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The Coronavirus is coming. I’m not sweating it. Its a flu with a slightly higher mortality rate than regular flu. We in the United States have the money and resources to deal with it. We’ll be fine.

Rule of Thumb in thinking about non-Western nations: they are a collection of mafias with UN seats. Don’t think for a moment that non-West nations (outside of a few places like Japan and South Korea) have any concern for their own people or even the slightest hint of decency.

Warren, fading fast in the Democrat primary, is going full anti-Bernie…she’s trying to recapture the Left lane of the Democrat primary, knowing that Biden and Mayor Pete have the Centrist lane. I don’t think it will work – and it won’t work because even Progressives – though they won’t admit it – know she’s a mere liar. The MSM keeps talking her up like she’s something, but the bottom line is that she did, without a doubt, lie about Native American ancestry to gain advantage. She can’t get around that – she’s permanently damaged goods. But, God bless her, she’s going to keep trying…likely because she doesn’t know anything else to do.

Speaking of Democrat primaries – it does look like there’s a real chance of a brokered convention. As for me, I’m still expecting Bernie to do well enough on Super Tuesday that the party starts to fall in line behind him. Remember, policy-wise, there’s no real difference between any of them. The Bernie Bros will shriek if you try to tell them this – sure their man Bernie is pure as the wind-driven snow – but you and I on the right know better: a liberal is a Progressive is a Communist. Only difference is how fast any of them are willing to push it at a given time. So, if Bernie rolls to some big wins, Democrats will just swallow it and move on…even if they know they’ll lose in November because of it. After all, it keeps the Bernie Bros on side and there’s always a chance that even Bernie pulls off the miracle win. Meanwhile, if Bernie flames out, the Democrats will have a solid argument against appearing too radical in 2024.

Bernie is of Jewish ancestry – but I don’t really count him as a Jew. Nor should anyone. After all, back in the days of the USSR when anti-Jewish persecution was common, Bernie sided with the USSR against the Jews. This is just how it is for any Leftist – whatever their nationality, religious background or ethnicity, being Progressive trumps all.

New York City’s crime rate is rising – this in response to the City of New York deciding that being a criminal isn’t a bad thing. I’m serious about this: remember, Progressives. Always understand them – and to Progressives, crime isn’t the result of criminals, but the result of our racist, sexist, homophobic, Capitalist society. To a Progressive, it is wrong to punish the street criminal…the real criminal is the middle class guy getting robbed. You see, if that middle class guy was in the least bit a decent person, he’d be overthrowing the system. As he’s upholding the system, he deserves to get robbed.

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  1. Retired Spook March 1, 2020 / 11:33 pm

    Laugh for the day:

    Imagine you’re an atheist stuck in a traffic jam behind a car with a “honk-if-you-love-Jesus bumper sticker.

  2. Retired Spook March 1, 2020 / 11:37 pm

    knowing that Biden and Mayor Pete have the Centrist lane.

    Wrong on two counts. A couple days ago Mayor Pete had a rare moment of truth when he admitted he agreed with Bernie on most issues. Second, he no longer even pretends to occupy the Centrist lane, just the exit ramp.

    • Amazona March 2, 2020 / 12:01 am

      There have been no Centrists in the Dem race. Actually, I am not even sure what a “Centrist” IS—is it like a Moderate, which means only violating SOME parts of the Constitution? If the center of the political spectrum is the dividing line between Right (Constitutional government) and the Left (not being bound by the Constitution all the way to total government control) then someone in the center is at Point Zero, with no opinion or political philosophy. Maybe it’s someone who is, like the guy from the Conchords who talked about being a vegetarian who did, sometimes, eat fish. And chicken. And meat. Making him “semi-veg”. As if following some of the rule of law laid out in our governing charter means you can violate some of the others, some kind of trade-off so you can say that it all averages out to “center”.

      And even so, every single person running has been way left of anyone who has run before, most openly embracing the word “Socialist” and the rest wincing at the word but loving the policies.

      • Pke42 March 2, 2020 / 8:20 am

        ‘Centrist’ means ‘I lie about having some respect for the law’.

  3. Amazona March 1, 2020 / 11:50 pm

    Well, Mayor Pete has dropped out—“for the good of the country” he says. More likely for the good of a shot at the VP slot, by stepping away from going after the nominee.

