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There is talk of Michelle Obama entering the Presidential race. This is a sign of extreme desperation. The power people in the Democrat party are clearly dismayed at the current crop, are watching impeachment backfire and seeing President Trump starting to rise high, buoyed by an increasingly booming economy.

I doubt she’ll get in. I could be wrong, but I never saw in her a desire to enter electoral politics. If she did get in, the MSM would treat her as the Second Coming, of course…but I think that most people just don’t give a darn what the MSM is saying these days. It would be positive coverage in a void and I believe that most would see it for what it would be: a ploy to avoid defeat in 2020.

The British Labour Party is going so anti-Semitic that the chief Rabbi of the UK penned an op-ed about it in the Times of London – and was seconded by the Archbishop of Canterbury. I understand that polling indicates that 80% of British Jews will opt for some other party in the upcoming elections. The op-ed, of course, called upon Britain’s Labour Party to address the problem and correct it. The op-ed will fail in its intent: the British Left – followed now closely by the American Left – has made the calculation that there is vastly more money and votes in Islam than there is in Judaism. Offending Jews – especially as long as the MSM keeps covering up for you – is a nearly cost-free exercise…and if by so doing you can get Muslim votes and (really more important) Muslim oil money, then its all good. It must always be kept in mind that for the Left, power is everything – the only thing that matters. There’s a meme which goes around that if it was found that Mexicans were voting Republican, Democrats would build the wall 50 feet high at the border. And this is an exactly correct analysis. It is all about power.

But here’s the real problem: for Labourites, they see it as a calculation…for the anti-Semites they’ve invited in, it really is about massacring the Jews and destroying Israel.

I saw some polls which indicated an astonishingly high level of support for President Trump among African-Americans. Its good that I don’t trust polls – but I did enjoy the shrieks from the Left and Never Trump…they stoutly asserted it couldn’t be possible and only an idiot would believe it. They then went on to tout polls showing this or that Democrat will beat Trump. They do love to have it both ways, don’t they? If it wasn’t for double standards, they’d have none at all. As for me: I don’t know. I do know some black people who despise Trump. I can’t say that I know a single black person who is an ardent supporter of Trump. OTOH, most black people who do back the guy would probably keep it low key simply to maintain peace among family and friends. One observation I made is what, really, are Democrats offering black voters? Do black voters care deeply for trans rights? Open borders which depress wages? Do black voters want good schools? Better job opportunities? There is an opportunity here – and even a relatively small movement of African-Americans to the GOP would be devastating to the Democrats. Someone on Team Trump thinks so…and they’re doing a big ad buy in black radio and print media across some battleground States.

The World Socialist Web – which is as far left extremist as you imagine – did an interview regarding the “1619 Project” with historian James McPherson…which means the far left commie readers of WSW will be better informed than New York Times readers. Do read it: it is very good. WSW is also better at interviewing than the MSM.

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  1. jdge1 November 27, 2019 / 12:24 am

    Interesting FB article I read suggested that of the 27 deadliest mass shooters, 26 of them were raised in fatherless homes. Many feminists complain that toxic masculinity is the problem, however that depends greatly on how you define masculinity. It seems many feminist equate masculinity with traits such as; domineering & controlling mind sets, high levels of testosterone coupled with out-of-control egos, violence and degradation of women, lack of empathy & emotion except anger and rage, and so on. But in reality, these are traits of cowards, not real men.

    As Cluster has pointed out more than once, we need more males to be strong, responsible and honorable role models. Real men strive for morals, honor and conviction. Too many adult males are failing miserably in their duty. Why? Simply put, the cards are stacked against societies children and if you remove God and the family structure from them, and replace it with every deviant evil flaunting it openly in front of their face 24/7, such as pornography, drugs & alcohol, LGBT lifestyles, laziness accompanied by demands for others to provide you with something you didn’t earn, recognition for doing nothing, or worse – recognition for destructive behavior.

    The world needs more masculinity, not less. It takes courage and honor to start and raise families, actively guiding them in morals & truth, sharing with them strong work ethics so they may one day reap the rewards of independence and be prepared to raise families of their own.

    • Cluster November 27, 2019 / 9:55 am

      ….. guiding them in morals & truth, sharing with them strong work ethics so they may one day reap the rewards of independence and be prepared to raise families of their own.

      Amen. And rewarding them with their own “rewards of independence” is the key. As you said real men of honor and conviction not only build great families but by extension they build great societies. Great post.

    • Amazona November 27, 2019 / 11:36 am

      I could not agree more, jdge1. But keep in mind that the traits of women are also under attack from the Left. While men are not supposed to exhibit the masculine traits you list, women are told they should kill their babies, when the very essence of womanhood is the protection of their young.

      The Left’s goal is destabilization of our society. They can’t destabilize our government, and take it over, without first destabilizing our very society. Sowing confusion, chaos and internal conflict is their strategy.

  2. Cluster November 27, 2019 / 10:12 am

    Stemming off of JDGE1’s post .. just now on MSNBC another Princeton professor has written yet another book about RACISM and the jest of the book is that blacks and specifically black males are held down by systemic racism. Quote “Racism and white supremacy is on the rise in America” and the message by the author is that only a socialist society can be the remedy and that “individualism” in this country is to blame. So now they are using racism to bring about socialism … interesting. And the differences could not be more stark. While we turn to God for community, the Left turns toward the State. I will note that God has a much better track record.

    I have been watching reruns of the Rockford Files … great show and it’s fun to see the old cars, signs, etc. In one episode he was in Las Vegas and they showed an aerial of the Strip and WOW a lot of vacant lots. Don’t I wish I had the vision and the money back in 1972 to buy some of that dirt. Anyway, in the show there are many black actors, one in fact was the Police Captain in LV and this was almost 50 years ago. The Left will NEVER ALLOW racism to go away. Just know that.

    • jdge1 November 27, 2019 / 11:22 am

      ” I will note that God has a much better track record.”

