The Left’s War on Memory

I’ve always felt sympathy for people – it isn’t any skill of mine: I’ve always had it. Though I can, at times, be cross with people, for the most part I am sympathetic to their plight. Perhaps this is partially an outgrowth of my own melancholy nature, but I can always see things from the other guy’s point of view, especially if they have suffered.

Soldiers suffer, a lot – and, so, have always been an object of my pity. This goes for all soldiers in all times. Doesn’t matter who they fought for: the average man at arms, as it were, always deserves respect simply for the fact that he did his duty, and suffered for it. Commanders get a more subtle judgement. One thing I’ve learned by long study of history is that most people placed in command are simply unfit for it. This is especially true of military command – and the dangers are varied for such people. They can love their men too much, and so waste opportunities for victory. They can also be too contemptuous of their men, and so lead them to unnecessary slaughter. But love them too much, or too little, there still stands the fact that they were the one’s forced to decide life and death issues, and everyone should have something in their heart that goes out to people landed in that. And for those few in command who actually have any business being there, the heart really goes out to them – because they not only have immense responsibility, but they are also, no matter how good they are, going to make some horrific mistakes which will send men to needless death.

I bring this up because we’ve revived the whole Confederate Statue issue via Trump’s recent comments about the Charlottesville incident. All around social media, I’ve seen our liberals really rip on Robert E. Lee: to listen to them, the Waffen SS was morally his superior. Of course, that is just how the left is: when they decide to pour out filth on someone, they go all in. To be sure, there is much to complain about in Lee. He did betray his oath to the Constitution, which was superior to any loyalty he felt for Virginia. While a tactician of genius, he had no strategic sense and so all of his bloody campaigns were fought, as it were, in void, with no real object other than the negative one of getting the Army of the Potomac out of Virginia. He also refused to quit when the game was up, and so prolonged the agony by at least a year. After the war, he more lent his immense prestige to the absurd “Lost Cause” ideology rather than using it to heal the divide (as, for instance, Confederate General James Longstreet did). But, with all that, he still stands as a sympathetic figure to anyone with an ounce of human decency.

There is a grandeur about the man which cannot be denied. It must have been astonishing when he was alive, because if we can be a bit awed by him at this remove, imagine what it must have been like for those around him when he was alive? His troops would have followed him anywhere. I figure every man in Pickett’s Charge knew it was a false position to be in – it was obvious before it happened that it would be a massacre. But, they went anyway – because Lee asked them to. Not many people can command that sort of love and devotion. And he failed, which adds to the pity one feels for him: people who strive at great cost and still come up short always earn at least that: pity.

Additionally, he’s also very long since dead. You can’t do anything to him. Whatever sins you want to lay at his feet, it is all over and done with. He’s dead and God has rendered perfect judgement on him. Wherever he is in the hereafter, it is precisely where he should be. It profits no one to try to attack a corpse – the corpse doesn’t feel it and the attacker gains nothing. This is why, I think, we have the old saying about not speaking ill of the dead: there’s simply no point to it. Only in the matter of general historical study should a dead person be examined for both good and bad, and then not in order to condemn the dead, but the enlighten the living. To take the most evil person you can study: if you are setting out to write a biography of Hitler to show what a rat bastard he was, then you are wasting your time. Possibly even harming yourself by drinking from that cup of bitterness. The only fit thing to talk about regarding Hitler is the object lessons: how did he come to be? Why did he do what he did? This sort of thing allows us to learn and, perhaps, prevent a repeat in the future. But to, as it were, piss on his grave, endlessly, is a pointless exercise.

