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Team Pudding Brain has been caught transporting around the USA large numbers of single, fit male illegal immigrants. This is actually against the law – as Rep Dan Crenshaw pointed out, an impeachable offense.

I’m not sure how serious Crenshaw is – he may just be putting out some boilerplate in an election year. And I think a lot of people would say that Biden should be impeached for breaking the law. But, that would be wrong. And our Amazona gonna love this:

Joe Biden should be impeached for failure to see that the laws are faithfully enforced. That is right there in the Constitution. It isn’t ambiguous: the President shall take care that the laws are faithfully enforced. In short, we’d be impeaching him for violating his oath of office. Cool, huh?

And to me it is a crucial point of principal: our government is increasingly lawless. Officials of it do whatever it is they think they can get away with. This is destroying the very fabric of our nation and so it is necessary for us to fight it out on the issue of rule of law. Of course, it is usually difficult to do this because most of the time you don’t have a handy case easily understood. We do now. The American people are aware of illegal immigration. They are aware that when Joe came in there was a huge surge in border crossings…what they don’t know is that Team Biden is refusing to enforce the law. That these people are not just being cut lose but are being transported by the government to their illegal release point. The issue is tailor made for us – and it can be made even more dramatic by highlighting what some of these people will end up doing over the next year (you know a percentage of them are mere criminals).

We impeach Biden on the accusation that he didn’t enforce the laws per his oath of office, we’ll win the PR battle – and then watch Democrats immolate themselves asserting that the President doesn’t have to enforce the law. Mark my words on it: they will lash themselves to the mast on this. They are committed to lawlessness. They will die on that hill. So, let’s help them do so.

War for Ukraine? Not interested. Neither, I think, are most people – and here the old line GOP (McConnell, eg) is entirely out of step with the base. This does surprise me as Mitch is usually pretty sensitive to where the political wind is blowing. There is no rally ’round the flag here. We are not in any sense of the word a unified nation: we are at each other’s throats and until we resolve our domestic conflicts we’d better walk small on the world stage…but it seems as if bureaucratic inertia is moving us to a risk of war. Our real hope is that Putin sees it isn’t worth it…that a dying American Ruling Class may end up doing something very stupid and so he’d better give it a rest. Fingers crossed on this one.

Niel Young, whom you are surprised to find still alive, demanded that Spotify remove his music. And most of his fans went, “what the heck is Spotify?”. Young was upset that Spotify carries Rogan’s show, which dares to cast doubt on the official Covid narrative. So, the man who once sung about facing off against Nixon’s soldiers is now an Establishment shill. Pathetic – but hippies always tend to be that, don’t they?

There is probably no liquid water on Mars. They thought they had detected some, but Mars is simply too cold. I really don’t expect us to find much on Mars – certainly no life. It has the materials for us to live, but only if we can resolve the gravity and radiation issues.

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  1. Retired Spook January 26, 2022 / 9:05 am

    Here’s an idea I hope catches on around the country.

    New Hampshire residents may soon be able to receive ivermectin from pharmacies without first getting a prescription or approval from a doctor.

    Proposed legislation titled House Bill 1022 would allow pharmacists to dispense the drug, which some believe can treat COVID-19 even though it lacks approval for such use from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), by means of standing orders.

    Under the law, pharmacists would be able to “dispense ivermectin under the delegated prescriptive authority of the physician or APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses), specify a mechanism to document screening performed and the prescription in the patient’s medical record, and include a plan for evaluating and treating adverse events,” according to the bill.

    • Cluster January 26, 2022 / 7:36 pm

      Well folks, I got COVID. It’s a cold with some body aches. I have ivermectin and am on day 2 of taking it and feeling much better and will most likely be back at work tomorrow. It does make you tired. I slept quite a bit the last few days

      • Retired Spook January 26, 2022 / 8:30 pm

        Just out of curiosity, do you know how you got it? My wife and I have managed to dodge it so far, but we work out at the Y 3 days a week, go to the grocery a couple times a week, and go out to eat at least once a week, so we’re probably going to get it at some point.

