The Start of a New Error

So, the senile, old crook gets installed tomorrow. Big deal. He won’t be in charge. Also: saw a photo of him atop an MSM article lauding him to the skies. So, this was the best they could find…he looked very old. Not to put too fine a point on it, he looks like my Dad did a few months before he went. I don’t give Joe much time.

Its going to be a miserable four years in politics because, really, no one is going to be minding the store. Even if Kamala gets in, she’ll be entirely out of her depth and ruled by the last advisor she speaks to. We’ll drift along from crisis to crisis while the MSM pretends all is well as it continues to stir up the pot against “right wing extremists”. I just hope we don’t get into a war. No chance we’ll actually win any war that this bunch gets us into.

The GOP should easily take Congress in 2022 but there’s a huge question mark out there: lots of people are furious at the GOP for not standing firmly behind Trump. Even in defeat, he’s leaving the GOP stronger than it was in 1977, 1993 and 2009. And not just a little – by quite a lot. Lost in all the hustle is that the Democrats only barely “won” 2020. And at the State level, they were crushed. A bit of wisdom and courage and the GOP would easily pick up 50+ House seats next year. But wisdom and courage are lacking. OTOH, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and a few others are standing tall. We’ll see how it comes out.

Do be careful what you say – the Deep State will be looking for people to make an example of. I’ve warned people of this on line. Don’t go shooting your mouth off. Not worth the trouble it would bring. Just work to get people who are really with us into office and pressure GOP officeholders for election reform. That is the way to win.

I’ve been writing at a blinding pace. Now more than 10,000 words into my sixth novel. Four and Five will come out at intervals this year. Six probably a year from now. I expect I’ll have Seven ready later this year and then I’ll start Eight. I think it wise that if you have something you love doing, go and do it. Sort of tune out the day to day in national affairs. It won’t do you any good to pay too close attention to the particular horrors the Biden crew will inflict on us. Pick your battles and place pressure as necessary on our guys when something really crucial comes up (gun control, illegal immigration, that sort of thing).

Keep the faith. Say your prayers. Work for victory.

57 thoughts on “The Start of a New Error

  1. Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 9:07 am

    It won’t do you any good to pay too close attention to the particular horrors the Biden crew will inflict on us.

    He’s promised to stop the Keystone Pipeline and re-enter the Paris Climate Accords on day one, moves which will put tens of thousands of people out of good paying jobs. It’ll be interesting to see how the complicity agenda media reports that. I have no doubt they’ll try to pick up the turd by the clean end.

  2. Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 12:10 pm

    I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio, and the last hour of his show was preempted by coverage of the inauguration. One of the announcers provided the latest entry in the YCMTSU file when he said (I’m paraphrasing), I’m sure President Biden will reiterate the plea for national unity that he expressed so many times on the campaign trail. (emphasis – mine)

    • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 12:34 pm

      Yeah, I missed that message of the need for unity, too. Maybe Uncle Badfinger should have turned off the background noise of Threats To Democracy Domestic Terrorists Subversive Racists Don’t Care How Many People Die Xenophobic Dangers to the Country so his kind, loving and unifying message could have gotten through. Assuming it was in big letters on the teleprompter and his minders had learned to omit instructions like “Sound really sincere here” from the text to avoid more of his clueless reading of whatever was in front of him

      But if they tell the sheeple that he had been saying this, the sheeple will go to their graves believing he did.

      • Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 12:40 pm

        The YCMTSU part I was referring to was the part about being on the campaign trail.

      • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 1:07 pm

        Got it. Great point. But if you are a Lefty and therefore able to define terms as you see fit, I suppose the path between the bathroom and the desk where the teleprompter sits could be Biden’s “campaign trail”. Marked, no doubt, by Oreo crumbs and smears of dropped pudding.

  3. Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 12:36 pm

    When Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009 there was healthy skepticism among many, but a lot of people, myself included, hoped he would accomplish great things, especially, as the first half-black President, that he would promote racial harmony. What a pipe dream that was, but he was finally gone, and Trump undid much of the damage inflicted on us during during the Obama years. Now we’ve got a new President who (along with many in his party) has promised radical change; policies that will hurt many Americans and help people who are here illegally. In the immortal words of Rush Limbaugh, “I hope he fails!”

    • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 1:05 pm

      As usual, the Left’s approach to the public is mostly negative and based on Identity Politics with a thin veneer of actual policy thrown in to appear serious. The whole campaign was anti-Trump, and the first days of President Asterisk’s regime will be to throw some raw red meat to the slavering Trump haters by pretending to undo the “hateful things” Trump did. But most of it is theater.

