington.

    When I showed a copy of the 10th Amendment to another woman she was amazed. “Is that really in the Constitution?” she asked.

    We have “teachers” like casper, who believes that if you think the Constitution should be applied as it is written you believe we should go back to slavery and denying women the vote. He claims he does not teach what he believes, but it’s hard to believe he teaches something he does not believe.

    Children are being indoctrinated into the religions of AGW, Big Government, and social engineering, and are ignorant of the origins of their own country and its foundation of law. Education’s focus on the Founding Fathers is that some of them owned slaves, without any context of their efforts and desires to outlaw slavery. They are taught that the atom bombs dropped on Japan were efforts at genocide, attacks on a nation that had done nothing but resist American imperialism.

    (That brings me to the latest crap from Hollyweird, the pretense that their new TV series, “Manhattan”, is about the Manhattan Project, or the development of the bomb. I got through about half of the first episode before giving up in disgust. From the PC spin on everything to the portrayal of Oppenheimer as an idiot to the fact they couldn’t even be bothered to learn that the geography of the area around Los Alamos is not that of, say, Midland, Texas, it was a complete disaster—-but an example of the determination of the Left to rewrite history.)

  3. sarahbloch August 7, 2014 / 8:45 am

    Public education is worthwhile. As much as you would love to go back to the agrarian versus factory work child labor era of 200 years ago Mark technology and the global economy make your ideas about education a poison pill for American failure.

    Turning the bodies over to properly outfitted burial service workers would be a better idea. The last thing you want is for the bodies to be consumed by birds or their fluids to work their way into the water supplies. You should sleep soundly because the two patients in America are in the best place they could possibly be.

    Refight the Crimean War? Okay let’s say Obama decides to do this and meets with the JCOS and they formulate a plan and 150,000 troops are sent to the Crimea to take on the Russian military. I believe the United States with their Ukrainian allies would win the battles but lose the war as it would eventually escalate to the use of nuclear and possibly chemical weapons by Russia. Or the Russians could fight tenaciously causing a military embarrassment for the United States. Both of those options are horrible. America#1!!! isn’t worth killing tens of millions of people.

    There will never be any peace in that region until there are no Palestinians or no Israelis. Your bias is sickening. As far as ISIS goes you warhawks made this mess you might as well pop some popcorn and enjoy your bloody prize. Can someone tell me why Saddam had to go again?

    • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 9:23 am

      Well, Sarah, what you wrote is certainly random.

      Thoughts? Not that I could see.

      It appears to be collection of brain farts, marked by your odd combination of ignorance, stupidity and venom. “….you would love to go back to the agrarian versus factory work child labor era of 200 years ago” Oh, come on.

      Is it truly impossible for people like you to encounter an idea you don’t like and then think it over and then respond to the idea with another idea? That is certainly not your pattern. No, you see something that you find vaguely disagreeable, and then you rummage around in your brain pan for something that you find nasty and snarly and hateful and that is your response. Since you have not allowed anything BUT nasty and snarly and hateful to penetrate that brain pan, your eventual response is a foregone conclusion—–it will be nasty and snarly and hateful.

      I notice that you seem to think the only source of education is the current public “education” system. Yet children who are home-schooled score higher on objective testing of general knowledge, do better in college, and appear to be much better-educated than the children who are funneled through the indoctrination factories of public education.

      You also don’t seem to have actually read what Mark said. Let’s go back through that first bit again, very slowly so you have a better chance of keeping up.

      “Is public education even remotely worth it?”

      See that word “public”? Do you know what it means in this context? Do you truly think that it means all education, from any source?

      “200 years ago, prior to widespread, public education, 90%+ of the people didn’t know the finer points of theology, philosophy and science; pretty much the same today. ”

      Do you dispute this observation? Do you claim that today, after at least eight years of PUBLIC education, more than 10% of the people DO know “….the finer points of theology, philosophy and science..”? Hell, you people think AGW is science, you can’t even articulate the political philosophy that drives you to pollute blogs like this one, and you reject theology because it is easier to deny the existence of any power greater than you, as well as more soothing to an overweening ego.

      But no, you—-obviously the product of public education—–not only cannot read, process and understand what is written, you lack the education to know how to form coherent thoughts, organize a discussion that would present your opposing position, or articulate a sane response. Instead, you have some weird knee-jerk snap to a bizarre preconception of conservatives being anti-technology and wanting to go back to a “factory work child labor era”.

      These peeks into the “thought processes” of you rabid Lefties, while creepy, is also edifying. But mostly just sad, and creepy.

      • sarahbloch August 7, 2014 / 11:42 am

        These are my opinions of what Mark wrote Amazona not a soapbox placed at your feet for you to rant against all things Progressive. I clearly understand you have every right to your opinion as I do to mine. I’m not going to change your views and you aren’t going to change mine. i stand by what I said and have done so without being insulting, smarmy or base in my explaining of my opinion nor have I represented ALL Progressives by my comments.

    • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 9:40 am

      “There will never be any peace in that region until there are no Palestinians or no Israelis. Your bias is sickening. As far as ISIS goes you warhawks made this mess you might as well pop some popcorn and enjoy your bloody prize. Can someone tell me why Saddam had to go again?”

