They are Evil and They Hate You

Because I’m still part caveman, I can’t figure out how to embed this video in the post, so you’ll have to go to Twitter to see it. The issue was the placement of a halfway house for sexual offenders right next to a school bus stop – the lady in the video is defending this and saying that it is up to the parents to protect their children by talking about it. The assembled parents are not pleased with this and, of course, no sane, decent person would be. The obvious result of placing sex offenders in proximity to the vulnerable is that the vulnerable will become victims of the sex offenders. It will happen. And this is not to say that there shouldn’t be programs to help reintegrate offenders back into life nor to say that some people can’t be redeemed and so we shouldn’t try. But it is to be logical about it – it is just a known thing that a high percentage of sexual offenders will offend again. Whatever you’re trying to do with them, to place them near easily accessible, defenseless victims just means that bad things will happen. It would like trying to stop drinking in a liquor store. It, perhaps, could be done but your chances are pretty low.

But I think there is an important lesson for all of us to learn here. Remember back when Covid was new and Cuomo was being lauded to the skies as the real leader dealing with it while we got the Narrative that Trump was floundering? But, meanwhile, we kept hearing stories of sick people being sent to retirement homes with massive resultant infections and deaths among old people? The MSM covered up the Cuomo orders to send Covid patients to the nursing homes but did, of course, give us the horror stories of death. And at the time I noted something: there was zero chance that Cuomo didn’t know what would happen. I mean, for certain, he knew that if he sent Covid patients into retirement homes the result would be lots of infections and deaths because very early on we learned the highest death rates were among elderly people with co-morbidities (you know, the sort of geezer we place in a nursing home). What Cuomo did – abetted by an MSM to cover up his part in it – was deliberately increase the death toll to make Trump look bad.

A lot of people had a hard time with that. To think that there are people who would do something like that is hard – we’re not used to thinking of our fellow humans being that callous…to essentially kill people for a polling result is just too fantastic. But it is what happened. There is no other interpretation which follows from the data. Cuomo ordered Covid patients into nursing homes – and you’d only do that if you wanted people to die. Dumping Covid patients on a sidewalk would have caused less death; both to the Covid patients and to the geezers. Cuomo did the exact thing you’d do if dying is what you want. Why would he do that?

Because he’s an evil man and he hates you.

That is also very hard for people to wrap their heads around. When we think of “evil man” we think of Hitler or Manson. That’s evil! And sure enough they were. But they didn’t do their thing alone. They had people willing to do the deeds. And over the years lots of people have offered lots of excuses for why the followers obeyed the orders and nobody has yet to state the obvious: they did it because they were evil people and filled with hate. They were bad and they enjoyed being bad. It was fun for them. They were punishing those they hated and it felt great! We do need to understand that evil seems fun, especially as the evil doer carries out the act. There is a thrill and a rush in doing wrong. If there wasn’t this sensation, it would probably happen a lot less. While it is true that there is great joy to be had in helping the helpless (and true joy, which is very important) there is no less a feeling of triumph in harming the helpless. It is a false sense of triumph, of course, and it leads invariably to destruction and true death, but the sense is there and people find they enjoy being cruel just for the fun of it. There are people who are happy to carry out orders to be cruel. Solzhenitsyn wrote about it – how an NKVD brute felt like an honest to God man when he was beating a helpless prisoner to death.

And anyone can be evil. As Chesterton pointed out, by strenuous efforts we can maintain a level of good in our lives. We have to be constantly on guard. By prayer and works of mercy we have to continually shore up our desire to be good. Yes, we Christians know that it is God’s grace that saves…but even with God’s grace, if we don’t keep at it constantly we will backslide and, step by step, become worse. Now, imagine for a moment a person who doesn’t even try. Day by day this person is flowing along thinking themself a swell fellow but, actually, day by day is the descent into madness. The world passes in front of them. It grows increasingly dark. Horrible things are happening which call upon all decent people to act. But if you aren’t decent, then what does the call to act mean to you? It means to find an excuse as to why it isn’t your fault – and thus to find a scapegoat. Some person or group or institution which is the source of all problems and if you can just get at them, all will be made well.

The people on the Left are very much those who don’t try to be good and who come to believe that there is Something Else (not the Leftist!) who is at fault and needs punishment. Kids can’t learn to read? Bums pissing on the sidewalk? People being trafficked? It can’t be the Leftist’s fault! Admission of guilt is the first step to repentance…but repentance means changing your life. And who wants to be bothered with that? Better to, instead, insist that someone else change. Find me the person to hate! The Leftist will follow any person who tells them that they are pure and good but that This Person or That Group is the source of all evil…and will carry out the most obscene things with full knowledge of what will happen if it just punishes the guilty and leaves the Leftist free to make no personal change. As in the nature of things, most of these Leftists are followers. The longer on the Left, the more willing to go along with the most obscene evil. Point out the target to them, and they go right at it. The Followers are always ready to obey orders.