    One guy who got the Covid virus said yeah, he caught it. And he got better. His treatment? Three bottles of Gatorade a day. As one health official says, the common cold is also a corona virus, and it looks like the treatment is pretty similar. Today I reminded a neighbor suffering from a bad cold of the old saying: “Treat a cold and you can get rid of it in a week. Ignore it and it will be gone in 7 days.”

    New York is doing what so many other Left-run governments have done—dealing with the crime rate by simply redefining crime. It’s pretty amazing how that works—stop calling mugging a crime and all of a sudden your robbery stats go way down. Call it a misdemeanor and your felony numbers start to look pretty good.

    A few years ago Colorado was suffering from a goofball Lefty policy of not charging to take drivers license tests and allowing people to retake them as often as they had to, to pass. Gee, what a surprise when the system was overwhelmed by people who showed up and just kept retaking the tests all day till they finally passed. What did the wizards in our state government do? They made the test easier, of course. (No possible Unintended Consequences there, right, Spook?)

    I would have charged $25.00 to take the test up to two times in a day and then not again for a week, with another charge for that day, and then when it was passed charged $10.00 to have the license issued. My way would have freed up vast amounts of DMV time for employees, made the process much less miserable for people who take driving seriously and study for their tests, and forced prospective drivers to actually study and study on their own time and be better educated because they would have to show up prepared to answer any question. As it is, DMV employees are still baby sitters and tutors, handing out licenses to people who never study and just keep taking tests till they finally get a passing grade on a much easier-to-pass test.

    And we can’t forget the automatic registration to vote that goes along with that drivers’ license, another result of Leftist meddling. If you can’t be bothered to study to pass a driving test, are you really likely to study up on candidates and politics before you vote, or just go along with what your TV talking heads and favorite actors and singers tell you?

    In the case of the drivers license issue, make the test harder so it means something, stop flooding the system with slackers, and if the bleeding hearts whine about the cost (RACIST !!!) then they can form some Lefty charity to help people out with the expense. The high school kids I know are taking their Drivers Ed classes online—gee, I’ll bet those free-form open book tests are really tough!

    • Retired Spook March 2, 2020 / 9:04 am

      The idiot climate change nut, Steyer, dropped out too. Guess Climate change doesn’t register very high on most people’s list of priorities, particularly when they find out that they’re going to have to sacrifice “for the greater good.”

      It’s going to be interesting to see who’s left standing Tuesday night.

  4. Cluster March 2, 2020 / 9:50 am

    … but you and I on the right know better: a liberal is a Progressive is a Communist.

    They are all Socialists before they disarm the population, then they are Communists.

    The premise on Morning Joe is that Trump is destroying the “institutions of government” and according to one “expert” (there’s that word again), many bureaucrats are “hanging on” and that there could be “mass exodus” if Trump wins a second term. This is really an amazing segment – the author of the book “How to Destroy a Government” is in full panic peddling mode sounding the alarm on Trump’s “authoritarian control of the government”

    Here’s a bit of advice – never allow people with extreme irrational fears to govern the country.

    • Amazona March 2, 2020 / 10:42 am

      Trump should run on the promise of an mass exodus of these useless parasitic bureaucrats if he is reelected. That sounds like a real vote-getter to me.

      BTW, I caught part of Fox Nation’s series on Socialism, and it is good. But it is still so academic. It’s important stuff, but I think today’s budding Socialists, if they see it at all, will just say what they all say, which is “Well, it will be different here”.

    • Amazona March 3, 2020 / 10:58 am

      No one ever seems to ask the obvious questions, such as “what,do you mean by “institutions of government”? and which “institutions of government” are under attack by the president? And how? It’s a meaningless phrase.

      There are some technical differences among the various Leftist political models, but in general they all follow the model of most if not all authority concentrated at the top, with power consolidated and in the hands of a few Elites who make all the rules and impose them on everyone. There are differences in how the economy is handled and in how dependent the people are on the government, but these are technical differences and tend to wash out as power increases and people push back and in response the government becomes even more tyrannical and domineering.

      One thing the Left does is play a shell game with words, shifting definitions at will. For example, in the USSR the political model was Communism—that is, the State owned and ran the businesses and distributed the income among those who worked for the State. Yet the word “Socialist” is used in the very name and in references to it, while in Germany the National Socialist Party did not own the means of production but exerted great control over them and directed them. When people like Bernie tout Denmark as an example of Socialism working well for the country and the people they are just talking about the government confiscating much of the proceeds from independently owned businesses and redistributing them.

