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I had written an article on the 21 Martyrs in Libya – but I couldn’t get it right. Then I tried dipping my toes into the “Does Obama Love America” debate, and that didn’t come out right, either (spoiler: I don’t think he really does). I’m kind of at a loss – but I also feel we are in a great change in America…and it has to do with the combination of the 21 Martyrs and Obama being someone who isn’t over fond of America. I don’t think that America in 2017 will be quite what Obama hopes it will be.

That said, just a few things:

Want a name for your residential high-rise? Stay away from “Torch“.

The State Department, fresh off of hash-tagging our enemies into submission (I mean, Boko Haram brought back the girls, right?), has now put out a snappy website designed to get on top of “violent extremism”. Violent Extremism is bad – but only really, really bad – and politically useful – when it can be assigned to straight, white, Christian, American males who live in fly-over country. A lot of people are upset about this, but really it’s been the liberal MO for a while now – to soft-peddle the really bad actors while massively exaggerating the involvement of their particular, political opponents with the tiny, tiny number of home-grown bad actors in the United States. But, I’m sure that State Department presentation will get the whole problem licked in no time…

Greece and the EU come to a sort-of agreement on continued bail outs. Why? Because for all their white-hot rhetoric, the new, leftwing government of Greece is peas as a pod to the rest of the European Ruling Class. Some day a genuinely populist movement might gain power in an European country and tell the Eurocrats to pound sand, but that day isn’t today.

ObamaCare continues to be the complete nightmare of a worthless program we all said it would be.

Condi Rice leads a crowded field to replace out-going Senator (and numbskull) Barbara Boxer. Rice might be a very good fit for California – a bit socially liberal, fiscally conservative…smarter than all the Democrats in California combined. We’ll see if this comes to be.

Shocking News! Brazil’s experiment in socialism isn’t ushering in peace and prosperity.

Plurality of Democrats think Obama should just ignore the law – a very solid majority of Obama thinks he should, too.

Very widespread global warming activity going on. We here in Vegas are sitting at about 72 degrees and we’re just laughing and laughing and laughing…

8 thoughts on “Out and About on a Saturday

  1. Cluster February 22, 2015 / 9:57 am

    Some random thoughts from a right wing extremist:

    – Somebody needs to tell me what believing, or not believing in evolution has anything to do with performing the duties of POTUS.

    – If Obama is a Christian, he is a bad one. Using his “Christian Faith” as cover to lie about his support of gay marriage is morally questionable at the very least. Remember when Stephanopoulos had to remind Obama about his Christian Faith and not his Muslim Faith? Here’s a reminder:


    – Obamacare continues to be less and less popular and Dems are now worrying that this year’s tax penalties will hurt them even more. Hard to believe that a poorly written, purely partisan bill that was rushed through Congress and never read would have negative consequences.


    – And finally, you wouldn’t know it from any media reports, but the Senate Democrats, who are in the minority, are holding DHS funding hostage so that their boy hero’s unconstitutional immigration executive actions are upheld. All Senators and all representatives for that matter, are sworn to uphold the Constitution yet in this instance the Democrats are actively subverting the Constitution for purely partisan reasons.

    • Retired Spook February 22, 2015 / 11:54 am

      – Somebody needs to tell me what believing, or not believing in evolution has anything to do with performing the duties of POTUS.

      Cluster, the two are connected only in the respect that one of the main tenants of Progressivism (ie. Alinskyism) is that the establishment of paradigms in which one can paint himself as a intelligent, thus making anyone who disagrees unintelligent. It doesn’t matter what the topic or issue is. If Obama believed that evolution was not a valid theory, then those who believe it is would be unintelligent. And when you have the majority of the media and the education establishment/academia solidly in your pocket, it’s amazingly easy to establish the paradigms that will benefit you politically.

      – Obamacare continues to be less and less popular and Dems are now worrying that this year’s tax penalties will hurt them even more.

      It’s been hilarious listening to the talking heads this past week. The Dems want desperately to blame the implosion of ObamaCare on Republicans. Unfortunately for them, ObamaCare has NO, as in ZERO, GOP fingerprints on it. It belongs to Democrats — they OWN it. The next step, IMO, should be for the GOP Senate to eliminate the filibuster for ALL legislation, pass a repeal of ObamaCare and send it to the President for his veto. Then just sit back and wait for it to self-destruct. The Democrats have been highly skilled at repeatedly backing Republicans into political corners. It’s about time the situation were reversed.

    • M. Noonan February 22, 2015 / 12:36 pm

      I don’t think Obama is Muslim – or Christian. Obama might well have some sort of a belief in a Higher Power…a Power which is nice but which doesn’t make specific demands and who has no final plan for humanity, but to ask him to subscribe to the Creed? Seriously, can anyone really imagine Obama – or any Progressive – getting on a public stage to state that Jesus died, rose from the dead and will come back to judge the living and the dead? Remember, Progressives are people who sincerely believe that modern science has proven most religious belief to be nonsense…they believe that science has shown that miracles cannot occur. That this is due to a lack of understanding of (a) what miracles are and (b) what science can actually prove is neither here nor there: they believe it. They believe nonsense like, “well, people in olden days might believe that a virgin can give birth, but now that we know how pregnancy happens, we can’t believe that”…as if people 2,000 years ago didn’t know how babies were made! They go on an on like that – but the main thing about it is that they can’t believe in a real, solid, dogmatic religion because they simply lack the mental equipment to grasp what a believer is talking about (and, yes, that is funny: they are so ignorant they don’t even know that they don’t know – and they don’t understand that 99% of the time, when they are issuing what they consider an unanswerable argument against religion, we’re actually sitting back laughing at them over their lack of knowledge).

