9-0 At SCOTUS and CNN is Fake News Open Thread

I don’t know about you, but since Trump has taken office, a lot of things which a President Hillary would have buried have come to light:

The Office of U.S. Special Counsel, the government’s main whistleblower agency, is investigating whether FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s activities supporting his wife Jill’s Democratic campaign for Virginia state senate in 2015 violated the Hatch Act’s prohibition against FBI agents campaigning in partisan races…

There’s also this – McCabe’s wife got $700,000.00 from Governor McAuliffe (D-VA) for her campaign…and it seems this was just around the time that McAuliffe (a long time Clinton crony) was under investigation by the FBI. This is the sort of thing which went on all through the Obama Administration – and which would have continued under a Hillary Administration. With Trump in there and some new people calling the shots, this sort of thing is coming out…and I bet there’s a whole bunch more. Clearly, a lot of housecleaning is needed in all Executive Branch agencies.

Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times for defamation. It is pretty clear to me that they did, indeed, defame her – essentially holding her responsible for a mass shooting incident. Whether a court will agree remains to be seen. I hope she wins.

Since our Amazona brought this up a little while back:

Even in advanced medical settings, sepsis is still very dangerous and accounts for over 400,000 deaths annually in the US alone. While new drugs are in development, a group of researchers has determined that a combination of intravenous vitamin C, corticosteroids (a steroid), and thiamine (vitamin B) may be effective in preventing progressive organ dysfunction and reducing the number of deaths from severe sepsis and septic shock.

Until Amazona brought it up, I had never heard of the condition (it isn’t what I had, as it turned out). Pretty serious stuff – and I’m glad people are working on it.

As we already knew – CNN guy admits that the Russia story is all nonsense.

Pelosi thinks the GOP health care bill dishonors God – which is an arguable point, but the thing to ask her, next is: “ok, what about abortion, then?”.

ICE inquiries about some employees – and, mysteriously, 30 of them disappear.

Major 2016 Presidential candidate under investigation?

Robert Stacy McCain continues to plumb the depths of Progressive lunacy, so you don’t have to.

Maybe we have a reason the Deep State went after Flynn?

The FBI launched a criminal probe against former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn two years after the retired Army general roiled the bureau’s leadership by intervening on behalf of a decorated counterterrorism agent who accused now-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other top officials of sexual discrimination, according to documents and interviews…

That McCabe guy seems to have some problems to be looked in to – but it would be a good thing if a lot of the Deep State was ultimately brought down because they decided to punish a decorated soldier for being a gentleman.

What are we up against? Hillaire Belloc laid it out in The Great Heresies – here’s a crucial quote:

Being Atheist, it is characteristic of the advancing wave that it repudiates the human reason. Such an attitude would seem again to be a contradiction in terms; for if you deny the value of human reason, if you say that we cannot through our reason arrive at any truth, then not even the affirmation so made can be true. Nothing can be true, and nothing is worth saying. But that great Modern Attack (which is more than a heresy) is indifferent to self-contradiction. It merely affirms. It advances like an animal, counting on strength alone. Indeed, it may be remarked in passing that this may well be the cause of its final defeat; for hitherto reason has always overcome its opponents; and man is the master of the beast through reason.

Anyhow, there you have the Modern Attack in its main character, materialist, and atheist; and, being atheist, it is necessarily indifferent to truth. For God is Truth.

Isn’t that exactly it? We beat our heads against our Progressive friends and it is all pointless – they won’t listen to reason. They just keep asserting their views, even if they are contradictory, against ours…and just keep at it and at it and at it; hoping eventually to wear everyone down. And it has worked quite well, hasn’t it? Most Progressive victories have been of the nature of people just giving up when the 10,000th attack is launched out of sheer weariness.

25 thoughts on “9-0 At SCOTUS and CNN is Fake News Open Thread

  1. Retired Spook June 28, 2017 / 8:34 am

    Most Progressive victories have been of the nature of people just giving up when the 10,000th attack is launched out of sheer weariness.

    The yearning for freedom is an inherent component of the human spirit, more indomitable in some than others, put present in us all. In many on the Left, particularly the far Left, there is also an equal yearning to suppress the freedom of others, for, I suspect, a variety of reasons, not the least of which is just the shear desire for power. But I also think that there are some, perhaps many on the Left who have no moral center of their own who simply delight in being able to force their adversaries to violate their moral conscience. Our current divisions will never be decided on the battlefield of ideas — sorry, they just won’t, which leads to Mao’s famous statement that all political power comes from the barrel of a gun. I have no idea when and where it will all end, but there is a great reckoning coming, and I’d like to think the guys in the white hats will win out over the guys in the black hats because, in the end, we have truth on our side.