But pissing on graves is pretty much what the left wants us to do these days – and I perceive it not so much as an attack on flawed historical figures (there’s no other sort, after all), but as an attack on history. On memory, when you get down to it. I’ve no particular concern about the fate of a statue of some long-dead Confederate, but I am intensely concerned that we retain our national memory. As a Conservative, I can view it no other way. After all, the more deeply you dive into Conservatism, the more crucial historical memory becomes. We must know, as best we can, how we came to be – good and bad – or we won’t even know why things are as they are. The left wants us to have no memory of what truly happened. They want a cartoonish view of the world where everything was bad until the left came along and fixed it all up. History began yesterday, when a leftist showed up to help you – don’t even think about digging back further than that! After all, the only reason you’d want to is because you’re hankering for the evil of the past, right? That, at least, is where I think the left is heading with this. Give them enough time and power, and they will topple Washington’s monument and rename our Capitol City…they will wash out everything we ever did, so that they can better rule an ignorant people.

We dare not let them get away with it – or, more accurately, get away with it any longer. Plenty of youngsters these days, after a decade or two in leftist propaganda mills, already have no knowledge of the past (oddly enough, I think this is why so many youngsters fall for various neo-Nazi ideologies: not knowing anything about either the Nazis or those who fought them, they fall easily for clever neo-Nazi lies about the past). The place to start is to draw the line: for a bit of shorthand, I’m insisting that no historical marker of any type, if it has been in place for 50 or more years, should be moved or modified in any way. You can add stuff around it, if you like, but you can’t change it and you can’t take it away. There for 50 years, there forever. The best part about such a program is that it would spark the fight we need to have here – a fight between those who want informed people who remember, and those who want ignorant people swayed by the latest lie. I think we’d win that fight.

21 thoughts on “The Left’s War on Memory

  1. Amazona April 28, 2019 / 1:38 pm

    I see this attack on history—because that is really what it is, repackaged as some sort of moral statement to lure the perennial virtue signalers—as just more of what the Left does. Look at its pattern—it has always worked to destroy history, so history can be rewritten to advance its narrative.

    When the pages of history are purged, all that is left behind is a blank space where the Left can enter whatever “facts” it chooses to advance its cause.

    We are seeing the mid game of the Left’s efforts to destroy the United States. which has always represented an existential threat to Leftism. From its promise of personal liberty to its astounding record of economic prosperity it has been the biggest, boldest, and strongest challenge to the lies of the Left.

    My first conscious awareness of that the effort had successfully wormed its way into the core of our society was the shameful Smithsonian display of the attack on Pearl Harbor carefully presented as a natural and wholly reasonable defense against evil American imperialism. It was during this general time frame that Christopher Columbus was re-identified, no longer a brilliant seaman and intrepid explorer who opened up new worlds but instead a vile, insane madman driven to scour the earth to find new indigenous populations to destroy. The nation elected a man with no history, who promised to fundamentally transform the country and whose terms in office were carefully focused on furthering racial divisions and denigrating anything and everything that referred to the United States in approving or admiring terms, who lectured us that we, as Americans, have nothing to be proud of. We brought into the White House a woman who openly admitted that the first thing in her lifetime that made her proud to be an American was the election of her husband.

    We are now experiencing rabid mobs created by the Left working to destroy anything that can possibly be considered to be related to anything the Left has targeted.

    What is the underlying theme of these various attacks? The creation of the narrative that America is a racist nation. From admiring and celebrating a man defined by them as a genocidal maniac intent on killing people of other races to the implied racism of allegedly doing something bad to Japan to the current attacks that pretend to be opposition to slavery, it is and has been for generations a master plan to divide this nation into mutually suspicious and conflicting demographics, to convince each demographic that the other is an enemy that wants to destroy it, and therefore to cause the nation to crumble from internal chaos and division.

    The Left has tried to advance class warfare, and to some extent succeeded, but that is hard in a nation with so many examples of opportunity for success for anyone who wants to take advantage of them. Gender worked for a while as a dividing wedge, till we all got tired of it and rabid feminism became so toxic and distasteful it had little attraction. But race—race is always with us, it is visible, and there are enough historical examples of racism to support an ongoing strategy of claiming that everyone in the opposition is a vile racist seething with hatred of anyone whose skin color is different. This has gotten enough traction to assign racism to anyone born with limited skin pigmentation, without any action required.