      • Cluster January 26, 2022 / 9:27 pm

        An agent I was working with closely fir a few days tested positive and sure enough I came down with a cold and body aches for about a week. She had very few symptoms

      • Amazona January 27, 2022 / 7:50 pm

        I didn’t take the test but my friends tested positive and I had identical symptoms though mine were milder—probably because they had only been jabbed and I am sure I had what I call Big Covid when it first came out, before it was getting much press. Even back then I just had debilitating fatigue and some muscle aches for about three days. I later realized it was probably Covid when I went through about 10 pounds of coffee beans, cussing because they kept selling me stale old beans, till I realized it wasn’t the coffee, it was me. Didn’t like coffee, didn’t like bourbon—-it nearly ruined my life. I struggled through the bourbon thing, being highly motivated, and now sometimes I like hot coffee but usually go for iced. Still can’t eat spicy food, though. (Met a guy in Douglas Wyoming who couldn’t drink hot coffee any more, but suddenly loved Frappucino, so he could still go to Starbucks every day and flirt with the girls there.)

        When I got what I am sure was the Cron it was a bad headache, though not awful, and a kinda-cough—-not really coughing, just raspy throat clearing. For two or three days. My friends called a doctor friend of them who put them on prednisone and a few supplements and told them to monitor their oxygen levels. I didn’t do the steroid but did follow the supplement regime and used ivermectin I got from a friend, though I don’t think I needed it.

        I keep wondering what our nation would have been like if we had immediately started to work out early treatment protocols and getting on top of this virus the first day there were any symptoms. Naturally there would have been a learning curve, till we had a chance to sort out what worked and what didn’t, but focusing on that instead of paying high-dollar bonuses for Covid hospitalizations and ventilators and saying the only thing we should work on was vaccines only worked in amplifying the types and degrees of control over us by the Left.

      • Amazona January 27, 2022 / 7:57 pm

        Spook, you reckless daredevil you! Just daring Fate to come get you, eh?

        What “they” have learned is that the virus is transmitted through the air, not so much by contact, so the glove wearing and hand sanitizer weren’t really doing that much good. A couple of sources do recommend nasal flushing with a mild povidine dilution, to keep the viral load in our respiratory systems low, and even gargling with some mouthwashes. I’ve used a lot of Betadine in my horse treatment days and gotten enough on my hands to know it tastes nasty, so I’m not sure about the nasal flush, but of all the avoidance methods I have seen these seem to make the most sense as they address the actual parts of the body where the virus enters and sets up housekeeping.

        But I know you take zinc, and there are other supplements that inhibit the viruses from attaching or multiplying, so you are probably good examples of the benefits of pumping up your immune systems.

      • Cluster January 28, 2022 / 9:50 am

        Didn’t like coffee, didn’t like bourbon—-it nearly ruined my life.

        LOL exactly. Coffee still doesn’t taste right to me and I’m not happy … I love coffee so hoping this goes away eventually.

        I’m 60+ years old and like everyone I am no stranger to the cold/flu virus but I will say that there is something different with this virus. It just doesn’t feel 100% natural. Now I don’t know if that is just my mind playing games with me (which is possible), but this virus feels engineered and I don’t know how to explain that. My congestion didn’t feel normal or natural and my body aches were more pronounced than usual. It also lingers longer than I am use to with a cold virus. Just my observation

  2. Cluster January 27, 2022 / 9:36 am

    I am so tired of living around inferior people … people like fielding. Check out this headline:

    Long COVID expert says the world is in ‘deep trouble’ and millions may suffer from debilitating physical and cognitive issues for YEARS after being infected

    I have fully recovered and can assure you I have no more cognitive issues than I had before lol.

      • Amazona January 27, 2022 / 7:59 pm

        fielding, did you mean LOL or heh heh heh ?

    • Retired Spook January 27, 2022 / 11:56 am

      Long COVID expert says the world is in ‘deep trouble’ and millions may suffer from debilitating physical and cognitive issues for YEARS after being infected

      That describes most Liberals PRE-Covid.

