Body Slam of an Open Thread

Israel and India draw closer together – for the Israelis, it is a great opportunity for trade and nice to have a powerful nation in addition to us in their corner. For the Indians, it is great to have access to high quality military equipment as well as Israeli assistance in such areas as water management and farming expertise (making a desert bloom makes you real good at farming – and India’s burgeoning population needs that). I hope that President Trump is paying attention – we also need a tight alliance with India.

CNN got mad about a GIF of Trump bodyslamming CNN…and, so, the natural result: a zillion additional GIFs tweaking CNN. It is like they have no clue how the New Media works…

All this Trump tweaking of the MSM and Democrats is Battle Space Preparation, guys. Trump is getting things ready for 2018 and 2020…making sure the MSM continues to be held in utter contempt and keeping them and their Democrats distracted over nothing while he builds a record of accomplishment he can run on. I’m really expecting the Democrats to be wiped out both years. Maybe by 2022 they’ll be able to come back a bit…

As for CNN’s threat to Dox the guy who made the original, offending GIF…plain and simple fascism. Our Progressive friends don’t see it, of course, but the reality is that most people will crumble under the threat of having their lives raked over the coals by a major news outfit. Everyone has got things they’d rather not have in the public square…so, do that to one guy and 10,000 others decide they’ll find something else to do besides attack a powerful news corporation.

Dun Surber notes that the MSM is mostly worried that we’re catching on.

A Conservative buy-out of Time?

Democrats and MSMers created the violent left – and now some of them are getting threats from their own creation.

7 thoughts on “Body Slam of an Open Thread

  1. Cluster July 6, 2017 / 8:22 am

    So Rep. Steve Scalise was readmitted to the ICU yesterday due to an infection and is listed again in serious condition. Why do I have the feeling that had this been a Democrat victim at the hands of an alt righter, there would be 24/7 media vigil? Yet not one word on the MSM this morning that I could find. Instead we are down playing the significance of the trip to Poland, led by that mental giant Nicole Wallace who proclaimed that “Poles love all our Presidents”

  2. Cluster July 6, 2017 / 8:38 am

    And in a court scene reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode, the government health care death panel in Great Britain yesterday ruled that Charlie Gard will not be allowed to live.

    Any questions on government run health care?

    • Amazona July 6, 2017 / 10:06 am

      Charlie Gard was probably going to die anyway, but he did have one chance to live—and the Death Panel of the UK said no, he was not entitled to that one chance.

      It was not a chance that would cost the government a penny. It was a chance that might also have led to important medical discoveries, as he was going to be treated with an experimental protocol. Again, let’s remember—this was not going to cost the UK government a cent. Caring people had donated money to send Charlie and his parents to the United States—-a nation still mercifully free of these Draconian and bureaucratic Death Panels—-where the baby would be treated at no cost.

      You have to wonder why this offended the panel so much, why this was such a threat, that they felt compelled to shut it down. But they didn’t stop with denying Charlie his one chance to live. This Death Panel also decreed that Charlie had to die the way they decided he had to die—not in his home, in the arms of his family, but in a government institution.

      The message here is that under the ever-expanding Leftist governance of more and more of the world, even of formerly civilized nations such as Great Britain, life is cheap and all control over everything is in the control of the elites—including life and death. It may start with throwing a sick baby into the trash—along with millions of other dead babies, who just happened to be killed before they were born—–but it too often ends up with the callous elimination of anyone seen as a threat to the power of those elites.

      Right now in this country the Left is just silencing its opponents, but we need to look at the big picture of Leftist governance, and learn from its history. One example here, one example in the UK, but they are part of a pattern.

  3. Cluster July 6, 2017 / 8:53 am

    Don’t you just love fascism? And infanticide!! What a great combination.

    The Oregon state legislature has a bill heading for the governor’s desk, which tells health insurers operating in the state one thing: you must cover abortions. The bill split along party lines, but the Democratic legislature, which has been working on this bill since March, pushed it through.

    • Amazona July 6, 2017 / 10:22 am

      We need to remember that to many on the Left, “abortion” includes killing babies who have been born, who are outside the womb and breathing, but who just had the bad luck to be conceived by pathologically selfish females (I refuse to call them “women” because real women protect their children) who simply want them dead.

      You want to watch a Lib’s head explode? (It’s a safe experiment—there is nothing in there.) Suggest that the rise in child abuse is directly related to the promotion of the concept that the life of a child is of no inherent, intrinsic worth but that any child exists solely at the whim of some adult. I’ve suggested this to a couple of Libs, who have come completely unglued.

      No, they shriek, there is absolutely no relationship between public policy that children have no value and no right to life at one age and the mistreatment of children at slightly older ages. None. NONE! One Lib, after thrashing around in her mind for some kind of “explanation”, ‘splained it to me—no, it’s just that now more child abuse is being reported. And, and, and, uh, that’s because Dems have pushed child abuse laws! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Not more abuse, just more reporting! OF COURSE the Left is not responsible for planting the subliminal concept in the minds of millions that children are disposable, of no real worth, and are the property of whoever conceived them, to live or die as they happen to feel inclined at any point in time.

      Abortion has moved from being allowed in the first trimester to the second trimester to hours before full term to actually taking living babies outside the womb and leaving them alone, cold and unfed, to simply die. That is, 4th trimester “abortions”. Yet I once had a Lib speechless with rage when I commented on her grieving over the reported death of a one-month-old baby that to the Left this was just a 4th trimester abortion. I wasn’t callous about the baby’s death, just pointing out the hypocrisy of acting like it was more important than taking the baby 90% out of the birth canal, feet first, and then stabbing it through the back of the head and scrambling its brains. Or selectively crushing some its organs, while it was still alive, so the high-dollar organs could be “harvested” and sold. What is the difference? Just a few weeks.

      • Cluster July 6, 2017 / 2:56 pm

        I have always found it hypocritical for a female to reserve the right to unilaterally decide to kill their infant if so desired, but yet expect the male to pay child support if in fact she chooses otherwise. If the father is of no consideration prior to birth, why should he be a factor afterwards?

      • Amazona July 6, 2017 / 6:11 pm

        I agree.

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