      I wonder how many people who profess that God doesn’t exist would change their mind when put in highly dangerous, life or death situation? How convinced would they be of their conviction then? I also wonder why that same person feels any need for any people to follow moral laws if you cease to exist after death? What’s the point? Those who deny God are fools of the worst sort. And a society that places restrictions on belief in God or acting in accordance with one’s faith will lose the many graces He has bestowed on them until all they have left is the choice between Him and total destruction. Much better track record indeed.

      • Amazona November 27, 2019 / 11:38 am

        There is a reason behind the old saying “There are no atheists in foxholes”.

    • Amazona November 27, 2019 / 11:54 am

      So we are a nation caught in the grips of”systemic racism”? It, and capitalistic greed, define this nation, right?

      So if corporations are the epitome of greed and self-interest, we should be able to assume that everything they do is based on the premise that it will add to their bottom line. We should be able to assume that, for example, before running ads for their products they do market research to find out if the ads will appeal to people or turn them off.

      If we accept this premise, then we have to accept the premise that focus groups and market research have told big greedy capitalist companies that ads featuring black people, and/or mixed-race couples and families, will have wide appeal. At least I have noticed that nearly every TV ad has at least one black person or family, and many have mixed-race couples. One new one shows a very white father picking up his obviously black daughter at school

      And TV shows featuring black people are very popular and successful. But, I have noticed, only when the black people are different from the white people only because of the color of their skin. Skin color is obviously not a big factor.

      None of this fits into the template of a nation gripped by virulent racism. The old adage “follow the money” applies here, too. If we were a racist nation we would reject mixed-race and black representatives for products in TV ads and entertainment and the companies would not feature them.

      The simple fact is, few people care about skin color any more. I contend that any prejudice against black people is cultural, not racist—the black culture of gangs, resentment, strident victimhood, violence, Black Lives Matter, rioting and attacks on police, the culture of thinking that speaking correctly and/or doing well in school are scorned for “acting white” turns off millions of Americans, who couldn’t care less about melanin content but do reject those aspects of too much of black culture. So call us “culturalists” but not “racists” because race has nothing to do with it.

  3. Cluster November 27, 2019 / 10:33 am

    I don’t know how many of you saw this:

    Democrats and liberals, particularly some of the more high profiles ones running for president, tend to like the word “free.” Free tuition, courtesy of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Free health care, courtesy of Elizabeth Warren.

    But Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), as the young progressive firebrand she is, is instructing her colleagues and fellow Democrats to start using a new phrase to describe their lofty goals.

    “It’s not that we deserve it because it’s a handout,” Ocasio-Cortez explained at a town hall over the weekend. “People like to say, ‘Oh, this is about free stuff.’ This is not about free stuff.”

    “These are public goods,” she continued. “They’re public goods. So I never want to hear the word or the term ‘free stuff’ ever again … because I’m tired of already hearing some of these neoliberal folks who are trying to, like, flip the script on us.”

    “Public Goods” – once again Democrats changing the language to distort the meaning. Watch her hand gestures in the video particularly when she says “I never want to hear the word or the term again …” it reminds me of a teenager lecturing her parents on her curfew.

    AOC is the poster child for everything that went wrong in the Democrat Party over the last 50 years.

  4. Amazona November 27, 2019 / 12:03 pm

    “Public Goods” . In other words, the true goal of the Left, which is the abolishment of private property and State ownership of everything—which it can then dole out to the public, which is assumed to be meekly standing there with outstretched hands willing to take whatever the State allots to them, as a reward for abandoning liberty and individualism.

    This AOC statement should be the cornerstone of every Republican ad for every candidate.

  5. Amazona November 27, 2019 / 12:28 pm

    Newly released transcripts from the deposition of Mark Sandy, an official at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), reveal that OMB was allegedly instructed to withhold aid to Ukraine because President Donald Trump was concerned “about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.”

    As usual, the Comments section is better than the article.
    The Coup Cucks Clan once again stepped on a rake.
    My father voted Republican for his entire life. Since then he’s voted Democrat.
    Many states have implemented early voting – a means of casting a vote prior to Election Day.
    Blue states are implementing late voting – as in “the late John Doe casts his vote for the Democratic candidate”

    • Cluster November 27, 2019 / 4:34 pm

      My father voted Republican for his entire life. Since then he’s voted Democrat.


  6. Amazona November 27, 2019 / 1:12 pm

    Finally, a day that makes checking out the interweb worthwhile.

    There is a wonderful story about an Antifa-like guy punching a cop in the face, after which said cop calmly opens the back door of his police cruiser and lets his four-legged partner deal with the assailant. It’s a great video.

    Then there is the news that President Trump is looking into designating Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations, and his signing of an Executive Order creating a task force to look into the disappearance of hundreds, if not thousands, of Native American girls and women.

    There is, of course, the noise of yet another Democrat Wishful Thinking balloon popping, as Mark Sandy jabs the pin of truth into it. By this time the noise wasn’t explosive, coming as it does on the heels of so many other Dem hopes deflating, and sounded more like an Eric Swallwell oops than a real bang, but it was still gratifying and we are happy to add it to the list.

    And we get another chance to enjoy the double whammy of Trump humor and jokes at the expense of Adam Schiff:

    The turkeys Bread and Butter were raised “to remain calm under any condition, which will be very important because they have already received subpoenas to appear in Adam Schiff’s basement,” Trump said.

    “It seems the Democrats are accusing me of being too soft on turkeys,” Trump added.

    For good measure, Trump joked that Bread and Butter will provide unique testimony because “unlike previous witnesses, you and I have actually met. It’s very unusual.”

    Following the tradition of earlier presidents, Trump spared the lives of both of the turkeys presented to him, but he announced an official presidential pardon only for Butter, who was officially designated this year’s National Thanksgiving Turkey.