      • Cluster January 27, 2022 / 6:49 pm

        Lol I should have known that

      • Amazona January 27, 2022 / 7:36 pm

        The distress at the prospect of Covid Panic ending is just too funny to watch. Of course, many if not all of us suffer from debilitating physical issues for YEARS after passing a couple of age milestones, not to mention a few cognitive issues as well. So now it’s going to be from Covid?

        These guys just need to let it go, and look for some other Sky-Is-Falling panic to obsess over. Though they might have to settle for the regular meetings of the Perennially Outraged till they find something else terrifying enough to call for sacrificing some more liberty.

  3. Amazona January 27, 2022 / 8:07 pm

    In short, we’d be impeaching him for violating his oath of office. Cool, huh?

    I would love it, partly for the fact that it would make the point that the oath of office SHOULD be binding, as it is a promise, and an argument could be made that it is a condition of holding the office. It would get the attention of others who have taken oaths to uphold the law, like Attorneys General and District Attorneys, and it could be used as the platform for addressing things like the laziness of state legislatures in treating vote certification as a casual thing, just a rubber stamp with no real demand for diligence.

    However we get there, I think it is essential to start making the point that when someone swears “I will do this” we damned well expect him TO DO THIS—-or get out of the way for someone who will.

  4. Amazona January 27, 2022 / 8:25 pm

    There’s been a lot of talk about how Republicans feel about Donald Trump’s ongoing role in American politics, There’s a growing sense of not wanting him to run for the presidency again, one which I share. This is based on dread of another Trumpian campaign of name calling and insults. As I said to a friend the other night, we don’t want or need Brawler Trump any more—we need Statesman Trump. Trump 2.0. But I, and many others, fear that like an old fire engine horse, when he hears the siren he will gallop right into the fray.

    And this nation needs, as much as it ever has, a calming campaign. We know the Left will fight with all its venom and hatred and name calling, and what we need is opposition to that that is its opposite, an unemotional rational and even comforting persona conveying the sense that this is the person who can lead us not into ongoing hatred and conflict but into a recovery period.

    So I was intrigued by this article by Julio Rivera, suggesting a role of great power and influence for Trump that uses his talents but does not subject him to the pressures of four more years of the presidency, a role where he could take center stage and accomplish great things under a different president. (As a woman of a “certain age” I still prefer to see a younger and more vibrant administration come into office, such as a DeSantis/Noem ticket.)

    From the article:

    One outside the box option gaining a measure of steam is the possibility of former President Trump stepping back into the D.C. fray to take on Biden agenda from the legislative branch.

    Although many may not be aware of this, the House Speaker does not need to be an elected Congressman and Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., has already spoken with the former president about becoming speaker after the midterms.

    Trump is certainly someone who’s (sic) vast influence and popularity can be leveraged towards exposing much of the worst of the Biden administration’s intentions, via the non-stop media coverage that is sure to accompany him.

    Another good reason for a Trump speakership is his already displayed ability to act pragmatically. Despite the media’s negative coverage of him, and the ridiculous assertions from many liberal talking heads, that Trump was somehow a dictator, the former president actually often extended the olive branch to both Speaker Pelosi, and then-Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. This occurred on several occasions.

    Those attempts at bipartisanship were often scoffed at by the respective Democratic leaders of the lower and upper chambers of Congress; with Trump as the speaker of the House, they would be forced to do much more than just seek a self-serving photo-op and actually negotiate with the right side of the aisle.

    Lastly, President Trump, as he displayed during his four years as president, was never motivated by anything other than his love for country and his sincere desire to see America become great again.

    He’s not looking to engage in cronyism, nor risk tarnishing his legacy in pursuit of a fast buck.

    With the midterms, and what looks more and more like a runaway victory for the GOP, slowly inching closer, the January 2023 plan needs to be clear and decisive.

    Of course this would work best if the Right could keep its collective mouths shut and let the midterms go on without any warning of a Trump appointment to the speakership, and then hit them with it without it ever being part of the campaign. And the closer to the first week in January the better, so the howling and shrieking and melting-down can take place on the Left while a Republican Congress hits the ground running and gets a lot done before the Left gets its act together.