      Biden does not have the authority to re-enter the Paris Accords, at least not more than symbolically, any more than Obama had when he signed on. This is a treaty, it is repeatedly identified as a treaty, and as such requires a 2/3 vote of the Senate to become binding. It is just more theater, but the sheeple eat it up. Ditto for the Iran deal. If we can find enough backbones in the Senate to challenge these posturings it might be possible to point out to the masses that the president is not king, and can’t just make his own rules.

      I don’t know the legal status of the pipeline permits, so he might be able to tinker with them, but doing so should open up a big legal can of worms. I hope someone is going to keep track of the millions of taxpayer dollars that are going to be wasted by this regime in defending its extra-Constitutional antics. (However, I will support using taxpayer dollars to educate the public-school ignorance that thinks “extra-Constitutional” means “you know, like, you know, super-Constitutional” instead of “outside the Constitution”.)

      If it is true that the Republicans can block a lot of Senate votes by merely refusing to allow a quorum to be seated, we might have a little leverage there.

      For all their blustering, the Dems know their position is very shaky. They do not have the support the rigged election “results” would indicate as some of it is based on imaginary votes and a great deal if not most of it was based solely on hatred of Trump, who is not there to push back against any more. Their hold on all information is not ironclad as there are still alternative media out there, their real base is the radicals so many mainstream Dems fear and dislike, and their policies are self-destructive. Their entire power base is dependent on brute force, including oppression of opposition, lying to the public, intimidation and control of the ballot box.

      Maybe we can actually pull our own heads out and learn a little about tactics and strategy from the Left, which has gained immense power by manipulating the details. For example, while we are bemoaning the threat that we can never again have an honest election, we forget that each state makes its own election rules, and that if we focus on state legislatures we can gain a lot of control over how future elections are run.

      The Right fights its battles on the battleground it identifies, which is the ballot box. The Left fights its war through propaganda, infiltration of the enemy lines, sabotage, interruption of the enemy supply lines, splintering the opposition by creating micro-demographics and then pitting them against each other in created conflicts and through emotional manipulation as seen in the perception that supporting the alleged goals of the system, expressed in warm fuzzy feel-good terms such as “equality” and “fairness” convey moral superiority.

      We also let the Left define the terms of battle, so we obediently follow their rules and campaign accordingly, depending on Identity Politics instead of objective and unemotional ideas and principles.

    • ricorun January 20, 2021 / 1:33 pm

      Personally, I’m very interested to see what he does WRT climate change. As I’ve been saying for years now, the technologies to address it are going to be real moneymakers. I’m surprised that the GOP didn’t jump on it when they had the chance. I guess they were too tied up in legacy industries.

      • Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 1:37 pm

        Personally, I’m very interested to see what he does WRT climate change.

        Yeah, that’s my major concern as well (sorry — misplaced my sarcasm font).

      • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 1:49 pm

        Or maybe the GOP was too canny to jump on an illusion. There is no way to “work on climate change” without first determining (1) if any changes are outside the normal, historical ranges of change over the eons, (2) what is causing these changes if a cause can be scientifically proven (that is, through specific, identified and replicable testing), (3) if it is within our power to correct those changes if it is proved they are having a negative effect, and (4) what is our end goal.

        The latter depends on an answer to the key question: What is the ideal temperature of the Earth? If we don’t have a clear identifiable goal, based on clear replicable science, then all we are doing is engaging in a lot of very expensive albeit very politically powerful theater.

        I am seeing a lot of extreme emotion surrounding this topic, but very little in the way of actual definitions of terms or actual science as science is usually understood. Yes, I know we have a lot of opinions from self-identified and possibly real scientists supporting the various theories, but real science is not only never “settled” it never depends on “consensus” but on replicable testing.

        One thing that is a little red flag over in the corner waving and trying to get attention is that over the past few decades a variety of “existential threats to mankind/the Earth” have been identified, always by the Left, and although they are superficially quite different in fact they are nearly identical underneath the flashy headlines. That is, the existential crises of population explosion, insecticide destruction of the ecosystem, nuclear winter, acid rain, global cooling, global warming and now the more amorphous “climate change” all have pretty much the same “solutions”—that is, massive expansion of the scope of governmental power with the claim that this will allow the government to “address” the crisis du jour.

        What is ignored is that once a new crisis is identified, the last one(s) just quietly fade away to be forgotten, evidently either having been resolved or more likely just become redundant as something newer and shinier and more appealing to the uncritical masses is developed.

        And what we are seeing is a cascade of alleged “solutions” to a problem that has never been accurately defined, or broken down into addressable segments. It is just an indeterminate yet vaguely scary non-specific guess with great emotional power behind it.

      • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 1:56 pm

        the technologies to address it are going to be real moneymakers.