  7. Amazona November 28, 2019 / 9:47 am

    I have been wondering all along, as I have mentioned here several times, why Inspector General Atkinson seemed to be getting no attention when he is the one who allowed the “whistleblower” report to be accepted and then forwarded, based on the combination of his altering of the rules and his assertion that the report was “credible” (though “credibility” is not one of the criteria listed in the rules for further investigation).

    Now there is this, with a little background to identify some of the other players: emphasis mine. Clinesmith is thought to be the lawyer who will be indicted for altering a document)

    As with Strzok and Page, Clinesmith is said to have allegedly maintained an inter-office romance with his own female accomplice, Sally Moyer, who also was under investigation.

    Prior to the Trump surveillance, he had been working with Strzok and a small group of agents on the Hillary Clinton email investigation, labeled “Mid-Year Exam.”

    Strzok switched over to the Trump sting operation, dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane,” and with him went his No. 2 man, Clinesmith after FBI Director James Comey announced the closing of the initial Clinton case in July 2016.

    Moyer’s role in the general counsel’s office made her responsible for legal compliance related to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the warrant application to eavesdrop on Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

    The details of her and Clinesmith’s association are still vague and unverified, and it is uncertain whether the two maintained any intimate and revealing correspondence on their traceable FBI phones, as Page and Strzok did.

    However, Clinesmith it is known was removed from the Trump investigation after sending messages to colleagues that included “Viva le resistance.” Both Clinesmith and Moyer also worked closely with Michael Atkinson, an FBI attorney who became the intelligence community’s inspector general.

    It was Atkinson who, according to House Democrats, was first approached by the so-called whistleblower, presumed to be CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella.

    After hearing the second-hand account of Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Atkinson proceeded to change the rules for filing whistleblower complaints to allow them to include those that were not directly witnessed by the complainant.

    Even so, the Gateway Pundit noted that the form should not have been accepted since Trump was not a member of the intelligence community.

    Atkinson remained unsatisfied with the lack of attention that the claims received from the Justice Department and reached out directly to the chairmen of the House and Senate intelligence committees.

    Conveniently, having just rebounded from the disastrous debunking of the Russia collusion claims—in which he publicly had promised smoking-gun evidence to impeach the president—Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. was freshly in the market for a new scandal.

    After it was revealed that the whistleblower, too, had spoken with Schiff’s office prior to the filing of the complaint, he, too, allegedly tried to edit the form, where he had indicated that he had not spoken to Congress, the Gateway Pundit reported.

    Clearly a lot of this mess can be traced back to Atkinson, who had “worked closely” with Clinesmith and Moyer, both deeply involved in the FISA fraud on the court case. Clinesmith altered an email associated with the FISA case. Moyer was “… responsible for legal compliance related to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the warrant application to eavesdrop on Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page” and is therefore also implicated in the fraud. Both of them were anti-Trump and involved with Atkinson, who used his position to advance a bogus “report” based on improper if not illegal information provided to an anti-Trump CIA officer by a military officer who is also anti-Trump. It was Atkinson who made the designation “whistleblower” possible, in an effort to hide the sequence of events leading to the latest attack on Trump. He’s not just been in it up to his neck (in spite of his feeble CYA effort to protect himself by hinting that the “whistleblower” might have had a political bias) and no one ever mentions him. He’s been the invisible guy behind the curtain who pulled the levers and then slunk off into the shadows.

    Also, lots of editing here, in efforts to cover up wrongdoing.

    • Amazona November 28, 2019 / 10:21 am

      Yeah, right. emphasis mine

      Before he filed his Aug. 12 complaint against President Donald Trump, the whistleblower reportedly met with one of Schiff’s aides.

      On Tuesday, Breitbart reported that Ciaramella maintained a “bro-like” relationship with one of Schiff’s staffers, Sean Misko, who was hired in August, just as the whistleblower complaint surfaced.

      Several other partisan connections have also helped support charges from Trump supporters that the complaint surrounding a July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was part of an (sic) coordinated effort to engineer an impeachment scandal.

      Though the whistleblower informed Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson that he had communicated with the House Intelligence Committee, he did not tell Atkinson that he had specifically talked to Schiff’s office beforehand.

      The whistleblower now claims that he withheld this information because it wasn’t relevant or pertinent. But according to a memo of the whistleblower’s meeting with Schiff’s office, one of Schiff’s aides advised the whistleblower on how he should file the complaint against Trump.

      “‘Do it right, hire a lawyer, and contact the ICIG,’” the aide told the whistleblower, according to the memo obtained by the Washington Examiner. “So that is what the COMPLAINANT did. At the time, COMPLAINANT did not even know what the ICIG was.

      The whistleblower claims that this conversation was “based on getting guidance on a procedural question, and that not substance of the actual disclosures was discussed,” the memo states.

      Schiff’s office was heavily involved in the whistleblower’s compliant, according to multiple reports. Schiff even “learned about the outlines” of the complaint before the whistleblower submitted it to Atkinson, according to Schiff’s spokesman Patrick Boland.

      It is amazing that a CIA officer would claim he didn’t “even know what the ICIG was”. Clearly this person should not be in the CIA, or any other branch department of the Intelligence Community, without even knowing what the Inspector General OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY is. This effort to mislead the aide regarding his efforts to get his bogus report to the attention of the public is significant, just another element of the overall game playing and deceit involved. There seems to be some evidence that Ciaramella approached Atkinson on his own, possibly before talking to his good buddy on Schiff’s staff but that sequence is murky. But the claim of a CIA officer who had been in several areas of government to not even know there IS an Inspector General of the Intelligence Community indicates that he might have been trying to create the impression that Atkinson was not a part of this whole thing. That’s where the timeline becomes important—what is the sequence of events? We have a lot of the elements: Vindman scurrying over to Ciaramella to report what was clearly thought to be a way to take down the president, Ciaramella getting advice from Schiff’s staff on writing a report, Atkinson changing the rules to allow hearsay to be accepted and processed, the Schiff-assisted report being officially sent to Atkinson, Atkinson certifying that it was “credible”, and the final official forwarding of the report to Schiff with the IG’s approval.

