Memorial Day Weekend and I’m Sick Open Thread

Strangest thing – over the course of about half an hour as I was driving the Mrs back home from dinner, started to feel an ache in my legs…by the time I got home, the ache was from head to foot. But, that was just the start! My sinuses plugged up in an awesome way so that not only was breathing a tricky thing, but I got one of those headaches which is at the top of your head any every time you cough – or even move suddenly – it feels like the top of your head is exploding. Then, it started to get bad – a stomach ache and associated gastro-unpleasantness. Hope all of you are having a better time of it!

Trump, keeping his promise, is making sure that the criminal aliens are rounded up. Our Progressives, I guess, consider this a bad thing.

Instapundit notes a Jerry Pournelle quote:

We have always known that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. It’s worse now, because capture of government is so much more important than it once was. There was a time when there was enough freedom that it hardly mattered which brand of crooks ran government. That has not been true for a long time — not during most of your lifetimes, and for much of mine — and it will probably never be true again.

Our job, as Conservatives, is to find a way to reduce this dangerous concentration of power so that it won’t matter quite to much which pack of fools is elected…but it will be a difficult task, and as we do it we’ll have to ensure that the left has no easy means of restoring Big Government. We’ll probably have to massively amend, or completely re-write, the Constitution, at the end of the day.

Rich guys are getting vasectomies so that they can’t get “trapped” into paternity. Call me old-fashioned, but I suggest a simpler device – keep it in your pants until you get married.

Half of an 8th grade class refuses to pose with Speaker Ryan – this is what happens when the vials of wrath get filled, folks. This is not a good thing – it is, in fact, terrible. And the parents who went along with it did a great disservice to their kids.

Hillary is still rather upset over her defeat. Taking one thing with another, I’m ever more convinced she’ll try again in 2020. She consoles herself with her popular vote “win” and is actually accusing Donald Trump of being a “soulless manipulator”…supposing he is such, this would still very much be the pot calling the kettle black.

A man bought a ticket to an all-woman showing of the new Wonder Woman movie, and the left had a melt down over it. All in all, I see the point he was trying to make but, on the other hand, does he fully realize just what sort of crowd he’d be sitting among in that theater?

The Obama spying scandal is growing by leaps and bounds.

ACORN is back, this time with an $80 million grant from Soros.

17 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend and I’m Sick Open Thread

  1. Retired Spook May 29, 2017 / 9:38 am

    It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. George S. Patton

    • M. Noonan May 29, 2017 / 10:41 pm

      Amen! I was counting it up for the family, and I think that we’ve had 17 members serve (if you count the three grand-aunts who were nurses with the AEF in WWI) – none died. We’ve been lucky…especially as some of them got into some rather bloody combat. We must always remember those who died and be grateful.

      • Retired Spook May 30, 2017 / 8:17 am

        I don’t have a large extended family; in fact neither my brother nor I had any sons, and my dad didn’t have any brothers, and his dad was the only male member of his family to survive to adulthood, so our family name will die out when my brother and I are gone. My dad and my uncle (dad’s sister’s husband) both served in WW2, and I was actually born in an army hospital just before the end of the war. My uncle was a navigator on a B-17 in WW2, flying out of England. He and 4 or 5 members of his crew all lived to be around 90 and had annual reunions until 2009, when they began dying off.

        Back in the 70’s (before computers and my uncle embarked on a decade-long research quest to find an ancestor who had fought in the Revolutionary War, so my aunt could join the DAR. He traced my paternal grandfather’s family back to the 1790’s when they emigrated from England, and my paternal grandmother’s family back to the early 1800’s when they emigrated from Germany with no luck. He was about to give up when he decided to try my paternal grandfather’s mother, (who was of French descent) and finally identified her great-great-great-great (may be off by 1x) grandfather as having served under George Washington. Pretty cool, actually.

      • M. Noonan May 30, 2017 / 11:25 pm

        We know of one for-certain Revolutionary War ancestor – Tilton Eastman was his name: but he only did a couple stretches in the militia. A cousin thinks she’s found a guy in the tree who was actually a Continental, and that’ll be cool, if confirmed. She and a second cousin are doing the leg-work on family history: the second cousin on the descendants of “Judge Noonan”, my great-grandfather, who died in 1910; he being the first of my line of Noonans who was born in the United States (in 1859). The cousin seems to be mostly interested in our mutual grandmother’s family…which seems to have arrived on these shores early in the 17th century (not the Mayflower, but it seems pretty soon after that). She says we’re descended from two different women who were accused of witchcraft in the Salem hysteria.