      The problem isn’t what Obama believes, but the fact that he lied about what he believes in order to get elected – heck, in order to get into politics. I don’t believe he really believed in what Wright was spewing…other than nodding his head in Progressive agreement about America being horribly racist. His 20 year attendance at that “church” as as much a put-on as his opposition to gay marriage was in 2008…just something to do to obtain “street cred” for political purposes.

  2. Retired Spook February 22, 2015 / 12:02 pm

    Then I tried dipping my toes into the “Does Obama Love America” debate, and that didn’t come out right, either (spoiler: I don’t think he really does).

    I think he would if he could be successful in “fundamentally transforming” it into a state capitalist people’s democratic utopia. It’s pretty clear, if you’ve read anything about his early life, including his own words in his own (debatable) books, that he certainly doesn’t love American in the same way you and I do.

    • M. Noonan February 22, 2015 / 12:42 pm

      I’m not sure he’d even love it then – he appears a very self-centered man…the closest historical parallel I can think of for Obama is Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor. He came to the throne and he was going to tell his stupid, ignorant, foolish, bigoted subjects what was what…no more of their nonsense! He, Joseph, knew what was best for everyone ’cause he had read the “enlightenment” philosophers and had figured it all out. He made a hash out of everything, of course…offending and outraging his subjects to the point where near-rebellion had broken out by the time he died, embittered about the ingratitude of a people who refused to conform to what Joseph thought was the good life. Joseph wanted his people to be worthy of the progressive beliefs he held…just as Obama wants America to be worthy of his greatness…and I think the fact that we refuse to knuckle under actually offends him.

  3. Amazona February 23, 2015 / 11:32 am

    I wouldn’t say Obama “hates” America, but he certainly disdains it and everything he claims it stands for. I am not sure that anyone so totally narcissistic is capable of any very strong emotion about anything or anyone but himself, but he certainly has no respect for America, no admiration, no affection.

    “As the twig is bent…” certainly applies to him. His mother hated America (except for what it could offer her, such as a college education) and she went out of her way to associate only with those who felt the same way. She came by this antagonism honestly, being brought up with it by parents who felt the same way, and she passed it on to her son. Her claimed husband hated America, and he was brought up in this belief in his own family. Barack Obama never had a scintilla of pro-American belief in his life, other than the fleeting exposure to his stepfather when he came to admire America, and that was abruptly ended when Barack was yanked out of that family life and packed off to live with anti-American grandparents in a newly minted state seething with anti-American hostility from those who had opposed statehood and turned over to a rabid America-hater self-proclaimed Communist to be “mentored”. Barack not only never celebrated the 4th of July or had grade school and junior high school classes in “civics” praising the ideals and construction of the United States, he spent his formative years being told that this is a corrupt and vile country representing oppression and racism. Oh, he knew he could use it for his own purposes, such as Mommy and Barack Senior had, to get things they wanted such as fancy college degrees and subsidies for their studies, but as far as loving this country for what it is, that simply was not part of his indoctrination. Now it has given him unimaginable status and power, but instead of being grateful for this and seeing a debt to the nation that should be repaid with loyalty and sincere efforts to be a good leader, he sees his elevation to power as an opportunity to express his distaste and contempt, and this power as the ability to undo the very things that made the country great, to bring it down to a level and nature he might find less offensive.

    I don’t think he necessarily has a deep-seated belief in the tenets of Islam, but I think he is drawn to the culture, as it was part of his childhood, and I think he sees Christianity as its enemy, just as he sees America as the enemy of the world in which he grew up, and which still has his true loyalty. I suppose you could call him a “secular Muslim” just as we refer to “secular Jews”—that is, culturally Muslim while not having any particular religious beliefs. As a narcissist, he is not able to have any true love for anything or anyone but himself, or any acceptance of any power higher than he is, but as far as he is capable of loyalty to anything outside himself I think that loyalty is the world of Islam as he experienced it.

    • Cluster February 23, 2015 / 12:20 pm

      Obama proclaimed on more than one occasion that he intended to, and wanted to “fundamentally transform” this country. Does anyone want to “fundamentally transform” anything that they already love?

    • shawny2011 February 25, 2015 / 1:30 am

      Very well said Amazona. The only thing I would add is that I believe his allegiance is primarily to a goal.he is willing to do anything, betray anyone, form alliances with anyone, deceive anyone, break any law to achieve without remorse. He’s a user and manipulator who has shown no actual loyalty to anyone once they have served their purpose. I’d say he’s Islamo-communist or at least using the methods of each ideology which benefit his cause but not loyal to either. His buddy Bill Ayers is a self professed Communist whose stated goal was the violent overthrow of “Imperialist America” and greatly supported Obama on his climb to power, but Ayers does not support what Obama has been doing and says he’s guilty of war crimes now. Khadafy was a big supporter of Obama and believed all of the lies and promises only to be betrayed and murdered. Rev. Wright was his pastor for 20 years and Obama couldn’t have thrown him under the bus faster. While I’m not a mental health professional, I also believe his behavior is at least borderline psychopathic and that he shouldn’t be qualified to run a car wash. He’s far too arrogant to actually believe in any higher power than himself.

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