Trump Impeachment

It is less than it seems so far – for there to be a real impeachment inquiry, the House would have to vote to do so, and so far Pelosi isn’t making that move…and it can’t be for lack of votes: such a thing would garner 218 (at least) votes in the House because too many Democrats would face a primary challenge if they didn’t go along with it. So, why isn’t she moving forward? My view is that the far left base of the Democrats – mostly upper class, urban whites – are the only people on fire for impeachment and Pelosi is trying to thread the needle: make it seem like she’s doing it, but not actually doing it.

The trouble is, these things have a way of just growing on their own. People in the Democrat ranks are already staking out extreme positions and in an election year, the need to one-up on it will make it more likely that nearly everyone stakes out such a position. Democrats are caught in a vise – their attempt to separate Trump from his base – that is all Trump/Russia was ever about – has failed but their own stalwarts have taken it as Gospel. And if you really believe that Trump is a Russian agent placed in office by Putin – and that is what they believe – then there can be no reason not to impeach. To try to hold back from the last step might prove impossible.

No one can tell how this will play out: we know Trump is innocent and so any airing of the facts will help Trump. But the political dynamic is unprecedented: we’ve never had a President actively seeking re-election while an impeachment plays out. Get ready for a wild ride.

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  1. Retired Spook September 27, 2019 / 12:08 pm

    John Solomon, investigative reporter for The Hill, is doing yeoman’s work on the Biden/Ukraine story and on Ukraine in general as it relates to U.S. politics. He just discussedf his latest column for a whole hour on Glenn Beck’s radio show. They ended the hour coming to the same conclusion that we all have come to, that the narrative about Joe Biden and his son is secondary to the fact that it appears the DNC used assets in Ukraine in the same way they accused Trump of using Russia. I expect we’ll see a lot more on this in the weeks and months to come. I especially liked the fact that the last thing Solomon said on Beck’s show is that we (conservatives) shouldn’t fall in to the same trap that Liberals did and beginning convicting people in the press before all the facts are known. And he pledged to continue to seek ALL the facts, wherever they lead. Solomon and his frequent colleague, Sara Carter, are a couple bull dogs who aren’t going to let go of this.

    • Amazona September 27, 2019 / 3:46 pm

      As I said, secondary to the tactic of trying to use every single word and act of Trump as an excuse to impeach him, the spark that lit the fuse on the Panic Bomb of the Left was the mention of Crowdstrike.

      To adopt the language of the Left, that was a dog whistle indicating the intent to fully look into, finally with the help of the Ukraninan government, what went on vis-a-vis Clinton, the DNC and various Ukrainian elements including its own government.

      As the old saying goes, that is what set the cat among the pigeons, and we are now in the midst of much fluttering and scattering of poo.

  2. Cluster September 27, 2019 / 4:01 pm

    Well good news …. MSNBC has “looked into” the Hunter Biden allegations and can not find any impropriety so thank God for that.

    Here’s another angle to this … it appears the Democrats and the media are circling their wagons around Biden and really covering for him claiming that this is the candidate Trump fears the most. In other words, Biden may have to be the nominee now so that Trump doesn’t “win” again. Love it

    Also, the RNC communications center (don’t we wish) should be hanging the “white privilege” banner all over Hunter Biden. Young Democrats will understand that.

  3. Cluster September 27, 2019 / 4:24 pm

    I am also really curious as to how the viewers of MSNBC and CNN are taking this in. These are the same media people who have lied to them repeatedly for over 3 years now over Russia collusion promising their viewers everyday that this was the “beginning of the end”, it was just a matter of time.

    Also, let’s assume the media activists are right and Trump is the most corrupt, incompetent President in our lifetime. Don’t you think that they would have something stronger to impeach him on than a distorted second hand report of a phone call???

  4. Cluster September 27, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    What happened to Kavanaugh? Just last week they were rushing to defend all women in America by impeaching the serial rapist on the SC. What happened to that effort?

    Schiff just said that “any attempt by the White House to slow this investigation down will be further proof of guilt” hahahaha what a clown. Not only has Trump not invoked executive privilege which he could easily, he has released everything and allowed his DNI to testify.

    This is war. Don’t kid yourself. The Democrats and the media have shown us that they are ALL IN and we had better react accordingly.

    • Amazona September 27, 2019 / 5:18 pm

      Well, it might be possible that someone on the Left dug out a dictionary and found that a brief drunken tussle between two fully clothed teenagers isn’t exactly “rape”. Or anything close to it. Or even “sexual assault” as no genital contact was attempted or achieved or even a “first base” groping.

