Voter Fraud

You know what they say: late votes/mail votes/any irregular sort of vote always break heavily for Democrats. It is how they assure us that 2020 was legit. Hey, guys, it just works like that – those votes which are not people actually showing up at the polls? Just always break Democrats.

What I wonder is how many of the people making that assertion – and it is almost all Election “experts” – realize that the statement, itself, proves voter fraud.

In any fair system over time things will even out. Oddities can happen, of course. If you had a perfectly balanced quarter and flipped a hundred times, you should come up with a 50/50 split or something so close to that as makes no matter. Now, during this hundred flips, you might go ten or even fifteen times coming up heads. But if it really is a balanced coin and you are flipping it the exact same way each time, then over time it will be 50/50. It is just the way things work. So, when someone says “mail votes always break for Democrats” you are talking about something which cannot happen naturally. It can only be “mail votes always break for Democrats” if someone is making it happen. So, too, with close races – on average, about half should fall to each side. But when almost all close races go to one side rely on it: someone is making that happen.

In my view the AZ audit has shown enough crucial weakness in the security of the vote to prove that winning the State by fraud was only a matter of will: did anyone want to do it? This isn’t, of itself, proof that fraud happened, but given the total picture – which is five States Trump was ahead in on election night all going to Biden after mail in ballots universally went massive for him – I am certain that the 2020 election was stolen. Biden was installed in a flurry of ballot box stuffing the likes of which the United States has never seen before – and they had to go into overdrive, and stop the count for a while, because Trump’s actual vote total took them by surprise. All their polls and experts said that Trump, at most, had held his 2016 voters…but then he comes up with nearly 12 million more voters in 2020 and the Democrats simply weren’t prepared for that level of fraud. They had to wing it: and they did so much stuffing that it became obvious to any fair observer.

There is, unfortunately, nothing we can do about 2020. The only mechanism in the Constitution for removing a President is impeachment or 25th Amendment. We’ll never get 67 Senators to vote to convict so impeachment is out and the 25th Amendment requires his own people to turn on him: and they won’t turn on him because he was frauded into office (they’ll turn on him when its time to shift into 2024 mode). But what it does show is the crucial necessity of voting reform such as that being done in Texas and Georgia – and what has already been done in Florida. You might recall that AZ was ridiculously called for Biden minutes after the polls closed by it took hours to call FL…by the networks. Real election number crunchers called FL 17 minutes after the polls closed in the panhandle. The reason they were able to do this is because reforms in FL let them know by that time how many votes were out and with that info they could see who won the State. It’ll now be similar in TX and GA. If I’m right about fraud being endemic to Democrat politics, then those two States – GA now considered purple and TX trending blue – will over the next couple election cycles go as red as FL. Once the Democrats in FL could no longer effectively commit fraud, FL became not a battleground, but a lost cause. So it will be in TX and GA is my bet – and AZ if the GOP there takes action (which I rate better than 50/50: they are a very McCain party in AZ, but they also don’t want to lose – and now they have been shown chapter and verse what will happen to them if they don’t tackle this).

The reason I believe I am right about GA and TX not trending blue is because of FL – because once we stopped the fraud, a State which took weeks to call in 2000 was called in 17 minutes. Make no mistake about it – in a free and fair election, it doesn’t take more than an hour or two to find out who won, even in the largest population States, even if the race is close. The only reason it takes longer than a couple hours to be able to nail it down is because someone is trying to alter a result and to do that, they need to find out how many Other Side votes their are so they can manufacture any shortfall. I do not believe that Democrats command the loyalty of 50% of the population. There is no way their policies can command that level of support. I believe all of their power is based on voter fraud. And you can see the progression and why they went mail ballots in 2020 and are trying to keep them going for 2022 and 2024: their actual support is dropping so low that the only way they can create sufficient ballots is in a universal mail-in system. Do anything which requires a positive step by a voter to obtain a mail ballot – even if you make it a no questions asked to get a mail ballot – and you’ve killed their ability to cheat. For fraud to work, everyone – dead or alive – must get a ballot so that there will be a huge pool of unused votes to manufacture for Democrats. As we saw in 2020, the Courts will not intervene to question a ballot once it is in the system. This infuriated us but, really, there wasn’t much they could do: once a fake ballot is in, you can’t really distinguish it from a real ballot. That’s why Democrats want mail in and, of course, no purging of voter rolls: they need that flexible number. Make it hard and fast – clean voter roles and you have to request a ballot – and the pool of fake votes dries up. They’d have to go back to the old method of having people vote multiple times in person…but I believe their level of support has dropped to the point that this would be inefficient in securing the number of votes they need.