Cuomo, like all elected Democrats, is not a leader. Such people are the definition of “follower”. And let us thank God the Left in the USA hasn’t found a Lenin or Mao to lead the charge. We are better off because those in charge are puppets on a string and so they are far less effective than a determined and clever leader would be. The leaders of the Democrat party are installed into power because of their pliability – their willingness to lie, cheat and steal as directed by their wirepullers: that collection of bureaucrats, MSM personalities, corporate bosses, NGO directors, etc who set the Party Line and enforce it. But even as followers, it must be kept in mind that they are not removed from responsibility. Cuomo, being a man in possession of his faculties, knew exactly what his Covid order would produce and he went ahead and did it. And only a heart fill with hatred and cruelty can do that. And his underlings who carried out the orders. And the MSMers who covered it up. They weren’t making a mistake. It wasn’t an accident. It was deliberate and malicious – and when we get to deliberate and malicious, we’ve arrived at evil.

And so, too, that lady in the video. She might seem like a nice person but she is evil. She is, like Cuomo, clearly not insane nor possessed of an IQ of 60. She knows what putting sex offenders near children will do. It is as sure as night following day. There is no uncertainty here. And that means she wants the sex offenders to attack the children. That is the goal. To cause pain and suffering.

To win, we must free ourselves from the concept that people on the Left are just like us but with a slightly different means to a mutually desired end. They don’t want the same ends we do. Even if they use words like “justice” and “freedom” the meanings they attach to those words are not the same as you attach to them. And it isn’t just that they want a slightly different result than you do – they want an opposite result. Where you want prosperity, they want poverty. Where you want peace, they want war. Where you find joy, they wish to create despair. They do not think that anything we have is good. Our entire civilization and way of life is hated by them – and we, who adhere to it, are hated as well. They look back on the grand sweep of history – and especially Western history – and see mere crime piled upon crime and only now have they figured it out and it has been determined that it all has to go. It must be replaced. You’ve already seen this: everything that we love is to varying degree and in varying combination racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, imperialist, patriarchal, transphobic, etc, etc, etc and whatever else they can pile onto it. And the final, crowning thing is that this racist/sexist/homophobic/etc society causes climate change and is killing the planet. And if its killing the planet, what action against it is illegitimate?

These are the kind of people we are dealing with – not one Hitler or Manson to get rid of, but ten million Himmlers busily working away, day by day, thinking themselves paragons of virtue. They’re kind to animals. They love their children. They are polite and well mannered…and they will attend a conference at a nice hotel where the ways and means of killing millions (under euphemistic phrasing) are discussed because, if not done, the world will die.

They all have to go. We must remove all of them from every position of power and influence. They are not well meaning but mistaken – they are baleful but sure they are right. We must stop thinking of them as being part of us. They are very much “them”. We, unlike them, will not and cannot be cruel or unjust – but by every legal means at our disposal, they must be removed from power and rendered incapable of ever regaining power. They must be exposed for that they are. We must hold their evil up in the light of day and make them answer for it – for every illegal immigrant brutalized, for every bum who dies on the streets, for every victim of a criminal they released, they must pay…and they must admit their guilt. Only thus can we be safe – and only thus can they possibly repent and come to the light.

20 thoughts on “They are Evil and They Hate You

  1. jdge1 February 11, 2023 / 3:07 pm

    They are Evil and They Hate You… and they have their hands on many of the controls. The situation is much like the 9/11 hijacking where those attempting to use the plane as a weapon have already started threatening or killing any who they think will cause resistance (gun owners / astute parents / sane thinking citizens / brave intelligent people), made their way to the cockpit (congress / the presidency / the courts / the media / schools) , and hope there’s nobody brave enough to act before they carry out their evil deeds.

    I’ve tried to explain to several family members the insanity of the left specific to the evil of the day. In their bewilderment they say something like; “That makes no sense. By doing xyz, they’re destroying the very thing that got them (rich / power / control).”

    They don’t care! Nobody said evil has 20/20 vision. In fact, evil is horrifically nearsighted. While those with evil intent certainly plot long term, they either have no concept of the travesty they perpetrate, or are so full of hate they don’t care. There are many who have sold their souls for their 30 pieces of silver consequences be damned, thinking they will be spared of the fallout. Once evil is done with them, it will dispense with them too. Their biggest problem comes when they have to face God and there’s no where to turn or hide.