    All of this requires the ability to create a fantasy “history” to support the theme, and a mechanism to allow people to participate in it and therefore feel virtuous and morally superior as they act in a decidedly unvirtuous and morally defective manner.

  2. JeremiahTMM April 28, 2019 / 9:03 pm

    Great post Mark! I enjoy reading your view of the American Civil War. I fund it interesting because I live in the heart of where the Civil War took place. I’ve stood in the original trenches where General Lee’s troops laid in wait for union regiments. It’s a really humbling experience on top of that mountain. You stand there and kind of go into a daydream, envisioning all of the guns, powder flasks, the fires at night listening for the sound of men on horses issuing forth the war cry.

    Those poor men they suffered in the snow and rain, ravaged by diseases and sickness. But that’s what our forefathers endured for our sake. And now, even after all they went through, we have the wolves circling the Republic like an injured animal, to take away all that our forefathers bled and died for.

    They say that the first one to fire the first shot always loses, but the lesson we get from other countries, like Russia, is that when tyranny comes, there are many false promises that are made and believed, and no shots are needed for the enemy of the people (state/dictator) to take over, then the people are led off to the meat grinders, their property siezed, and their possessions destroyed.

    Such as we see here, something that wasn’t taught in history class…

  3. Retired Spook April 29, 2019 / 7:20 am

    It’s amazing how many times a failed ideology can be attempted and how many new generations can be fooled into blindly accepting and supporting it when the perpetrators are allowed to re-write and erase history. About 10 years ago, maybe a little more, there was available on-line a long interview with a retired diplomat that took place in the early 80’s. IIRC, he died shortly after the interview. He recounted how he was recruited back in the late 20’s or early 30’s by a cabal of Leftists to join them in behind-the-scenes efforts to cleanse history of accounts that were not flattering to Leftist thought. I had the link bookmarked but lost it when I updated to a digital hard drive several years ago. I’ve searched and searched for the video of that interview, but it appears to have been “erased.”

    • Amazona April 29, 2019 / 10:26 am

      I think there was a time when Leftism was promoted as a political ideology, to people searching for an ideology that met their emotional needs. But these days it seems that socialism has been rebranded as a purely social construct, without any reference to the fact that it is in fact a blueprint for government that goes far beyond the superficial appeal of free stuff and a poke in the eye of people who have more by people who have less.

      The structure of socialism is a very powerful, sometimes all-powerful, Central Authority. The “free stuff” idea appeals to people who don’t have much stuff yet and want more, but there doesn’t seem to be a realization that socialism puts a ceiling on how much stuff someone can accumulate on his own before the State starts to take it away and hand it out to people who don’t have as much. And in the interest of “equalizing” property ownership, this Central Authority limits rights and liberty.

      “Socialism” right now is packaged as a happy, fluffy, feel-good way of life, not as the grim gritty reality of Big Brother government control. But because of the focus on free everything and the lack of an underlying true ideological dedication to socialism as a governing structure I don’t see how it could last very long in the United States if it were to be given free rein and tried out here. Socialism and its kissing cousins, communism and fascism, all had adherents who were passionately devoted to the ideologies,. who truly believed that collectivism was a superior way of governing a nation. Without that dedication I would imagine socialism in the United States to be a passing fad once its reality bumps up against the freedom and opportunity of our system.

      Except— a lot of damage can be done while that shift to reality is taking place. Today’s youth might think it sounds pretty neat, but by the time they push back against the kind of devotion demanded by collectivism and a Central Authority (as seen in part of an oath I photographed at the Stasi Museum: a pledge to protect against all enemies and be prepared to give their lives in the struggle against enemies of socialism) they will have done possibly irreparable damage to our nation and its form of government. Once the nation is bankrupted and its Constitution dismantled or amended to fundamentally change its rules and protections, a rebellion against the tyranny of socialism will be too little, too late.