      Huh? You are promoting genocide? Wipe out two whole populations, to ensure “peace”? Of course this insane comment depends on the belief that Israel is an aggressor, that Israel starts these things, that Israel is a dangerous neighbor because Israel will just start attacking people. In other words, your bizarre little snarl is dependent on a lie, which is based on bigotry. Or, to put it another way, how you people think.

      What if—just a what if, you understand, but work with me here—–what if the Palestinians just wanted to live where they live, go about their own Palestinian lives, and not obsess about killing each and every one of their Israeli neighbors, and wiping the nation of Israel off the map? Got your little mind wrapped around that scenario? Well, can you see that this, if it were possible (given the rabid Jew-hating mentality of Palestinians) would lead to peace in the area? What if the Palestinians just quit lobbing bombs into Israel, stopped building tunnels and sending teams of murderers into Israel, stopped outfitting suicide bombers to infiltrate Israel to kill as many innocent people as possible.

      Can you, buried deep in the latrine of your own mind, possibly comprehend the fact that THIS would lead to peace?

      Nah, to haters like you, understanding the fact that Israel has never been the aggressor is, as you put it, “bias”—-and you find that kind of truth “sickening”.

      Uh, ISIS is the love child of Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. As you seem to think that those who are responsible for mayhem, butchery and misery will then enjoy watching the spectacle, then you and your kind ought to be clamoring for front row seats. It won’t be as bloody as you would like, as your hero Saddam and his boys are gone, but you can mourn over the loss of the torture rooms and mass graves while you watch the carnage enabled by our own Dear Leader unfold.

      BTW, your comment about “…you might as well pop some popcorn and enjoy your bloody prize…” is one of the most telling, significant, things you have ever posted. It is one of those things that, once blurted out, provides such clear insight into the mind of the speaker that it can never be erased. To realize that anyone thinks this way is dismaying, but as it is true, I guess it is helpful for sane people to know about it. I doubt that you even realize what this says about you—that you are even capable of thinking this way, and that there is something so twisted, so broken, in you that you not only have this idea but you project it onto others.

      Listening to you people, like Ed Schultz and Rachel Madow and Thom Hartmann and so on, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and reading the spewings of people like you, makes me wish for mind bleach, because you all are so toxic, so seething with hatred and rage, and so utterly vicious and NASTY your ick clings like the stench of rot, and is why we don’t even like you on our blog, because you pollute it with your loathing of decency.

      • sarahbloch August 7, 2014 / 11:39 am

        First of all Amazona I am not pro Israel or pro Palestine I am pro Peace. It appears that Palestinian aggression in the form of Hamas has once again ignited the ancient tensions between the Jews and the Filistines. This is nothing new. It has been said by both Jews and Filistines long before today that the only solution would be for one o the other group not to exist. That is not promoting genocide it is simply a statement of exhaustion at the impossibility of the situation.

        I am not a hater I just don’t have an emotional investment in Israel as it appears you do. Jews have spied on America turned federal workers and even committed terror attacks in the United States during your lifetime but never a peep out of you because of your hatred of Peace and your decision to side with Israel no matter what they do.

      • tiredoflibbs August 7, 2014 / 11:40 am

        Ama, people like bloch will tolerate evil as long as it does not affect them personally. They will put up with Saddam, ISIS and other terrorists as long as it doesn’t affect them – “evil” (their definition) corporations need to be stamped out, while actual evil terrorists (freedom fighters in their spin) are to be left alone. They are more worried about the “theocracy” of the “right” than the active theocracies perpetuated by militant Islam. Their whole attitude about terrorism alone shows their intentions. They will bury their heads in the sand and ignore the evil that is around them until it affects them personally.

      • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 6:52 pm

        Sarah, you really need to learn the Rule of Holes. You don’t get yourself out of a hole by digging faster.

        You were called on being a hostile, hateful, person who assumes the worst about others simply because they do not agree with you and feels justified in inventing the most vile, vicious, loathsome and despicable lies to describe them. So how do you respond? By coming up with even more vile, vicious, loathsome and despicable lies: “hatred of Peace” is a doozy, even aside from the random capitalization thing. And really—“Filistines”?

        “…comfy cocoon of consumerism..”? Worked on that for a while, didn’t you?

        “…how exactly ………. half a world away did Saddam Hussein affect you while he was in power..”?

        Well, unlike you I feel for the anguish of parents having their eyelids stitched open so they have to watch their four year old daughters raped by dozens of adult men, before the whole family is killed and thrown into mass graves. Unlike you, I do not have to have my own personal interests violated to see evil and want it eradicated.

        And unlike you I found the existence of a wealthy nation willing and eager to finance all forms of terrorism against the United States to be a threat. I found the notion of this virulently anti-American presence, already known to be paying the families of suicide bombers to encourage desperate young people to kill themselves and as many innocents as possible to provide for their families, already known to be preparing nerve gases and other chemical weapons as well as biological weapons, openly pursuing nuclear power, to be a threat. Unlike you, I believed, as I still do, that this regime posed so many threats to civilization, including this country, that its heads needed to be removed. Unlike you, I believed, and still believe, that if Mohammed Atta and his cronies had been able to take something like weaponized anthrax or smallpox onto those planes, to be distributed into the atmosphere upon impact, they would have, and unlike you I believed and still believe that the Hussein regime was very close to being able to provide that kind of additional threat. Unlike you, I am not and never have been so self-involved that only my own immediate interests are of interest or value.