    • Amazona June 28, 2017 / 11:34 am

      Spook, you and I have talked about what makes a person lean toward the Left. I always look at the Left in terms of different categories or groups. I agree, the Leftists with the strong political philosophies do want to impose their visions on others and suppress their freedoms, allegedly in pursuit of a goal of equality and fairness but which, as you point out, is usually more of a pursuit of power. But the power of the Left lies not in its leaders but in the mindless masses who are ignorant of, and indifferent to, political philosophy. They have the power because they have the numbers, which means they have the votes.

      Thomas Sowell talked about the basic difference among people that makes some of us intuitively understand that all humans are fallible and none are so special they should be entrusted with great power without the restraint of processes, while others believe that some people are above this and should be given great power because of who they are. (I realize this is a very poor explanation of his theory,) Anyway, this seemed to make sense to me, as I look at those on the Left—not the leaders, but the sheep—-and they seem quite happy to just turn over control to a select few. These are the ones most governed by Identity Politics, as they choose their leaders not by what they represent in terms of political philosophy but only based on their emotional connection to them. I don’t think most of these “useful idiots” consciously think of depriving people of their freedom, not in those terms but in terms of limiting the ability of others to do what the Liberals consider to be wrong. To these people, once they decide that something is “right”—-open borders, “free” health care, forcing people to accept their views on gender, abortion, etc.—-then there is little or no difference between imposing these views on others and imposing laws prohibiting murder. They see it as the greater good for all of society, and the freedoms they deny as freedoms that would, if unrestrained, lead to bad things.

      This is the stumbling block we encounter when we try to talk to these emotion-driven Lefties. So many of them passionately believe that if they can just control certain behaviors and actions of people this will lead to a better world. The thing is, THEY want to be the ones to decide what behaviors and actions need to be controlled, and by whom. So yes, freedom does scare them, and/or offend them, but because they see freedom as the freedom to do things they don’t like. And when you are so egocentric that you accept what you don’t like as automatically bad, this inevitably leads you into the intolerance and tyranny of the Left. They agree that it is a tyranny of sorts, but they see it as a necessary tyranny, one that we have to accept to keep people from doing things they think are harmful. When a determination to control others is so heavily cloaked in a conviction of virtue, it is really hard to penetrate that smug self-satisfied conviction of moral superiority to talk about things like freedom.

      These are not the hard-eyed tyrants like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, etc. And they are not the wild-eyed lunatics like Maxine Waters and her ilk. They are not the cynical thugs-for-hire and other anarchists who run on hate for everything. These are the average ordinary people who truly believe they are on the right side of morality and by damn they are willing to force us all to acknowledge that and follow their rules.

      • Retired Spook June 29, 2017 / 11:12 am

        These are the average ordinary people who truly believe they are on the right side of morality and by damn they are willing to force us all to acknowledge that and follow their rules.

        We HAVE talked about this at length, and we’re generally on the same page. I guess I see it through a slightly different lens than you. I look at it more from a military/tactical angle, as in how will these people react if things go south, and I don’t think we’ll know the answer to that until it happens. And I still think it’s a matter of when, not if. I do believe we’re past the tipping point where our differences can be resolved peacefully. There are just too many people who are dependent on government, and the number increased dramatically under Obama. The expansion of Medicaid to include able-bodied people up to 400% of the poverty line was an insidious expansion of the welfare state. I also tend to believe that we are, to a large extent, subject to social and economic events and manipulations far outside our control on a more global scale. I’ve gotten to the point where I wonder when I go to bed at night just what I’m going to wake up to the next morning.

      • Amazona June 29, 2017 / 12:15 pm

        I look at it more from a military/tactical angle, as in how will these people react if things go south, and I don’t think we’ll know the answer to that until it happens.

        The Libs I have talked to are really quite energized when it comes to spitting rage and resentment, but I don’t see any of them actually getting physically involved in anything, and I don’t even see them digging down to send money to fund anything like this. They are Libs precisely because this is a movement that does not demand anything of its followers but regurgitating what they are spoon-fed and getting all worked up about it. They make noise. They vote, which is their only real value to the Left, and they make a lot of noise. There is a difference between being willing to poop on a police car and being willing to learn to shoot and then take fire to fight for a cause.