    • Cluster November 28, 2019 / 10:46 am

      There are so many layers of deception and deceit in this saga that it’s hard to keep up and I think that’s by design. I started reading “The Plot Against The President” by Lee Smith and the opening few chapters make you dizzy. The bureaucratic state is full of career administrators and diplomats who sincerely believe that they are the ones who determine foreign policy and it is they and they alone who are the “proper channels” to work through, and I believe ever since Clinton, no President ever questioned their “expertise” which means we have nearly 30 years now of unquestioned bureaucrats and diplomats conducting our foreign policy which explains the hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid that flows out of this country every year without challenge. And then much of that foreign aid money is caught up in corruption. This has to end.

      I also prefer the term “bureaucratic state” as opposed to deep state. The term deep state sounds too Hollywood and conspiracy minded, while everyone has dealt with incompetent bureaucracies.

      Happy Thanksgiving y’all

      • Amazona November 28, 2019 / 11:07 am

        Cluster, we have to factor in the Obama people who were given high ranking agency positions at the end of his term, so they could remain in place and in positions to make policy, which is what agencies have been doing for years. This is why agencies were starting to be thought of as the de facto fourth branch of government, making policy (ie: rules that were treated as laws) without the input or even oversight of the only legitimate legislative body, Congress.

        This goes back to Clinton when he signed an Executive Order giving the EPA the power and authority to (1) decide on its own what is a “pollutant” and (2) decide on its own what rules, policies and actions were appropriate to deal with it. We saw other agencies expand in scope and power in the same way, until we saw what had appeared to be benign agencies like the BLM suddenly acting as a police force to implement actions to benefit powerful politicians (check out the benefits to Harry Reid thanks to BLM interference) and we saw agencies like the Social Security Administration buying up vast quantities of ammunition. Seriously? The Social Security Administration needs tens of thousands of hollow-point bullets? (That whole agency-buying-ammo thing sure stopped getting any attention, didn’t it?)

        Yes, it is a “bureaucratic state” but it is also, when you dig down a little, a Deep State and/or a Shadow Government. When we think those terms sound too much like Hollywood, that leads us to the chicken-and-egg question: which came first? That is, is Hollywood writing about real life inside the U.S. government, or are we just applying dramatic Hollywood terms to what is going on inside our government?

      • Amazona November 28, 2019 / 11:08 am

        “incompetent bureaucracies” are annoying. It’s the focused, super-competent bureaucracies that are scary and they are the components of the Deep State.

      • Cluster November 28, 2019 / 11:36 am

        … “incompetent bureaucracies” are annoying. It’s the focused, super-competent corrupt bureaucracies that are scary


  8. Cluster November 28, 2019 / 12:50 pm

    And “super corrupt” bureaucrats have infected nearly every sector of government:

    Trump’s clemency actually served two or three purposes which were important to his military aims: One, he signaled to the troops that he had their backs and if the military lawyers sought to get their skins on their walls over small stuff for their own career advancement, they can expect to be smacked down. Two, he sent a message to our terrorist enemies to forget about putting their faith in leftwing lawyers as they ignore every civilized law of combat, concern-trolling on about war crimes as their last resort. To heck with that. Trump’s message was: Make war on America, get annihilated. Three: He’s not going to be muscled by anyone because he knows who’s commander in chief.

  9. Cluster November 28, 2019 / 1:02 pm

    Isn’t it amazing to think that one of our major political parties has been turned over to a 29 year old former bartender who has very little life experience, never held an executive position, never been married, never had kids, or obviously never raised a family? This fact is astonishing to me but it is real. This is what happens when a political party has no moral compass and no guiding principles other than to pander to every identity group possible. She is in the process of completely destroying that party and I don’t think many Democrats understand that yet.

    • Amazona November 29, 2019 / 8:04 am

      I think of AOC as a gift to the Right as well as writing many of our 2020 campaign memes. For example, her impassioned, scolding instruction that what she is talking about is considering everything she wants to distribute to be “public goods”, which is easily understood as the abolishment of private property and State ownership of everything, should be the centerpiece of many campaign arguments.

      Something else I think has to be emphasized when we try to address the insanity of the Left and its efforts to grab every penny anyone can manage to earn even in the economic misery that inevitably accompanies Leftist governance, is the apparent conviction that if a person is a “billionaire” that means he has a billion dollars in cash he can just send on over to the Treasury. They are so clueless about wealth they evidently envision it as a Scrooge McDuck scenario where the wealthy sit around playing with cash. But most wealth is in the form of assets, some more liquid than others. So to take a billion dollars of wealth from a person means he has to liquidate a billion dollars of assets—-that is, sell them. And if all the wealthy are being hit the same way, there won’t be anyone there to buy those assets. If every billionaire in the country is suddenly having to liquidate vast amounts of invested money, who is going to be able to buy up those assets?

      Certainly not Americans. Foreign billionaires, that’s who, maybe Russian oligarchs, Saudi royalty, etc. That’s sure a recipe for making the country strong, isn’t it? And what happens to anything when the market is flooded with people trying to sell? Prices plummet. Dump a few billion in equities and bonds into the stock market and see how those values hold up. Ditto for real estate.

      Would they let these evil rich guys just turn over those assets to the State at current market value and get credit for that amount and let the State dispose of them? The same market flooding would occur, but this time with the Feds doing the selling, and gee, who could imagine any corruption taking place there?

      I’d love to see those financially illiterate Leftists challenged with questions like this, in person, face to face. Liawatha would just say “Oh, come on, just do it and you’ll see how well it works” and AOC would screech “Details and facts don’t matter if you feel good about what you’re doing” and Bernie would bellow “You shouldn’t have all that stuff anyway, just turn it all over to the State”.

