Pre-Election-Mageddon Open Thread

As of this moment in time, I think that Trump has 258 locked down. That includes Florida. But I’m still leaving the upper Midwest in play, in spite of the astonishing crowds for Trump in Pennsylvania.

The bottom line is that I do expect Trump to win on Tuesday – and maybe a pretty big win. But there are so many unknowns that I think those confidently predicting final Electoral outcomes are getting a little ahead of themselves. The Democrats have their polls plus a theory that huge numbers of early voting GOPers are voting Biden. I have my confidence that the former are lies and the latter is drivel. The GOP has had large gains in voter registration in the past four years and these people signed up after Trump’s victory. They signed up for Trump. They won’t vote Biden. It think we lost 99% of the GOPers we were ever going to lose in 2016; those who voted Hillary or third party that year. Some of those voters are coming back to us: I can’t imagine a GOPer who voted Trump (other than Walsh, who is a grifter) being so disappointed in Trump that they’d vote Biden.

Trump seems geared up and happy while what I’ve seen of Biden is an angry, shouting old man. Biden can still barely draw flies while Trump gets 20,000+ to show…and that’s not counting things like the Jews for Trump rally in New York City today.

This is just not normal. The MSM is trying to ignore it or, when they do take note, downplay it. But I’m 55. I’m no spring chicken: I’ve never seen spontaneous demonstrations in favor of a political candidate in my life. I’ve doubly never seen them in places where their guy doesn’t stand a chance. We are told that people hate Trump – and he is despised by a large majority of Americans. This is the underlying theory of a Biden win. But for a guy who’s hated, he sure gets some love, doesn’t he?

I won’t even be tuning in to TV for the results – I just don’t want to put up with the mindless news actors and their paid-for “Experts”. I’ll be watching on line. I might tune into MSNBC as Trump nears 270 – but that will be for mere gloating purposes.

Now, to prepare for all eventualities: what if Trump loses? Well…I guess I’ll just keep on living and do my best to boot the Democrats in 2022 and 2024. What the heck else can we do, right? Going on a four year psychotic episode certainly doesn’t commend itself to me.

Trump lost Minnesota by about 45,000 votes in 2016: and there are some indications that this State might go his way. It didn’t even go for Reagan in 1984.

Space-X is sending four astronauts to the space station on November 14th. Why bring this up? Because Trump is returning the USA to space in a big way. Biden would probably have it back to conducting Muslim outreach again. Let’s re-elect Trump and have his name on the plaque left on the Moon when we return in 2024.

53 thoughts on “Pre-Election-Mageddon Open Thread

  1. casper3031 November 1, 2020 / 11:51 pm

    As I predicted on an earlier thread, I expect Biden to pick up at least 350 electoral votes along with a popular vote at least 10 million more than Trump. I also expect democrats to pick up at least 5 seats in both the House and Senate. I guess in a couple of days we will know whose version of reality is correct.

    • Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 9:20 am

      Only a fool would attempt to predict the outcome of this election………oh, wait.

      I do get a chuckle, though, from the fact that you actually believe there is more than one version of reality. That’s pretty funny.

      I will make one prediction, though, and that is, if by some means Biden wins, Republicans will not riot, loot and burn homes and businesses to the ground.

      • Amazona November 2, 2020 / 11:07 am

        Of course Casper believes there is more than one version of reality, just as he believes there is more than one version of the Constitution. (His version endorses slavery and forbids women from voting.)

        But parents and children in Casper, Wyoming are happy to see him gone, and he is safely tucked away in Hawaii, where he can comfortably be represented by loons like Hirono, in a birds-of-a-feather kind of scenario.

    • Amazona November 2, 2020 / 10:24 am

      cappy posted the same wishful thinking a couple of weeks ago. I think he must be going around to conservative sites pasting in the same parroting of Leftist “news” sources. He seems to think that beginning with the claim that he is “predicting” this will somehow make it sound more realistic.

      Hey, strange things happen, especially with the International Left pulling the strings. But even someone as delusional as Casper ought to realize how odd it would be to elect someone who generates zero enthusiasm, who clearly is unlikely to be able to serve even one full term, whose voting base consists not of people who want him to be president but who just don’t want the other guy, whose history of corruption and abuse of power is finally coming to light and who has many online videos of him acting, at the very least creepy and often sexually abusive, to young girls.

      It is not odd, however, that Casper likes and supports this guy. That is very consistent with Casper in general.

  2. Cluster November 2, 2020 / 9:27 am

    The disconnect is truly astounding. The Democrats are no longer tethered to reality if they honestly think, as Casper does, that they even have a shot at winning tomorrow. It will be over quickly as Trump wins NC, FL, and PA and don’t be surprised if you see NY go Trump. DeBlasio and Cuomo have turned a lot of NY’ers into Trump voters, particularly the Jewish population.