        Yep, you can count on it. But that’s really the point, isn’t it? No sense in creating mass hysteria if someone can’t profit from it.

      • Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 3:25 pm

        All one has to do is look at Solyndra to see how the profit motive and climate change solutions mesh together.

      • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 3:34 pm

        Not that it is related to “climate change” but just to the profit motive of businesses with connections—-I still remember the billions paid to some friends of Michelle’s to design the Obamacare website and what a massive failure that was, from the get-go as normal checkpoints and oversights and progress evaluations were set aside, till it turned out to be a complete failure and had to be rebuilt on the fly. But Michelle’s buddies got to keep the billions, and if we think there was no kickback “thank you” to the Obamas we just haven’t been paying attention to how the Dems do business.

        And we also never had much media coverage on the offer from IBM (I think it was) to design the web site for free. No profit in that.

        And speaking of profit motive, while there is still a little buzz about the Hunter Biden/Ukraine mess, what gets glossed over is that Daddy Joe was in charge of deciding if Ukraine got US money and how much, before it ever hit the Burisma black hole.

      • ricorun January 20, 2021 / 6:47 pm

        Hey Spook, I remember… um… gosh, it must have been more than a decade ago now, when you were virtually certain that the next decade (which is to say the one we just lived through) was going to be colder than the decade before it. In fact I think we may have even made a bet of some sort , though I don’t remember any details. Anyway, how did that work out for you? My understanding is that the last decade was the hottest on record — exactly what climate scientists predicted. Likewise, they predict that the next decade is likely to be as hot or hotter than the past one. What do you think?

      • ricorun January 20, 2021 / 7:47 pm

        Spook: All one has to do is look at Solyndra to see how the profit motive and climate change solutions mesh together.

        That’s a remarkably naïve statement. All I can say is, don’t ever become an investor. Yes, Solyndra took a bath. They made a bet that China would restrict the silicon market and thus make conventional solar panels more expensive than the thin film copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) panels that they were working on. It was a really cool idea from a strictly geek stand point. But unfortunately for them, the opposite happened and conventional panels got really cheap. In fact, they’re still dropping in price (though not as quickly as years ago). So Solyndra went belly up. Many other solar panel manufacturers, on the other hand, are making a killing. That’s the nature of competition — not every company makes it even in markets that are accelerating.

        But that’s all old news. The new news is in other aspects of the solar industry, along with other aspects of the renewable energy industries in general. For example, don’t you look forward to the day when your whole house is on a decentralized, distributed system where you make as much energy as you use, and the system itself is more resilient and less resistant to attacks by bad actors? That is already getting close to happening in some areas — and for a lifetime cost that is less than or equal to the cost of natural gas. And, of course, there’s so much more. And it’s important to remember that when pundits quote horrifying numbers as to the cost of things renewable, even when they’re true (though they often aren’t), the numbers don’t count the amount saved by not spending it on other things, like fossil fuels which have to include all the tax incentives and all the other give-backs that the fossil fuel industry currently gets.

        The future is on the side of renewable power, and it makes far more sense to start removing roadblocks to that future than to keep trying to pile them up. That’s my thinking.

      • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 8:45 pm

        That’s my thinking.

        And as long as it makes you happy, you just keep thinking it

      • Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 7:51 pm

        Warm periods throughout history have been more prosperous than cold periods, so, in the overall scheme of things, warmer is better thasn colder. Temperatures have gone up by a pretty insignificant amount since the end of the last cold period in 1979, Where we live we’re largely immune. In fact, last summer was one of the nicest summers in recent memory with our average daytime temperature around 82. I think we were only above 90 maybe 3 or 4 times, with our high for the summer around 93 or 94. This winter our temperature range has been from the low teens to the low 40’s with maybe 5″ of snow so far. Again — no complaints. We’re also immune from all the other shit you Californians put up with like earthquakes, wild fires, tropical storms, mud slides. rolling blackouts, etc.

      • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 9:01 pm

        Well, a global rise of about 2 degrees Fahrenheit over 140 years does not have me panicking. For all we know, we need a steady albeit gradual increase to get to the ideal temperature of the Earth.

        Funny, isn’t it, how my list of prior “crises” (all demanding pretty much the same expansion of political scope and power) is just ignored. And then there is the shift from talking about whether the Earth really is in (another) death spiral to a giddy accounting of how peachy keen things will be in the glorious imagined future.

        I’m not a climate change hysteric, but I also put in a big expensive solar array last year. I did not hesitate to put nearly a quarter of a million dollars into it, because it solves some of the specific issues with which I am dealing. I just don’t pretend that it does not have corollary costs to the environment that are probably more damaging than the minimal environmental costs of fossil fuel extraction and use. For me it was a simple pragmatic analysis of the specific situation at hand, not a genuflection to an ideological dogma.