      I don’t think even those on the Left have a very clear idea of what actual NAME is attached to whatever they believe. “Socialism” has a more benign sound than Communism. “Fascism” makes people think of Hitler—–ugh—so it is bad, though in fact it has very little to differentiate it from the other “isms” of the Left. The sheeple consider government control by entities like law enforcement “fascist” but are totally ignorant of the even more extreme abuses of power in countries that were never identified as “fascist”, by entities such as the Cheka, the KGB, the Stasi, and whatever the names were of those enforcing the oppression of Pol Pot, Saddam, Castro, Mao and other Leftist tyrants.

      As long as we use the words and don’t explain the structure, we allow the Left to remain slippery and evasive when we try to pin them down, while being able to apply pejoratives at will (“fascist”) because no one knows what it means. And we keep the discourse on an abstract level, a historical accounting, instead of applying the reality of Leftist dominance to our lives here, today.

  5. Retired Spook March 2, 2020 / 11:30 am

    Michael Bloomberg claims to be 5’8″, although his detractors say he’s only 5’4″. He was interviewed by Scott Pelley last night on 60 Minutes, and at one point they stood face to face. Bloomberg came up to Pelley’s nose. I looked up Scott Pelley’s height, and he’s 5’9″. If Bloomberg can’t even be honest about his height, there’s probably not much that he wouldn’t lie about.

    • Amazona March 2, 2020 / 5:26 pm

      It’s not just that it is a lie, it’s that it is clearly a lie and easily disproved, which indicates a rather frightening combination of dishonesty and recklessness.

  6. Retired Spook March 2, 2020 / 1:29 pm

    BTW, did anyone else catch Chris Wallace’s interview of Joe Biden on Fox News Sunday? I’m sitting there waiting for Biden’s usual gaff/s, and he made it all the way to the end without any serious flubs. Then, as they were rapping up, and after Wallace thanked Biden for his time Joe said “all right, Chuck. thank you very much,” to which Wallace replied, “well, it’s Chris, but anyway……….” I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

    • Cluster March 2, 2020 / 5:53 pm

      I didn’t seeit but I read it and reacted much like you did. Biden is a slow motion train wreck and Democrats will soon regret propping him up again and remember, according to the media, Trump is the one with diminishing mental capacity.

      BTW, last week when the stock market was dropping like a rock, MSNBC had a ticker scroll on all of the shows showing a big red arrow down and tracking the stock market. Well now that the market is up today, the ticker is gone. Anyone surprised?

      • Retired Spook March 3, 2020 / 11:12 am

        He had an even worse time with The Declaration of Independence.

        In all fairness to Biden’s lack of mental acuity, this wasn’t actually a gaffe; it was worse. He realized at the last moment that, as a post-constitutional Democrat, he couldn’t mention “the Creator” out loud.

  7. Cluster March 2, 2020 / 6:31 pm

    I think we have to ask ourselves, why is the media trying so hard to convince us that we should be panicked over the coronavirus? More people have died from car accidents this last week than from the coronavirus. More people die from the flu and certainly many more from the opioid epidemic but this virus is getting 24/7 alarming coverage … why? It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • Amazona March 2, 2020 / 8:36 pm

      That’s easy: The Covid virus is new, is getting a lot of attention around the world, and it is easier to blame Trump for “not doing enough” about it than to try to convince people he is heartless and indifferent, or incompetent, when it comes to the common cold or influenza. Mostly, I think, it is because this has been having an impact on economies around the world and a skittish Wall Street got the vapors for a while—Trump’s biggest strength going into the election has been the economy and anything that will harm it so the numbers are down when October gets here is what the Dems are going to push, promote and exaggerate. However, Wall Street is already starting to rebound, a lot of people were able to get into the market at reduced prices so they are going to be very happy, and a quick and steady recovery is only going to make Trump look even better.

      After the stock market extended gains in the session’s final minutes, the Dow wrapped up its strongest one-day gain since 2009, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq each had their strongest one-day rise since December 2018.

      You can just hear the Left howling in pain and fury as the economic downturn looks more like a hiccup than a plunge into a depression. We have to remember is that if it is bad for the country it is good for Democrats, and if it is good for the country it is bad for Democrats.