    • Cluster January 28, 2022 / 9:40 am

      I would like to see Trump in the role Obama currently occupies. We all know Biden is just the demented front of Obama’s third term, so why not put Trump in that role? We can elect a more polished, less divisive POTUS with Trump calling the shots from Mar Lago.

      It’s a win win.

      • Amazona January 28, 2022 / 1:30 pm

        But we don’t NEED a puppet in the White House—-we have plenty of talent on our bench.

        I am seeing the pendulum swing from wanting Trump to run to wanting him to be a kingmaker rather than a king. As Speaker of the House he could be influential on one level and actually have authority on another.

        And seriously, can you imagine anything more entertaining than watching the meltdown on the Left? The Dems would probably pull the same thing the Florida Dems just did, and walk out in protest. Yes, the Dems in the Florida statehouse all stomped out in a huff because the nominee for state Surgeon General refused to fall for the clumsy rhetorical trap they tried to set for him. Like the Texas Dems all walked out of that legislature and ran off to DC to posture and bleat, rather than do THEIR jobs.

    • Mark Noonan January 29, 2022 / 7:24 pm

      There’s a lot to be said for that – obviously, if Trump is the 2024 nominee, I’m voting for him. In the primaries, though, I am open to change…but I think the key for anyone challenging Trump (if he runs) is the necessity of proving that they’ll fight as hard as Trump but more effectively. Right now, we’d have to say that at least 40% of the GOP Primary electorate is committed to Trump and that is more than enough unless everyone settles almost immediately on one non-Trump. That is highly unlikely to happen: but if its Trump and 3 others by South Carolina, then Trump is probably going to do it unless there’s a credible, fighting alternative to Trump.

      If Trump doesn’t run, then it becomes who can convince Trump to bless their campaign? And that would be good for the party and the country – because the person who gets the stamp of approval will be the person who can fire up the base. Trump will see that and ratify the base’s choice; meanwhile, before that, he’s a gatekeeper…making sure that Jeb! 2.0 doesn’t even have a chance.

      • Amazona January 29, 2022 / 10:13 pm

        I’m more concerned about a campaign like the last one, with name calling and insults. I think the first thing we as a nation need is a period of healing. I want a contrast between the two parties that is vicious vs decent, not vicious vs more vicious. It’s a perfect time for a revival of Reagan’s “It’s morning in America” and I yearn for a campaign of youthful, upbeat productive Republicans representing that.

        We can be pretty sure that whoever runs on the Dem ticket in 2024 will run a typically vicious campaign, because that’s the only thing they know, and I desperately want the Republican candidate to be the opposite of that in every way. I don’t mean weak or timid, just not nasty. And Trump doesn’t know any other way to campaign.

        If he would come out as Stateman Trump, with no name calling and no insults, I think he would win over millions who voted against him last time. But if he is just the same old same old those who are experiencing buyer’s remorse for voting for Biden aren’t going to have much of a reason to vote FOR the guy they voted AGAINST last time.

        Here’s an example of why I am experiencing Trump Fatigue. The other day in an interview, possibly his talk with Hannity, he was asked about DeSantis, and he said he thought DeSantis is “strong”—and then went off on some ramble about how he supported DeSantis and is probably why DeSantis won.

        I’m tired of that crap. I’m tired of the massive ego trips and the bragging and the posturing. Yes, he was a great president and got a lot done. Yes, if we could just drop him into the White House without a primary or an election I think he would do great things. But I cringe at the thought of another couple of years of this kind of self-serving ego-tripping inability to give anyone credit for anything and the prospect of more wallowing in the gutter.

        It was fine to have someone willing to fight and fight dirty, but now we don’t need or even want that kind of guy. The Left has dug itself into such a deep hole, and shows every sign of making it deeper every day, that we don’t need a brawler. DeSantis has shown that he can fight back, very effectively, and do it with class, and I am ready for class.

  5. Cluster January 28, 2022 / 9:36 am

    Thank you Democrats:

    It is feared that the deaths of four Indian nationals found just steps away from the US border are connected to a human smuggling scheme, Canadian authorities have said. Jagdish Patel, 39, Vaishailben Patel, 37, froze to death along with their children Vihangi, 11 and Dharkmik, three, after it is believed they tried to cross into the US on foot as temperatures plummeted to -35C (-31F) near Manitoba, Canada last week. Their bodies were found in a field on January 19 and Steve Shand, 57, from Deltona, Florida has been charged with human smuggling.