        It looks like my branch of Noonans doesn’t have a long run in front of us – only one young, male Noonan in the line from my grandfather is extant: we’ll see if he keeps his end up! I have no children, while my older and younger brothers both have daughters. OTOH, the direct male descendant of the Judge is the sixth of his name! So, the cracker barrel I came out of will be long-represented in this country.

      • Cluster May 30, 2017 / 1:12 pm

        That is a cool story Spook. My son traced our family history back to the early 1700’s when my family came over from Rhineland, Germany. We had an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War and one of our ancestors fought alongside Andrew Jackson in the war of 1812. By the time the Civil War had come around, my family had moved west and no one in my family fought in that war ……….

      • Retired Spook May 30, 2017 / 2:21 pm

        All my relatives on my dad’s side were from around the Ohio River valley area (Columbus and Cincinnati), and a number of the men fought in the Civil War. One of my great-great uncles died in the infamous Andersonville Prison in Georgia. The young Leftists who are screaming “civil war” and “revolution” should study the atrocities of the last civil war. It might make them re-think things a bit.

  2. Retired Spook May 30, 2017 / 2:14 pm

    This is, of course, a gross exaggeration, but if the Progressive have their way, it’s definitely the direction we’re headed.

    • Amazona May 30, 2017 / 2:48 pm

      I wouldn’t call it a GROSS exaggeration. Many of the phrases used are in use now.

  3. Amazona May 30, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    Mark, it’s been two days since your thread post. Are you feeling better? That sounds like a miserable hit you took, and it doesn’t sound like anything I am familiar with. If you develop severe nausea and chills or high fever, get yourself to a doctor IMMEDIATELY. Those are symptoms of a systemic infection, which can lead to sepsis, which can lead to septic shock, which is often fatal or has other really nasty consequences.

    • M. Noonan May 30, 2017 / 11:16 pm

      Hadn’t thought of that – because I did get the chills, high fever and nausea! But, I’m doing a lot better now. Tired. Still a bit of gastro-ickyness, but the rest of it is gone. Thanks!

      • Amazona May 31, 2017 / 8:04 pm

        Well, watch it. My husband had severe chills, then a bout of nausea, and three days later went into sequential organ failure. He had pulled a muscle in his back when he was throwing up so that laid him up for a couple of days, but aside from that he felt fine. At 8 in the morning on the third day after the nausea, after the chills were over, his back was better and he felt fine, making plans for the rest of the day and the rest of the week—-by 10 he was semi conscious and in circulatory failure. It is a really sneaky and scary progression.

        A few years after he died I had an afternoon of brain fog, followed by severe nausea, followed by terrible chills—but I remembered his symptoms, got myself to a hospital, and got home after ten days. It was only on about the 8th day they could tell me they thought they had headed off septic shock, though I had been septic. I am kind of a scold about this, warning people, because as a doctor friend told me after my husband died the first serious symptom of septic shock is death. It was an exaggeration, but not by much. If I had not the memory of the progression of my husband’s condition to nudge me, my attitude would have been to just motor on through it—-and the doctors at the hospital told me if I had done that I would have been dead within a couple of days.

        Hundreds of thousands of people die of septic shock every year, many more than are identified because so many death certificates list other causes. Too many doctors don’t even recognize it.

        Jes’ sayin’……..

      • M. Noonan June 1, 2017 / 9:59 pm

        You put a good fright into me – but my blood pressure is fine, and that seems to be the final warning: low blood pressure. Fortunately, we have a medical practice at work which is free! I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Thanks!

      • Amazona June 1, 2017 / 11:56 pm

        Scared and safe is better than unaware and dead.