    This election will not even be close. In fact political historians will look back on this and use the Biden 2020 campaign as a model of How to Lose an Election. Phasing out of fossil fuels, burning down retail districts across the country, calling people racists, mandating Americans wear masks and promising more lockdowns are just a few of the insane positions Democrats have campaigned on and Americans are repulsed.

    Crack the champaign early because not only do Democrats lose, their party implodes afterwards.

    • casper3031 November 2, 2020 / 1:44 pm

      In 48 hours we will find out who really has a disconnect with reality. Actually, I’m thinking I’m under estimating the number of votes Biden will get. And Amazona. I still do class presentations in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Hawaii. Teachers and students are pretty happy to see me in their classrooms.

      • Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 2:21 pm

        In 48 hours we will find out who really has a disconnect with reality.

        In all the years you’ve been coming here, I can’t remember a time when you had a “connect” with reality, and I don’t see that changing tomorrow. News today that Biden’s support among women is going down while Trump’s support among men is going up. Not a good combination for Biden.

  3. Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 10:32 am

    The event that will likely be the impetus for the Democrat implosion (and I hope this is more than just wishful thinking) is the involuntary vacations of a number of key Democrats to Club Leavenworth before the end of the year.

    A couple things about this election that wouldn’t surprise me would be the loss of 2 or 3 Senate seats by the GOP. Republicans are defending twice as many seats as the Dems, so the numbers are in the Dems favor, although the GOP has an excellent chance of taking a senate seat from the Dems in Michigan, maybe mitigating the damage a bit. OTOH, no one, and I mean NO ONE is talking about the House. The Dems embarked on a project in 2018 that resulted in the election of “The Squad.” The GOP has quietly embarked on a similar project to draft talented young Conservatives, including a lot of young women. I’d be surprised if the GOP took back the house, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they narrowed their already narrow deficit by a dozen or so seats to the point where the Dems no longer have a working majority.

    • Amazona November 2, 2020 / 11:10 am

      Colorado is, in a way, echoing the national election, as Senator Cory Gardner is in a fight for his seat and may very well lose to a man no one really likes or respects or trusts—but he is a Democrat, backed by the state Democrat machine, which is so vile and vicious and virulent it is truly disgusting.

      • Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 1:41 pm

        Even people like Nate Silver are starting to hedge their bets, suggesting that Biden might well lose Pennsylvania, making his path to 270 very difficult. If Biden loses Pennsylvania it will go down as one of the worst self-inflicted wounds in electoral history.

  4. Amazona November 2, 2020 / 11:02 am

    One thing I think has happened that has not been discussed is the message given to unbalanced young black men that if they commit suicide by cop they will become heroes, have protests and riots celebrating them and even have huge murals of their faces decorating buildings.

    What you reward grows. That’s just a basic truth. And if you reward armed aggression toward law enforcement officers ending in being shot, it seems reasonable to think that more drugged-out irrational criminals will choose this rather than the process of arrest and trial. Hero status is certainly more attractive than just being another loser in a jumpsuit, and being shot by police seems to wipe out years of criminality and bad character through the glory of martyrdom, replacing the reality of a history of being a miserable loser with the illusion of being noble and heroic.

    This is just another cost of the Left’s adoption of violence, using cop shootings as a pretense for rioting, looting, mayhem and anarchy. I think it is putting more officers at risk even when they are far from the sites of such rioting.

  5. Cluster November 2, 2020 / 11:25 am

    Democrats soy boy “men” just don’t get it:

    PIERS MORGAN: In fact, it’s increasingly clear that many of the women who voted for Trump in 2016 have now turned their backs on him, repulsed by the bullish, flash, sneering arrogance that many men seem to like so much.

    Women LOVE real men Piers, men who are politically incorrect, patriarchal, and God fearing. Women do not like soy boys Piers …. right Casper?

  6. Cluster November 2, 2020 / 11:45 am

    Here’s a question posed by some CBS activist this morning to RNC chair Ronna McDaniel:

    “If your voters are so excited about President Trump, why haven’t they shown up yet,” she sneered.

    They haven’t shown up yet?? So the tens of thousands that attend his rallies and the spontaneous car and boat rallies across the country isn’t “showing up” ???

    They are beyond stupid people. I don’t even want to live around them anymore

    • Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 1:27 pm

      Rush just played a montage of news anchors last night and this morning reporting how the polls are tightening across the country, particularly in swing states. I guess they’ve decided that, at the end of the day, they want to be at least close to correct, now that they’ve swayed opinion as much as they could.

  7. Richard Lambert November 2, 2020 / 2:08 pm

    I’ve heard it said that what President Trump needs to win is a polling error bigger than 2016. I think that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I mean it’s possible, but not very probable. Then again, the dems have an uncanny knack for wresting defeat from the jaws of victory, so there’s that, too. And maybe it’s just my perception, but it does seem to me that commentators of the Republican persuasion spin the polls in a positive (for them) direction whereas commentators of the Democratic persuasion spin the polls in a negative (for them) direction.

    • Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 2:26 pm

      I mean it’s possible, but not very probable.

      Actually, it’s very probable. The national polling error in 2016 was only a little over 1% in terms of the overall popular vote. Where most of the polls screwed up was in the battle ground state polls.

  8. Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 2:23 pm

    Matt Margolis is getting a lot of mention on Rush this afternoon. Kudos, Matt.

    • Amazona November 2, 2020 / 3:27 pm

      I heard that, too. Good job, Matt.

  9. Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 3:02 pm

    Joe Biden hasn’t had this many people at all his rallies put together.

    (BREITBART) — President Donald Trump addressed tens of thousands of supporters at a rally on Saturday evening, Oct. 31, in Butler, Pennsylvania, ahead of Election Day on Tuesday.

    Attendance was 57,000, according to the Secret Service.

    • Amazona November 2, 2020 / 3:26 pm

      30 mile long Trump Train auto rally in Colorado. Claims that one in Arizona stretched for 96 miles. Long cavalcades of spontaneous Trump support parades all over the country. Boat parades involving as many as 1000 boats. People sporting Trump flags in the backs of their trucks, to approving waves and honks and smiles.

      Yeah, the enthusiasm for Trump is just so lame compared to the excitement stirred up by Biden. //sarc off

      I speculate that out of any 5,000,000 votes for Biden only 5,000 are actually FOR BIDEN and the rest are just against Trump.

      • simoneee9 November 2, 2020 / 8:45 pm

        Toxic narcissism and the cult of personality will do that.

      • Cluster November 3, 2020 / 8:16 am

        Kind of like when Obama was around right?

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 12:56 pm

        Wow—simoneeeeek! actually stumbled on a fact, for a change.

        Yes, Simple Simon, the cult of personality that basically defines the Left DOES lead to the kind of mindless lemming-like plunge off the cliffs of reason we see in people whose entire “political” philosophy can be summed up in “Not Trump”. Because “the cult of personality” works both ways. It can lead people to follow those they find charismatic, but in the case of the TDS we see now controlling the Left it can also be in the form of a hate cult out to destroy an Invented Other.

        As for “toxic narcissism”, that slipped out of our politics along with Obama and Hillary, though it is trying to get its nose back under the tent with “Call Me KAMmala And Ignore The Mattress On My Back” Harris.

        But you give me a chance to point something out about the TDS cult of personality we see dementedly focused on destroying Donald Trump. It is summed up in his completely accurate statement that the Left is not really after HIM—they are after us, and he is just in their way.

        The American public is, for the most part, unaware of what the president has done to undermine the encroachment of Leftism into the very heart of our government. But the leaders of the Left are very much aware of this, and they know that another four years of Trump will erode their power base so thoroughly it will take decades to rebuild it.

        The most significant thing Trump has done, and the single biggest threat to Leftist power, is burrowing into the entrenched bureaucracy of the federal agencies to weaken and eventually eliminate their practices of enacting Leftist agendas without the participation of Congress. The second, and more visible, thing has been to dilute the de facto legislative power of Leftist judges and justices by replacing them with those who understand, support and will rule according to the Constitution and not use their positions to advance Leftist agendas.

        The Left has spent at least two generations establishing a de facto fourth branch of government, constantly expanding the size and scope of federal agencies and staffing them with political appointees who have not, until last week, been subject to the normal expectations and job reviews of the private sector. That is, once appointed, they have been able to do whatever they wanted, without review, without oversight and without true legislative authority though they have assumed legislative powers.

        Trump has gone after this Shadow Government, sometimes with a scalpel and sometimes with a sledgehammer, slashing some budgets here and there, moving some agencies out of the power circle of the Beltway and into the heartland, and last week issuing an Executive Order which will result in federal agency leadership being based on merit and performance.

        The leaders of the Left know that their base isn’t interested in real politics, but just wants spectacle and gossip and salacious bits to salivate over and superficial personality traits to focus on. So it is not hard to wave the shiny stuff—“scandals” and so on—in front of them to distract them from the real business going on behind the curtain. But it is that business that has the Left so panicked that it is pulling out all the stops in a desperate last-ditch effort to keep Trump from finishing what he has started.

  10. Richard Lambert November 2, 2020 / 3:55 pm

    I speculate that out of any 5,000,000 votes for Biden only 5,000 are actually FOR BIDEN and the rest are just against Trump.

    Same difference, isn’t it?

    • Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 4:00 pm

      No. Enthusiasm for Biden would mean people actually want what he’s selling. Most Trump haters can’t see beyond that hatred to what a Biden presidency would actually mean. That doesn’t bode well for the future, just a lot of buyers’ remorse.