        I am a lot closer to the petroleum industry than the Chicken Littles fretting about it, I have a good friend in the electricity generation business which uses a balanced combination of solar, wind and fossil fuels, I think solar has a place, and I also see huge convoys of worn-out wind generators and towers being hauled out of wind farms near me for disposal and whatever recycling they can do as replacements are hauled up to replace them and probably have a better idea of the net cost of wind generation than most. But I come at solar and wind from a simple analytic position, not because it meets some emotional need to be part of some cultish resistance to fossil fuels or belief that somehow it will affect global temperature changes.

      • Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 9:04 pm

        The future is on the side of renewable power

        If you include nuclear in the mix, I would agree. If the government mandates phasing out fossil fuels by 2030 or 2035 without nuclear, there are going to be large swaths of the country that are going to look like North Korea at night — maybe in the daytime as well.

      • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 9:10 pm

        But just think of all the new coders we will have, as many tens of thousands of people lose their jobs. I suppose some of them can find work cutting up all those cars and trucks that don’t have fuel any more.

        No, it’s all just a callous understanding of what will get a certain mentality all worked up and fretful, and which is gullible enough to believe that the impossible just requires a strong governmental hand fist to make it happen.

      • Retired Spook January 21, 2021 / 11:43 am

        Hey Spook, I remember… um… gosh, it must have been more than a decade ago now, when you were virtually certain that the next decade (which is to say the one we just lived through) was going to be colder than the decade before it. In fact I think we may have even made a bet of some sort , though I don’t remember any details.

        I have some vague recollection of our conversations. Not really much has changed since then, at least for me. Indiana still rates as one of the most free and prosperous states in the country. Kinda glad I don’t live in California.

        One thing that is a pretty sure bet: Biden’s rejoining the Paris Climate Accords will, if we honor our commitments, negatively impact the United States economically and won’t change the global temperature of the earth by a statistically significant amount.

      • Amazona January 21, 2021 / 1:31 pm

        If the Senate can find a backbone it can stand up to the false assumption of the power of the president to enter into a treaty without the approval of the Senate.

        We know that Biden sees his office as one of unlimited power, and we will have to start from right now blocking any extra-Constitutional effort he might make. The Paris Accords are a good beginning. He can engage in all the symbolic posturing he wants, but he can’t commit us to anything.

      • Retired Spook January 21, 2021 / 3:10 pm

        We know that Biden sees his office as one of unlimited power, and we will have to start from right now blocking any extra-Constitutional effort he might make.

        I’d bet most people have forgotten just how many times the Supreme Court shut Obama down on his constant over reach of executive power, often in a vote of 9-0. The nomination and confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett may end up being one of the most important aspects of the Trump presidency.

  4. Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 1:22 pm

    Great inauguration speech; probably the best speech Biden has ever given. It’ll be interesting to see how much of what he said his handlers and his party will allow to become reality. My guess is not much.

    • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 10:17 pm

      Unity is anathema to the Left, unless it is the forced unity of submission to its ideology. The Left only got to its current position of relative power by fracturing the unity of this nation, by creating rifts and then working to widen them, by splintering us into fragmented demographic groups and then setting them against each other through invented conflicts.

      The most dangerous thing to the Left in this country would be a nation united as Americans, openly and freely discussing their beliefs and sharing their opinions in mutually respectful dialogues.

      No, Obama started the fracturing and the Left built on the conflicts he created. The Left cannot succeed in a strong nation or a united nation. It has to move in on a nation in chaos, or it has to create enough chaos for it to gain some traction. Unity would be the Left’s Kryptonite.

  5. Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 1:30 pm

    Just got this email from my Congressman:


    As your representative, I wanted to make sure you saw my latest bill to strengthen election security in the United States.

    Rep. Banks introduces ‘Save Democracy Act’

    Congress must fulfill its duty and restore the American people’s faith in the integrity of our democratic process.

    That is why I’ve introduced the Save Democracy Act—a plan to fill the gaps in our election security ahead of 2022 and 2024.

    What the “Save Democracy Act” does

    First and foremost, the bill calls for several restrictions intended to make sure only eligible voters are able to register.

    Second, the bill calls for courts to provide a state’s attorney general and chief election official with information regarding anyone who is recused from serving on a jury due to not being a citizen, in order to ensure their names are not on a list of eligible voters.

    The bill would require that voters present a current, valid form of identification before receiving a ballot at a polling site. Similarly, anyone voting in a manner other than in person would have to submit a copy of their identification with their ballot.