      • Retired Spook April 29, 2019 / 11:04 am

        You have to go back nearly 7 generations in America to find someone who lived under tyranny. There’s no other nation on earth that has maintained the same set of governing rules as long as we have. I’m not saying it’s impossible for socialism to be tried here, but it’s certainly unlikely for an attempt to succeed. The concept of liberty is just too ingrained into the American psyche.

    • jdge1 April 29, 2019 / 1:00 pm

      Isolation, division, discord, these are some of the tools the left uses quite well. Part of the problem I see is, at many levels this will begin to backfire. For example, in large part the “appeal” (anger) of feminism is the fight against lack of equality, both economically and socially, protection of women and girls against sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, sex trafficking and the like. While those are certainly worthwhile pursuits, the movement has pushed well beyond those ideas to where it views things that are really assets to womanhood in a negative light. Things like the gifts women bring to the family structure, childbearing, nurturers, healing beyond the physical level, their ability to change, adapt, support and provide balance to the male perspective. Instead, feminist have come to view many of these assets as detrimental to their freedom and rebel against them. This places them in an antagonist position against women who embrace those qualities, skills and talents.

      Add to that mix the evolving situation of gender fluidity, feminist now have to deal with males encroaching into their domain, further stripping away their identities. No longer are feminist able to push for “their” advancement without also pulling along certain males who’ve tailgated their causes. Women no longer have the sanctuary of things that until now have been theirs alone. Women competing against only women in sports, females being required to share locker rooms, restrooms and dressing rooms with males, and so on. To voice opposition to this male invasion is to voice opposition to leftism, something the left will angrily fight.

      So where do these feminist turn? To accept help from the right would seem on the surface to be compromising working with those they’ve often perceived to be worked against. To allow the current trend to continue without voicing their disapproval would put them at odds with those who’ve previously been perceived as advocates. I can easily see this quandary forcing them to rethink their positions on who most represents them in their struggles. Sometimes people just can’t let go of years of vilifying an entity they’ve believed worked against them. Sometimes however, a candid review of reality can be life changing. This is often seen in the abortion world where many women have become disillusioned with the so-called freedom abortion was supposed to afford them, but instead has gripped them with immense emotional turmoil. The lies and devastation of abortion have ripped away their blinders and false freedoms for many.

      The lies and devastation of the left are now being questioned by the very groups the left has created to stir the pot of animosity. Blacks are questioning the years of inner city crime, destruction of families, financial failures and deterioration. Jews as well as Christians are being openly slapped in the face and told they’re inferior and no longer to be admired, but rather seen with contempt and disdain. Union workers, once a driving force for the left, are now being told capitalism is bad and the work they do is destructive to many of the lefts wishes to fix climate problems. Government overreach into families, business, and environmental issues are leaving people questioning the direction the left is taking them, and in many cases slamming on the brakes demanding the return of the true freedoms that are being stripped from them.

      The left can see where their decades long grips are being loosened, forcing them to seek alternative victims to garner support from. LGBTQxyz and immigrations are 2 such areas the left is intensely working to garner support from. If they lose enough of the support from their previous victims, they could be out of power for quite some time to come. I think it is clear to see, loss of support of even 5-10% of the black community would devastate them, as it is likely that trend would continue until their domination in this area is totally gone. Same for many other groups who have previously voted predominately democrat.

      While I have optimism, positive trends take time and negative trends seem to come in waves. At this point who knows the mindset of the majority of voting public and what will sway them. Will lower unemployment, better business conditions, and favorable income tax returns put more right leaning politicians (and by extension right sided judicial appointments) in office? Or will the left be able to control the narrative by continuously painting all of the ills people face as coming from the right? Will the negative aspects of abuse within the Catholic Church turn people away? Will the rather new trend of other Christian denominations advocating for abortion become the norm? Most importantly, will the US Constitution that has served us so well for over 200 years be dismantled giving power over to unelected foreign officials for a one world government?