    Please tell us all again how much you care about people cause it’s so heartwarming. And these are your favored brown people, as you call them, who were led to slaughter by a black guy, again as you identify them so what gives?

    Now you know why everyone HATES you

    • Amazona January 28, 2022 / 5:42 pm

      So now our open border policy is killing people to the north as well as the south, not to mention enriching cartels and enabling human trafficking including the sex slave market.

      So much to be proud of. From Libya to Afghanistan we leave our people behind to be killed, we promote often-deadly experimental drugs to the point of using the might of the government to force people to take them while providing legal protection against liability to those companies, we spend billions of taxpayer dollars to enrich those companies, we tear down statues of true American heroes while putting up a statue of a drug dealer/addict and domestic abuser, we set killers free without bail or trial to kill again, we enable the free flow of lethal drugs across our borders provided by our new partner in crime, China, yet we prosecute law abiding citizens who defend themselves. We no longer even pay lip service to rights such as free speech and freedom of religion.

      To paraphrase Michelle Obama, for the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country.

  6. Retired Spook January 28, 2022 / 11:54 am

    Jeff Childers is rapidly becoming my new Kurt Schlichter, except Jeff adds a lot of facts to his snark.

    🔥 On Monday, the day after the DC mandate rally this weekend, the one I spoke at, Senator Ron Johnson held a five-hour hearing on vaccine safety. Many of the doctors who spoke at the rally testified on Johnson’s committee. As it happens, while I was navigating through the DC airport Monday morning I nearly literally ran smack dab into attorney Tom Renz, and we had a nice chat by the concourse slidewalk. Tom previewed his intended testimony to me, and it was already a doozy.

    Later that morning, Renz testified before Johnson’s committee that he has recently received shocking information from multiple whistleblowers within the Department of Defense. The DoD has apparently been tracking the military’s vaccine mandate and recording adverse event signals among our troops. The information came from the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS), which tracks billing codes for medical diagnoses among service members. (By the way, this could easily be done through CMS as well for the population at large, if the government were so inclined.)

    Among other things, according to Renz, the data from DMSS shows a dramatic increase in the first ten months of 2021 in certain diagnosis codes, over the prior 5-year average for the same diagnoses:

    — a 300% increase in miscarriages (4,182 vs 1,499)

    — a 300% increase in cancer diagnoses (114,645 vs 38,700)

    — a 269% increase in myocardial infarction

    — a 291% increase in Bell’s palsy

    — a 467% increase in pulmonary embolisms

    — a 471% increase in female infertility

    — a 1,000% increase in neurological diagnoses (863,000 (!) vs 82,000)

    Renz pointed out that the 2020 diagnosis codes for the same conditions do NOT show similar increases, which seems to rule out Covid-19 as a possible cause. Renz told a reporter for Blaze News that this was just “the tip of the iceberg,” as numerous other diagnosis categories have also increased exponentially.

    Renz presented a sworn declaration from one of the military doctors who came forward, which states, “It is my professional opinion that the major increases of the above discussed instances of miscarriages, cancers, and disease were due to COVID-19 ‘vaccinations.’”

    • Amazona January 28, 2022 / 1:35 pm

      And our government, which obviously not only has access to this same data but has had it for months, is still betraying the American public on two fronts: One is its ongoing determination to further enrich the drug companies by trying to force Americans to take these dangerous drugs, and the other is providing legal protection for the companies, shielding them from legal liability by continuing the charade that we are in an “emergency” so the drugs can continue to be used under EUA protections.

      Well, if people can’t sue the drug companies, maybe they should sue the United States government for damages.

  7. Amazona January 28, 2022 / 3:35 pm

    Wouldn’t you think other embalmers would have noticed the same thing?

    Funeral Director and embalmer Richard Hirschman reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. He has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%. It only started happening after the vaccines were rolled out.