    • Cluster November 2, 2020 / 4:49 pm

      Same difference?? Not even close

    • Amazona November 2, 2020 / 5:33 pm

      Of course it’s not “the same difference” unless all you look at is the vote total. It shows the erosion of the American character, to the point of trivializing the most important and significant duty and privilege of the American citizen, that of the right to vote for our government. It illustrates how weak and silly about half of America has become, to the point of letting petty snarling about personality dictate decisions that will affect all of us, and the whole world. It’s an alarming example of the danger of letting emotion dominate, to the exclusion of reason and common sense. And it’s an object lesson on the vulnerability of our nation when so many of its people allow themselves to become sheep, easily herded into self-destructive pens where their votes can be harvested to gain and hold power by a few elites.

      • ricorun November 3, 2020 / 11:42 am

        Of course it’s not “the same difference” unless all you look at is the vote total.

        Yes, that’s pretty much what I meant. It is, after all and in the end, what we’re talking about.

        It shows the erosion of the American character, to the point of trivializing the most important and significant duty and privilege of the American citizen, that of the right to vote for our government.It’s an alarming example of the danger of letting emotion dominate, to the exclusion of reason and common sense.

        I thought that happened last time around.

        And it’s an object lesson on the vulnerability of our nation when so many of its people allow themselves to become sheep, easily herded into self-destructive pens where their votes can be harvested to gain and hold power by a few elites.

        Yep, that’s definitely what happened last time. It didn’t start last time, it’s been going on for a while. But I remember when the GOP stood for something. when they actually (by and large) paid attention to scientists and experts, and indeed were influenced by reason. That’s what I miss most.

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 1:30 pm

        Rico….you really should have just left your inane comment to ripen in the sun and walked away from it, instead of coming back (admitting you use more than one name here) to try to defend it with silly “I know what you are but what am I” nonsense.

        What “happened the last time around” was that enough of the American public got so fed up with the status quo of politicians all putting politics above everything else that we/they elected, not another politician, but a man with a history of analyzing and then solving problems. As I said, I don’t want to date Trump, I want to hire him. And when the nation was looking for another CEO, enough of us went with the guy who had experience as a successful CEO

        The Personality Cult lemmings like Rico and Casper, et al, naturally projected their own frivolous attitude toward politics onto the rest of the country and assumed that people were voting for Trump for the same reasons they were lining up to vote for Hillary and the continuation of the Clinton crime spree—–Identity Politics. They were not smart enough—are still not smart enough—to realize that Trump support is based on what he does, not who he is. (It just so happens that a very real and likable personality has surfaced in the last four years, adding to the appeal of a second Trump presidency, but it was not personality that got him elected.)

        The Left falls in love and then excuses every defect that shows up regarding the object of their passions because once they fall in love nothing else matters. That is bad enough, but then they/you project that superficial emotive approach to politics onto everyone else.

        You actually seem to be stating that voting for Trump equaled being herded into self-destructive pens where power is concentrated and held in the hands of elites. Yet nothing he has implemented in his term comes even close to that. He has, in fact, been diluting the powers of the elites in every aspect of government, and the nation as a whole has flourished under his leadership.

        As for this meme of SCIENCE, give it a rest. The whines of the Left about SCIENCE are way too hypocritical to be taken seriously. What about the SCIENCE of genetics, in which gender is determined by chromosomes? The Left has replaced that with the “SCIENCE” of gender being determined by whim and mental dysfunction. What about the SCIENCE of DNA and the SCIENCE proved by ultrasounds, proving that every unborn child is a human being from the point of conception with its human identity established, and that unborn children ripped apart in the womb have distinct personalities, feel the pain of the brutality which they are forced to endure until they die? What about the SCIENCE proving that the Earth has undergone multiple periods of heating and cooling and that we just happen to be in the midst of one of those heating periods, with another cooling period looming as we move farther away from that (ignored) giant furnace in the universe?

        What about the innumerable SCIENTISTS who have disagreed with the conclusions of the chosen few anointed by the Left as their sacred spokespeople for their chosen sacred cows? Since when does real SCIENCE depend on “consensus”?

        What about the SCIENCE that explains the real dangers of the Covid-19 virus not being the effects of the virus itself but of the body’s wild overreaction to it, resulting in often-deadly inflammation leading to death? What about the SCIENCE that has a solution to that inflammatory response? What about the SCIENCE that shows that nearly 100% of those contracting the virus recover, often with few if any symptoms during the course of the infection”

        You go right ahead with your crocodile tears as you sadly and soulfully mourn the passing of more universal adoration of chosen SCIENTISTS and, yes, EXPERTS. That is what we expect from the personality type identified by Thomas Sowell, the “unconstrained” vision that believes that some people are just so special that we should accept them as superior, and anoint them as our “experts” and even our leaders because of this innate superiority.