      Good times…………

  10. JeremiahTMM November 28, 2019 / 1:47 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁
    Retired Spook
    Ryan Murphy

    God bless you all!

    • Amazona November 28, 2019 / 2:06 pm

      And to you, too, Jeremiah and all the rest of the B4V family.

    • Retired Spook November 28, 2019 / 5:18 pm

      Happy thanksgiving everyone. We have much to be thankful for.

      • Amazona November 28, 2019 / 9:21 pm

        Rush had an interesting show yesterday where he talked about the myth believed by so many youngsters, and no doubt some adults as well, that the first Thanksgiving was to thank the Indians for their help, when in fact it was to thank God for their blessings.

        He then read Washington’s Thanksgiving declaration, which was long and detailed and based on giving thanks to God.

      • Cluster November 29, 2019 / 10:39 am

        I read Washington’s declaration yesterday and it was beautiful. Here is a man so devoted to God and his purpose, that when he was asked to be “president for life” he declined citing that that was they fought against and retired back to Mt. Vernon. Sadly, I don’t think we have many people left with that kind of integrity and character.

        Another aspect of the pilgrims that is never taught anymore is how they proved the failures of socialism. They tried community living but quickly learned that just a handful of pilgrims were really industrious while another portion of them were happy to live off the work of the others. The community was failing so they changed course and made everyone responsible for their own land and output and they could trade their production with others … the community flourished.

    • jdge1 November 30, 2019 / 9:02 pm

      Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and our friends here as well.

    • Retired Spook November 30, 2019 / 11:29 am

      Loved this part:

      Economic Prosperity: You might not have heard about it, but we’re in a boom – though it is not the kind of boom the elite prefers because normal people are sharing in the benefits. The people hurt most by the greed and self-service of our globalist elite are finally getting their cut of the good times, and it’s magnificent. Unemployment for blue collar workers and minorities is the lowest in the history of ever, but hey – Trump tweeted something mean so we need to go back to malaise because of principles or something. Thanks!

      • Amazona November 30, 2019 / 12:04 pm

        Seriously, Spook—how can anything you mentioned rival the consternation about whether the barechested Trump photo “MIGHT HAVE BEEN” Photoshopped?

        Get your priorities, straight, man! Focus! Who cares how many people are newly financially independent when conservatism is DOOMING THE PLANET AND ALL OF HUMANITY !!!

  11. Cluster November 29, 2019 / 10:52 am

    Too good not to post:

    This could only happen on MSNBC. Wednesday night, lefty documentary filmmaker Michael Moore came on The Last Word to share his advice on how liberals can change the hearts and minds of their “bigoted” Republican family members. His winning strategy? Convince them why big government is your friend, not your enemy! …. So what was his great advice? Sell these selfish ingrates on how “you” are going to put their teen through college, pay for their kids’ daycare and pay off their medical bills…oh wait, I mean, how the taxpayers are going to do that

    I guess I am a “bigoted” selfish ingrate because I don’t want Michael or the 330 million other people to help me pay for my healthcare lol. I can do just fine by myself but hey thanks for the offer buddy.

    Evidently Michael isn’t aware of the worst phrase in the English language – “I am from the government and I am here to help” – when you hear that … RUN.

    • Amazona November 29, 2019 / 12:57 pm

      I wonder how many college tuition bills Michael has paid, how many medical bills he has paid, how many daycare costs he has covered, for people who expect others to take care of them and assume their responsibilities.

      He made his millions by lying to the gullible, through fraud and dishonesty, which makes his pompous lecturing of “morality” even more disgusting. It, like his grotesque obesity, is just another example of his lack of self-awareness.

      • Cluster November 29, 2019 / 2:41 pm

        You mean like this?

        “Robert F. Smith, the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Vista Equity Partners, and his family have donated $34 million to the new Morehouse College Student Success Program to pay off the loans that students and parents of the Class of 2019 accumulated to fund a Morehouse education,”

      • Amazona November 29, 2019 / 5:12 pm

        That’s great, but I would much prefer an offer to pay college tuition moving forward, for productive and educational classes, instead of paying retroactively for degrees that might be silly or frivolous. Still, it is a great gesture, and many alumni would do well to do the same thing, at least for graduates who are working.

  12. Cluster November 29, 2019 / 11:01 am

    And yet ANOTHER moral lecture from MSNBC, this time courtesy of Donny Deutsch:

    This cued Donny to unload his grievances against President Trump as if he was in a therapy session. “The big mystery, for me, with all of these men, women, mostly men…what do they not get?” Deutsch proceeded to trash the members of Trump’s inner circle: “I don’t understand the human behavior, the soulless behavior…the wimp behavior of just being so submissive. I don’t know…what the spell Trump has over (them).”

    Apparently running out of original ideas, Deutsch invoked the phrase “cult leader” to describe the President before trashing “these buffoons…we saw the last two weeks on display,” referring to congressional Republicans. After arguing that President Trump caused Rudy Giuliani to morph from a “respected politician” to a “joke,” Deutsch asked “what is it about this man? It’s got to be one of the great psychological studies of all time that forces men to find their lowest, lowest core.”

    I guess we’re not meeting the “standards” of the Left hahahahahaha. So funny.

    Just a note to our liberals who read this blog …. we love this!!!! And encourage it. We will work everyday to violate your “moral standards” if only to watch you spiral downwards into the abyss of fascist frustration. It’s comedy gold.

    Oh and it looks as though London will have to enact knife control. Those damn knives.

    • Amazona November 29, 2019 / 12:31 pm

      When I hear these unhinged, over-the-top uber-passionate declarations of total, absolute, essential personal awfulness of Trump I have to wonder just what the opinions are based on.

      Are these people still freaking out about the very public, very real but to all observations unrepeated sins of Trump a decade or more ago? Can they point to anything he has done as president, other than a few clumsy and therefore easy-to-misstate comments, to support their virulent hysteria?