        So they will continue to make noise, but I think a lot of their reactions will depend on, to use that old cliche, on whose ox is being gored. It might take having some Lib’s sweet darling daughter being molested by a gang of Muslim thug “refugees”, in the area precisely because of the efforts of that Lib and his or her fellow travelers, to wake him or her up, and that might extend to family and friends close to the victim. It might even made the 9 o’clock news, though heavily edited to avoid sounding critical of said thug-refugees, and it might even affect a few more people.

        It might take some big, serious attacks on the nation originating in these “refugee” neighborhoods to wake people up. But then, maybe not. A German official said the other day that terrorist attacks are 8 times more common in Germany since the country admitted all those “refugees” but no one seems to be paying any attention.

        As for the millions upon millions who are dependent on the government, this is a bigger problem, and this could affect elections. Here again we need voices, not just voices confined to media already identified as “conservative” but media in general, pointing out the positive effects of reducing the size of the federal government. We heard stories, back after the welfare reform of the 80s, from people who had been on welfare and had to find ways to support themselves, praising the reforms and talking about the positive changes in their lives once they started to be independent and self-sufficient, but again these stories were never circulated outside of “conservative” media such as talk radio and Fox. But while I can see people trying to vote out reformers so they can stay on the government teat, I don’t see these government moochers taking up arms.

        The few violent Lefties, who are trying or will try to foment violence, don’t pose much of a threat. I think most of them are posers, gang-banger types and cowards whose motto is “let’s you and him fight” who want to get things started and then run away. In my little urban farming community alone they wouldn’t last a day.

  2. Cluster June 28, 2017 / 11:26 am

    Same. Old. Playbook.

    Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice Says GOP Is Targeting Her Because She’s Black And A Woman

    And in other news that is not being covered by the MSM:

    WASHINGTON — The House Ethics committee said Monday it is investigating complaints against two veteran Democratic lawmakers, including U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, and the top aide to a third Democrat. Conyers, the senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, are under investigation, the ethics panel said. The panel also is investigating Michael Collins, chief of staff to Democratic Rep. John Lewis of Georgia.

    • Amazona June 28, 2017 / 11:43 am

      Well, we all know the only reason O.J. Simpson was prosecuted was because he was black. And the officer who shot Michael Brown didn’t do it to save his own life, he only did it because Brown was black. //sarc off

      I wish we had a coherent voice on our side to point out that the only reason Rice was not reined in or investigated before this is precisely because she is black. She has had the cover of her race, provided by a racist administration and the shrieking of the accusation of racism every single time any black person was held accountable for his or her actions.

      We have no such voice, to point out that Obama was not opposed because he is black, he only won because he is black. That Rice is not now being asked to account for her actions, but that she never had to in the past because she is black. The primary qualification for both Obama and Rice was the color of their skin.

      Maybe it is time to mount a campaign called Black Privilege, to point out the societal protections provided to people in this racially divided nation because of the color of their skin and the guaranteed outrage when any of them are held to the same standard as the rest of us.

      • M. Noonan June 28, 2017 / 11:16 pm

        There’s a Facebook group I belong to – I was invited by a liberal friend of mine, and for a while I participated because the people there are mostly nice…but I got tired of it: everything is racism. And you can’t argue the point – they’ll just say, in the end, that I don’t understand, with the implication being that as a white man, I can’t understand. At bottom, it is impossible to argue with Progressives because, as we’ve noted, they don’t care about facts and reason…it all is about how you feel and you can’t invalidate how someone feels. If they feel it’s racism, then racism it is…gets tiresome.

      • Amazona June 29, 2017 / 10:14 am

        I remember an article in which people of color were interviewed to describe examples of how they were treated badly because of their race. A young college student explained that she was “constantly” insulted because of her race, and her only example was that sometimes a clerk would lay her change down on the counter instead of putting it in her hand.

        My reaction was “OMG!!!!! All these years I have been subjected to racism from people who hate Irish/German/Czech/Russians because of the color of our skin!” (Actually, it is the lack of color, but same difference….)

