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So, Joe Biden said that black people, unlike Latinos, all sorta think alike.

If we lose to this halfwit, we deserve it.

New York’s DA has decided to make a massive, in-kind donation to Trump 2020 by going after the NRA. Nothing better for Biden than Commie New Yorkers reminding everyone why they fear a Democrat presidency. This DA, of course, ran on the platform of going after Trump…the fact that she’s going after the NRA demonstrates, once again, that whatever else Trump is, he is a law-abiding man. They really got nothing on him.

Young black voters: not big fans of the Democrat party. Don’t get too puffed up about it: its not like they love the GOP, either. But this is the GOP’s chance to start eating into Democrat’s vote share among African-Americans. If we blow it, we’re stupid and deserve to lose.

Democrats are using Coronavirus fears to try to harm Trump. No gatherings! Mask up! Be afraid! And in keeping with this, they are refusing to set up a “knock and drag” ground game. Trump is keeping his. We’ll who was smart.



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  1. Cluster August 7, 2020 / 10:27 am

    I love New York this time of year:

    Hundreds of homeless people who have been put up in luxury hotels on Manhattan’s Upper West Side by the city as part of its efforts to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in shelters are terrifying residents by urinating, sleeping and taking drugs in the streets.

    In July, it emerged that 139 of the city’s iconic hotels – which had been forced closed for months – had agreed to take in homeless people for $175 per person, per night as part of a scheme by the city to try to avoid a breakout of COVID-19 in homeless shelters.

    And the taxpayers that have remained anyway get to pay the $175/night rate for these people. But unfortunately, a lot of New Yorkers don’t see the beauty in this that Democrats do:

    Many of New York’s wealthy residents fled months ago – taking their disposable income and their tax dollars with them – and there are fears they may never come back. Crime is on the up but de Blasio has stripped the police force of $1billion in response to Black Lives Matter protests.

    There are some dark forces at play in this world folks, get with God and seek counsel there and then be prepared to fight.

    • Retired Spook August 7, 2020 / 10:45 am

      The movie has already been made.

      I can just hear the residents who have moved out saying, “man, we gotta have more of this — gotta vote for Biden!”

  2. Retired Spook August 8, 2020 / 5:32 pm

    It appears that COVID-19 is actually RACIST!!!! Who knew?

    • Amazona August 10, 2020 / 1:51 am

      The coronavirus has exposed racial fractures in the U.S. health care system mourns the article. But maybe not. Maybe it is pointing out the differences in culture. There have been studies on the diets of black families and their dependence on fast food. So far the focus has been on this relationship to black obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on, but it makes sense that it would also affect the immune systems of children. I am not as familiar with the dietary habits of Latino families.

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