        “…NATO in charge of Gaza…”
        “… the Chinese in charge of Jerusalem..”
        “… much like Berlin was divided for decades…”

        Oh dear. So much ignorance and stupidity, so little time. Yours is an interesting debate tactic—be so astoundingly stupid that your opposition is simply stunned by the levels of ignorance and cluelessness, and just can’t respond.

        (And just what about the division of Berlin do you find attractive or desirable? What do you think you know about a divided Berlin that makes you yearn to repeat the exercise? Do you know ANYTHING about Berlin? OMG, you are hopeless. Where do you GET this crap?)

        You brag that you are a Progressive. What IS a “Progressive”, in your mind? What is it about the Progressive political model that makes you think it is the best way to govern this nation?

      • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 7:11 pm

        In Sarahland, the place of candy rainbows and unicorn farts, where Progressives prove their love of humanity by claiming that others will celebrate bloodshed, where they mourn the loss of creatures like Saddam and his boys because, after all, they WERE “half a world away”, where they celebrate the dismemberment of helpless human infants but scorn those who fight for the rights of others, they would be safe in a biological attack.

        In Sarahland, there are no fanatics dedicated to bringing the world to a standstill, to creating chaos and mass death and blood running in the streets, who would happily be part of the death toll as long as it spread around the world and caused so much misery and pain that it would bring about the coming of the 12th Imam. So in Sarahland, there would never be a concern about the release of antibiotic-resistant weaponized smallpox, with a death rate of 98%, that could be spread throughout the world in days.

    • M. Noonan August 7, 2014 / 11:51 pm


      You’d have a point if our kids were being in any way, shape or form educated up to the standards of an increasingly inter-connected, global community. They aren’t – that is the point.

  4. sarahbloch August 7, 2014 / 11:45 am

    tired, how exactly in your comfy cocoon of consumerism half a world away did Saddam Hussein affect you while he was in power? And yes I am worried about the freedoms that would be taken away from Americans in a theocracy whether it be a Muslim one or a Christian one.

    • tiredoflibbs August 7, 2014 / 8:12 pm

      “And yes I am worried about the freedoms that would be taken away from Americans in a theocracy whether it be a Muslim one or a Christian one.”

      There is no attempt at theocracy in America. There are active theocracies and a movement to grow the existing ones by militant Muslims. You know the militant muslims that are taking away freedoms of non-Americans. But I only hear your paranoid dumbed down talking points of the imagined one here and nothing about the real one going on. You know the one where Christians and others are told to convert or die.

      Oh wait, it does not affect you personally, so you won’t recognize that evil.

      But thanks for admitting that evil that doesn’t affect you does not concern you and neither is concern me…

      “tired, how exactly in your comfy cocoon of consumerism half a world away did Saddam Hussein affect you while he was in power?”

      So, as long as Hussein did not affect my “comfy cocoon” nothing should have been done to free those from his tyranny.

  5. tiredoflibbs August 7, 2014 / 11:46 am

    “First of all Amazona I am not pro Israel or pro Palestine I am pro Peace.”

    “Peace” to them is absence of war. They will ignore evil aggression (Hamas) until someone (Israel) wants to do something about it – then they attack those who will fight back (Israel). Yes, she is not pro Hamas (ignores their aggression) and she is not pro-Israel (attacks them for defending themselves) – she is pro-peace (absence of war while ignoring evil).

    It is the mentality that she has, that allowed Hitler to be as aggressive as he wanted as long as war was out of the picture.

    “Pro-peace” by progressives is another bastardized definition. If evil was not allowed to grow to begin with, then there would be TRUE peace and not the bastardized version that proggies allow to take place.

    • sarahbloch August 7, 2014 / 12:09 pm

      No tired a real Peace where two states can coexist side by said and any aggression on the part of either is met with swift and sure Justice. I think the only way to do that is to place NATO in charge of Gaza and the Chinese in charge of Jerusalem much like Berlin was divided for decades. Disarm Hamas and stop Israeli encroachment onto Palestinian land would be a great start. This is not a bloodless solution but it would change minds if not hearts over time.

      • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 6:56 pm

        Oh, Sarah, you really do need to stop parroting the stupid lies you find so palatable. It’s OK for you to seek out liars and slurp up their slop, but please try to resist the urge to spread it all around.

        No, Sarah, Israel has NEVER “encroached” onto “Palestinian land”. Do yourself a favor and try to actually know something before you expound on it here. The facts are there, for those who care about facts. Israel has given up land, over and over again, in the pursuit of peace, and when the primitives who hate Jews have persisted in attacking her have done so Israel has taken back the land it gave up, as a right of conquest. Your lies are so silly, and so obviously rooted in admiration for liars. You do yourself no favors by regurgitating them here. You really ought to find a place frequented by your own kind, where your foolishness and nastiness will fit in.

      • sarahbloch August 7, 2014 / 9:24 pm

        I suggest you read the peacenow report on the illegal seizure of Palestinian lands in the west bank.