      It has been said “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of “liberalism” they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” The light of truth must shine brightly on lies and destruction of socialism. That is the power of this blog. That is the power of righteousness. We know God will prevail, what we don’t know is how much destruction will happen in the interim and how it will affect us.

  4. Retired Spook April 29, 2019 / 12:38 pm

    We dare not let them get away with it – or, more accurately, get away with it any longer.

    We keep saying that, but the only two ways I can think of to do so are, (a) shoot all Liberals; or (b) get control of the education system. Neither is practical in the short term. The vast majority of Conservatives will never fire the first shot. I don’t know the precise point when the Left decided that if they owned the education system they owned the minds of the vast majority of the population after a given interval of time. It’s fair to say they’ve indoctrinated two generations of Americans. If they make it to three, our Constitutional Republic is essentially finished. To put it bluntly, we don’t have time to gain control of education. It took the Left decades to get to where they are today. It all boils down to the patience of the Left, something that has been their hallmark for over a century. If they continue their incremental approach they’ll eventually win by attrition as people like us in our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s die off. The only way we win, IMHO, is if this current batch of Millennials, the I-want it-and-I-want-it-now crowd, decides they can’t wait for history to take its course. That said, there is a slight glimmer of hope on the horizon.

    • JeremiahTMM April 29, 2019 / 8:24 pm


      (a) must take place in order to achieve (b). There’s no way around it, if it doesn’t happen, America will go into bondage, and maybe sooner than we think. Think of the numbers that graduates every year from public universities, somewhere around 20,000,000. Ten years is a generation, so count from 1960 to 2020, that’s 6 generations. Not discounting, of course, those who changed their political views after they went into the workforce, and got some experience on how the world works. But after 60 years, the indoctrination is closing in on America’s history of conservatism and freedom based way of life, due to the number of people who have gone through the indoctrination mills of “higher learning.” And there are millions of them who are deathly adamant about instituting a communist government. They hate hate America with all that is in them, I mean they are pure evil. So, there must be a revolution if we are to preserve the freedom of America.

      • Retired Spook April 30, 2019 / 12:09 pm

        (a) must take place in order to achieve (b). There’s no way around it, if it doesn’t happen

        It may well end up that way, Jeremiah, but I don’t know a single Conservative who wants to fire the first shot. We just aren’t the kind of people who murder someone because we disagree with them. OTOH, I’m fairly confident that there are plenty on the Left who ARE that kind of people. History is rife with evidence of it.

      • JeremiahTMM April 30, 2019 / 6:38 pm

        “It may well end up that way, Jeremiah”

        It’ll have to end up that, as much as no one wants it to end up like that, the consequences of not fighting evil is far greater than relying on the ballot box. Too much damage has been done, an ever increasing number of people want communism because of the way they have been taught. We have to prevent that at all costs. Because if the fox gets in the hen house it’s too late. You go out one morning and all the hens are dead.

        I’ve believe President Trump will win a second term, but there’s always that little bit of doubt. But, the fact remains, the danger, the threat is ever real as long as the left is breathing. As much as the left wants to downplay the horror of the soviet empire, those of us who know the truth won’t be fooled. And we will be at the ready if the left moves to force Stalin’s tricks on America. It makes me angry, and it wouldn’t have to be that way if we didn’t have thoroughbred commies in our country brainwashing and indoctrinating people.

    • Amazona April 29, 2019 / 10:13 pm

      Spook, you say I don’t know the precise point when the Left decided that if they owned the education system they owned the minds of the vast majority of the population after a given interval of time. I think this has always been understood by the Left.

      On 16th May 1934, Joseph Stalin called for the Central Committee of the Communist Party to take action in controlling the teaching of history in the Soviet Union. As David R. Egan pointed out in Joseph Stalin (2007), this action “eventually led to the rewriting of Russian history and a new phase in Soviet historiography”.