      The thing is, what anyone can “do about it” includes the very thing that makes the Dems melt down—-controlling entrance into the country. You know how desperate they are when they are reduced to whining about Pence leading the commission to deal with it because “he doesn’t believe in science”. The more they carry on like this the more obvious it is that they will do or say anything, no matter how stupid, if they think it will grab a headline or get Colbert to snarl about it.

  8. Amazona March 2, 2020 / 8:22 pm

    Well, the Complicit Agenda Media just lost a foot soldier. Chris Matthews just quit. I guess he learned that the Left will turn on its own in a heartbeat, and loyalty on that side of the aisle shifts according to ones’ latest comment. One of his problems was that he was starting to realize he was on the wrong side.

    I went through that many years ago, and it is hard—it starts with disillusionment with the side you have been aligned with for years, and proceeds in fits and starts as more chinks appear in the facade that used to look pretty good. Eventually you end up in a no-man’s-land, not ready to move to the Right but no longer willing to support the Left. It’s a process and he was starting to go through it, and was no longer the mindless attack machine the Left had loved so much.

    • Cluster March 3, 2020 / 9:12 am

      They eat their own … I was surprised by this announcement too. Chris made the cardinal sin of being politically incorrect and for that he is no longer a member of the club. But you are also right in saying that Matthews doesn’t belong to that club anymore and he is just now realizing it … Chris is an older traditional Democrat in the vain of JFK and those Democrats no longer have a home.

      • Amazona March 3, 2020 / 9:36 am

        He looked like a deer in the headlights when he made his announcement and though he tried to put a good face on it, that he was leaving because there are so many younger people coming up and it was time to step aside, he looked hounded and a little confused.

        This is something that can only be understood in a larger context—that of the absolutely rigid demand for total conformity demanded by the Left. This was about a job, but in the larger scheme of Leftist authoritarianism it is seen in the criminalizing of Wrongthink, in prisons for those who do not comply, in reeducation camps and gulags like those suggested by the Bernie supporters who quite seriously feel this is how best to deal with the opposition. Right now it is mostly seen in the Cancel Culture—-submit or be fired, have your business shut down, be boycotted and destroyed. But that is only for the time being, until the Left is in complete control.

      • Retired Spook March 3, 2020 / 11:01 am

        I was a bit surprised by Matthews announcement as well. We haven’t watched him in years, but we’ll occasionally see a clip of him on Fox. When we first got cable back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Hardball was one of the first opinion shows we watched. Back then MSNBC was basically an extension of NBC with more news and opinion. We didn’t realize how left-biased they were until FNC came along. Since then the difference has only gotten more stark.

        This is something that can only be understood in a larger context—that of the absolutely rigid demand for total conformity demanded by the Left

        I’m hoping I’ll be taking the final dirt nap when the Left finally gets the level of control that allows them to dictate how and where people live, what they say, even what they think. And I do think it’s a matter of when, not if. I have more faith that Conservatives can and will resist it after the fact than I do that they can stop it ahead of time, but I think the greatest ever experiment in self government is in for a rough patch in the not-too-distant future. We just have too many Americans ages 18 to 40 who have been indoctrinated to, at the very least, not look on Socialism unfavorably.

  9. Amazona March 3, 2020 / 1:00 pm

    People who advocate for Socialism believe they are promoting a system that will offer them more freedom, ranging from freedom from having to work to be housed, fed and entertained to the freedom from having to deal with political opposition. What we have to start doing is relating the loss of freedoms to the real lives of those advocating for a Socialist government.

    Example: If the government steps in to provide everyone with a cell phone, it will soon dictate that only government-provided cell phones are allowed. Much like Obamacare, when the government becomes the provider it will not/cannot tolerate competition. At this point the government would choose which cell phone provider it would use, a restriction on freedom, enforced by control of which phones can use the networks. Then, when faced with the reality of the costs of providing cell phones for everyone, the State would have to start controlling the phones themselves—-limiting options and determining which cell phones are most cost-effective. This is when the dreaded phrase “NO ONE NEEDS….” rears its ugly head. If no one needs massive pixel capacity, or colored cases, or other choices available to today’s consumers, the eventual decision would be uniform mediocre phones in one color, with one level of photography and one level of other options like data access. This is the historic and inevitable progression of government sourcing of any product for the population. Somewhere in this progression is probably going to be the State taking over the actual manufacture of its State-approved cell phones.