      As far as I can see, the only thing about Trump that a dedicated Trump-hater could legitimately claim is that he is sometimes annoying.. Everything else they claim as justification is simply invented. He is often accused of saying all immigrants are racist, only black nations are sh*tholes, that he bragged about grabbing a woman’s genitals, etc. Yet he never said any of these things, any more than he held out financial aid from the United States (conveniently recast as “military aid” to make it sound more ominous) to Ukraine as leverage to damage Joe Biden. Every one of these claims is wholly dependent on manipulating words and/or attributing interpretations that simply do not exist in reality. They are ALL products of hateful, dishonest minds, not of anything the President has actually said or done.

      Every single time I hear or read one of these overheated impassioned screeds allegedly damning the president I think of it as a mirror reflecting not the image of Donald Trump but of the person who invented, cherishes and tries to spread that kind of toxic loathing. It’s like every time one of these people starts in with this kind of overheated fever swamp rhetoric of personal bias he or she is peeling back a mask to show, underneath, a writhing mass of vipers instead of a brain.

      I read once that hatred (or revenge) is like taking poison and then waiting for the other person to die. These spewers of virulent hatred seem to illustrate that adage, as they themselves are being devoured by the loathing they are trying to project onto the president and by extension all who support him.

      As for illustrating a disconnect with reality, all you have to do is realize that when Deutsch referred to the “buffoons” in the hearing he wasn’t talking about the Buffoon-In-Chief, Schiff, or his lineup of inept wanna-be accomplices, but of the Republicans whose principled, sharp, focused and intelligent dismantling of them and their efforts was a thing of beauty.

      And BTW, the Left always hated Giuliani. In typical Leftist fashion Deutsch is now rewriting history to create a new fable. The thing is, we are now learning the backstory of other invented fables the Left has concocted to smear Trump supporters, including Manafort and Flynn, and the tactic is becoming pretty transparent.

      • Cluster November 29, 2019 / 2:33 pm

        I read once that hatred (or revenge) is like taking poison and then waiting for the other person to die.

        Great saying and so true

  13. Amazona November 30, 2019 / 11:13 am

    A few years ago the United States elected a hard-core Leftist to the presidency, a mystery man with no verifiable credentials and a murky and carefully hidden past, a man clearly dedicated to the two goals of amping up racial discord in this country and “fundamentally transforming” it, a man whose allegiance to the United States was always sketchy and seldom even claimed, a man who filled the White House with advisory “czars” who had openly advocated for homosexual pedophilia and communism among other perversions, a man introduced to American politics by his good friends, admitted domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. That is, a man whose carefully orchestrated ascent to the White House was a clear and obvious danger to the Constitutional rule of law and governance of this country that had made it great.

    How did the political opposition react? We spoke of the specific dangers to our nation represented by this administration—–the advancement of radical Leftist politics and the dismantling of the prior progress in race relations, for example. We did not dress in outlandish and disgusting costumes and march in howling hordes of outrage, spewing profanity and calling for violence. We did not riot. We did not form a paramilitary mob and send it out to intimidate and attack Democrats. We did not try to silence them. We did not work, both covertly and openly, to disrupt the government or undermine the president. much less remove him from office.

    And we did not indulge in hyperbolic hysterical meltdowns.

    Now that a man has been elected to the presidency who did not campaign on calls to change a nation because of what he identified as its defects and sins but on the message of its greatness and nobility, a man who in spite of his past personal sins has acted honorably and effectively to restore the principles and elements of our original founding that had led to our greatness in the first place, we see such strange and bizarre emotional freakouts it is hard—no, impossible—to see them as anything but insanity.

    This comment was spurred by a statement in the Comments section of an online news article about the Liberal columnist Maureen Dowd allowing her conservative brother to write her Thanksgiving Day column: As long as Mr. Dowd and his fellow conservatives hold sway humanity is doomed.

    Yes, the opinion that this nation was and is best governed according to the Constitution based on personal liberty combined with personal responsibility, the Constitution that identifies the rights given to us by God and pledges to defend them, means that “humanity is doomed”.


    Insanity. It’s not a pejorative, simply an analysis.

    • Retired Spook November 30, 2019 / 12:09 pm

      I do think that there are a lot more Americans who get and agree with what you just wrote than we realize. We’ll know for sure in 339 days.

      • Amazona November 30, 2019 / 1:07 pm

        “get and agree” that the most imperative danger facing the world and humanity in general is control of the American government by people who believe that the federal government of the United States must be severely restricted as to size, scope and power, with most authority left to the states or to the people?

        Or people who realize this is insane?

      • Retired Spook November 30, 2019 / 2:02 pm

        In spite of the actions of the Left in the last few years, I’m still a glass-half-full guy who believes the good guys win in the end, even though we’re led by someone who is as severely flawed a human being as Trump. It reinforces my belief that God works in mysterious ways.

      • Amazona November 30, 2019 / 4:23 pm

        I agree, though I have to say that my impression is that the flaws I am seeing in Trump now, other than the normal degree of narcissism and arrogance it takes to even want to be president in the first place much less be good at it, are those of personality. From what I have seen of his actual character in the past three years it seems to have improved dramatically. I think he is truly focused on doing everything in his power to stall the efforts of the Left while helping mend the damage the Left has already done, so the nation can get back on track.

        God has tapped many people to do HIs work who are not people we would have expected—Kanye West comes to mind.

  14. JeremiahTMM November 30, 2019 / 11:09 pm

    Barron has shot up over his Dad! In three years!! Now right there is our future President!

  15. Cluster December 1, 2019 / 9:14 am

    I personally can’t wait for the impeachment hearings to begin this week with the rotund little man that is Jerry Nadler. I can not think of a bigger loser in life, or more of a buffoon in Congress than Nadler. He is guaranteed to screw this up and will surely be schooled regularly by Collins, Jordan, and others on the panel. Stay tuned and pass the popcorn.