      Soviet historiography has been severely criticized by scholars, chiefly—but not only—outside the Soviet Union and Russia. Its status as “scholarly” at all has been questioned, and it has often been dismissed as ideology and pseudoscience. Robert Conquest concluded that “All in all, unprecedented terror must seem necessary to ideologically motivated attempts to transform society massively and speedily, against its natural possibilities. The accompanying falsifications took place, and on a barely credible scale, in every sphere. Real facts, real statistics, disappeared into the realm of fantasy. History, including the history of the Communist Party, or rather especially the history of the Communist Party, was rewritten. Unpersons disappeared from the official record. A new past, as well as new present, was imposed on the captive minds of the Soviet population, as was, of course, admitted when truth emerged in the late 1980s.”

      That criticism stems from the fact that in the Soviet Union, science was far from independent. Since the late 1930s, Soviet historiography treated the party line and reality as one and the same.[ As such, if it was a science, it was a science in service of a specific political and ideological agenda, commonly employing historical revisionism. In the 1930s, historical archives were closed and original research was severely restricted. Historians were required to pepper their works with references—appropriate or not—to Stalin and other “Marxist–Leninist classics”, and to pass judgment—as prescribed by the Party—on pre-revolution historic Russian figures. Nikita Khrushchev commented that “Historians are dangerous and capable of turning everything upside down. They have to be watched.

  5. Cluster April 30, 2019 / 8:31 am

    Sleepy Joe Biden excited the mobs yesterday with typical vacuous platitudes – “hope over fear” and “unity over division” …. I guarantee you that the mindless progressive mobs are going to fall for that crap again because they honestly don’t think any deeper than that. MSNBC is also “leaning in” and buying these platitudes with Joey Scarborough claiming it is getting under Trump’s skin. Well with a 3.2% GDP, higher wages, a rebounding steel and coal industry, and high consumer confidence, the question Biden will have to answer is – how does he improve on those results for the folks of Pennsylvania?

    The answer is he wont. Democrats only plan to restrict liberty, restrict success, and compel the population by force to buy into their lies of climate change, racism, gun violence, immigration, and transgenderism. Every issue the Democrats promote is a lie, spun to enflame their over emotional base and demonize their opponents. None of these issues have a basis in reality … much like collusion with Russia.

  6. Amazona April 30, 2019 / 8:37 am

    The USSR, and the National Socialist Party, and probably every other Leftist regime, taught and encouraged children to monitor their parents for speech, thought and behavior inconsistent with what was approved by the State.

    We have been discussing the role of the State in controlling education. I have another example of how insidious State indoctrination in the guise of “education” can be.

    Remember the move to allow teachers or counselors to take minor girls to get abortions, without the knowledge or permission of their parents? That just slipped off the radar, which makes me wonder if it is actually going on, just without publicity, because I don’t remember an official dropping of efforts to make this legal. Anyway, one of the things promoted in this effort was that pregnant young girls needed to be shielded from their parents, needed to be protected from them, needed to be able to turn to the State (in the form of a teacher or counselor) to solve a problem without the knowledge of a parent that the problem even existed. I always saw this as not just a promotion of abortion, and a way to get girls into the mindset of abortion as the only way to handle a unwanted pregnancy, but an effort to come between children and their parents by setting up a family relationship as an adversarial one, in which the parents were cast as the enemies and the State as the friend and ally.

    Then recently I read of a PSA video encouraging children to sneak into their parents’ rooms (or wherever they might keep guns) to steal those guns and take them to school to hand in to a teacher (the State) with the statement that they don’t feel safe with guns in the house. Aside from the obvious problems of making children felons by teaching them to steal, with all the laws associated with theft and theft of firerarms in particular, and criminals by taking guns to school, and the dangers of having guns IN schools, this was also another insidious effort by the State to teach children that they are in conflict with their parents and must act against them, with the help of the State. It is not a big step to go from this to turning in parents for Thought Crimes of criticizing the State, which is what happened in Russia and Nazi Germany.

