The Real Problem With Sony

I notice the MSM, with their usual keen eye, have entirely missed the point of the Sony issue – it isn’t that there was a cyber-attack: in the modern era, cyber-attacks will only become more common. No, the problem is that Sony – and Paramount – have shown an incredible level of cowardice.

I’m not sure if Sony was more worried about a terrorist attack on a theater or further revelations of internal Sony communications, but whatever the reason for their surrender, it is disgusting. It doesn’t matter who really did the cyber-attack – and people falling over themselves to devise ever more bizarre theories about who might “really” be behind the attack are just distracting from the real issue (and as the MSM seems to be running with it, I’m guessing that a lot of MSM outfits are terrified of their internal communications being revealed to the world: as an aside, this brings me back to my view about doing anything over the internet – it is a completely public place, there is no real possibility of privacy…if you can’t do it in broad daylight in your front yard with your grandmother watching, don’t do it on the internet). What have we become? A nation which is afraid – afraid to say things and do things for fear that someone might attack us for saying or doing. It is a terrible state of affairs.

It is also, of course, tailor-made for leftism…and no surprise that a Communist nation like North Korea might well be behind such things. What is the difference between what North Korea has allegedly done and screaming Stalinists in the United States do when they, for instance, get a speaker banned from a college? Peas in a pod. What this event tells me is that 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Communism is again on the march and is being far more successful than it ever was when run from Moscow…now its run from a hundred different places, and enabled by cowards who are afraid of a fight.

UPDATE: Rand Paul has essentially taken Obama’s side on the Cuba issue. This is just another reason why I can never be a Libertarian and while I’d vote Paul if he got the nomination, he’s way down there on my list of choices. Libertarians have the nonsensical – really, rather stupid – idea that if you trade with tyrannical regimes they will liberalize. Grab a clue: they won’t. In fact, they’ll get more tyrannical. We’ve been going down this route with tyrants since we set up relations with Stalin’s USSR in the 1930’s. Here’s the thing everyone needs to understand: tyrants don’t care. They’ll steal their own people’s money in order to live well. They’ll have them slave away in order to make things which can be sold to us for hard cash (tyrant money is always functionally worthless in the global market). They’ll use the wealth we provide – that which they don’t steal to build themselves palaces and monuments, that is – to buy weapons to fight us, allies to hate us, and traitors to undermine us (the USSR routinely funded leftist groups in the West – these days, Oil State kleptocracies spend money in the US to burnish their image, and hold down US oil production). Trade with tyrants is always a bad idea – we shouldn’t be opening up to Cuba; we should be shutting ourselves down to China.

UPDATE II: Had forgot about this – but, all people of the left are all alike…and so remember when the Clintons managed to get a movie cancelled?

20 thoughts on “The Real Problem With Sony

  1. Cluster December 19, 2014 / 11:48 am

    Personally, I have to question the judgement of making the film in the first place. Why in the world would you make a film about the assassination of an actual world leader? Regardless of how idiotic that leader is. Did they not expect any backlash? Could they not have made up some fictitious country? After all, it is a movie.

    That being said, the manner in which Sony folded like a cheap tent is sad, and allowing the hackers to win sets a really bad precedent. It’s been a good week for despots. North Korea and Cuba have pushed America around this week and came out on top.

    • Retired Spook December 19, 2014 / 12:50 pm

      North Korea and Cuba have pushed America around this week and came out on top.

      And I’m betting they won’t be the last. The events of the last week set a dangerous precedent, at least from my point of view. To the President and his supporters this just furthers their goal of knocking America down a few notches.

      I’ve only heard a couple mentions of it in the MSM, but it appears the Sony situation may have initially started out as an extortion scheme. Regardless, they didn’t handle it very well.

    • M. Noonan December 20, 2014 / 12:56 am

      Maybe the movie wasn’t wise – but the reason they caved is because they are fearful of more leaked e mails…

    • dbschmidt December 23, 2014 / 7:33 pm

      I am seriously hoping that was tongue in cheek or have you forgotten “Death of a President” is a 2006 British high concept docudrama political thriller film about the fictional assassination of George W. Bush, the 43rd U.S. President according to the keeper of everything factual–Wikipedia.

  2. Retired Spook December 19, 2014 / 1:17 pm

    From the YCMTSU file.

    Coming to a theater near you: Al Sharpton.​

    Hollywood ​came to the Rev. Al Thursday as embattled Sony exec Amy Pascal ​met ​privately with the ​black leader for 90 minutes ​in a bid to fix the fallout from the ​cyberhacking ​leak of embarrassing, racially charged emails.

    Pascal agreed to let Sharpton have a say in how Sony makes motion pictures, in an effort to combat what he called “inflexible and immovable racial exclusion in Hollywood.”

    “We have agreed to having a working group deal with the racial bias and lack of diversity in Hollywood,” said Sharpton.


    • Cluster December 19, 2014 / 2:02 pm

      Sharpton is a F**ING shake down artist and fraud. I think Sony should make a film about Sharpton’s assassination.

    • Amazona December 23, 2014 / 10:16 am

      Well, we have a black Orphan Annie, we have black actors taking on roles created by whites in remakes of older films, we have black TV stars and shows in which blacks are authority figures and heroes—-I’m not sure what “diversity” is lacking. Perhaps this is because of a callous and cynical attitude in Hollywood that this is necessary to put on a face of color blindness but that is still no reason to implement the Thought Police. What is race pimp Sharpton going to do about the way these people THINK?