I think we can crush voter fraud – at least in enough States to ensure we’ve got a fair shot at winning. But the real battle will come if we do get power. If we do get back in, we’ll have to find a way to effectively check the deep blue areas. Find out just how many people are actually voting. My bet is that in the deep blue cities, the number of votes reported bears no relation to the number of voters who showed up. In areas where Democrats have absolute political control (Chicago, Detroit, LA, etc) there is nobody who can so much as question what goes on: all the officials and judges are Democrats. But I remember in the 2016 audit of MI that the Greens tried to engineer they found box after box of Detroit ballots not holding nearly as many votes as were reported. I mean it was on the lines of the documents saying there were a thousand votes in Box A when there were actually only a couple hundred. It would be nothing for a Democrat poll worker beholden for his or her job to the Democrat Party to simply say, “there are a thousand ballots and nine hundred ninety are for the Democrat”. Who would check? If checked, who would make an issue of it? Democrats would have to be saints to not take advantage of this opportunity to alter a State-wide race in their favor. Don’t know about you, but people who support abortion on demand don’t seem to me to be people of high moral standards.

I guess what I’m really saying here is don’t give up the ship. Don’t fall for those who say that we should give up because we can’t beat the fraud. We can. We control enough territory to ensure that an electoral majority is decided in a free and fair election. Keep fighting. I think that the Ruling Class, by installing Joe at all costs, ensured their own eventual defeat. They went too far.

13 thoughts on “Voter Fraud

  1. Cluster September 25, 2021 / 9:07 am

    It’s time to decertify the 2020 election.

    I’m done playing around with these lying, cheating, incompetent, authoritarian assholes with their vax mandates and emotional insecurities. To steal a line from demented Joe, I’m losing patience with these fucks. If they bring a knife, we bring a gun. Time to get in their face and argue and intimidate. The Taliban already showed us how to defeat these losers, so let’s roll.

    • Amazona September 25, 2021 / 10:06 am

      I’ve been arguing for years that we need to get in their faces and stop being on the defensive, but the problem with that attitude is that we have no platform from which to mount this kind of assault.

      • Cluster September 25, 2021 / 10:17 am

        It has to happen locally to begin with. Individually even. We have to start local civil disobedience on a massive scale.

      • Amazona September 25, 2021 / 10:50 am

        And here we part ways. Yours is to engage in civil disobedience and I think that’s starting at the wrong end,.

        This is the process now: Voters are lied to and develop emotional reasons to vote for or against candidates. They vote for Democrats because they believe this is the moral and virtuous thing to do. The Democrats enact stupid and repressive laws. And your solution is to fight the laws, or those whose job is to enforce them.

        I start at the other end, which would be to develop a communications platform that fights the narrative before it gets Dems elected. Since the narrative is BS it’s not as if a focused, disciplined and coherent approach couldn’t undermine it quickly and effectively. But once the narrative is allowed to proceed to the next steps, “civil disobedience” is just going to be fighting with people—emotionally gratifying for some, perhaps, but not very productive.

        And the end result is not going to be changing peoples’ minds about who they put in office. It is only going to get them dug in deeper and more resistant to you and anything you claim to represent.

      • Cluster September 25, 2021 / 11:06 am

        I start at the other end, which would be to develop a communications platform that fights the narrative before it gets Dems elected.

        You’re at least 20 years behind the 8 ball on this one. By the time you finish your platform construction and mild mannered approach, you’ll be in full blown communism. Many Germans were also hoping to confront Nazi fascism in a less confrontational approach and how did that turn out? These Democrats are no different than the SS.

      • Amazona September 25, 2021 / 11:49 am

        You must be the only person in the country to consider me “mild mannered”.

        I think that Trump or a consortium of wealthy conservatives could put together a coherent and powerful communication platform by the end of the year, if they had some leadership and a plan.