      • tiredoflibbs August 7, 2014 / 8:30 pm

        “No tired a real Peace where two states can coexist side by said and any aggression on the part of either is met with swift and sure Justice.”

        How? Can states coexist in the presence of evil? Every few years, Hamas repeats the same actions – they lob rockets into Israel, Israel defends itself, Hamas propagandizes the situation, the UN and the progressives criticize Israel, Hamas stalls for time and then agree to a cease fire, during which they stock up on rockets and repeat the cycle over again. So you think an occupation will ensure peace? Really? That is not the talking points of the progressives. Peace in Iraq could not be possible with the occupation by the US.

        NATO in charge of Gaza? China in charge of Jerusalem? These statements are too stupid to deserve a response.

      • tiredoflibbs August 7, 2014 / 8:37 pm

        “any aggression on the part of either is met with swift and sure Justice.”

        Really? Justice? By whom? The UN? We see how they handle aggression. Syria? Hussein’s Iraq? The attacks on Christians all over the Middle East? North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons? Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons?

        The UN is powerless to stop evil and aggression – history has proven so.

    • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 7:01 pm

      Nonononono, tired—Sarah is pro-Peace.

      There is something oh so darling and special about using that capital P, you see.

      She worked that out while fretting about the consequences of a Christian theocracy, poor dear. Because, as we all know, Christians are a monolithic group, united in a solidarity of Christianhood, without a hint of dissent regarding dogma or belief. This must be why the majority of the nation, which has declared itself Christian, has taken over the nation and forced its universal beliefs upon the unbelievers.

      Ahh, Ignorance, thy name is Sarah………………….

      • sarahbloch August 9, 2014 / 12:26 pm

        Even though trying to have a civilized conversation with you is a waste of my time, still I have an infinite amount so here goes. I never said that Christians are a monolithic group. A group of like minded people that had a minority viewpoint have seized control of nations in the past with horrific results. History, Amazona, teaches us this.

      • M. Noonan August 9, 2014 / 5:45 pm

        Christians have never “seized control” of a nation – Christians have converted nations and turned them into part of Christian civilization. Muslims seize control of nations – and then enforce Islam, death or tribute upon the population.

      • tiredoflibbs August 9, 2014 / 8:04 pm

        “A group of like minded people that had a minority viewpoint have seized control of nations in the past with horrific results. History, Amazona, teaches us this.”

        You don’t have to look to history to see this. The present will do.

      • Amazona August 10, 2014 / 11:31 am

        Sarah, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you are trying to rein in your snark. You are very lucky to have an infinite amount of time. It’s strange that you choose to use it the way you do.

        The problem with people who don’t know what they are talking about and can’t be bothered to learn is that they you simply regurgitate statements made by others without researching them, or bothering to find out if they are true, if they are possible, if there is even the slightest kernel of truth in them.

        So those who sneer at religion and people of faith have no problem fretting about an imagined “theocracy” of “Christians”. It feels good. It provides another target for their free-form hostility, and another foundation for attacking people of faith. The thing is, it has to be based on the same level and kind of ignorance that they have regarding politics.

        People choose which of about 1600 Christian religions, not counting the Catholic types such as Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Russian Orthodox, to join because they feel drawn to elements of the dogma and teachings of that particular religion. So some believe in the Trinity and some find it heresy. Some believe in the Virgin Birth and some reject it outright. Some believe in predestination and some are appalled by the idea that our lives and afterlives are programmed into us before we are born. These are pretty major and serious conflicts, and Christians of different denominations have never shown an interest in abandoning them to achieve “Christian Unity”, believing as strongly as they do in one element or another.

        The strange paranoid delusion that suddenly all these people are going to find common theological ground and hold hands to form a coalition just so they can “take over” the government of a country is just plain goofy.

        And it is not only not supported by fact, it is contradicted by fact. If any one denomination of Christianity really wanted to dominate Christianity, and the country, and maybe even THE WORLD !!!! it would probably start picking off other denominations first. So here’s a tip that might let you sleep better at night, instead of spinning around in a delusion of impending theological revolution: Don’t start to worry till you see, for example, Presbyterians attacking Methodists, wiping out Methodist congregations, burning their churches and forcing them into submission to Presbyterian dogma. When you see a struggle for dominance WITHIN Christianity that goes beyond arguing dogma, you can start to prepare for a Christian onslaught on the national government.

        While Christians would like to see a world which shares their belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God (the basic definition of basic Christianity: Christ/Christian, get it?) they choose to advance this goal, if they do anything at all, by convincing others of the rightness of their beliefs. As long as we can continue telling Jehovah’s Witnesses that we are not interested, and don’t have to worry that the result will be a beheading, I feel pretty confident that we are in no danger of being overrun by radical Christians.

        The very idea of a Christian theocracy in this country is really amusing—I have an image of Washington DC taken over by Christians of various denominations, and then absolutely nothing happening as the squabbling ensues. You think we have gridlock NOW? Wait till legislation depends on consensus on communion or the age of the Earth.

        Sometimes I feel bad for laughing at you guys and your ignorance-based paranoias, but then I think, what the hell, they CHOOSE to be driven not only by emotion but by negative, hateful, fact-free emotion and don’t worry about it.