        As Sowell shows, those who believe in the malleability of human nature will, as Rousseau did, hold society responsible for all human suffering and will therefore seek to transform society according to their vision of human perfection, normally by extending the power of government.

        The rest of us will continue to realize what is obvious to us—that credentials do not automatically convey superior knowledge or wisdom, and that those who have acquired them aren’t necessarily right, much less smarter than the rest of us. They are just good at acquiring credentials.

        You are such a good little sheep.

      • ricorun November 3, 2020 / 3:03 pm

        The Personality Cult lemmings like Rico and Casper, et al, naturally projected their own frivolous attitude toward politics onto the rest of the country and assumed that people were voting for Trump for the same reasons they were lining up to vote for Hillary and the continuation of the Clinton crime spree—–Identity Politics.

        Actually, I didn’t vote for Hillary. I voted for Johnson, knowing full well that I was throwing my vote away. But to me, character should matter. And neither one of the main candidates had any.

        What about the SCIENCE that explains the real dangers of the Covid-19 virus not being the effects of the virus itself but of the body’s wild overreaction to it, resulting in often-deadly inflammation leading to death?

        I thought that was SCIENCE that explained that. And anyway, isn’t that another example of it being the same difference? Either way, the infection could kill you, and science suggests further that the best was to prevent it is to not get the virus in the first place — rather than, say, wading in among folks who are standing too closely and not wearing masks. Just as an example. I mean it’s great that lots and lots of people don’t die by contracting the virus. The real problem is those 230,000 or so (and still counting) who do — despite therapies designed to mitigate and/or ameliorate the disease (which are great, just not a complete solution) — or the untold additional people who have a hard time recovering from the disease.

        What about the SCIENCE proving that the Earth has undergone multiple periods of heating and cooling

        Yes, that’s what the science indicates. Except you then add…

        and that we just happen to be in the midst of one of those heating periods, with another cooling period looming as we move farther away from that (ignored) giant furnace in the universe?

        That’s only what science expected would happen without all that extra CO2. You seem to have forgotten that detail. Or do you just choose to invoke the imprimatur of science when it suits you?

        the “unconstrained” vision that believes that some people are just so special that we should accept them as superior, and anoint them as our “experts” and even our leaders because of this innate superiority.

        Actually, the people aren’t special, it’s the knowledge they uncover. And it’s not just that part of the knowledge that one person finds useful (like, say, you. Or some random politician, or anyone else who doesn’t understand the science). You have to look at the data in its entirety, not cherry pick the stuff you like and ignore the rest. And yes, I would say that credentials do convey superior knowledge. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. But not just any credentials — they have to apply in a meaningful way. You can’t have some person who got a PhD in History, or economics, say, going on about climate science if that’s his or her only claim to authority. And yes, while credentials are important, they do not necessarily imply accuracy or correctness. That’s where concensus can help — if most scientists in the field are saying the same thing, then it’s probably pretty close to accurate. Not always, of course, but usually.

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 5:05 pm

        You didn’t have to vote for Hillary to have based your vote on personality instead of solid political principle. Oh, you excuse your frivolity by claiming it indicates character, but in fact it does the opposite. A rational examination of Donald Trump would have shown a period in his life (roughly in the context of a mid-life crisis) in which he engaged in some pretty distasteful sexual escapades. True. But following up would have shown a shift to a more mature approach to life—a solid marriage and most of all a commitment to public service. It took being stuck on the superficial to act based on personality rather than on the principles of what would be the best blueprint for governing the nation, as presented by Clinton and Trump.

        You say, with apparent seriousness, credentials do convey superior knowledge but in fact the only thing they convey is absorption and possibly some retention of what has been taught. So it is necessary to go a step deeper and look at what those institutions are teaching, and there we find…a lot of garbage. We find distorted and often fallacious accounts of the founding of our nation and the meaning of our Constitution. We find nonsense like the claim that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in self-defense against the attacks from the United States, and claims that fascism is a right-wing political system. In general, we find, more and more, less fact and more opinion and agenda being taught.

        Your precious Ivy-League-credentialed elites are usually just glaring examples of GIGO.

        The only scientific consensus that matters is consensus that both the manner of exploration of a posited theory and the conclusion are both correct. When a conclusion is stated based on assumptions and then there are no repeatable experiments to confirm the conclusion, when data are manipulated or even invented to support a conclusion, then it doesn’t matter how many “scientists” think it seems reasonable.

        Hunches, intuition and even guesswork are poor substitutes for real science. And the entire subject of man-made climate change is based on assumptions that gee, all that stuff we see going into the air must be making a difference, somehow—and then efforts to work backwards from that conclusion by picking and choosing facts and mixing them up with assumptions.

        And when the assumptions are presented as absolute fact, and “backed up” by lies, such as the claim the Earth is steadily getting warmer when the temperature rise was minimal and leveled off several years ago, the entire body of alleged proof is highly suspect—not matter how many “scientists” chime in and say it all seems logical to them.

