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We have discussed the overall scandals, but here’s what I’ve got right now:

The Uranium One scandal is a major thing – and Obama’s Administration made sure it happened (with Hillary leading the way) and then covered it up.

The Dossier Scandal is smaller in scale, but very important – paid for at least partially by Team Hillary, it was used by the Obama Administration to justify spying on Team Trump during and after the 2016 campaign (it appears other justifications were used, as well). In the end, this bogus dossier is the central part of the so-called Trump/Russia scandal…it was used, ultimately, to say “there’s something to be investigated, here” and so bring on Mueller.

Mueller, it seems to me, was brought in via Comey’s machinations – and just why would you want that when you know full well that the Trump/Russia concept was a mere figment of the imagination? To make sure the cover-up of the Uranium One scandal stayed in place, as far as I can see.

I don’t perceive a connection at this time between the Uranium One/Dossier scandals and the Awan IT scandal. But, stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Scandal Sheet

  1. Amazona October 26, 2017 / 12:56 am

    I’m sure that the details of the various scandals will not filter through the short attention span of the uninvolved American voter—that is to say, the 80-90% of American voters who don’t even bother to keep up with anything more detailed than the nightly network “news”.

    The hard part for us is going to be putting together connected dots that give the high points, but mostly just illustrate the pattern of the Left in lying to Americans. The story line tonight on Designated Survivor centered around the president making a sarcastic and flippant comment that to get a Senator’s vote he would even stipulate that Americans are suckers. The theme was that Americans would find this unforgivable. If only….. If only more Americans had the backbone to actually object to being lied to, manipulated and fed BS. Sadly, so far we have seen about half of the country being quite comfortable with being lied to, comfortable enough to vote for Hillary.

    We should start an archive of lies—so many, so very many, we are likely to forget some.

    Unfortunately, we have a Republican president whose historical relationship with fact has been somewhat tenuous, and whose tendency to shoot from the lip without carefully thinking out what he wants to say and the best way to say it all combine to make playing “Liar, Liar” a dangerous game. But I don’t think anything Trump has said can compare to “wiping my server—like with a cloth?” or the infamous series of Benghazi lies, or, now, the “dossier”. I don’t think Hillary has actually openly lied about the Russia/uranium deal, but she has sure thrown up a lot of distractions to try to keep people from paying attention to it, it and the shady dealings that surrounded it.

    In passing—-I am hoping that someone has already lined up the Judd rant about being a dirty nasty girl, so it can be shown next to her weepy “interview” with Diane Sawyer, talking about the shock and horror of being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. The ads for the show turn my stomach. Thank God Sawyer got enough Botox to keep her from doing her Klingon imitation, with those deep furrows in her brow as she expressed dismay over one conservative thing after another.

    • Mark Moser October 31, 2017 / 12:10 pm

      Not to be too indelicate here, but if you sleep with a producer for a part doesn’t that make you a prostitute and the producer a John? Both actions are illegal in most States. I’m not accusing Judd of anything. I don’t know what happened, so I can’t say if it was quid pro quo, sexual harassment, or rape. I can say she put up with it for years, many of them have and everyone knows it gone on. We all know the casting couch has been around, since Hollywood started. Participating in business as usual seems a strange place to start claiming victimhood. It’s a choice. If your giving it away for personal gain, thus depriving someone who hasn’t a part, you’ve cheated them along with the producer John. Such a conspiracy makes claiming victimhood laughable and that’s the deal here in lot of cases. That’s how they’ve played the game and everyone knows it both in and out of the business. Judd’s behavior publicly indicates she is a nasty, angry, vengeful woman, so what are we to believe? Is she pure as the driven snow in this, having been horrible victimized or has she played ball to work and thus shares culpability, while seeking to excuse herself by wrapping herself in victimhood?

      Second thought. Really a question. I didn’t think even if Trump had sought dirt on Hillary from the Russians it would constitute a violation of the law. Collusion with foreign nationals in and of itself wasn’t a crime. If so, how would the dossier change anything? Politician lie on each other in every campaign, we expect them too, so where’s the crime now that shoe’s on Hillary’s foot rather than Trump’s? Fraud is awfully hard to prove under the best of circumstances.

  2. Cluster October 26, 2017 / 7:20 am

    The Uranium 1 scandal is possibly the most corrupt scandal of our lifetime. It makes Watergate look like a misdemeanor B&E (oh wait, that’s what it was)….

    House Republicans have just launched an investigation into the Uranium One deal. The deal happened during Obama’s tenure. That’s no coincidence — not with Hillary Clinton around. The former president may be neck-deep in yellowcake. Uranium One is a tangled web of criminality. It appears to involve higher-ups — elected and appointed — on an unprecedented scale.

    The bigger allegations: Massive payoffs to the Clintons, via their foundation. Bill also pocketed a cool half million dollars for a speech in Russia — suspiciously at the time the Uranium One deal was developing. National security breaches by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in which Obama may be complicit. That’s along with his then-attorney general, Eric Holder. A coverup, involving the Clintons (of course), Obama, Holder, Lynch, maybe McCabe, maybe Mueller, maybe Rosenstein, more likely maybe Comey.

    A multi million dollar contribution to CGI, a $500,000 speaking fee to WJC, and wa la, Russia owns 20% of our uranium. Nothing to see here folks. And you will also need to forget the unmasking done by Powers and Rice which was also unethical, if not illegal.


  3. Cluster October 26, 2017 / 8:13 am

    Keep this in mind next time you question the scientific “consensus” on global warming and are labeled a science denier:

    Consensus has no place in science, and the hard truth is that there are no scientific facts to support the AGW hysteria. It’s just another scandalous leftist Democrat money laundering operation.

    • Amazona October 26, 2017 / 3:20 pm

      Cluster, remind me—just how long ago was there consensus that that the earth was flat?

      According to the Loony Left, every time someone has an idea about something “scientific” we should all vote on it, and the idea with the most votes becomes “science”.

      They’ve done it with AGW, with gender fluidity and the ability to simply change ones’ gender, and the decision that race can sometimes be determined by what race someone would like to be.

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