      Or, more likely, the entire mess was boxed up on put on a shelf in the closet where they keep all their potential “bombshells” and fraudulent efforts at personal destruction. I’m sure it will be dragged out the next time Trump makes a SCOTUS nomination.

      For now, they are having too much fun yowling and yipping in a frenzied pack at the possible sighting of an elusive prey. And these stakes are a lot higher than merely smearing a Supreme Court justice or ankle-biting a sitting president. Now the entire charade of collusion with Russia = TREASON = ILLEGAL = puts the entire Constitution at risk = an existential threat to the very existence of our nation, blah blah blah is teetering as they realize (1) people know what they did in Ukraine, (2) people are talking about what they did in Ukraine, (3) the Ukrainian government has officially been informed by our president that we support an investigation into what went on in Ukraine during the Clinton/Ukrainian partnership to influence an American election and (4) a detailed report of this will show the utter and total dishonesty of the entire Mueller “investigation” and it as the fraudulent witch hunt Trump always said it was.

      “Danger, Will Robinson” is echoing down the corridors of the Left and they are panicked.

      • Cluster September 27, 2019 / 5:24 pm

        Yes they are and you can tell by their rhetoric which ramps up hourly

  5. Cluster September 27, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    Trump is getting really close to exposing Democrats and that’s why they are panicking and acting irrational:

    In its most detailed account yet, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington says a Democratic National Committee (DNC) insider during the 2016 election solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and even tried to enlist the country’s president to help.

    Also, Chris Wallace either needs to be fired, or to resign from Fox News. He is an establishment insider and worthless

    • Cluster September 27, 2019 / 5:00 pm

      Uh oh …. from the same article

      In addition, I wrote last month that the Obama White House invited Ukrainian law enforcement officials to a meeting in January 2016 as Trump rose in the polls on his improbable path to the presidency. The meeting led to U.S. requests to the Ukrainians to help investigate Manafort, setting in motion a series of events that led to the Ukrainians leaking the documents about Manafort in May 2016.

  6. Amazona September 27, 2019 / 9:24 pm

    It is fascinating to watch some Dems go all in on Trump. I think they realize that this is make it or break it time, that this is the roll of the dice that might wipe them out.

    They are so committed to this new impeachment push that they can’t really back off now, but I think it is starting to sink in that if things keep moving in the direction it looks like they are going now it is all going to blow up in their faces. And the deeper in they are now, the more damage they will suffer. So they are counting on being loud enough to get through this intact, but I think they are just howling past the graveyard. I wish someone would push them to a vote—as Hugh Hewitt says, NOW.

    Pelosi, the old war horse, knows this, which is why she has been trying to straddle the line between sanity and those pushing her closer to the edge. That is why she only made her silly melodramatic statement that she, alone, unilaterally, had taken the step of initiating a formal impeachment “inquiry”—she knows the loons on her side probably won’t realize this doesn’t mean anything but it might give her a hint of plausible deniability when things go boom for the Rats, She can say “But I never DID anything because I realized there wasn’t enough there” and maybe live to fight another day. Though then the pack would turn on her for her betrayal.

    In the meantime Spartacus “I have too much testosterone and boy do I love women” Booker has come out and called Trump supporters “despicable”. As I said, putting everything on the roll of the dice. Can he possibly think this won’t alienate people?

    Meanwhile, Kammy, also being more politically savvy, having learned some tricks at Willy Brown’s…..knee… staying out of the Impeach Trump mob, in her comfort zone of Impeach Kavanaugh. It still lets her use the Word, and it still lets her stomp around in feigned outrage and defense of all women everywhere in the whole history of the world who have been raped in less than a minute while fully dressed by a fully dressed drunken kid who never even got a good grope in who then can’t remember where or when it happened.

    I really wish a band had not claimed the title of Insane Clown Posse before the rabid Left showed that it deserves to own it.

    • Cluster September 28, 2019 / 9:01 am

      I think you’re right. I think the Democrats and the media have boxed themselves into a corner and are now just hoping everyone will buy into their over heated rhetoric on the issue. There is no there there.

      On related note, MSNBC’s Richard Engle actually went to the Ukraine to talk with a “former prosecutor” and thankfully that prosecutor cleared Hunter and Joe Biden from any wrong doing. I think his words were “no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case to court” hahahahaha

      Another thing I find really amusing is when you hear these Democrat POTUS candidates say they “want to bring people together” and all I envision is being brought together in the prison yard.

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