    This doesn’t happen to everyone. Only those who die after vaccination. So he can tell who was vaccinated.

    As is increasingly common with “news” stories, it’s hard to tell what it means. Is it saying that he only started seeing these kinds of clots after the vaccines were rolled out, and the number of people with them has gone from 50% of his cases to almost 80%? Or is it that he always found 50% and now it’s up to 80%?

  8. Amazona January 28, 2022 / 3:52 pm

    An email from a friend who is a retired naval officer:

    Throughout the Plandemic Real Raw News has written about incidents of vaccinated pilots either falling ill or outright dropping dead mid-flight, catastrophic events that endanger not only the pilots but also the millions of passengers entrusting their safety to the airlines. This issue, obscured by the FAA in matters involving civilian pilots, and the DoD for military aviators, has plagued general aviation, commercial traffic, and military operations.

    The most recent vaccine mishap involved the pilot of an F-35C, a 5th generation multi-role aircraft, aboard the USS Vinson, an American aircraft carrier patrolling the South China sea. The pilot, whose name has not been made public and RRN has been asked not to reveal, was returning to the carrier when the unthinkable happened: His glide-path was too steep, and his plane struck the deck without catching any of the three “wires” that are present to quickly arrest forward momentum and bring the airframe to a sudden, screeching halt. The pilot ejected a split-second before the F-35C bounced off the flight deck and tumbled into the choppy waters.

    That much has been reported publicly.

    The DoD, under direction of Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin, has omitted a crucial fact.

    Aviators approaching within a mile of their carrier “call the ball,” a radio transmission indicating they have spotted the “meatball,” a nickname for the visual reference used by pilots to keep the proper glide slope during the approach to an aircraft carrier.

    As the F-35C pilot neared the USS Vinson, he “called the ball,” but also said he was experiencing sudden and intense chest pain, as if “someone hit me with a baseball bat.” The Landing Signal Operator aboard the USS Vinson noticed at once that the F-35 was above glide-slope and would miss the wires. He ordered the pilot to “wave off” just as the pilot’s crackled voice said on the radio, “Fucking vaccine.” The pilot had barely enough strength to eject safely, though several boatswain’s mates on the flight deck were injured when the plane struck the deck.

    The pilot was recovered and taken to medical, where a physician determined he had suffered an acute case of myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, a common and potentially deadly side effect of Covid-19 vaccinations. The USS Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-Class carrier, has a fully functional medical ward on its 2nd deck, complete with diagnostic equipment, including CRT and MRI scanners, found in contemporary hospitals.

    The pilot, current condition unknown, got his booster shot aboard the USS Vinson 72-hours prior to the accident. He had no comorbidities, and passed a medical examination on 9/5/2021.

    Other aviators aboard the Vinson described him as “an accomplished and competent aviator with thousands of hours of flight time in a broad range of aircraft, and dozens of successful carrier landings.”

    This information came to RRN via a senior Navy officer who said the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps received a briefing on the accident.

    So nice of the official report to imply that this was pilot error.

  9. Cluster January 29, 2022 / 10:08 am

    Here’s a good example of who Democrats are .. such beautiful people. Or at the very least, these are the people Democrats prefer instead of Americans. Hopefully these people will be living in a neighborhood near you soon … and you will be a racist if you object to that:

    A 20-year-old mother-of-one was gang raped and tortured before she was dragged through a jeering crowd that attacked her. Police arrested 11 people, including nine women and minors, after the horrific scenes on Wednesday in Delhi, India. The woman was reportedly abducted from her home by four men and raped. Her head was shaved and her face blackened with soot before she was paraded as the crowd jeered her. The gang rape was allegedly an act of revenge by the family of a teenage boy who took his own life after the woman, who is married and has a three-year-old son, turned him down.

    Democrats know that these people, and old rebel hippies from the 1970’s are the only people who will still vote for them. Absent voter ID’s of course

    • Amazona January 29, 2022 / 12:11 pm

      Democrats in India? Who knew?

  10. Retired Spook January 29, 2022 / 3:56 pm

    One of the most bizarre entries in the YCMTSU file in recent memory, the headline in the news NBC news update on my Iphone:


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