        That may sound flippant, but after my husband died and people started asking me what happened, I heard several stories of friends and relatives who had died, suddenly and unexpectedly, after not being very sick, just feeling like they had a bug. We have decided this is probably what killed an uncle, who seemed to be recovering well from surgery and then without warning became irrational, delusional and unconscious within a couple of hours, and died. A friend’s father died the same way. A woman I never met but talked to every year when we renewed a grazing lease said her young (mid 30’s) brother stayed home with “the flu” and when his wife came home to check on him she found him dead. They never knew why, but when we compared symptoms she thought it was probably septic shock.

        So I tell people about it. And someday you may be talking to someone with those symptoms and remember this and get him or her to a doctor in time to save a life.

        I’m glad you are doing better.

  4. Amazona May 31, 2017 / 8:14 pm

    A man bought a ticket to an all-woman showing of the new Wonder Woman movie, and the left had a melt down over it…

    One of the comments—allegedly from a man, though there was no indication of whether this man has a penis—-was that going where he was not welcome shows a “rapist mentality”.

    Which reminded me of one of the (oh so many) insanities flooding the nation lately. “Manspreading”—or a man sitting with his legs not tucked close together—is now a very very VERY bad thing. And it has been explained—it is really “raping the area around him”.


    And, BTW, yet another serious word has been trivialized by the Loony Left in its voracious search for new ways to be victimized, and/or to demonize any Other.

    • Cluster June 1, 2017 / 8:34 am

      I have to admit that Democrats/The Left/Progressives or whatever we call this unappealing mass of of weak intellectual human tissue that occupies political space in this country, have lost their collective minds, assuming they had minds to begin with. The MSM, which is now the parent company of the DNC, has invested so much time and energy into the non Russia story that they can not just let it go for fear of completely being exposed as frauds even to those folks who still give them some semblance of credibility. The MSM has been so wrong and so biased on so many occasions that it is truly hard to believe that anyone still listens to them.

      Hope you feel better Mark

      • Amazona June 1, 2017 / 8:48 pm

        Cluster, imagine a world that is set up to accommodate the various complaints by the increasingly Loony Left. Basically, every single person could be attacked for any complaint.

        A man who dresses as a woman might be accepted in one group for his gender fluidity but excoriated by another for “appropriating” the trappings of women. No one could prepare foods from another culture—as someone with a diverse cultural background, I could eat at a German restaurant (but it would have to be run by Germans!) or a Czech restaurant, etc. but I couldn’t dine out with Irish friends, much less cook corned beef and cabbage for Saint Patrick’s Day. I probably would not have the moral or possibly even legal right to ACKNOWLEDGE Saint Patrick’s Day, as that would be “cultural appropriation”.

        Black people, whether truly of African descent or just people who “identify as black” (though they would run the risk of attack for cultural appropriation by doing so—I’m not quite sure how that would work) could attend an MLK memorial, but no other race could. Black people could not be arrested for crimes, even by black law enforcement, because our legal system is an effort to impose a white imperialist standard on an oppressed minority.

        Every word could be defined at will, changing from day to day and situation to situation. NOTHING would be firmly defined, and everything would remain “fluid” and wholly dependent on the perception and agenda of any person at any time. Muslim men can dominate, beat and even kill women for a variety of alleged religious reasons, but white men can’t tell women they look nice. Muslims can torture or kill others for the crime of homosexuality but white people can be fired or come under attack for using the word “sissy” as it is declared to be “homophobic”. Any image of anything that could be identified, after being run through any filter, as resembling, in any way, a gun is cause for being fired from a job or kicked out of a school, even if it is a pastry nibbled on by a six year old.

        And so on. And each of these rules can be shifted, at any time, to accommodate the contemporaneous emotions of any person in any situation, so respecting the cultural right of a street gang to wear red does not mean that someone else can’t be attacked for wearing red because of a feeling that it represents anger. Women can march by the thousands wearing what they proudly identify as “pussy hats” but if a conservative male uses the word “pussy” he should probably be shot.

        There is literally no end to the insanity. But the result of this insanity is cultural instability. And that is the goal. A nation with no identity and no culture is a weak nation. This kind of thing is the rot that eats a mighty oak from the inside, until it is too weak to stand.

      • Cluster June 2, 2017 / 8:16 am

        The Democrat playbook relies on a divided, victim based populace and you just nicely outlined the current insanity of that playbook, and you’re right, cultural instability is the result we are all now witnessing. The Democrats are the biggest existential threat this country faces.

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