  6. jake (@goldjake1788) August 7, 2014 / 7:50 pm

    it is really funny how condescending you are amazona when you probably could not pass a high school or college. Normal people who are not experts in their field, cite sources and make statements with citation. You know why, because they have actual proof in what they say which you never do. You really think going on long diatribes is actually proving your point. Three assumptions you have made in the last couple of post that are absolutely without any facts to back you up and our assumptions. ( i am absolutely pro-israel but i can at least look at this stuff objectively

    1. The first assumption is that israel has never taken over land. Please google settlement problem in Israel and inform yourself of the Palestine and Israeli conflict. However, what is happening right now is Hamas fault for firing rockets into Israel. To say Israel has Never invaded land is an ignorant comment

    2. Your comment about how the populas is smarter 200 years ago than today. You have no facts to back this up and just make ridiculous comments about it. If you look at the government website the % of people who are literate and educated because of public education is a lot. I cannot find the data right now because i am at work finishing up a project. I guess in your mind, only the rich should have education or the people who can afford it which is basically what you are saying by saying public education is worthless.

    3. Where are your facts on home schools that do not come from a home school website? You just spurt crap out without having any facts to back it up. You are just a bitter woman who expect these sheep to follow and listen to you. If they do not do their own research on the crap you spurt out, all that you say is opinion.

    I will play your game, i guess that is what I can expect from a right wing nut job like yourself who has followers too dumb to have opinions of their own. I really pray for you that at some point in your life you realize it is better to be happy than write condescending drivel on a site without any sources. I could go on and on about your lack of citations such as your opinion, not polls, show that woman care more about the constitution than their own reproductive health. I am so glad and the blog is so lucky to have someone who is an oracle.

    • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 9:06 pm

      I see Flaky Jake is back among us, for a refresher course on How Dumb Are They? (“They” being the RRL, of course.)

      You say: “… probably could not pass a high school or college”. I pass two high schools and a college every day on my way to work.

      I did not say Israel has never taken over land. Pretty funny to have a guy claiming I am not well educated who doesn’t know enough to capitalize Israel and who can’t process the written word well enough to refer to a written statement accurately. (Though with the Left, we do have to leave room for the possibility the comment is just a lie.) I also like the random comma placement.

      What I SAID was that Israel did take over land, by right of conquest, after winning wars started by her enemies. Duh. Do try to keep up. Here—let me quote myself, to give you another chance to sort through all those words and try to figure out what they mean: ” Israel has given up land, over and over again, in the pursuit of peace, and when the primitives who hate Jews have persisted in attacking her have done so Israel has taken back the land it gave up, as a right of conquest.

      There. Got that?

      I never said that the “populas” was smarter 200 years ago. For that matter, I don’t even know what a “populas” IS. Oh, do you mean “populace”? Gee, another teachable moment for the snide lecturer on eddicationamus.

      What I SAID was, those who did get an education learned a lot more than students do today in our much-vaunted school system. But I’ll tell you what: You go right ahead and do some work on this, on your own. Read the words of the Founders. They were prolific letter-writers, for the most part, in addition to crafting the most brilliant governance document ever created, and then there are the Federalist Papers. Warning: There are a lot of big words, most of which you have probably never heard of, and references to sages and philosophers all the way back to Greece and Rome. You will find it tough going, especially when they quote them in Greek or Latin. If you are still not convinced that they learned more, back in the day, than Malibu Barbie will today, you can compare their commentary to that of Harry Reid, Algore, and the dipshit who worried that too many people would tip over the island of Guam. Compare the writing and speaking style of, say, Thomas Jefferson with that of &*$%@#* Hillary.

      But it is not all generational. I have written about speaking with young people from other countries who have come to the United States knowing mathematical formulae, at least two languages, world history, and more about the history and government of this country than Americans who have studied here. There are the many stories of the college teachers who have to spend freshman year English classes teaching students —graduates of high schools around the country—how to read and write well enough to fill out forms and do basic assignments.

      This is a classic example of the bizarre hybrid of Leftist ignorance and Leftist snottiness and Leftist illiteracy, all mixed together with Leftist dishonesty: “I guess in your mind, only the rich should have education or the people who can afford it which is basically what you are saying by saying public education is worthless. ”

      Guess away, Clyde. Funniest thing, though, the only reference I made to better education was to home schooling, which is not usually the realm of the “rich”. While you are guessing, let me remind you that I am an ardent supporter of the idea of school vouchers, which will take the per student spending of any school district and allow the student or parents to apply it to any school of their choice. That is, to make private schools available to all, regardless of income. (You know, like the program for young black students in Washington, D.C., cut by Dear Leader.)

      Damn. That truth stings, don’t it?

      I see you had to revert to the tired old Lefty cliche of claiming that someone who is smarter than you, better informed than you, and better at expressing herself than you, is really just “bitter”. You guys are so predictable. And you call US “sheep”. I think if you can be bothered to do any research you will find that studies do show a higher level of knowledge in home-schooled children, a higher rate of college acceptance and attendance, a higher rate of graduation, and an overall superior education.