        We already know how precarious the Dem hold on power is in this country. We already know that somewhere between 15 and 30% of Biden voters say they would not have voted for him if the Agenda Media had not covered up information about his corruption. That single change of mind is based on fragments of information that only touch on the Hunter Biden laptop, but it tells us that if we can get into the information pipeline in a meaningful way we can change the direction of American politics. Imagine the impact of the full book on the Biden Family Crime Syndicate. So my main target would be the Agenda Media, no holds barred. Them, and Facebook and Twitter.

        Let’s put it this way: If I were in charge of such a platform, “mild mannered” would be a phrase never uttered to describe it. Say the platform has a “Dateline” format. I would have an hour titled “:Is your neighbor really a communist?” and then point out that the people with the Black Lives Matter signs on their lawns may think they are signaling a virtuous rejection of racial bias, but what they are really saying is that they support the Marxist organization pretending to be against racism. This would all revolve around savaging the Agenda Media for their lies, for covering up the Marxist agenda of BLM, for their callous misleading of America.

        Every episode would call out the Agenda Media, by format and by name and by content, and would illustrate their mendacity and dishonesty. I might have an episode about Joe and Mika titled “Are these people really this stupid, or does stupidity just pay well?” and go through a full hour of showing the utter inanity and sheer stupidity of what they say—with the subtext that only truly stupid people watch or buy into their crap.

        A full hour every night could be dedicated to another brain-dead talking head spouting utter crap on CNN, MSNBC and the alphabet networks. It would be along the lines of “Maybe Joy Reid isn’t smart enough to read a dictionary, but surely someone on her staff is capable of looking up the actual meaning of “insurrection” to keep her from making an absolute fool of herself on television”.

        I’d delve deep into the Biden corruption, going back to his VP days when he and co-conspirator John Kerry, comprising the high-powered team of Vice President and Secretary of State of the United States of America conspired to use their power and influence to funnel billions upon billions of American dollars into schemes in foreign countries where their sons ran scams to bleed off most of those billions into family enterprises. Naturally, this would tie in with media coverups of these illegal activities.

        I’d have an episode every week called “The Lie Of The Week” where a lie would be dissected and laid out in a media autopsy, exposing the lies and tying them all to media interference in our political process. It’s not as if there is a shortage of material.

        I’d have an episode on bullying, but it would quickly segue into the observation that Cancel Culture is the epitome of bullying, yet it is admired and promote by the same people who virtue signal against bullying.

        Don’t you think it would make a difference if the public had more access to information about, for instance, the facts about vaccine dangers and how many people have died or been seriously injured by them? And I don’t just mean facts about the vaccines—I mean facts about how the Left has been lying to us, treating us like lab rats, fiercely protecting its narrative by a multi-pronged attack on anyone who questions it.

        Too mild mannered for you?

        If there was a house in town that was the center of every problem in town, your approach would be to egg it and tear down the curtains while mine would be to undermine its foundation.

      • Retired Spook September 25, 2021 / 12:06 pm

        Imagine the impact of the full book on the Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

        I believe Peter Schweizer is currently working on such a book.

      • Amazona September 25, 2021 / 3:48 pm

        When I went back and read what I posted I realized that the term “full book” sounded like an actual book, and not a totality of information. But I look forward to such a book.

        I had heard that a book was out (Joe Biden Unauthorized by Mike McCormick) that confirmed the laptop story and I looked it up on Amazon, and it appears to work pretty hard to be nice to Joe. There is evidently reference to some corruption, but there is a lot of praise for the whole family, talk about the hard times Joe has had, etc. The comments section told me a lot about it.

        This is what one reader got out of it:
        You can’t help to like VP Biden even more, and to feel sorry for the tragedy he suffered with the loss of his wife and baby daughter early on in his career; the loss of his decorated son, Beau; and the on again, off again struggles he continues to face with his son, Hunter – we’re pulling for you, Hunter. However, Mike McCormick exposes VP Biden with regard to something we all know and feel deep down inside – that is, he is way too nice of a guy for the Presidency. Blehhhhh

        On the other hand, a reviewer wrote:
        Everyone needs to read this objective, first-person observation of our 46th president. By comparison, the Biden family corruption makes Trump’s family seem like merely overtime parking on a meter.

        My concern is that by focusing on individuals, even totally corrupt individuals, we are leaving space for new individuals to step up and the problem will be the same—that the American public will be making important decisions based on lies on one hand and covering-up of negative information on the other. We will still be facing the powerful hand of Big Tech, in the form of Facebook and Google and Twitter, guiding the flow of information, shutting off some and promoting what they want us to hear.