    The bill also aims to prohibit universal mail-in voting by prohibiting states from mailing a ballot to someone unless they requested it. This would outlaw the practice of automatically sending ballots to everyone on a state’s voter roll, which could include those who have died, moved or otherwise been rendered ineligible since the voter roll was last updated.

    The bill also aims to eliminate concerns of mail-in ballot deadlines by prohibiting the acceptance of ballots in federal elections after polls close on the day of the election. In 2020, several states extended deadlines beyond Election Day, allowing ballots to be accepted if they were postmarked by Election Day, or in some cases even if they were not.

    Finally, the bill seeks to ensure the integrity of the counting process by requiring at least two representatives from each candidate to observe ballots being counted, and prohibits any interruption to the counting process “until each lawfully cast ballot has been tabulated,” barring an emergency that threatens the health of the officials doing the counting.

    Read more about the Save Democracy Act here.

    Thanks for letting me fill you in.

    For more updates on what’s happening in Congress, subscribe to my newsletter.

    Jim Banks
    Member of Congress
    Indiana’s Third District

  6. Jeremiah January 20, 2021 / 3:37 pm

    I’m interested to see if the left abolishes the electoral college. If they do, what then? Will the country accept being ruled by California and New York? No voice for flyover country, and Mid-west farm country? Do they really need to abolish the EC seeing as they have all the judges and technology to set future elections in concrete as we seen in this election?

    • Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 5:12 pm

      The only constitutional way they could abolish the EC is via constitutional amendment. Democrat controlled states are presently committed to attempting to bypass the amendment process by having states form a compact to award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Once they get to a combination of states that yields 270 electoral votes, the EC essentially ceases to be a factor unless the states involved go through a significant political realignment. States can decide on their own to award their electoral votes however they want. What the Constitution forbids is for states colluding with each other to do something like that. I doubt that will stop them. When did the law and the Constitution ever stop Democrats from doing something they wanted.

    • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 10:08 pm

      I, too, was pretty bummed out by the idea that the Dems would control elections from now on, and then I remembered that state legislators decide on how elections are handled, state by state. So it is up to us to start focusing on local and state elections and elect state legislators who will pledge to implement fair and verifiable elections in each state.

    • dbschmidt January 21, 2021 / 8:16 pm

      What I see is a tough row ahead; however, as brazen as the Democrats are at the moment this is where they overreach. Trying to get rid of a Constitutional Amendment leads to a Constitutional Convention which they do not want to see but I have been watching for–and waiting for some time. If Republicans were Republicans and not useless meat sacks…if they only had a pair like Kristi Noem does or even Nikki Haley on a good day the entire party would be better for it.

      Being a Constitutional Conservative Libertarian, I am also hearing that Trump is starting talks about a new party. Can’t remember what it was I read once upon a time but it explained why America is set as a two-part system unlike the British Just kick the RINOs to the curb and hold everyone remaining to the fire. I am against term limits except every politician should have self-imposed ones.

      Everything going on now with our government is wrong as far as the founders intended. We are at the early/mid stages of what they specifically warned about. We fix it now or we see a battle for the soul of America like none before.

      Somewhat off topic but not really is I believe America has strayed to far from God and even though he is still watching over America he is waiting for the next “Awaking” before he will step in. I just don’t have 40 years left in me to be wondering the desert even if I am well trained in that respect.

      • Jeremiah January 21, 2021 / 8:35 pm

        I’m thinking secession really is the answer. I mean that essentially how America was started, we broke away from England and set sail for new territory to secure our freedoms and future happiness. I think looking out for the interests of the whole nation is impossible at this point, because the nation is too far gone, too much damage. So it’s the duty of state’s to look after its people.

      • dbschmidt January 21, 2021 / 9:22 pm

        Everyone (liberal) is hiding the truth. Wait until you can find an actual electoral map of the entire country by county. They are normally out by now but I just looked and found squat. Their greatest answer when confronted is to lie and obfuscate. The truth will be out there soon enough.

        I have seen and heard rumors of secession but in reality it would only be NYC, a couple of California’s center section (hollyweird) and other parts we don’t need. What bothers me is why is Bill Gates (known lair and thief) the owner of the most farming land in America????

      • Jeremiah January 22, 2021 / 4:47 am

        That bothers me, as well. Bezos is buying up huge swaths of farmland in several states, I think Louisiana, Nebraska, parts Oklahoma etc. Paying almost three times the actual worth of the property.