      I had to chuckle when I got to your silly platitude about a “woman’s reproductive health”. Once again, I am amazed at your lack of originality, much less analytic thought. As I said, it is funny to have you call US “sheep” when you bleat nonsense like this. Define “reproductive health”. It is, apparently, the freedom to have multiple casual sex partners, to use or not use birth control according to the whim of the moment and to just butcher the human being created through reckless and irresponsible behavior, and to have other people foot the bill. You seem convinced that young women of today only care about what is between their legs, and not about anything between their ears. I can see why you would hope this is true, as you would stand a very poor chance with the latter, while the former might give you a tumble.

      This is a blog where people express opinions. Sometimes I provide links, sometimes I don’t. I looked around and didn’t see a “Must Provide Link” rule. I’ll tell you what—you go start a blog, and if I feel like slumming I’ll make sure every post is well-documented.

      In the meantime, just a little advice—–it is pretty dumb to whine that someone else is bitter when your entire post reeks of bitterness, hatred, anger and resentment. I’m a happy person, as are most conservatives, and I have a wonderful life. I think a lot of my happiness comes from finally turning my back on my former Leftist ignorance and moving into the light, where the people are so much nicer as well as so much smarter.

  7. jake (@goldjake1788) August 7, 2014 / 9:37 pm

    i love this you, have the shortest attention span i have ever seen. Here is your quote

    No, Sarah, Israel has NEVER “encroached” onto “Palestinian land”. Do yourself a favor and try to actually know something before you expound on it here.

    Look up the settlement problem in Israel Amazona. I am also for school vouchers but once again you are not smart enough to quote or cite anything which I think is a huge problem of yours. You know what propaganda is right? It is your writing because you state things that are opinion that have no factual basis to back it up because you are too lazy and you have too many parrots here to care to state facts. I will just use your projection method of writing.

    I guess that is what i can expect from a right wing bitter woman who lives on this blog. You are the epitome of right wing elitist. I am proud of you that you finally found a support group of idiots who will listen to you.

    Once again you are full of stories of foreigners who come here that know more history and blah blah blah. They come here because we have one of the top universities in the world statistically. Of course you are to un-american to realize that without University research, we would be farther behind in all of math and sciences. I wasted enough time writing this. You will probably respond by laughing at me but at the end of the day this does not matter. You do not matter and your opinions hopefully do not influence anyone outside of this blog because they are too ignorant to spread. Keep believing what you write is the truth.

    • Cluster August 7, 2014 / 10:02 pm


      I suggest you pick a fight with someone who is more your intellectual equal, i.e.; anyone in grades K-8. Amazona is way above your pay grade. Foe example, your lack of intellectual heft is found in the following sentence, which quite possibly is the worst structured, and most non sensical sentence I have ever read from anyone on this blog. And that says a lot.

      It is your (sic) writing because you state things that are opinion that have no factual basis to back it up because you are too lazy and you have too many parrots here to care to state facts.

      • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 10:48 pm

        Cluster, you picked that sentence over this one? “i love this you, have the shortest attention span i have ever seen”

        Well, you might be right, because now that I look at it I realize it is not a sentence so much as an incoherent grouping of words, and horrible punctuation.

        Did you notice that I am “bitter” again? Hmmmm. I wonder how the Loony Left dictionary defines “bitter”. They use it so randomly, it is hard to tell. Most people who know me think I am often downright perky. Ditto for “elitist”—-evidently somewhere the LL has found a way to define “elitist” as “one who strives for equality of opportunity and equal access to it”. I have a feeling it might be connected to knowing good grammar and how to spell and punctuate—these are things dismissed by the illiterate as not really that important. At the risk of Jakie flipping out again, this reminds me of the paper written by my 10-year-old relative, with a big red “A” and lots of “Great Work!!” comments, with every sentence filled with misspellings and poor grammar and atrocious punctuation—the teacher had explained that she didn’t like to inhibit the creative spirit with too many rules. We wondered if SHE would become bitter, when she grew up and found out that she had been lied to, and that she was far behind people her age who had actually been taught something.

        Poor Flaky Jake is whining because I don’t have enough links—I think this is his pathetic effort to come across as one who cares enough to go to them, and/or smart enough to understand them if he did. As if……………

        You gotta love the whine that we have at least ONE highly ranked university, and gee golly, without our universities we would be even farther behind than we are now. But….but….but…..where are the links to prove this?

        I wonder why his panties are in a twist because I have known so many people from other countries. I notice that he just dismisses what they tell me of their own experiences, or mine when I relate the time I wanted to know how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and two high school grads didn’t know what Celsius IS while half a dozen foreigners called out the formula.
        (Oops…sorry there is not a link to that.) I worked in an industry in which there were many people from other countries, here on professional work visas, and spent a lot of time in two resort areas which actively recruit young people from around the world for seasonal work. (No link to that, either, though I suppose he could look up the Lodge at Sun Valley to see if they mention this program.)

        Jake’s language skills and apparent intellect indicate that he might be a teacher (he does have a “project” due, probably involving paste and paper chains) or at least a devotion to teachers’ unions.

        “You will probably respond by laughing at me..” You mean like everyone else does? Actually, no, I won’t. It is too sad, seeing someone like you so proud of his limitations and so dependent on spite and malice.