    And NO ONE NEEDS ski vacations, or cars of different sizes or colors or with different options. NO ONE NEEDS pets. NO ONE NEEDS a big wardrobe, or tattoos, or piercings.

    Free housing? Well, NO ONE NEEDS more than one bedroom for a single or a couple, NO ONE NEEDS more than 600 square feet of living space to get by, NO ONE NEEDS a detached house or a lawn or yard, etc. Check out the living conditions under Soviet rule. The Elites had their big houses and their summer dachas, while the common folk were crammed into tiny depressing shoeboxes of dreary apartment buildings.

    These budding Socialists seem to think that the State will give them hot new cell phones, pay off their student loans, give them all a certain amount of money every month and so on, and that they will still be able to make their own choices about what they get, where they live, etc. With a guaranteed income and no expense for health care or toys, they will be able to live in big apartments and drive cool cars and wear expensive watches and live like people on TV do. They don’t understand that “equality” means everyone is at the same mediocre level of existence, possibly without responsibility but also without hope for advancement. Turning over control to the State means the State gets to make the decisions, and the decisions apply to everyone. Every one of us has experienced the parental edict of “As long as you live in my house you follow my rules”. What the young advocates for what they foolishly think is real Socialism is that this is what they would be hearing from the State for the rest of their lives.

    • Cluster March 3, 2020 / 4:04 pm

      “No One Needs” perfectly summarizes socialism

      • Amazona March 4, 2020 / 12:00 pm

        I’ve talked about my Liberal Poster Child cousin.

        Many years ago she sneered that “no one needs” a VCR—television was just fine, and people who bought VCRs were just “showing off how much money they had”. But then her daughters needed to be entertained, and rather than spend time with them and share experiences and teach them she bought a VCR and parked them in front of the screen with Disney movies.

        At that point, the bar had been moved—now it was “no one needs more than one VCR”.

        Until…the kids demanded that even in the evening they be allowed to watch endless replays of their mind candy, at which time she and her husband bought a separate VCR for themselves. And yes, at that time “no one needs more than two VCRs” was the new mantra.

        BTW, both she and her husband worked for the federal government, and when I got to know the woman who ran HR in that agency for the state I learned that she did such terrible work that they had to hire another person to pick up the slack. But they couldn’t fire her. In 30 years she had advanced only one or two pay grades, almost unheard-of in her agency, but they couldn’t fire her so they spent a lot of time doing workarounds to find or create something to make it look like she was doing something.

  10. Amazona March 3, 2020 / 1:14 pm

    I’m going to quote a lengthy comment about Communism, life in the USSR and so on. It is an answer to the question How did communist Russians ‘buy’ cars during the Soviet Union?

    First, I would like to check, that “Communist Russians” is a wrong and actually insulting phrase. While it would be correct to mentions “Nazi Germans” since the philosophy of National-Socialism (known as Nazi, but a kind of socialism nevertheless) was nationalistic and proclaiming the superiority of particular nation, the Soviet-Socialism was internationalistic in its theory and to some extent in its practice. The Russian Empire, that was overtaken by the Bolsheviks (the nick-name of the party making the October putsch of 1917), was a multinational country, with Russians being just about 60% of the population. Same for the Soviet Union – it was a vast multinational country, with many of the republics having small number of ethnic Russian citizens. This is a necessary introduction so that my interaction here would not look like endorsing the absolutely wrong thesis contained in the question.

    There is also a second wrong thesis in the question: the word “communist”. The Soviet Union (which should not be called “Russia”) was never “communist” despite this word being extensively used. “Communism” as described in the Marx theory is an economic system – an idealistic utopia – whereby there are no money, no markets, no prices… a society of robots that voluntarily limit their consumptions to what they essentially need and that voluntarily again participate in the production of these essential products. In the meantime, when not producing essentials, everybody would dance, sing and do some philosophy studies. Something of the sort. Nothing like this was ever present in Soviet Union. The only knows experience with trying to introduce this sort of commune is Cambodia – it resulted in the worst nation-wide genocide known in human history (in terms of relative numbers for the country) – over 1/2 of the population was killed or interned to labor camps.

    Ok, so considering the above explanations, the correct questions would be: how did the citizens of Soviet Union buy cars?