        “Racism” is a handy tool used by the intellectually lazy because it frees them from having to actually think about things. It serves a dual purpose, because while it excuses them from having to study and think about real problems and real solutions (and take personal responsibility or expect others to do so) it also gives them a shortcut to the assumed Higher Moral Ground by designating others as morally inferior.

        This is part of an observation I made many years ago about the Left, about it being that shortcut to the Higher Moral Ground. If you are a Liberal, you never have to DO anything. All you have to do is express the “right” statements and hold the “right” ideas and SHAZAAM !! you are better than your opponents. The adoption of “racism” as a one-size-fits-all response to anything doubles down on that, because it not only allows the person making the claim to assume a higher level of morality it assigns the other to a very low level.

        It is a very vicious and malignant tactic and it reflects badly on all who use it.

  3. Cluster June 29, 2017 / 8:13 am

    Maybe it is time to mount a campaign called Black Privilege, to point out the societal protections provided to people in this racially divided nation because of the color of their skin and the guaranteed outrage when any of them are held to the same standard as the rest of us.

    I am a strong advocate for all tactics like this. I think we turn the tables on them, never cower in the face of their faux moral outrage, and attack. We need to boycott advertisers who support their causes, we need to start a time clock on when certain MSM reporters will be fired and how many lies they tell daily, we need to constantly point out the abject failure of their policies and put it in terms they might understand, and we need to lean on black, latino, and gay conservatives (like Milo) to keep standing up and calling them out. I relish the battle. Bring it!!!

    • Amazona June 29, 2017 / 10:41 am

      Susan Rice is a perfect example of the determination to try to make race (and gender) the focus of everything. She tries to avoid blaming the investigation of her “unmasking” on just race and gender, and then she goes on (after this unconvincing disclaimer) to do exactly that.

      All of her major achievements —the non-binding Paris Climate Accord, the new relationship with Cuba, and the Iranian nuclear deal—have been walked back by Trump. And she thinks that’s a personal jab at her and not simply a new administration rolling back hastily made and ineffective policy.

      I can’t tell who made the observation that these so-called “accomplishments” were “hastily made and ineffective policy” but clearly they were. To whine that reversing them was motivated by animosity toward her, personally, is bizarre. That makes three efforts to distract from the real issue, which is her unprofessional, unethical and possibly illegal behavior—-her race, her gender, and “he just doesn’t LIKE me!”.

      This is exactly the kind of whining we heard when the Left refused to accept that opposition to Obama’s politics were not really based on analysis of those policies but were really just opposition to him personally because of the color of his skin.


      In another article, “Rice then cites the example of another African-American woman in politics, Condoleezza Rice, who was excoriated.”

      This is hysterical, because it completely ignores the fact that Susan Rice’s ACTIONS are being examined, while Condoleeza Rice was viciously attacked, not for her actions but on a very personal level, in blatantly racist terms, by Susan Rice’s own party. The two cannot possibly be compared in any way, other than in terms of race and gender.

      Even trying to link her treatment to that of Condoleeza Rice is proof that Susan Rice automatically distills EVERYTHING down to the only things that matter to her—-race and gender. It’s a facet of Identity Politics in its most ignorant and virulent form.

      The same article notes “It was then revealed that Susan Rice had “unmasked” Trump associates that were incidentally recorded by U.S. intelligence agencies. Her critics have said this was an unusual and illegal act that she should face criminal charges over, while her defenders say it was in the regular course of her office that such “unmasking” operations were conducted.”

      Here again there is an effort to shift the focus from what Rice did. The complaint is based on what she revealed while her defenders try to focus on the claim that the recordings were done “..in the regular course of her office..” and ignoring the fact that she was wrong in revealing what they recorded. It’s all typical Leftist verbal tap dancing.


    • Retired Spook June 29, 2017 / 2:50 pm

      Don’t think this isn’t lost on most of Trump’s base. They’re lovin’ it. He’s making up for Bush’s near complete lack of pushing back.

      • Amazona June 29, 2017 / 3:08 pm

        I notice Sasse and some other Republicans criticizing him for his tweets, saying they are beneath the dignity of the office. I have to agree, but at the same time I do like having these creeps called out for what they are. I could have gone without the comment on Mika “bleeding” from a face lift, though. I think just the comment about them going to Mar-El-Lago would have been enough—that and the descriptive commentary.

        And, of course, the comment was “sexist”. Hey, men can be stupid and/or get face lifts, too.