      • Amazona August 7, 2014 / 10:56 pm


        Jakie, Jakie, Jakie, lookie here!!!!!!! A citation, and a link! Oh, goodie!

        ……… there is new research showing that the average home-schooler who takes standardized achievement tests is doing very well. The study, commissioned by the Home School Legal Defense Association and conducted by Brian Ray, an internationally recognized scholar and president of the nonprofit National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), is called “Progress Report 2009: Homeschool Academic Achievement and Demographics.”

        The study included almost 12,000 home-school students from all 50 states who took three well-known standardized achievements tests — the California Achievement Test, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Stanford Achievement Test — for the 2007-08 academic year. The students were drawn from 15 independent testing services, making it the most comprehensive home-school academic study to date.

        The results reinforced previous home-school studies conducted over a period of 25 years.

        Five areas of academic pursuit were measured. In reading, the average home-schooler scored at the 89th percentile; language, 84th percentile; math, 84th percentile; science, 86th percentile; and social studies, 84th percentile. In the core studies (reading, language and math), the average home-schooler scored at the 88th percentile.

        The average public school student taking these standardized tests scored at the 50th percentile in each subject area.

        Ouch. 89/50, 84/50, 84/50, 86/50, 88/50. That’s gotta sting.

  8. jake (@goldjake1788) August 8, 2014 / 10:11 am

    you know what the difference between you and me is? I am so happy with my life and this is not a contest that it does not sting. It is called discussing things and reading things.. I am going to be a total a-hole and say I am happy now because I actually changed Amazona. She actually provided a link and figured out a way to have a proper discourse. Congratulations

    • Amazona August 8, 2014 / 11:00 am

      Sweetie, there are sooooo many differences between you and me, it appears that the only thing we do have in common aside from human DNA is that we are both very happy with our lives.

      You flatter yourself if you think you “changed” me. I routinely provide links to various subjects, articles, and so on. You had such a wall-kicking hissy fit, while calling me a liar, that I made a point of proving you wrong on both counts—-that I do provide links, and that home schooled children are better educated.

      This blog is usually a place for like-minded people to meet and converse. We exchange ideas, information and opinions. Sometimes there are links to interesting articles. You may have appointed yourself an arbiter of the blog, and feel qualified to lurch in here and start bossing people around, making up rules, but you are just an annoying pest with no standing and no authority. So your constant sniveling about how YOU think the blog should be run, and how people should post, has no more relevance than any of your other whining. Perhaps you have no friends and no experience in conversation, so you think that if you sit down with people to talk about something you have to have a pile of documents with you to hand out as reading material. For normal people, not so much.

  9. jake (@goldjake1788) August 8, 2014 / 10:20 am

    It is really funny how passive aggressive also comes off as you being wity. it is kind of pathetic. My mom is an immigration attorney so I wont even go into who knows more foreign people. The bigger question is Amazona, honestly, if you are just stating opinions without facts to back it up, your opinions are not worth crap. You can be as passive aggressive as you want but what people learn in college and in high school is how to do research and how to form opinions with the research that they do. This is a blog and not a research paper. If you want to read some of my writing, go to search engine land and look it up. If i had the time i would be more careful with what i write but i actually have a job and run a business where people depend on me. I am not the world’s best writer, however, at least i have integrity with what i write which everytime you say something stupid, aka woman care more about constitution than reproductive health without citing a source or israel has never stolen land, it shows how passive aggressive, ignorant person you truly are. Congrats

    • Amazona August 8, 2014 / 11:18 am

      Obviously you have no idea what “passive-aggressive” really means, and as for “wity”, well, who knows?

      How too too cool that your mommy knows a lot of foreign people. But we are not talking about your mommy. I have no idea of the nature of her acquaintance with these foreign people, but as I have gotten professional visas for four people from other countries, and worked with immigration attorneys, I know that I, anyway, never engaged in social chitchat with any of them. On the other hand, I spent untold hours with the people who worked for my company, and their friends, and people I met in various situations, in the very kind of conversation I am talking about. When doing business in other countries I have often been a guest of people in those countries, and we have sat around for hours after work, eating and drinking and talking. Often when people from other countries were in the United States they would want to visit a real working Western ranch, and I always entertained them, and again we would sit around a fire at night and visit.

      One of the things that always comes up in conversations with people from other countries is how they are different. I have run into this on ships sailing between New York and England (which my late husband and I liked to do) and in restaurants in foreign cities when people recognized us as Americans and struck up conversations. I remember meeting a couple at the Crammond Inn outside of Edinburgh, who just had to come join us in a spur-of-the-moment challenge to my husband after he told me he didn’t think he would be able to tell the difference among single malt scotches. I had the barmaid mark five glasses with numbers and then pour shots of five very different single malts, to show him the vast difference among the whiskeys of Scotland, and this interested these people, who joined us, in what turned out to be a long evening of talk about our two nations and a tour of the old neighborhood of Sean Connery, including the funeral parlor where he had his first job.

      I only gave this detail to illustrate the difference in relationships and conversations between me and people I have met and the professional relationships your mummy may have had. And BTW, it is not how many foreign people one might KNOW, but how much time has been spent in conversations about the things I have mentioned.