        The 172-year climate cycle indicates that we hit the top of the latest cycle—that is, the peak of the warming cycle—in 2007, and have been cooling since then. Gee, in spite of all those bad old greenhouse gases. You assume that greenhouse gases will alter than cycle, but there is no proof that is correct.

        And from there you spin off into personality cult territory again. There is not only nothing to indicate that an Ivy League credential means better-educated, for the past few years it has looked like the opposite is true. While the status-sniffers sneer at degrees from “lesser” universities, the leaders from those smaller colleges and universities seem to have done a pretty good job, unhindered by the lack of a prestigious logo on their degrees.

        But you are digressing from the core meaning of Dr. Sowell’s treatise. Rather than try to narrow it to “science” and “experts”, let’s take another look at a summary of it.

        As Sowell shows, those who believe in the malleability of human nature will, as Rousseau did, hold society responsible for all human suffering and will therefore seek to transform society according to their vision of human perfection, normally by extending the power of government.

        By contrast, those who have a constrained vision of the human condition deny our capacity to reconstruct the human world according to our desires, believing that the best we can do is to check or redirect the inherently selfish impulses which are man’s permanent legacy; in their view, the power of government is a suspect instrument to this end.

        For someone who postures as a thinker, as you do, this should provide an opportunity for self-analysis. Because this overall worldview is at the core of the difference between American Conservatives and American Liberals. It is the belief that government, if only run by the “right” people, can overcome the inherent weaknesses of humanity and achieve a higher level of perfection that lies at the heart of the average Liberal. That is, the person who votes for bigger government in the belief that this is what is necessary to make the world a better place, not the more radical element that just seeks power over others, which is the element now dominating the Democrat Party.

        On the other hand, American Conservatives believe that all of mankind is subject to weakness, bad decisions and general error, and therefore it is essential to have and adhere to processes to weaken the effects of individual errors, and to mitigate them as much as possible by imposing not just consideration of different elements of a decision but slowing the process to allow consideration to be applied. Here is where consensus is important. That is, not having just a few elites at the top making decisions for everyone else, but spreading the decision-making out by following the established processes.

        An example: A Constitutional amendment, carefully crafted, debated and discussed and put through the process of amendment, rather than allowing a single body such as Congress or the Court to simply make changes without that process.

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 5:16 pm

        Is turning the economy upside down and changing the way we live acceptable to you based on probably pretty close to accurate.

        THIS is why we need process, to keep people like you from doing great damage by overreacting to things that are qualified in two ways—-“probably” and “pretty close”.

  11. Cluster November 2, 2020 / 4:35 pm

    Biden and the Democrats offer a “Dark Winter”, no jobs, and a “transition” away from jobs millions of Americans rely on. In what universe does that equate to victory?

    In addition to that, Biden voters spent most of the summer burning down cities and don’t think that voters have forgotten that.

    • Retired Spook November 2, 2020 / 10:55 pm

      They aren’t anarchists — they’re peaceful protesters.

    • Amazona November 2, 2020 / 10:58 pm

      I think true anarchists at least have a political philosophy, ignorant and screwed-up as it may be. I think the violent rioters are nothing more than mercenaries or social misfits or both, some of them , getting paid to act out their serious personality disorders and some just stone-cold losers.

  12. Cluster November 2, 2020 / 4:38 pm

    And Obama has lost his magic. The attendance for Joe and Barack was embarrassing this weekend, and take notice today as well, MSNBC didn’t even cover Biden’s speech this morning. The Biden closing argument, and yet even they don’t care to hear it.

  13. Cluster November 2, 2020 / 4:49 pm

    The stars are aligned in America and this is the election I have been waiting for for 20+ years. It is now a contest of Average Americans vs Ruling Class and the ruling class is chock full of traitors … led by China Biden that list includes The Clinton’s, the FBI, the CIA, and their legions of incompetent lying minions like Bill Kristol, Adam Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. This is a smaller patriotic revolution than 1776 but equally as important. We must cleanse the country of tyranny and idiocy (that last one was for Casper)

  14. Cluster November 2, 2020 / 4:53 pm

    Oh and here again is a social media stat and these numbers matter. On social media this morning, 5,600 people watched Joe Biden’s speech …. 65,400 people watched Trump.

    • casper3031 November 2, 2020 / 11:08 pm

      By this time tomorrow we will have a pretty good idea of how things are going to end up. I look forward to sharing the honor of living in a blue state with Cluster.

      • Cluster November 3, 2020 / 8:32 am

        Hey Casper, what do you think the over/under is on the number of Walgreens burnt down tonight after a Trump win?

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 10:20 am

        Casper does have “smug” down pat, doesn’t he? I wonder if he is moving to Arizona or thinking you are heading farther West.