  16. Amazona December 1, 2019 / 11:18 am

    Stu Cvrk has an interesting perspective on the Biden run for the nomination:

    I have maintained from the beginning that Biden is damaged goods and was forced to run by the Clintons who have damning oppo research on him from even before Hillary forced him to stay on the sidelines in 2015. They knew about his corruption and other skeletons, the tip of the iceberg of which we are seeing exposed in Ukraine and China this year. This time around, I am convinced that the Clintons’ blackmail is again at work, but this year, Biden was forced into the identical stalking horse role that Bernie Sanders fulfilled for Hillary in 2016. And rest assured, the lack of any real enthusiasm for any of the Democrat wannabes, which has led to late-entries by Deval Patrick and now Michael Bloomberg, is setting the table for a Hillary Clinton announcement after 1 January. There are still a TON of Democrats who believe she was robbed in 2016 and who would love to see a rematch. Biden is damaged goods; Ukraine and the rest of his malarkey will sink his candidacy soon, paving the way for Hillary. In the meantime, let him go on his swan-song “No Malarkey” Bus Tour in Iowa. We all know better.

  17. Cluster December 1, 2019 / 1:08 pm

    I think it’s funny watching the media take this impeachment thing so seriously. They really think they have something and they really think the American people believe them. I have never seen a more deluded bunch.

    • Amazona December 1, 2019 / 1:28 pm

      Cluster, I’m not sure if we can determine which side is pushing which side. It often seems that Schiff, et al, are dancing to the tune played by the Complicit Agenda Media.

      Like the circular “evidence” game of the FISA warrant, where lies were fed to the media which dutifully published them so the publication of the lies could be cited as proof the lies were credible, we also seem to be seeing a circular pattern here. It’s gotten to the point of not being able to tell if the media are pushing the Dems or just supporting what the Dems decided on their own. It’s certainly true that the media are feeding the Dem frenzy by reporting it as if it were legitimate.

      But most Americans aren’t following any of this or even care about it. This is why I think the RNC should buy a whole hour of prime network time to put on an outline of what has been going on. Then run it constantly on one cable station or another, the way the infomercials are run, so there is ample time for people to take a look at it. I wouldn’t even care if it was in the form of a skit, with dialogue about how someone thinks the president should be impeached because she FELT a certain way about how how she INTERPRETED the hidden meaning in his words, though he never actually SAID those words.

  18. Amazona December 1, 2019 / 2:39 pm

    I missed this last week but think it is a must-read.

    Barr is deeply concerned that “there has been a steady grinding down of the executive branch’s authority” that damages the ability of the president to carry out his constitutional duties and to protect the liberty and freedom of the American people. With Trump’s election, his opponents launched what Barr called “The Resistance,” an explicit strategy to use “every tool and maneuver available to sabotage the functioning of his administration.”

    The word “resistance,” points out Barr, is the word used to “describe insurgency against … an occupying military power” and it “connotes that the government is not legitimate.” Barr warns that this is “a very dangerous—indeed incendiary—notion to import into the politics of a democratic republic.”

    Instead of acting as the “loyal opposition” as political opponents have done throughout our history, Trump’s opponents are “engaged in a war to cripple, by any means necessary, a duly elected government.”

    This includes the Senate’s “unprecedented abuse of the advice-and-consent process” that is intended “to delay the confirmation process” so the president can’t have a “functional government.”

    Congress also has “largely abdicated its core function of legislating on the most pressing issues facing” our country. Even when it does legislate, it punts “the most difficult and critical issues” by “broad delegations to a modern administrative state that they increasingly seek to insulate from presidential control.

    It’s all powerful, all good and all needs to be described, repeated and reinforced by the Right.

    • Retired Spook December 1, 2019 / 9:25 pm

      Excellent article.

      This includes the Senate’s “unprecedented abuse of the advice-and-consent process” that is intended “to delay the confirmation process”

      I mentioned this in a thread a week or two ago as the reason so many Obama holdovers are still in place, particularly FSO’s and NSC members. I had always thought the National Security Council probably consisted of a dozen or two key individuals, but it turns out it’s several hundred. If only 10% of them are actively working to undermine the administration, that’s a real problem.

      The one thing I don’t understand is how the Senate has been so successful in confirming federal judges and so lacking in confirming other presidential appointees.

      • Amazona December 2, 2019 / 12:20 am

        At the end of Obama’s last term there was an article somewhere about the large number of people in his administration who had been appointed to top agency positions, where they could remain in government and essentially be protected by civil service regs. That is why I have said off and on for more than three years that one thing Congress has to do is reform civil service, to make it easier to get rid of bad employees and bad apples, and a couple of years ago Trump touched on this.

        I think what he did was just slash the agencies, possibly removing some of those positions. Another thing he has been working on has been moving agencies out of DC. I think it is the BLM he is trying to get moved to Colorado, or maybe it is the Forest Service. In any case, the agency heads were completely freaking out. This is one of the important agendas he has been quietly working on, and I hope he is making a lot more progress than we know about.

        Clearly it is time to focus on the intelligence agencies and State Department, as well.

    • Retired Spook December 2, 2019 / 11:26 am

      TODD: When does opinion, when does opinion become fact? Does 17 intelligence services saying it, does every western intelligence ally saying Russia did this? I’m just sort of confused, at what point is it no longer an opinion for you?

      I’m amazed Chuckie could ask that question with a straight face.

      • Amazona December 2, 2019 / 12:06 pm

        I truly do not know if we are looking at profound stupidity or simple lying—not, as Todd, et al, are constantly proving to us, the two are mutually exclusive.

        One thing that drives me, the blog Word Nazi, nuts is the semantic manipulation. They pretend that the word “meddling” only means one thing, or that it can be applied to different kinds of interaction with our election process.