      If you ever man up enough to engage in a real discussion with me about anything, I guarantee I can and will back up everything I say with facts, figures, quotes, citations and enough links to make your pointy little head spin. In a conversation, not necessary. You said it yourself: This is a blog and not a research paper. You are just looking for an excuse to dismiss what I say, because you lack the intellect and courage to address what I actually say. All you can do is scurry around the edges, trying to dismiss what I said by trying to apply some cockamamie criteria that you have invented. It’s what people like you do when they realize they can’t rebut something they don’t like.

    • Amazona August 8, 2014 / 1:09 pm

      “If you want to read some of my writing, go to search engine land and look it up.” Why would I? I have never seen anything by you that is worth a bucket of warm spit. You post nonsense, poorly written, badly spelled, incorrectly punctuated, and incoherent babbling in an effort to regurgitate what you have heard from your hate-driven talking heads—and you can’t even do that well. Your posts are such a mess of run-on sentences irrelevant to anything I have said but oozing venom and spite, the only thoughts they inspire are half-hearted wondering if they represent purposeful lying or just abject stupidity.

      I also have a job. I loved ranching, loved my huge ranch in the north central mountains of Wyoming, but had a chance to sell it for buckets of money and was ready to kick back a little. I now help run a flourishing business (I own a third of it and hold two executive positions), am doing some real estate investing, am working with my brothers on a couple of oil and gas projects, am finally getting around to starting the business I originally intended to build on my new farm in south central Colorado, and with all of that I still manage to be involved in politics, do some work on my farm though I have a full-time manager, and do some work on the small mountain ranch I still own. So I am not impressed with your excuse that you could sound more intelligent if you were not so busy. Dumb is dumb. I am a lot busier than you, with a lot more responsibility, and I still manage to post coherent, rational, thoughtful, well-written posts with ideas and opinions that go beyond expressions of blind hatred for an imagined Other. I am never too busy to spell correctly, to construct complete sentences, to punctuate properly, or to know what I am talking about.

      I never said women are more interested in the constitution than in their reproductive health. I am not sure who did. I merely commented on the fact that you found this so outrageous. And I think you misquoted whoever did say it. No surprise there—-so far every reference you have made to anything has been wrong. Let me guess—you are too busy to read carefully, or understand the written word.

      I do question the claims that Israel has been “encroaching” on Palestinian lands, because that very word has suddenly, miraculously, popped up in every article trying to paint Israel as bad guys. That is a pretty good sign of a coordinated effort to paint one specific picture. There is no definition of the term, but the fact that it is the core of every article and complaint smacks of demagoguery. Is it just Israelis moving into areas occupied by Palestinians? You know, like people move into different areas all the time. Or is it a military invasion? Are the Palestinians kicked out of these areas, or just expected to live with their neighbors? You know, like normal people do. Are these alleged “encroachments” military, legal, social, economic, political? One article I read went on about how the Palestinian aggression is in the form of name calling and rock throwing, while the Israeli response is in the nature of heavily armed military in fortified positions launching rockets. Yeah—-except it overlooked the tunnels allowing teams of kidnapers and murderers into Israeli neighborhoods, and those suicide bombers. And, of course, it ignored those rockets launched into Israeli neighborhoods. Why aren’t rocket attacks on civilians considered “encroachment”? None of the Complicit Agenda Media have answered any of these questions. They just ignore the stated intent of the Palestinian government to eradicate the entire nation of Israel, and the often-stated desire to kill every Jew even if they have to be hunted down all over the world.

      Again, to try to use your terms accurately. I am not passive-aggressive. Of course, I actually know what the term means.

      You are overlooking one important thing here. YOU are the one with the mental illness that drives you to invade a conservative blog to hurl your snot-nuggets of hatred and spite and malice at people who have been minding their own business. If I had gone into one of your blogs to attack you, you might have a reason to think of me as hostile or aggressive. But I am merely responding to an unsolicited, unwelcome, unprovoked series of personal attacks on me, and for the most part I have done it by simply pointing out how stupid they are. You are the one who wants to take over this blog and turn it into one of the cesspools you love so much, to use it as a springboard for expressing the seething hatred and resentment that evidently define you as a person. There are places for people like you. Why does it matter so much for you to be here?

  10. jake (@goldjake1788) August 8, 2014 / 11:51 am

    Enough. You are obviously here to attack people and not talk about ideas. That is not the purpose of the blog. // Moderator

  11. tiredoflibbs August 8, 2014 / 2:47 pm

    I guess goldflake wasn’t challenged enough with such hot topics as “Tweet of the Day” and deep topics as “Why B4V Sucks” at the “other” blog….


    • Amazona August 8, 2014 / 9:45 pm

      I hoped when they had their own nest to foul they would stop being obsessed with sh*****g in ours. No such luck.

      A big difference I see between people like that and people like us is that we prefer to have reasonable, rational, conversations, while they crave constant conflict and need an unending supply of spite and malice to feed on. We are happiest when exchanging thoughtful ideas, while they are so obsessed with wallowing in hatred and vitriol that they have to go looking for it, and creating it where none existed, just to feed their pathologies.

      Oh, and we have a sense of humor, while their perennial sourness and seething rage make them humorless and dreary.

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