      Not only is he not going to change a single MIND about race, he is going to exacerbate any negative feelings toward black people as a race simply by extorting Hollywood into giving him a job and pumping up his ego and his street cred. No one thinks Sharpton is anything but a hustler and a snake oil salesman, and being forced to tolerate him in a feeble effort to pretend that he is going to do some good is only going to have the opposite effect. The way to change the way people THINK is to have them work with people they can respect and admire, not to force them to tolerate some shifty racist who is so creepy and offensive the only reason to put up with him is because they have to. Making Sharpton the face and voice of black people can’t possibly do anything but convince people who already have fairly negative opinions of black people, such as those at Sony, that their race-based prejudices are right.

      The real issue is not that some people have some race-based biases. These are things that can’t be forcibly rooted out, but which have to disappear over time as it is proven that they are baseless, which is what happens one person at a time, when someone has personal experiences with black people and comes to like them as people and admire those who earn admiration, and learns that differences are only skin deep. The real issue is the two-faced hypocrisy of the Left. The real issue is the bubble in which Hollywood elites live and work, which is so unrelated to reality. Being forced to play nice with a despicable piece of work like Sharpton is not going to change any of that. On the contrary, it will reinforce those attitudes, and not only feed racism but drive it deeper underground, where it festers but is carefully hidden from view.

      Not only that, it will change the way black actors feel. Now, a black actor getting a part can see this as an affirmation of his talent. I can’t see that it is a step forward for this actor to wonder if he got the part only because Sharpton forced the production company to hire a quota of black people, whether or not they have talent.

      All I know is that every time my TV comes on and shows the big SONY name as it warms up, it ticks me off, and I will not buy anything of Sony’s again. What a bunch of spineless weasels. The racism shown in those emails doesn’t bother me all that much. I used to date a man who owned a big post-production company in Hollywood and produced some top TV shows and I have known for a long time that Hollywood elites are a nasty, back-biting group with all sorts of biases—against Jews, though so many are Jewish, against women, against blacks, against Latinos, and against each other when someone leaves the room and becomes a target for vicious sniping. The ugliest epithets are applied any demographic—the c word, the n word, and so on. Big deal. This is not going to change because they have a Sharpton forced upon them.

      What did matter was that Hollywood put out a product in which black people were increasingly represented as competent actors capable of adding to the box office appeal of the project. Now black actors will be seen with the same skepticism as black achievers in so many other fields, as possibly inferior in talent or ability but promoted due to Affirmative Action. Sharpton and Sony are pushing us back into Token Black territory, and it is a shame.

    • M. Noonan December 20, 2014 / 12:57 am

      The kook left – which Obama is entirely in accord with – has felt that Castro’s regime is superior to ours for decades…this is just something Obama can do to bring kook left dreams to reality.

      • Retired Spook December 20, 2014 / 9:45 am

        Well, at least now the kook Left can freely travel to Cuba to take advantage of their awesome, free healthcare system.

      • M. Noonan December 20, 2014 / 1:07 pm

        And they will – and they’ll come back full of praise for it…health care for rich westerners is a major money-maker for the Castro regime…of course, such nitwits don’t realize that what they are getting for hard cash is not at all what Cubans get under their rationed health care system…

  3. Cluster December 21, 2014 / 8:12 am

    OT, but I think we can properly blame the left wing of the Democratic Party for the murders of the two NYPD officers. Just a couple of weeks ago, there were demonstrations in NY, stemming from the GJ decision where the crowd was chanting – “What do we want, dead cops. When do we want it – now”.

    I remember when the tea party was blamed for everything, imaginary or real, by the leftists yet nothing of this horrible magnitude ever developed. When do you suppose Sharpton will make his appearance and proclaim that “Police Lives Matter”?

    • Amazona December 21, 2014 / 10:44 am

      I think Sharpton has this blood on his hands, as he instigated these “protests”. There is a lot of blame to go around, including the President, whose inflammatory comments were the antithesis of what a responsible president would have said, the so-called “Justice” Department which refused to step in and take control over a situation anyone could have predicted could spin into this kind of violence, and every “news” organization that falsely identified these mobs of thugs as “protesters”.

      It is about time Americans first start to see themselves as Americans, then act as Americans, and finally stop being held hostage to the demagoguery of the race-baiters. We need to hold people in office and in positions of influence, such as Sharpton, to a standard that is far above what we have seen from them so far.

      That demonstration calling for the death of cops was an incitement to riot, an incitement to murder, and should have been treated as a crime. Where are the Left’s bleats about HATE CRIMES now? In a nation where the silliest and most innocent comments are pounced upon by Leftist hysterics as HATE CRIMES one would think that a call to mass murder would qualify—but that would only happen in a rational world, not in the bizarre bubble of Leftist insanity.

      • Cluster December 21, 2014 / 11:12 am

        And we are definitely living in the bizarre bubble of leftist insanity. Just yesterday in Phoenix, there was another “protest” calling for “justice” against police violence with their mantra – “black lives matter”. Kind of a bad day to do that, wouldn’t you think?

      • dbschmidt December 23, 2014 / 8:01 pm

        This is Sharpton, Pres. Obama, and the Holders of the Progressive left taking advantage of the feeble-minded and useful idiots to carry out their desires while trying to keep their hands clean (enough). This is no different than ISIS/ISIL recruiting and all of it would make Goebbels and his American mentor George Creel (IIRC) proud.

        Years back, there was a movie about holding up train stations in NYC with Molotov cocktails which was repeated in real life several times by the mentally impressionable of the day. This has been repeated ad nauseam in various forms since but these “great leaders” believe they can repeat the same actions and are clean of the results.

        As someone said on the radio earlier today–killing a cop because he is a cop is just as much of a hate crime as shooting someone because of their skin color. Then again, they call us “racist” because we disagree with Pres. Obama’s policies but them voting in-block for Obama, just because he is perceived as black (50% at best), is more racist than anything done by the supposed “old, white community.”

        The old issue of can’t see the forest for the trees.

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