        The funniest thing about Casper—if by “funny” you mean a creepy mixture of arrogant, ignorant and emotion-driven—is that, for all his Leftist smugness and posturing, he doesn’t really have a coherent political philosophy. He says he believes in the Constitution, but then taught his poor students about a Constitution that only exists in the fever swamp of ignorant Leftists. He’s never been able to explain why he thinks the nation would best be governed with power consolidated in the hands of a few, with little if any left to the states, or to the People. He has never been able to articulate his reasoning for believing that the purpose of the federal government is to take care of its citizens, instead of merely to provide a national identity and an umbrella of protections under which the people have the freedom to make their own decisions and run their own lives.

        Now he’s all smirky about some state—Arizona?—-being a “blue state” but I am pretty sure he couldn’t explain why this would make Arizona a better place to live. And now that his party is openly in favor of replacing our Constitution with a massively powerful Central Authority, in which even the judiciary is just another avenue for imposing Leftist rule, I’m sure he would be even less willing to try to defend it.

        And after all, to the Caspers of the world, who have trivialized politics and made it nothing more than a tawdry personality-driven Jerry Springer-like brawl instead of a debate on how to accomplish goals within the boundaries of our own rule of law, all that matters is that Democrats are Not Trump.

      • Cluster November 3, 2020 / 11:06 am

        Casper is convinced AZ will be blue because of the color of peoples skin. Lot’s of hispanics here in AZ but sadly for Casper, they don’t care about the color of their skin as much as Casper does and a lot of them will be voting Trump. I know many of them

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 11:31 am

        Well, Cluster, lots of people are smarter than Casper and the average Dem. LOTS, thank God.

        I’ve been explaining Leftism to the kids who work for me, and the main theme is collectivism. That is, the dismissal of the individual as important, in favor of the Collective. This is part of the Leftist M.O. of lumping people into demographics and then treating a demographic as an entity in and of itself. So instead of seeing PEOPLE, who happen to have different levels of melanin in their skin and different life experiences and so on, they only see faceless collections of humans, lumped together by superficial characteristics.

        So they have created a demographic of “White People” and then defined it, as a whole, in terms that let them demean it and dismiss it as a single entity possessing the characteristics they have assigned it. The main characteristic they have assigned to White People is “racist” but there are a few others which are also very negative. They have their entity of “Black People” which is, as Biden admitted, defined as voting for Democrats among a couple of other things. “If you vote for Trump you ain’t black” and other examples of the belief that being part of this entity means sharing all its designated characteristics.

        This is the kind of simple-minded and, at heart, ugly and manipulative, appeal to a certain mentality, and Casper is a great example of this. He has a degree, maybe two. He had a job which implied a certain level of intelligence—-teacher—and enough status for him to think highly of himself. By appealing, in his school, to the kids who didn’t quite fit in, who were kind of outsiders, he found a niche in which he was admired and looked up to, and he worked this to the max because it fed his self-image as Loved Teacher. He lived in his own little bubble, blissfully unaware of the scorn with which he was viewed by the more advanced students and their parents as he babbled his Leftist nonsense in the classroom. When he left Casper, Wyoming, he carried that little bubble of smug self-satisfaction with him to places where he fit in better, like California and Hawaii. But it’s still a little bubble and is impenetrable because it has become his whole identity, and now it is reinforced by the feedback of “Of course you are right, you are just like we are and we are special”.

        But I am seeing a growing divide among young people, as they seem to be splitting themselves into basic groups —–the lemmings, who suck up the crap fed to them by their “teachers” and go along with it, and the smaller but far more committed and energetic thinkers who are scornful of this.

  15. Cluster November 3, 2020 / 9:23 am

    I want to thank BLM for turning Oregon Red

    Protests in Portland continued on the eve of the election on Monday as BLM demonstrators destroyed a Starbucks and clashed with police. At least two people were arrested amid the violence during which windows at Portland State University’s public safety office were smashed. Protesters also threw a flammable liquid inside the Starbucks, whose walls were graffitied with ‘BLM’ and ‘ACAB’. It comes as the FBI warned of the potential for armed clashes in Portland linked to Tuesday’s US election.

    • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 10:25 am

      I’m not sure that even the harsh ugly reality of Leftism is enough to jar Dems into rational thinking.

      I’d like to just give the Left Coast a time out, leave them to simmer in their own self-created stew of hysteria and violence and intimidation and the tyranny of the mob until it truly sinks in just how awful, dehumanizing and brutal Leftist governance really is. This is what they voted for, after all.

    • Retired Spook November 3, 2020 / 10:35 am

      Were it not for the fact that millions of innocent people would get hurt who don’t have the resources to leave for a safer area, I wouldn’t shed a tear if the “protesters” burned every Democrat-controlled city to the ground. I’m sure Indiana would welcome patriotic Americans who are able to escape from such areas. We’re rated as one of the most free states in the country.