        I’m sure that secession puts us in a territorial conflict, so to speak, but at least it gets us somewhat out from under the heavy hand of Federal government, and let’s places like California and New York go by the wayside. That way they can’t determine what’s best for all the other states. I think all the states that would come to agreement on secession, take Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, and any other state would join in the secession movement…and we could push CA and NY to the wayside. I’m sure we’d get push, but at least we could get a better, more conservative layout on tax expenditures, and legislation that benefits working families, and gives more security for freedoms to prosper.

        Being under a big centralized system is just too dangerous. We need to get away from all the restrictions on freedom and prosperity.

      • Amazona January 23, 2021 / 7:53 am

        Secession isn’t the only approach: There is also division, and/or reconfiguring state boundaries. For years people have been talking about how California really should be two or even three states, as the dominance of Leftist voting in Los Angeles and San Francisco means the rest of the state is really not well represented. A couple of years ago two or three northeastern Colorado counties said they wanted to split from Colorado and join Wyoming, as the new Democrat-ruled state legislature, in Colorado’s Bait and Switch election in which not during the campaign not a single Democrat mentioned the agendas the newly elected legislators then rammed into law, represented any constituency in Colorado but those of Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins. (My only partly-unserious solution then was to draw a line south from Cheyenne to a point south of Denver, draw an equal and parallel line from the border south of Laramie, connect the two lines at the south end, and call this long skinny Liberal area Eastern California, leaving the rest of Colorado as Colorado. Everyone I talked to thought it was a great idea.) New York could easily be divided into two states.

        Instead of fracturing the nation and requiring the writing of a new Constitution for the new nation, we would just expand to 55 states or so, all under our existing and brilliant Constitution and acknowledging the right of all Americans to be represented and not dominated by urban areas mostly populated by Leftists.

      • Jeremiah January 22, 2021 / 4:07 pm

        This map has been circulating for a while, but is supposedly the map depicted from the servers in Germany on election night…

  7. ricorun January 20, 2021 / 4:02 pm

    Did you see the size of the crowds at the inauguration? People say it was the largest crowd in the history of the world! They say there was easily 3-4 million people there. And that’s only the number wading in the reflecting pool!

    • Retired Spook January 20, 2021 / 7:33 pm


      • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 10:24 pm

        I am soooo glad Jill Biden is going to bring fashion back to the White House. We so need a dumpy woman in dumpy clothes to make an aging America feel better about itself. That constant imagery of a gorgeous supermodel dressed in gorgeous elegant clothes was so—–demoralizing. It will take the Bidens to lower the bar so far no one feels bad by comparison.

        At least that is the only explanation I can find for the fawning over Jill’s alleged fashion sense. Bedazzling a frumpy coat is not exactly a great fashion move, but gee, the media sure loved it.

        Of course they swooned over Michelle, too, who wore the absolute ugliest clothing ever seen on any First Lady ever, calling her “elegant” when she looked like an NBA player in drag and walked like she was killing ants.

        Gee, do you think maybe the media are biased or something? Could it be?

      • ricorun January 22, 2021 / 12:47 pm

        Amazon: I am soooo glad Jill Biden is going to bring fashion back to the White House. We so need a dumpy woman in dumpy clothes to make an aging America feel better about itself.

        If that’s how you feel, you should have voted for Hillary. No one out-dumpys her. Dumpy Hillary for President for Life!

      • Amazona January 23, 2021 / 12:23 am

        And if I were to trivialize my vote to cast it on such a superficial basis, whether bad fashion sense or personality or bad hair, I might have. Sadly, too many elections are won on the basis of such superficial frivolity instead of on analysis of the structure of the opposing political systems and a rational choice of which is deemed the better blueprint for governing the nation.

        Proof: Not many people will admit to preferring a system which consolidates power in the hands of a few elites who then decide what to impose on the nation, instead of keeping power closer to home by having most laws decided at the state or local level—but they still vote for Democrats.

    • Amazona January 20, 2021 / 8:41 pm

      Wow. I am impressed that they were able to find all the people who really did vote for Joe and get them to DC.

      • tteveris January 21, 2021 / 6:24 pm

        That is Dr. Jill Biden – ha ha

      • dbschmidt January 21, 2021 / 7:41 pm

        Someone on our local radio (a caller) mentioned that is what all the flags were for. All the dead people that voted for Biden. BTW, I had one of my attorneys add a stipulation that after I pass I cannot vote Dem. Make it Libertarian or any other party but never Democrat. He was grinning from ear to ear.

  8. Amazona January 20, 2021 / 10:03 pm

    Sorry, Georgians whose votes are for sale.

    Rogelio Linares, who hails from Atlanta, canvassed innumerable Georgia voters as part of one service industry union’s massive outreach program on behalf of the Democratic Party during the Senate runoffs.