    Soviet Union was a country of “socialist” economic system – a system that was trying to combine the government ownership of the “production” assets and centrally-planned behavior of these assets with market behavior of the private consumers. The keywords here: “centrally planned production” and “market consumption”. It doesn’t take to be a genius to spot the problem, right? There was a principle difference in the algorithm of the behavior of the two sides of the market – the supply and the demand. The supply was based on theoretical models trying to reach a balance in a very complex country-wide economic situation in consideration of the limited resources, available assets, objective government needs (e,g, military and other), expected consumer behavior (which was also studied considering the behavior-changing policies that could be used to modify it (e.g. prices, administrative limitations, national propaganda campaigns, etc.). The demand was based on humans behaving as usual, as humans would, in consideration of the effects of the centrally-imposed behavior-changing policies (consumer social engineering).

    Lots of interesting stuff here: theoretical models and behavior-changing policies and the explanation that behavior could be modified by the use of prices, administrative limitations, national propaganda campaigns, etc. A chilling comment is that The demand was based on humans behaving as usual, as humans would, in consideration of the effects of the centrally-imposed behavior-changing policies (consumer social engineering).

    The reality of Socialist governance goes way beyond genocide and physical oppression, well into economic tyranny and psychological manipulation. Proponents of Socialism are proponents, whether they understand this or not, of centrally-imposed behavior-changing policies. The hardcore Leftists promoting Bernie not only understand this, they enthusiastically approve of it and look forward to implementing it (believing, as all wannabe tyrants do, that they will be the sharp end of the stick and not the guy getting poked) but the starry-eyed hopefuls who want permanent juvenile status instead of adulthood don’t have a clue.

  11. Cluster March 3, 2020 / 4:02 pm

    This is disgusting

    Blue cities employ and are expanding gargantuan bureaucracies dedicated to “servicing” the homelessness, which encourages a hunt for more “clients.” San Francisco alone spends $77,000 per homeless “client.”

    I hope Trump hangs this issue around their necks this election year

    Read more:

    • Amazona March 4, 2020 / 11:52 am

      In 2018 the median income in California was $75,277. So San Francisco’s homeless are receiving more than the average California income, without doing any work at all, while living on the streets with no security and no dignity, scrounging for food and handouts (the value of which is not included in the $77,000 the city spends on each of them) and using the sidewalks and grocery store aisles as toilets.

      Gee, doesn’t Democrat governance work great?

      For this $77,000 per person the city gets—-nada. Zip. Zero. Well, that’s not right. It gets feces and urine filled streets and sidewalks, a city where people can’t walk without having to avoid being harassed by bums while trying to avoid stepping in human filth, and a reputation for being a Third World sh*thole. Money well spent, eh, California Dems?

      Or….the amount spent over a couple of years could be spent to acquire land outside the city and build either large dormitories where each person has a private room and bath and dining rooms, or little shelters with community shower and toilet rooms and a community kitchen and dining room. In other words, a Socialist paradise where everyone is equal, no one gets to be different but all basic needs are met.

  12. Cluster March 4, 2020 / 9:16 am

    This is just so good:

    Morning Joe – “Biden’s Black Wall is an existential threat to Donald Trump”

    The panel on Morning Joe are all ecstatic for their new standard bearer – the early dementia patient Joe Biden !!! And Black voters “rode to the rescue”.

    Rev. Al Sharpton is now speaking for ALL black people saying that “Biden stuck by our guy, so we are going to stick with him”.

    MSDNC is all Joe Biden now which marks the end for Bernie. The powers to be in the DNC will never allow Bernie to be the nominee … Bernie is done, he just doesn’t know it yet.

    Jon Meecham has just revealed the establishment DNC thinking – “Biden will peel off the Bush/McCain/Romney faction of the GOP and will beat Trump”. So in reality, there hope is to appeal to Never Trumpers and “get the gang back together again”. And they think this is a winning strategy??

    • Amazona March 4, 2020 / 11:28 am

      “Biden will peel off the Bush/McCain/Romney Identity Politics faction of the GOP and will still won’t beat Trump”.

      There: Fixed

  13. Retired Spook March 4, 2020 / 12:08 pm

    It appears Biden is in the driver’s seat at this point, and it’s his election to lose. And I’m betting he’ll find a way (to lose), because, well, he’s a LOSER. The man has serious dementia issues, often doesn’t know what state he’s in or what day it is.