        We have to find a way to undermine the grip our main media voices have on the minds of America, and the only way to do that is to have a louder and more appealing voice. If we can’t get ourselves organized enough to develop a television platform that is effective then we have to find other ways to get our messages out. Mass mailings, billboards, buying time on cable channels—we absolutely HAVE to figure this out. Otherwise we will just be playing Whack-A-Mole, knocking down one Dem based on personality and personal history of corruption, incompetence, etc. only to have another pop right up, with the same powerhouse of Agenda Media and Big Tech propping him/her up and stacking the deck.

  2. Cluster September 25, 2021 / 9:15 am

    And here’s a little insight into what is happening in my town which is just a couple of hundred miles away from the unprotected southern border. Crime is exploding. A month ago, a couple was shot and killed by an illegal. Last week, a couple I know had their RV stolen, this week a local church had their catalytic converters stolen off of their vans they use around the community, and yesterday a couple at a local eatery had a gun pulled on them and were robbed in broad daylight in the parking lot.

    I have no more patience.

  3. Cluster September 25, 2021 / 6:05 pm

    With what is going on in Australia, I am concerned that way too many Americans are far too complacent and do not understand the urgency

    Earlier this week, officers demonstrated exactly why they are being described as modern-day Nazis online by unveiling their newest crowd control tactic – Ambush the unarmed protesters and open fire with ‘non-lethals’ like rubber bullets and gas grenades as they flee.

    Just my opinion, but I don’t think messaging alone will turn this around. The information of the dangers of the Covid vaccines is already out there for anyone to see, read, and understand but they don’t. It’s also now proof positive that the Russia collusion story was all a lie, but these same people just don’t care so I am not sure how some new messaging platform will persuade anyone except those who already get it. Besides, I don’t think we have the time to reeducate people, when people are already losing their livelihoods because of their refusal to comply with the State, time is slipping away …

  4. jdge1 September 25, 2021 / 9:27 pm

    Say What?

    ”The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t work to protect the protected.”

  5. Amazona September 26, 2021 / 11:17 am

    Yes, we definitely need to curb avenues for voter fraud. We’ve already discussed ways to help ensure that only legal qualified voters can vote, that they can vote only once, that they can’t be dead or living somewhere else and that their votes will be counted but only counted once. That’s approaching it from the voter end.

    But I think we have to use a belt-and-suspenders approach and also tighten things up on the certification end. That would include refusing to consider votes cast in a system where illegal finagling like last-minute changes have occurred, but it would focus on the concept of true certification. That is, that the meaning of the word is to support the belief that something is true and accurate, to “certify” its accuracy.

    If every state were to enact a law stating that no legislature can certify a vote tally if there is compelling evidence that it is not accurate, this would bring election fraud to a screeching halt. Why bother to pack the ballot boxes if sworn affidavits from witnesses can halt the certification of the bogus vote tally? Why swamp the vote counters with photocopied fake ballots if proof that some were faked will mean the entire vote count will be ignored?

    As long as there is the reward of certification if ballot box fraud can be accomplished then ballot box fraud will be attempted. Right now we have a senile incompetent puppet of the radical Left sitting in the White House because several legislatures “certified” the vote counts in their states even with the knowledge that no one could with any degree of certainty know which candidate got how many votes. That’s insane.

    The Left muddied the waters and got everyone confused by claiming that the vote tally had to be accepted because even though there was proof of unqualified people voting, etc. “there is no way to know who got those votes”. Well, that’s exactly why the vote count can’t be certified…NO ONE KNOWS WHO GOT WHICH VOTES. Duh. That is the very definition of uncertifiable.

    This is how to make people accountable. If I live in a state where the votes of my state were not included in the Electoral College calculations because the people in charge of the election screwed up, they can be fired but I should also be able to be part of a class action suit against them for damages, for taking away my vote. I think this is the best way to force election officials to actually do their jobs.

    Do this and suddenly we will go back to in-person voting with photo IDs, and carefully monitored absentee voting under controlled circumstances. Prosecute people voting in multiple places and it won’t take long for people to realize it just isn’t worth the risk. Purge voter registration rolls and to maintain registration the voter has to sign a document, under penalty of perjury, that he or she is a citizen and is not registered to vote in any other state or precinct..

    It’s doable, if we only had the political will to do it.

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