    “I was on the ground and I knocked over 1,000 doors,” he told Mediaite in an interview. “At the doors, I was literally telling people, ‘$2K checks, you can rely on this.’ I’m a man of principle and morals and I feel like shit. I lied to them. I was lying to them the whole time. I was lying to people that were relying on this. At the time I didn’t know it was a lie. But that was not the reality.”

    Linares consistently reiterated that many Georgia voters feel taken advantage but crestfallen because there’s essentially nothing they can do about the Democratic Party’s abrupt reversal on the amount of direct aid currently being proposed.

    So (1) they were dumb enough to believe Dem campaign promises and (2) they were happy to vote for the guys who basically promised to buy their votes. Do I feel sorry for them? Not a bit. Stupid AND venal—what a great combination. They are getting what they deserve, which is a kick in the teeth and two absolutely terrible, incompetent Senators who will vote to further damage the economy.

    As for this self-described paragon of virtue, Rogelio Linares, who brags that he is “a man of principle and morals ” he was just fine with basically bribing more than a thousand people to vote for Democrats. And now he feels bad because the bribes are less than he promised. Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh

  9. Retired Spook January 21, 2021 / 12:09 pm

    The first BIG RED FLAG on Day one. If there was any doubt where this new administration is headed it just went out the window.

    • Amazona January 21, 2021 / 1:35 pm

      Well, I never had any doubts. But Uncle President* Badfinger is really in a hurry to appease his more radical base, isn’t he? Nice of him to give the opposition so much to use against him and the rest of the Left, though.

    • dbschmidt January 21, 2021 / 7:45 pm

      Add in the loss of over 50,000 jobs–mostly union. Complete destruction of sports and them folks in Georgia better figure something out as we now have millions of “new” lower wage workers. The ones that will push those who did it the correct way all back of the bus.

  10. Jeremiah January 21, 2021 / 5:40 pm

    I listened to a few minutes of debate on the house floor today, maybe 10 minutes max, but if I was understanding correctly, probably not, were they debating about taking the power to control the military away from the President, and giving it to someone else?

    I know they were discussing confirmation of a new secretary of defense. I’m just wondering about that other part they were discussing, because I distinctly heard them say, “civilian control of the military.” There was also a lot of bad-mouthing our military, saying “its controlled by white supremacists.” This, that, and the other.

    • dbschmidt January 21, 2021 / 7:54 pm

      One thing I am sure that will not change is the configuration of the military except for Uncle Pervies changes. We have always been and always will be a nation of war fighters lead by the military and answering to a civilian “commander in chief” leader. Now, the really corrupt FBI, NSA, DoJ have been sniping about how they had to vet the National Guard because the are all white (total BS) and probably 75% voted for Trump (hard to be exact if it was truly a secret vote) and therefore insurgents. Hell, it was either the FBI or DoJ or both putting up billboards across America searching for us.

      Okay, lets do Seattle, Portland, Antifa & BLM. Never mind, nothing to see here. Move along.

      • Jeremiah January 21, 2021 / 8:19 pm

        Thanks a lot, Dbschmidt! Appreciate you explaining that to me! I hope and pray that our military is not destroyed by the racial prejudices of the Left. As far as Antifa, BLM et al are concerned, I don’t know, they seem to get a pass for criminal behavior. John Sullivan, I think is his name…anyway he’s a black man, whose been implicated over twice for assassinations, and he’s gotten free both times. He travels the country doing insurgent work for whoever it is that pays him, but I’m pretty sure it goes back to China, and exchanges hands several times before it reaches him…making it harder to trace to the original source.

        I really don’t know anymore, it just defies logic how these groups getaway with brutally injuring and murdering people. The only other explanation I can think of is that our justice system has been bought off, and the rule of law has become null and void.

        I just wish there was something that we could do. I’m at a loss.

      • dbschmidt January 21, 2021 / 8:48 pm

        I served in the Marines in the 80’s There were so many shades of green I can’t remember. I rotated out at End of Current Contract (ECC) #3 after nine years plus. Was going back but I found out about things like Women and Money on the outside. Still kick myself for not going back.

        Biggest problem is why. I rotated out after my Commander refused my second request to Mustang as a Warrant Officer to fly helicopters. Eye sight not good enough except choppers. Obviously, the biggest problem wasn’t that but my degrees (same or exceeding his) came from what he considered an “inferior” college. I wasn’t ivy league. This is large part of today’s problem.

        Rank and File troops including all of our covert sisters & brothers have taken and believe in the oath. It is similar to what was in schools until the ilLiberals had their way. They are trying to deconstruct America block by block. I could show you interviews with adversaries from back in the 50’s onward. First thing “not my President” did was to remove the 1776 project from the web site.