    Now we have the surge of another two-pronged effort by the State to do the same thing, this in the guise of fair and loving treatment of children with gender dysphoria. Or, to be more accurate, who have mentioned even in passing anything that the good little foot soldiers of the State, teachers, can take as an indication of such a feeling. From an interview with a mother who attended a school board meeting about the implementation of a radical gender-bending policy and program into her school district. (emphasis mine)

    One of the things we heard around the table that disturbed us the most was this feeling, or this idea that parents are a threat, and these kids need to be shielded and hidden from their parents.

    In other words, the domination of “education” by the State is not just to teach revisionist history and other topics slanted to promote Leftism in every way, to whitewash the evils of socialism where it has prevailed and demonize capitalism, etc. It is also, and perhaps even primarily, to drive wedges into the family unit and shatter it, to make children look to the State in the way that Russians looked to Stalin as their father figure.

    I can’t say it often enough—the Left has a master plan, with strategies for every aspect of human life, and is relentless and brilliant in its implementation of this master plan to control the population. The biggest threats to total submission and loyalty to the State are the intact family unit, religion and real education, and we can see the drive to destroy all of these, to replace the family unit with the State and religion with the religion of worshiping the State, and using incursions into education to make this all possible while eliminating the ability to learn the truth in schools.

  7. Cluster April 30, 2019 / 8:41 am

    A little needed education on climate change:

    Sunspots, according to the National Weather Service, “Are areas where the magnetic field is about 2,500 times stronger than Earth’s, much higher than anywhere else on the Sun.” Sunspots are quite large, about the size of the Earth, and are several thousand degrees cooler than the surrounding Sun surface.

    Sunspots lead to solar flares, surface explosions which “release as much energy as a billion megatons of TNT.” These flares emit x-rays and magnetic fields which blast the Earth as geomagnetic storms, disrupting power grids and satellites, and warming the Earth.

    Sunspots are not random but instead follow an 11-year cycle, from a minimum to a maximum. Sometimes the cycles last longer, for unknown reasons, with a 70-year period of near zero sunspot activity from 1645 to 1715, called the Maunder Minimum, or Little Ice Age

    However, EVERY single Democrat POTUS candidate is convinced that this is a “man made crisis that evidently only the citizens of the United States can resolve through excessive taxation and regulation.

    Even the Earth’s tilt toward or away from the Sun is enough to cause our seasons, with large temperature variations and the difference between food production or not. Yet climate warriors ignore the Sun, instead focusing on human activity, driving SUV’s, flying in airplanes, and running our air conditioners.

    I am really tired of pretending that climate change is a valid issue. Let’s shut it down and let’s shut Democrats down. Truth be known, Democrats are the existential threat to America.

    • JeremiahTMM April 30, 2019 / 7:03 pm

      You know, Cluster, talking about sunspots. About 20 years, I worked for an elderly lady in her rose garden, and I tell you it was so unbearably hot, I had never remembered standing in the sun and it being that hot. I mean it was a cooking heat, burning like fire. The little lady came out, and she was standing there, and I told her, I said, “ain’t it strange how hot it is?” You know, she looked at me, and said “there’s something going on with that sun up there.” And now, after all these years, I look back on that, and she was right.

      All this hodgepodge of “man made global climate change” is nothing but the left’s desire for one world communism.

  8. Cluster April 30, 2019 / 8:48 am

    Speaking of lies – the media and Democrats are doing their best to convince the plethora of stupid people in this country that Trump “obstructed justice”. Truth is Trump cooperated 100% with the Mueller investigation allowing every single member of the administration to testify and never claiming executive privilege in an investigation where there was no underlying crime.

    Only in the fever swamped mind of a Democrat could that construed as obstruction.

  9. Retired Spook April 30, 2019 / 10:22 am

    This poll is 9 months old, but if the data has changed I suspect it’s only gotten worse. Just a reminder that the majority of Democrats are the enemy of freedom.

  10. Retired Spook April 30, 2019 / 10:33 am

    Anyone else noticed that the media are not mentioning the size of the crowd at Biden’s campaign roll-out in Pittsburgh?

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