Anything But Trump Open Thread

Hillary is, without a doubt, the most dishonest person to ever enter American political life. She’s even scrubbing her own website when statements made in the past don’t square with current reality.

What is going on in Milwaukee is what happens when some people – in this case the DNC and their MSM water-carriers – decide to inflame hatred for political purposes. People have already died because of this – but we’re supposed to think Hillary and her allies are the calm, reasonable people…

The people who rule our world are coming to despise those they rule. I do believe a great deal of the push for mass immigration around the world is that the Ruling Class wants to dissolve their constituencies and elect new ones.

City planning commissioner resigns and moves out of city – because city policies are artificially keeping housing prices sky high. This sort of thing advantages those who already have – and keeps out interlopers of an unacceptable social background. We used to call it “segregation”, now we call it “housing policy”…but as it was in the past so it is today: people who got what they want diligently work to make certain that they keep it and no one else can get it.

Our use of air conditioning is a worse threat than ISIS – but our convicts must be provided it as a Constitutional right. We’re very close to Peak Liberal Idiocy, folks.

Globalization saved the middle class? Perhaps, if, that is, you define “middle class” as “college educated people who don’t actually make, mine or grow anything for a living”. You see, a guy working construction or in a factory should be middle class – in other words, with one income be able to afford a house, auto, raise kids and provide for their future and his and her retirement without necessarily needing government subsidies. I’m in favor of free trade – but I point out, with great care, that we can’t have free trade with tyrannical regimes. They cheat. All the time. Free trade must be absolutely fair and reciprocal on both sides. Nothing wrong with free market competition, but don’t try to sell me the notion that there is a free market between the United States and China.

Remember when we were all called Islamophobic racists for pointing out that within the stream of legitimate refugees there were bound to be terrorist infiltrators? Well, we were right. As usual.

Turns out ultra-leftist Mayor De Blasio’s Administration is pretty much like every other ultra-lefist government out there – corrupt. Under a free market, the rich become powerful; under socialism, the powerful become rich. Always. Everywhere. Never even the slightest variance – whenever you get a leftist government, the people who run said government rake it off like no tomorrow.