        The Left, in its own little bubble, seems to think everyone is as impressed with their idols as we are, and I have no problem letting them know we think they are idiots—the idols and those who think they are wonderful.

      • Cluster June 29, 2017 / 3:32 pm

        Every day, for three hours a day, Mika and Joe bash Trump’s character, morals, and legitimacy and then they become indignant when they receive some push back????

        F**K ‘EM

        Actually, the panel on Morning Joe should govern this country because they do know everything, and they will be the first ones to tell you that too.

      • M. Noonan June 30, 2017 / 11:30 pm

        President Bush was the complete gentleman…as was his father. But, some times, a failure to punch back is viewed as weakness…

  4. Cluster June 29, 2017 / 4:55 pm

    I found this headline amusing:

    Trump goes to war with MSNBC’s Morning Joe in astonishing personal attack on ‘crazy low IQ’ Mika Brzezinski and ‘psycho Joe’ Scarborough and faces massive backlash over slurs

    “Astonishing personal attacks” – Oh my!!!!!

    If anyone knows what an astonishing personal attack is it would be the media.They can dish it, but they can’t take it. When I was growing up, we would also destroy people like this.

    • Amazona June 29, 2017 / 6:16 pm

      They say “slur”, I say “description”. Potayto Potahto

      • Retired Spook June 29, 2017 / 7:10 pm

        Trump DOES need to get some new script writers for his tweets. Maybe get some private help from comedians who do snark, sarcasm, riducule and condescension well. Having been in the entertainment business, he certainly has to know a few.

      • Amazona June 29, 2017 / 7:54 pm

        I just don’t think he has fully made the transition between his old personas—-TV personality, wrestling impresario, even campaign trail back-and-forth—to the concept of a dignified presidency.

        I’ve been saying for years—-I don’t care what Dennis Miller would want to be paid. Just hire him.

  5. Retired Spook July 1, 2017 / 2:11 pm

    James O’Keefe continues to dig at the fundamentals behind CNN’s dishonesty and corruption.

  6. Retired Spook July 2, 2017 / 8:29 am

    • Cluster July 2, 2017 / 9:23 am

      The medias obsession with Trump and their myopic and transparent agenda to destroy his Presidency is unlike anything I have ever seen. Or thought I would see.

      • Retired Spook July 2, 2017 / 10:01 am

        Don’t you think the media actually thought they had the power to get rid of Trump, or, at the very least, make his life so miserable that he’d just quit? Were this the banana republic that so many on the Left are trying to make it into, they would all be in prison, disappeared, or dead. I actually find their flailing around somewhat entertaining at this point.

      • Cluster July 2, 2017 / 10:39 am

        I will agree it is entertaining, but the media has devolved into such an emotion fueled, high school level reporting that it is also very disappointing and frustrating. The opinions of Chuck Todd, Mika, Katy Tur, Nicole Wallace, etc., etc., are so biased, so agenda driven and so massively uninformed that it boggles the mind that they actually occupy the positions they hold and are never held accountable.

      • Amazona July 2, 2017 / 3:48 pm

        never held accountable.

        And this seems to be at the heart of most of our problems today. No one is held accountable for his or her actions or decisions.

        OK, not “no one”. Police seem to be held accountable even for things out of their control. But look at everyday life.

        Making bad decisions about not getting educated, using drugs, promiscuity, etc. don’t seem to have consequences any more, as about half of our society rushes in to try to “fix” the resulting problems. The thing is, none of these “fixes” actually solves anything. Establishing artificially high minimum wages really does nothing to help the uneducated, unskilled person. The welfare state no long exists to offer that “safety net” the Left loves to talk about, until a person can get back on his feet, but is now supposed to be a cradle-to-grave support system., and we see the disastrous results of that policy every day. The Left’s solution to promiscuity is just to kill the babies.

        Judges have free rein to legislate from the bench, engage in blatant judicial misconduct and flout the Constitution, because there is no accountability for their actions.

        Leftist politicians don’t even have to pretend to want to tell the truth, because they know their supporters simply don’t care. Leftists don’t mind being lied to—-all that matters to them is the narrative the lies support.

        “Journalists” can lie, on-air and in print, with no concern about consequences.

        We may not yet have plunged into total anarchy, but we are rapidly approaching it, as laws have no penalties for violation and civilization as a whole refuses to admit the need for accountability and consequences.

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