That Week Between Christmas and New Years Open Thread

I felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of nerds had suddenly cried out in sorrow. RIP: Carrie Fisher.

Seems that Progressive men are going to have to take a lot of cold showers for the next 4 to 8 years.

Trump’s election seems to have improved consumer confidence. People do seem pretty upbeat…and I can’t recall the last time I got so many “Merry Christmasses” from people. I think it’s really just a relief – I feel it. I won’t have to be lectured to by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. I won’t have to worry about what regulatory “Pen and Phone” nightmare is being cooked up…it’s just a better time, now.

World War Two still goes on a bit – a German town got evacuated while experts disposed of a blockbuster bomb dropped during the war. As an aside, even World War One goes on a bit…there are still areas in France which are no-go for humans…still too much unexploded ordnance and decaying chemical weapons in the area.

Analytic models did Clinton in. It was reliance upon them which did the trick. Trump re-wrote the political book. Every campaign will now have to actually get out there into the sticks and see what people are saying and doing. Word is that Biden saw it coming – and I believe the story. Say what you will about Biden, but he knows his people…and he was seeing his people going wild for Trump months before the election. All that scorn poured on yard signs, small-donors and rally attendance…well, such things were actually more important than in-depth analysis of how counties had voted over the past 6 election cycles, or what have you.

There were a lot of brawls at the malls on the 26th. Like others, I’m wondering: just happenstance, or is someone testing out a plan?

Known Wolf: Morocco warned Germany about the Berlin killer. Twice. We’ve reached a stage in the West where the Authorities simply refuse to act upon clear intelligence – because to act would offend Progressive sensibilities. It really comes down to it being easier, in their view, for the Ruling Class to deal with a couple score dead people than deal with outraged social justice warriors and Islamist apologists.

Scott Adams talks about Trump’s “talent stack”. I’ve read Dilbert for years and as a cubicle-denizen, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Never thought much about Adams, himself. Over this past year, I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of things I think him wrong about – but he clearly picked up on Trump’s appeal early on and in spite of relentlessly attacks, never retreated.

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  1. Retired Spook December 27, 2016 / 8:03 pm

    Can’t say I’m terribly surprised by this.

    With just under a month to go before Trump’s inauguration, the Obama administration has enacted around $5 billion in midnight regulations that will add 350,000 new paperwork hours for U.S. businesses in the automotive and energy sectors.

    Hopefully the Trump administration will just ignore the enforcement of these new rules, much like Democrats ignore rules and laws they don’t like.

    • Amazona December 27, 2016 / 9:01 pm

      The article says these regulations can’t just be undone with the stroke of a pen on January 20. I wonder why not. They are EPA regulations, and the EPA has this power only because of Obama Executive Action(s) giving them the power to, first, declare anything they choose as a “pollutant” and then, second, to enact any regulation they choose to deal with this “pollutant”. But this additional authority of the EPA comes from Obama’s pen and it ought be possible to rescind it all, going back to the enhanced authority and working all the way through to the specific regulations.

      I would think that Trump could unwind the whole mess, starting with the EA giving the EPA this authority and then working forward through every single regulation they have imposed since that date. If something sounds good, then set it aside for Congressional action.

      • M. Noonan December 27, 2016 / 11:14 pm

        I’ve read that there was some law passed decades past which said that a new President can’t just willy-nilly undo what the last President did…and, of course, there would be lawsuits by the left for any un-doing (which, once again, shows that de-funding the left is the real key…if they don’t have money to sue, they are vastly reduced in influence). Pity there isn’t a law which says that a President can’t approve new regulations in the last six months of the term. We’ll have to work on that.

      • Amazona December 28, 2016 / 1:16 am

        From CNN, hardly a hotbed of conservative sentiment hopeful of getting rid of a lot of Obama regulations and rulings: (emphasis mine)

        There are tiers of executive actions, each of which have different relative permanency.

        The easiest kind to roll-back is executive orders. Those merely require an executive order to take them back, and in fact Trump could issue a blanket order that rolls back every executive order Obama signed on the first day of his presidency, if he wanted to. He could also order every agency to begin a process of replacing the rules of the previous administration.

        Another quick option is to halt any rulemaking that has not been finalized. Formal regulations require a process before being put into place, and any that have yet to become final before the start of Trump’s term could be ordered halted.

        Trump could also make selective enforcement decisions, giving guidance to his agencies to not enforce rules on the books, such as environmental regulations.

        But for any rule that has been finalized, it requires an entirely new process to revoke it or change it. Best case scenario, the process takes a few months, and can stretch for years. For any regulation, by law, an agency must have a formal proposal, based on a review of the status quo; must open that proposal for a public comment period (which can generate hundreds of thousands of comments on meaningful policy); must review all the substantive comments and issue a final rule that responds to the substantive comments. And then there can be litigation from opponents as well as an inter-agency process to coordinate any overlapping jurisdictions.

        There is one nuclear option for rules finalized in what’s known as “midnight regulations,” or those that are made final in the waning months of an administration. If Trump were to enter office with a Republican House and Senate, under the Congressional Review Act, lawmakers could pass a resolution of disapproval on any recent rule that would nullify the policy. The move has only been used once in history, by Bush to nullify a workplace ergonomics regulation from the Bill Clinton administration.

        First, an executive order can be revoked by another executive order. Probably all presidents revoke some executive orders by their predecessors.
        Second, an executive order can be revoked by legislation. Reportedly every president since Grover Cleveland has had some of his executive orders modified or revoked by legislation.
        Third, an executive order can be revoked by a federal appeals court or the Supreme Court.


      • M. Noonan December 28, 2016 / 12:17 pm

        Things along those lines are very much needed. The real secret of Big Government isn’t the law, but the rule…what the bureaucrats say the law means. Once they’ve decreed that, only Congressional action (subject to veto) or Court ruling (long and expensive process) can change it.

    • Amazona December 27, 2016 / 9:02 pm

      As for getting rid of Obama appointees, if we can’t deal with them through amending current Civil Service regulations then just enact a couple of new Executive Orders creating new positions one step higher than those already in place, and putting someone else in charge there who can then bypass the Obama appointees’ authority and delegate to them some other duties.

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