    • Amazona March 4, 2020 / 2:12 pm

      I know a lot of people were eager for a matchup with Bernie, thinking this would be the best shot at defeating Socialism, blah blah blah. I agree, it COULD have, but have had no confidence in our ability to do so. I have only seen one fleeting comment that this would be a battle between Socialism and freedom, and it passed by quickly and was never developed. I still hear people like Ingraham saying it would be a choice between capitalism (an economic system) and Socialism (a political system)—-a loser on several counts, raging from the apples-to-oranges aspect to the fact that our youth have been brainwashed into a knee-jerk distaste for, and distrust of, what they have been taught IS “capitalism”.

      Biden, on the other hand, should be much easier. He is a doddering, inept swamp dweller. The corruption thing alone, with its involvement with his son and the rest of his family, firmly places him in the category of what most Americans say they hate the most.

      But please, dear Lord, listen to my prayers and make Trump STFU. No more name calling, PLEASE. No more ridicule. The best way to beat the Left is to be different from them, not just better at savagery and nastiness. It’s time to grow up, Donald, and set aside the schoolyard taunting. Sure, it’s been fun, but move on to a more dignified and less infantile approach to political campaigning. Biden is offering you a plethora of serious issues you can work with. You don’t need to resort to juvenile mud slinging.

      Let Hannity constantly babble his mantra about Hunter Biden. Let the talking heads do your dirty work for you. Be the CEO, be the Commander in Chief, be the grownup in the room. Instead of expanding Identity Politics, make a big deal about abandoning it and shifting to a more serious platform of discourse, and be sure to make it clear that this is out of respect for the American people and the seriousness of the decisions they will be making.

      Oh, if only…………..

    • Cluster March 4, 2020 / 2:13 pm

      Or who is wife is

    • Amazona March 4, 2020 / 2:14 pm

      Watch Biden try to offset his weaknesses by choosing a black woman as his running mate. That will make the name-calling strategy dangerous and stupid.

      • Retired Spook March 4, 2020 / 5:47 pm

        A caller to Rush’s show (Mark Stein subbing) this afternoon suggested that Biden could pick Michelle Obama, and they could recycle 2008 or 2012 campaign signs and just turn them upside down. It actually sounds like something Biden might consider.

  14. Cluster March 4, 2020 / 2:35 pm

    Mark Steyn had some excellent analysis saying that the entire DC establishment including the media rushed to embrace Biden in the hopes they can all save their careers. Bernie and Trump are threats to the DC order and only Biden can hold everything together for them so they are all in.

  15. Cluster March 4, 2020 / 4:38 pm

    This is who we are up against

    • Retired Spook March 4, 2020 / 5:49 pm

      I don’t think he actually forgot the words. I think he just realized at the last moment that when speaking to a Dem audience one doesn’t dare mention God or The Creator. To me that’s even worse.

      • Amazona March 4, 2020 / 6:33 pm

        Not only that, he suddenly realized he was quoting a foundational document to a crowd determined to get rid of the Constitution and everything associated with it.


  16. Cluster March 4, 2020 / 5:43 pm

    It’s time we all acknowledge that the Democrats HATE us:

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday warned Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh that they will “pay the price” if they take a position he disagrees with in deciding a case that addresses the credentials required for doctors who perform abortions.

    “I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Schumer told a cheering crowd of abortion-rights advocates in front of the Supreme Court.

    The media and the Democrats have done more to divide this country in one day than Trump has done in 3 years. I do agree that Trump should take a more measured tone and it would serve him well, but I do still want the occasional verbal right hook.

    • Amazona March 4, 2020 / 6:32 pm

      A precise and well-placed right hook, yes. A nonstop flurry of face slapping and noogies, no.

      What I wonder is, what exactly is the “price” Schumer is threatening the justices with? And why is Schumer channeling Joe Biden?

      The phrase comes from the Bible and is: sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. “Releasing the whirlwind” makes no sense, unless Chuckie saw the Trump meme in which the State said to him “you may not survive the storm” and he replied “I AM the storm” and decided if Trump is the storm then he will be the whirlwind.

      Which would be apt, as a whirlwind just goes in circles, making a lot of noise but never going anywhere or accomplishing anything but stirring up a lot of dirt and being annoying.

      But back to the threat—-isn’t there something about threatening a judge or justice if a desired ruling is not handed down?

      And why does The Party Of/For Women want unqualified doctors hacking away at their lady parts to kill their babies?

      • Cluster March 4, 2020 / 9:40 pm

        Chief Justice Roberts came out pretty strong against Schumer for those remarks hahaha love it

        On a side note, I see another vacation home in Bernie Sanders future.

