The Flynn Injustice

Somewhere during the travesty which was the Flynn hearing today, something broke inside me. I’ve now had a real change in how I’m looking at things – and I think some very hard times are coming for our country. In fact, our country may not survive the times that our coming.

A lot can be said about Flynn and what he did or may have done – but the struck me is that even if he’s guilty not just of a crime, but of intending to do wrong (there is a difference), there are probably a thousand other people infesting DC who are worse. Our nation is the most powerful nation, ever. And as the most powerful nation, every other nation on Earth, great or small, has a vested interest in moving US policy in a manner favorable to themselves. The only thing that stops a nation from trying to influence the United States is lack of cash. It probably is true that the Democratic Republic of the Congo (population, 84 million) would like to have as much pull in DC as, say, Saudi Arabia (population, 33 million), but the pragmatic facts of life are that Saudi has cash, Congo doesn’t. And, so, we’re always talking about Saudi Arabia while most Americans are probably unaware of the existence of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And, for all we know, the Congo might have more useful stuff, and a more friendly-to-us population, than Saudi does. But, money talks…everything else walks. There are buckets of Americans – right and left – who are influenced by this foreign cash. But Flynn isn’t being punished for taking the foreign cash – the taking of the foreign cash is being used against Flynn because he picked the wrong guy to support for President.

Leaving aside, for the moment, the proof this provides of our two-tiered justice system, just how much of the foreign cash flowing through DC do you think might want to hamper or remove Trump? After all, there’s only one way that foreign cash can actually work to shape US policy: if that policy is not strictly America First. You won’t find foreign cash lobbying DC to protect American industries; you won’t find foreign cash lobbying for an American defense build up; you won’t find foreign cash, per se, lobbying to have American forces withdrawn from foreign countries (it does lobby to have Americans forces withdrawn from, or sent to, particular foreign countries in service of foreign policy desires); foreign cash certainly won’t lobby DC for a border wall, nor a reduction in immigration to the United States. Foreign cash is all for making the United States carry out the wishes of foreign powers – and it stands to reason that, outside Israel and a couple other places, no one is interested in having an American President who tells everyone to pound sand and looks after strictly American interests.

It is a huge amount of money – to take it out of today’s partisan atmosphere, this report from 2014 indicates that in 2013, the United Arab Emirates spent $14.2 million dollars influencing American policy. And, remember, this is what is reported because it has to be: when you are directly lobbying for a foreign power, you have to report it. But, if you’re not, you don’t. Money flows very easily through all cracks in the law. And $14.2 million doesn’t sound like a lot – but it is only one country, and if someone had just a million to spare for 2019, The Weekly Standard would have stayed in business. Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, so there’s more than one way to spread cash around to people you want to control. You can give them speaking fees. Sinecure jobs. Help market things like books. On and on and on it can go…and no one really pays attention, but at the end of the day a large number of people with influence are pushing policies which may only incidentally be in our favor, but are definitely desired by foreign powers.

All of this came into my head in a flash as I watched Twitter reactions to the Flynn hearing – and a rage boiled inside me. My nation is bought and sold and those who are pledged to Justice are perverting the very concept in order to punish those who picked Trump. Which means, of course, that if they ever feel the need to direct that power against me, they will. And their pious intonations of patriotism while they are doing this nauseating hit job just made me even madder. The people going after Flynn – or delighting in his destruction – are, for the most part, not made up of people who deployed for six months to the Persian Gulf; nor hiked through the mountains of Afghanistan wearing our uniform; nor are they people who work our farms and ranches; they don’t man our factories; they don’t fix leaking pipes or drive trucks…they are just money-grubbers on the make. Their money tells them that Trump is a threat (their money is right about that) and so they go after the target picked by the money. They don’t give a sh** about what happens to America – all they want is their pay.

And how do we get rid of them? I had hoped that Trump would, indeed, drain the swamp…but can it be drained? For it to be drained, quite a large number of people (and at least 35% of them GOPers, by my guess) would have to go to jail. Who is going to prosecute them? And even if you found a prosecutor willing to do it, how are you going to get a jury in DC – where almost everyone who isn’t already on the take, wants to be – to convict? Trump can pardon Flynn (I hope he does, and soon) – and he can also pardon everyone associated with his campaign. But that doesn’t get rid of the crooks. And, meanwhile, at the State level (especially in New York) Democrats under the cloak of office are determined to use State law to punish Trump people in a way that Trump can’t stop. What are we to do? Roll over for them?

Thanks to Ryan’s cowardly leadership (which I believe was intentional: he wanted Trump to fail), we now no longer have the ability to legislate any changes. Certainly not any changes which would put any Democrat at risk. Can Trump get an AG who will find the (quite possibly few) people at Justice who are willing to enforce the law? I don’t know. But I hope he can – because if he can’t, then Civil War will come. I won’t want it to come. I’ll hate it when it comes. But it will come – because one thing people on our side are learning is that there is no justice for us. Unless at least some major Democrats are set in Flynn’s position, we’ll know that there is zero chance of a fair outcome…and people who are convinced that all outcomes will be unfair to them will start to take vigorous and direct action against their oppressors.

There is still a small window of opportunity for justice to prevail – I hope it does. But if Injustice is our fate, then I do believe that enough Americans will draw the logical conclusion from that.

5 thoughts on “The Flynn Injustice

  1. Cluster December 19, 2018 / 9:55 am

    What the Deep State hack Mueller did to Flynn is criminal and this act alone should be enough for all Americans to take up arms. The real existential threat to this country is people like the Clinton’s, Mueller, Pelosi, Schumer, etc., etc. They have proven themselves to be completely dishonest, corrupt, and actively working against the best interests of this country because of their allegiance to Soros, Steyer, and the organized Left. The Left has completely destroyed the lives of inner city kids in Chicago and are now abandoning them in favor of a new crop of illegal immigrant kids to prey on and destroy.

    How long do we put up with this shit?

    • Retired Spook December 19, 2018 / 11:39 am

      I think absent any significant violence, especially organized violence by the Left, ie., someone is killed or maimed, it could be a long time. As someone said recently – might have been Kurt Schlichter, we’re in a cold civil war, and it’s going to take some startling event or series of events to turn it into a hot civil war. I think, and this is just my opinion, that the Leftist Minders are having a difficult time finding people who want (or maybe who are not afraid) to do more than bust a few heads, burn a few cars and break a few windows — or as Amazona has said, afraid to ruin that new North Face jacket. It may very well be (and this is my worst fear) that the leaders (and I use that term loosely) of the Left may have enough patience to just run out the clock on people like you and me. The majority of true American patriots are older than 50. There’s a huge gap, a whole generation, between the last of the Vietnam vets and those who saw action in Desert Storm, and only a small fraction of living vets saw any action over the 30 year period from the early 70’s to the early 2000’s. Another 30 years, and most of the resistance will be gone. Some guns will be passed on to descendants, but the vast majority will simply be turned in to the government. I’m glad I won’t be around to see it.

    • M. Noonan December 19, 2018 / 1:53 pm

      We’ve been putting up with it since 1945.

  2. JeremiahTMM December 19, 2018 / 8:21 pm

    People have been fleeing communism for centuries. I just hope that there are enough people from my generation with the brains and luck enough to get out when it comes to America.

    It would even be better, if there were enough people with the backbone and grit enough to fight it, and get rid of it. I’m afraid, however, that it is a lost cause, the masses have all been finely tuned by the educational system to vote for communism.

    We can vote out the liberal politicians but that’s not going to solve anything. We have to get rid of communism’s life support, the voters and the schools.

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