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Still enjoying the aftermath of Brexit – just such a nice feeling to see the pinheaded leaders get wrecked by the action of the people.

Reuters poll shows Hillary with a massive lead. Could be correct – but, then again, Brexit polling showed “remain” comfortably in the lead. It all depends on who you poll and how you manage the data…clearly, in a lot of polling recently (remember, the GOP was supposed to lose in Kansas in 2014 and ended up crushing the Democrat handily) has been way off. I suspect that in 2016 it will be more off than usual.

Related: Team Hillary has instructed the MSM to make no connection between Brexit and Trump.

When we built the Panama Canal we kept corruption nearly completely away from it – and we finished the job ahead of schedule. The expansion of the Panama Canal isn’t quite working out that well. It is astonishing to me – and a testament to the amount of corruption everywhere in the world – that we could build locks which have lasted more than 100 years without a hitch while the current contractor can’t seem to manage concrete that will last a month.

Don’t think I’d want to attend the Olympics in Brazil.

Hillary doesn’t seem to want you to know about the fat cats she entertains.

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  1. Amazona June 25, 2016 / 10:13 am

    You really ought to read this interview. You don’t always realize how disorganized Trump’s mind is, and how incoherent he is, till you read a transcript of what he says. Hugh Hewitt is a smart guy, and I find it hard to believe he really thinks Trump is the best candidate we can provide, but clearly he is doing his best to try to help Trump.

    Just the first exchange was a good example. Hewitt gave his recommendation of two good choices for VP and asked Trump a simple straightforward question—what do you think of these two guys? The “answer” was a long, rambling, unstructured, semi-coherent non-answer till he finally figured out that he was supposed to give his opinion of the two guys.

    I did have a pause and a ????? moment as I read the transcript.

    ” HH: You got Democrats to reregister as Republicans in Ohio. Is that Donald Trump’s theory of the case? You’re just going to overwhelm her, because you’re not using metrics and you’re not using the online stuff?

    DT: Well, you, you, well, we’re using online, etc., etc., but let me ask you. I hear I’m doing very well in Ohio. Is that a fact? I mean, you…

    HH: Yes. You got a million people to reregister from Democrat to Republican.

    DT: And that was fairly recently, right?

    HH: Yes, in the Ohio primary. I mean, you lost to Kasich anyway, but you brought in a lot of new people…”

    My ????? moment was based on the question Hugh didn’t seem to think of, which is why the assumption that those people changed their voter registration right before the primary because they truly, seriously, support Trump? If you look at it another way, even with a million new people coming into the party right before the primary Trump still did not win—if he was the attraction, it seems that a million new votes would have had more of an impact. But, given that Kasich is from Ohio. I’ll grant that he had an edge.

    But what I keep coming back to is that a million people changed their voter registration to Republican, right before the primary, presumably to vote for Trump as that is the spin even Hewitt is putting on it. Isn’t this just basically the same as Dems voting for Trump in the open primaries? Why do we have this starry-eyed naive belief that Dems want us to have the best candidate we can? Why are so few people looking at this as Dems stacking the deck against us by pushing, evidently with great success, the most beatable candidate in the field?

    It’s like letting one Super Bowl team pick the QB for the other team.


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