  17. Cluster March 5, 2020 / 9:42 am

    So the question now is, from a humane standpoint, how do we handle Joe Biden? Do we exploit his early dementia and intentionally confuse him, fluster him, and mock his missteps? Or do we overlook the gaffes and missteps that are sure to come and take the more humane approach?

    The reality is, this POTUS campaign could easily accelerate his decline. Early dementia patients don’t do well with stress. I know that from a first hand experience.

    • Amazona March 5, 2020 / 10:52 am

      It’s not that hard. We stop commenting on his mental state and we simply focus on the cold hard facts. That is, that he is corrupt and always has been. But we wait till he is the nominee. Why are we telegraphing every move, every thought, every possible approach, right now? The incessant commentary on Biden makes it more and more possible that the Dems will decide to pull the plug on him. We prefer to run against him.

      JUST SHUT UP ABOUT BIDEN. Let the Dems do what they want to do.. I swear, the Right is so blazingly stupid it makes my head hurt. All the while we complain about the media we allow ourselves to be controlled by the 24-hour news cycle, compulsively, obsessively, frantically scrambling to fill every second with more blather. Who are we talking to? Just who is Hannity or Ingraham trying to convert? They are preaching, stridently, nonstop, without even taking a breath, to people who already agree with them.

      When we think it would be a good thing to run against Bernie, why do we then lay out all the things that would work against him, so the Dems see the writing on the wall and shift gears? If we prefer Bernie, why can’t we shut up and let them nominate him?

      Now it looks like we’ll get Joe, so what do we do? We lay out our entire campaign against him, NOW.

      There is plenty to talk about, without explaining our playbook. For example, we could be working on getting Dems in Congress out of Congress. With all the attempts by the Dems to pump up hysteria over the Corona virus, it seems like it would be a good time to have all the conservative talking heads going into detail about the time the Dems chose to tie up the House and then the Senate on trying to unseat the president, instead of doing the work of the people and paying attention to real dangers, like a possible deadly pandemic. We should be having 24/7 coverage on the real priorities of the Dems in Congress, and laying the foundations for campaigns against them, each and every one.

      Let the Dem primaries stumble on, with little commentary. We can archive the gaffes and mistakes and scary things like Biden freezing when someone charged at him and his wife having to comfort him after she rushes in to protect him, assuring him that he is OK. That’s all good stuff for the campaign. FOR THE CAMPAIGN. But it looks like Fox, in particular, is trying to convince Republicans to not vote for Biden in the Democrat primaries. It makes no sense to me. And by the time we get to the campaign, all if it will be old news, already seen and chewed on and analyzed to death.

      We know the Agenda Media won’t cover this stuff, so if we could just get a grip and stop obsessively pouncing on all the shiny stuff that grabs our attention it would be fresh and more compelling when brought out in the actual campaign.

      So work on dismantling the stupidity of the lower levels of the Left. Work on the whining about “taking back the judiciary” and point out that this comment alone, this concept alone, is an admission of the intent to subvert the Constitution. There’s a lot of intellectual firepower on Fox going to waste, that could be and should be focusing on the emotional appeals of the Left.

      Leave Joe alone. He’s not our problem.

      When the Dems drag out their usual shrill hags to squeal about how we “need to get back the EPA” we could b/should be explaining how the EPA went so far beyond its legal boundaries, acted like its own legislative body and passed rules that did nothing to help the environment but did lots to impede progress. We should be going after Schumer, and Pelosi, and AOC, and Omar, if we have to target people instead of ideas.

  18. Cluster March 5, 2020 / 9:45 am

    As I sit and watch MSNBC continued panic over the coronavirus and of course blaming Trump for everything, I am reminded of the H1N1 virus that killed 12,400 Americans in 2009 and it was only after 1,000 people had died, that Obama bothered to come to the podium to speak to the country.

  19. Retired Spook March 5, 2020 / 12:02 pm

    Looks like Pocahonky is the latest casualty of the 2020 Dem primary season. Good news for Tulsi; she’s now in third place.

    • jdge1 March 5, 2020 / 1:20 pm

      Seems Bloomberg has dropped out too. So happy to see him waste over $200 million of his own money for a dead end finish.

      • Retired Spook March 5, 2020 / 1:43 pm

        Actually he spent over 500 million. What a great example of trickle-down economics.

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