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 11:08 am

        I know—there are millions of people living along the Left Coast who have not acted to put the Left in power. And it isn’t fair that they have to either be at risk or face the need to move. But the fact is, they are outnumbered by the mob mentality and it will come for them.

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 11:10 am

        Maybe we (the Right) should start a GoFundMe effort to pay moving costs for people fleeing Leftist tyranny in Leftist strongholds.

  16. Amazona November 3, 2020 / 10:42 am

    I know we’ve been over this a lot, but still, I can’t help but comment on it.

    Imagine what this election would be like if the Agenda Media had really practiced journalism and told the people the truth about Joe Biden.

    How many of those Dem sheeple would still have voted for him if the facts about his abuse of power, using his powerful and influential position as “point man” for China and Ukraine to set up his family in various wealth-creating schemes, often with serious national security issues at risk? After all, this is not the kind of salacious gossip that consumed the Agenda Media in their attacks on Trump, editing his comments to make it look like admitted to grabbing women by the genitals or focusing on a decade-old fling with a porn actress. This is serious stuff, billions of dollars being funneled into Biden hands while the Vice President either gave special concessions to a nation which many consider our enemy or blatantly used American dollars to influence the legal system in another.

    How many of those Dem sheeple would still have voted for him if the Agenda Media had been running those super-creepy videos of him fondling little girls? I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to his hair-sniffing, but last week finally looked up the compilation of CSPAN videos of him making a point to position the young daughters of newly elected Senators in front of him during the swearing-in ceremonies and then fondling them during the ceremonies, and it was truly sick-making. In two he blatantly put his hand on the breasts of young girls—the startled and unpset look on the face of one made it clear that she knew this was very very wrong—and in others pulled girls’ heads or hands toward his crotch.

    How many of those Dem sheeple would still have voted for him if they had seen all this and then found out that when Joe’s daughter-in-law went to him for help when his son, Hunter, was engaging in sexual behavior with her 14-year-old daughter Joe’s only response was to tell her SHE should go into counseling, showing a familial pattern of child abuse and condoning child abuse?

    Seriously, look at the final vote tallies in this election and think about how different those totals would look if the Agenda Media had actually been doing their jobs instead of abusing THEIR power to manipulate an election.

    (BTW, I think Casper is one of those Dem sheeple who would still vote for Biden. When you don’t base your alleged political position on principle but just on some silly blind allegiance or, worse, on silly blind antagonism toward someone your minders have told you to hate, you get Caspers. And they would vote for a corrupt pedophile because he is, simply, Not Trump.)

    • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 11:04 am is an interesting and detailed history of efforts to create a fourth television network. According to this article, Fox is the only successful effort, but it is still relegated to cable access for a lot of its programming.

      If Fox were to reorganize under a different name—to get out from under the cloud created by the hysterical Left when Fox started to broadcast actual news) and if the FCC were to allow Fox to broadcast using VHF instead of UHF so it could be picked up as easily as the Big Three, I think it could provide a powerful balance to the Agenda Media.

      I see two huge markets for Big Three alternatives. One is that of actual, unbiased, objective journalism, and one is the need for good, high-quality family entertainment. “7th Heaven” was a sappy little show, but very popular because it wasn’t full of sexual innuendo or outright commentary, or profanity. “Last Man Standing” is still holding an audience, for the same reason–ir proves that good writing and good characters will attract an audience. I think if mainstream America could just turn to a channel like it does for 4, 7 and 9 (in my market) and see unbiased news reporting, a vast number would do so.

      Of course, it would still have to fight the tendency to slip to the Left. Today’s Fox will run an objective news story, with a chyron running in front of it touting the latest Leftist claptrap. (“Claptrap”—it’s kind of like “Malarky”.)

  17. Cluster November 3, 2020 / 12:16 pm

    But I am seeing a growing divide among young people, as they seem to be splitting themselves into basic groups

    I think A LOT of young people will be voting for Trump. They’re tired of lockdowns, masks, and being lectured to.

    • Retired Spook November 3, 2020 / 1:00 pm

      Glenn Beck took calls from a number of people who voted already today from several battle ground states (Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania) who said the lines were longer than they could ever remember, and the conversations with other people in line indicated some interesting trends; middle-age, first time voters voting for Trump (not going to show up in ANY poll); disgruntled Democrats voting for Trump, young people voting for Trump, etc.

      • Amazona November 3, 2020 / 1:37 pm

        disgruntled Democrats voting for Trump

        This ties in with something I was just getting ready to post: That is, that the projections based on early voting are based on returns from people registered in different parties. They don’t seem to factor in the very real scenario of registered Democrats voting for Trump. There seems to be the assumption that the number of Democrats voting early is the same as the number of votes for Biden, and I think that is a false assumption.

        Look at the data acquired at Trump rallies, where often a quarter or a third of those there have been Democrats.

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