        We will not lose. As corny as it sounds–Truth, Justice and the American way will prevail. What I cannot wrap my head around is why they are trying the way that has always failed? You want one world order fine. He are the requirements to match America and we would be more than willing (we already do) to help you get there.

        No more tribalism (which the liberals are trying to reintroduce to America) if we are going to be a world of equals. Oops, there is the problem. They don’t want a world of equals–they want absolute power over the minions. Even though I am not completely sold on JFK, his statement about a “rising tide lifts all boats” is a much better place than the liberals want to take us where “a sinking boat will soon hit bottom” where we will all be equal awaiting death,

      • dbschmidt January 21, 2021 / 9:01 pm

        BTW, Jeremiah. We all look out for each other no matter what our skill set is. I would give my life to protect you or any person not inclined to join the military or other nefarious organizations because we need all types to make the world go round. I only went military because of family (3rd gen Infantry by choice) . Have a bubble head, a medic and something fish related in the rest of thew family. .Marine biologist think. I like catching fish–not studying them.

        Nevertheless, this world would not be worth living in without kind people to say and do nice things in general.

        Now, I am off to see if I can get any money from the movie people for “Wreck-it-Ralph” which one of my instructors kept calling me. Almost.. Gave me a metal Social Security card after graduation because, as he said, “infantry always breaks things.”

      • Jeremiah January 22, 2021 / 5:01 am

        BTW, Jeremiah. We all look out for each other no matter what our skill set is. I would give my life to protect you or any person not inclined to join the military or other nefarious organizations because we need all types to make the world go round.

        Thanks! 🙏🏻 I would do the same for you, and by all rights I should because you sacrificed for me, and for our country. I thank the Lord for all of our Veterans, I pray for you all the time. I am in awe of our military men and women’s courage. All people of America owe you a deep, profound gratitude!

      • dbschmidt January 21, 2021 / 9:10 pm

        Maybe I just wait until implants are available and become the Street Preacher from Johnny Mnemonic Nah, Never mind.

  11. Retired Spook January 21, 2021 / 8:59 pm

    Via email — short, concise and to the point.

    There is something important I need to say. It may not be important to anyone else; but it’s important to me.

    President Trump. I just want to say THANK YOU for the last four years.

    Thank you for making it cool to be an American again.

    Thank you for showing us that we don’t need to be under China’s thumb any more economically, or in any other way.

    Thank you for one of the strongest economies we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes. Thank you for all you have done for the minority communities, and the outstanding decrease in the unemployment rate.

    Thank you for making it feel good to love our country and to be a proud patriot again. Thank you for supporting our Nation’s flag and the men and women who fought for the freedom that stands behind that flag.

    Thank you for supporting our nation’s law enforcement organizations, and understanding how difficult their job really is.

    Thank you for quelling the flood of illegal immigration, and bringing to justice the thousands of criminals that flood brought us.

    Thank you for giving corporations a reason to come back to America to make our own products and put Americans back to work.

    Thank you for bringing our troops home from endless deployments that presented us with little more than body bags; and for your commitment to strengthen our military.

    Thank you for operation warp speed and keeping your promise to bring the Wuhan flu vaccine to us in less than a year.

    Thank you for your never-ending attempts at bringing peace to the Middle East and your support for Israel.

    Thank you for your Tax relief, and thank you for our energy independence. Most of all though…

    THANK YOU for taking a rotten job that you never had to take!!

    Thank you for caring enough for this country to want to try and make a difference.

    Thank you for showing America how little Career Politicians actually work for their constituents; and for showing us how much those politicians despise you for showing America how easy it is to build a great nation, rather than rape her to line their own pockets and portfolios.

    Thank you for trying to drain the swamp. You almost succeeded in just 1 term.

    Thank you for allowing us to experience a President that wasn’t a lifelong politician, but a lifelong American.


    • jdge1 January 21, 2021 / 10:27 pm

      That pretty much says what many of us feel, long with nominating conservative judges, reducing business killing obstructions, generating energy independence, providing support to the unborn, support to personal and religious freedoms, and a whole slew of other things we’ve been pleading for, for decades. I suspect President Trump is not one to walk away after being cheated and lied to, after spending over 4 years dealing with relentless, baseless attacks. I’m guessing one of his first order of business objects might be, to establish a way to communicate to the public that is not censured, restricted, blocked or at the mercy of enemies. Once he has that the gloves come off and he can generate the support he needs to turn the tables. When that happens, those entrenched creatures will be in a fight for their survival.

      And as Amazona mentioned, it more important than ever that we work on gaining greater control of our local and state politicians, officials, law enforcement, along with taking away financial support to any business or entity that works against our best interest.

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