        From what I can tell, the Russians did MEDDLE. That is, they threw in as much garbage as they could, to make as big a mess as they could. As the espionage experts I spoke with said, “Russia always likes to make mischief”. From what I can tell, the Russian meddling was bipartisan. I have yet to see anything that indicates a strong push for one candidate after another.

        As I have said, it would make sense to want Trump to win, in spite of his lack of a history of selling out the United States to Russia for personal gain, just because a Democrat win, while being devastating for the United States in the long run, would also move it toward the Left but wouldn’t result in immediate destabilization of our society. For that to happen, for overt subversion of the government, for the Complicit Agenda Media to get involved in either driving the chaos or just feeding (who knows?), for rioting and efforts to unseat the president, it would take a Republican win.

        But I still don’t know what Russia, as a nation, did to advance that. As I said, they seemed to just enjoy creating as much internal conflict as possible.

        Ukraine, on the other hand, overtly participated in efforts to help Hillary Clinton win the election. In Ukraine, government officials were participating in efforts to sabotage the Trump campaign.

        There are only two reasons I can see for the Left colluding to muddy the waters about the foreign interference in the election. One is because they really really loved their “Russian collusion” fantasy and had a lot riding on it, and when lapdog Mueller failed to deliver as promised they were heartbroken. They would love to revive that, even in a zombie state of walking dead. And what I think is the REAL reason for this frantic effort to shift attention back to Russia is that Ukraine is a ticking time bomb. Ukraine leads back to the Obama White House. Ukraine has the filthy fingerprints of the then-Vice President of the United States all over it. Ukraine has the filthy fingerprints of the then-Democrat candidate for the presidency all over it. Ukraine efforts to get Clinton elected involve not only complicity with the DNC and Clinton herself but the Deep State and probably Obama himself. Ukraine represents not only POLITICAL corruption at the highest levels of the Obama administration, it represents FINANCIAL corruption at those same levels.

        So any deep investigation into Ukraine poses a two-pronged threat—one prong is the political aspect, of the president of the United States being involved to any degree in soliciting aid from a foreign nation to damage a political opponent, and the other prong is big, really big, sums of money being sent to Ukraine (and through Ukraine?) though the efforts of that same Vice President, after being appointed “point man” by Obama, with the help of the then-Secretary of State.

        And in the meantime, if we are going to point fingers at who have been acting as agents of Putin, we need to look no further than the Democrat Party and its mobs, its committees, its lapdog media, its surrogate actors like Antifa, its howling profane mobs, its nonstop accusations, and parallel to its political hysteria its promotion of society-splintering themes like “institutional racism” and “gender fluidity” and its ever-growing list of Thought Crimes.

        Every single thing the Dems have done has been actively promoting the goals and agendas of Vladimir Putin in his desire to generate as much internal conflict, chaos and destabilization of our society as he can. Adam Schiff might as well be wearing a hat with a red star on it. And Todd and his ilk are proudly marching in the footsteps of Walter Duranty.

        I also notice the efforts to involve Hunter Biden in all this. Hunter Biden was a minor player, a puppet whose purpose was to provide a name and a conduit to the real power broker, Joe Biden. Hunter probably didn’t DO anything, other than eventually use his name and that of the Kerry connections to try to get the State Department to look the other way. But there has been a very successful effort to shove Hunter into the spotlight, when the real villains were Joe Biden and John Kerry, who were responsible for funneling billions and billions of American dollars to. and probably through, countries which conveniently developed ties with their sons.

        It’s all a massive smoke screen to try to protect the guys at the top.

      • Retired Spook December 2, 2019 / 1:51 pm

        and the other prong is big, really big, sums of money being sent to Ukraine (and through Ukraine?)

        Billions of which disappeared without a trace. Depending on the source, I’ve seen estimates of anywhere from $3 to $8 billion, at least a billion of which was laundered through Burisma. If that isn’t enough reason to investigate I don’t know what is.

  19. Cluster December 2, 2019 / 9:39 am

    According to MSNBC, the Ukrainian border with Russia poses a significant threat to our national security and any delay in action to secure that border is treasonous:

    Heavily armed with assault rifles, the seven masked assailants – believed to be members of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel – are seen ransacking rooms in the General Hospital of Salvatierra in Guanajuato, southern Mexico, on November 21. Holding a security guard hostage and forcing him to help them find their target, the men move quickly from room to room before they’re seen hauling a patient on a stretcher from a room on the far right of the corridor. Just hours later, police were summoned to a roundabout on Torress Landa where the dismembered body of a man was found placed on white sheet, along with a message written on a cardboard square.

    Oh I am sorry … wrong article. I will find something that suggests the Ukraine border is dangerous to our country …. somewhere. I am sure there is something I can find.

    • Amazona December 2, 2019 / 10:47 pm

      I have no problem being a support for Ukraine in its efforts to resist conquest by Russia. I think limiting the scope of Russian influence and ownership is a good idea. But we have to recognize the Leftist (Communist) heritage of Ukraine, which was part of the USSR and therefore under Communist rule for decades. Leftist governance breeds corruption, because the only way to have any control over ones’ life under Leftist rule is to defy the law and create ones’ own rules.

      When Communism collapsed, that mindset of every man for himself continued and has resulted in the Ukrainian corruption we see today. The nation is caught between its heritage of corruption and Russian rule and the requirements of being a part of Western society and governance. But it still comes down to it being a valuable buffer between Russia and the rest of the world as well as a symbol of resistance to Russian efforts to rebuild the USSR.

  20. Cluster December 2, 2019 / 9:54 am

    Well this is interesting …. MSNBC this morning is getting out in front of the Horowitz report claiming that it completely “debunks” the notion that the FBI spied on the Trump campaign. This tells me that the Democrats are very worried about this report and the subsequent Durham investigation and are having their media representatives begin to discredit it.

    As Amazona said, there is no daylight anymore between the media and the Democrats, so everything you hear or read in the majority of the media is coordinated with the Democrats to shape opinions. Pure propaganda.

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