    • Mark Noonan February 11, 2023 / 3:23 pm

      Plus it must be kept in mind that while ten million people were in Gulag and Russians were lining up for rations…Stalin and his people lived like kings…and the bureaucracy had special shops making sure that they could have more than sufficient. Little known fact; in the old USSR, they had two types of currency…one for almost everyone, one for the Ruling Class. The Ruling Class currency was good at certain stores hidden away in certain neighborhoods where you could get things most Russians couldn’t dream of having. They always take care of themselves and even in the poorest societies, wealth can be squeezed out for a corrupt and cruel Ruling Class.

      These people do not propose that they live in squalor – just that you do. Sure, they’ll ban private autos…and then, like the Soviet leaders of old, have the government provide them “personally assigned” cars. You won’t be able to have a vacation home…but they’ll have a “personally assigned” beach house in Malibu. And they’ll justify it based on their being the Enlightened Leaders and Teachers…and, of course, defend the system tooth and nail (if you wonder by the Castro regime hasn’t fallen, it is just because of this: a system of privileges assigned keeps just enough people on board to retain control over the broad masses).

      But what you point out is the problem – the lack of understanding of just who these people are. It is sometimes hard – because they do seem in so many ways normal, even admirable. Of course, Reinhard Heydrich was the son of a prosperous composer. He grew up among the heights of German culture and education. He, himself, was good looking and a talented musician in his own right. And he just slid into being head of the Reich Security Main Office. He and other dapper, educated young men gathered at Wannsee to set up the Holocaust. No shouting. No crudity. Just a dispassionate discussion of the best means of eliminating “those people”. To save the world, don’t you know? We all recoil from it…but not in the same way. To the Leftist, the only real problem is that the Nazis picked the wrong enemy…it wasn’t Judaism which was ruining the world, it is Capitalism. And Christianity. And the Family. But there is no difference in kind between WEF contemplating removing meat from the human diet and Heydrich and Co contemplating removing Jews from humanity…it all comes down to the same bloody-minded attitude that there is a thing which makes all things bad and only the Enlightened have figured it out and the world must be forced to go along with it or the world will die.

      And we must get everyone to understand this. It is us or them. Either we win it all, or they win it all.

    • Amazona February 11, 2023 / 7:02 pm

      Every Leftie is sure, deep down, that when all the Wrongthinkers are dealt with he will be one of those left on top.

  2. Retired Spook February 11, 2023 / 7:54 pm

    Robert Malone’s post today dovetails with yours.

    • Mark Noonan February 11, 2023 / 9:37 pm

      It would not at all surprise me that the sudden push for full-blown acceptance of transgenderism is actually just an experiment to see what modifications can be done to the human body and still allow the person to survive. There are people who want to live forever, in this world – and some of them have lots of money and influence. They may be trying to see what can be done and still retain life. There are lunatics out there who hope one day to place their mind into a robot and so liver eternally.

      Trotsky, shortly after the Russian revolution, gave a speech in which he asserted that they would now start to experiment on and improve the human species. In his day, it was necessarily mostly an effort to modify behavior via a course of propaganda and incentives/disincentives. But the basic concept was already there: that God or Evolution (take your pick) had got it wrong and it was now time for the Wise to fix humanity…to repair God’s mistakes. It can only end in tragedy, of course. And this is whether you believe in God or not: you can’t make one thing willy-nilly into another. Things are what they are. But that concept has been rejected. We imagine because we could turn a tree into a chair we can now turn a man into a woman. As if we could turn a jellyfish into a tree (and even supposing you could, why would you? What is wrong with a jellyfish being a jellyfish? Or a man being a man?).

      • Amazona February 12, 2023 / 12:14 pm

        I think it comes back to the arrogance of assuming, by a person, that there is no greater Power than he. Once the concept of a Greater Power is rejected, that leaves the person convinced on some level that HE has whatever power he wants to do whatever it is he wants to do. And this leads to tinkering with the universe.

        Benign successes, like discovering and then utilizing electricity or the internal combustion engine and then going on to the ability to harness nuclear power, seem to convince some people that they can control all of Nature. And to a great extent, they do. They do genetic manipulation of plant life, creating genetically modified crops—but they stop short of investigating whether or not their creations fit into the rest of the equation. For example, there is a theory that the rise of gluten intolerance is due to the genetic manipulation of wheat, creating a change significant enough in how the body processes the gluten to create a problem.

        Okay, that’s what is happening here and now, in this generation, with this genetic modification. But what about the next generation when we factor in other genetic tinkering with other genetic material? How will those changes manifest themselves and interact with each other?

        We not only don’t know the eventual outcome of our playing God with the universe, these people don’t even care. Vaccines respected the body’s natural processes of dealing with disease and its own immune system, but then the self-defined deities decided that wasn’t good enough and they had to tinker with the actual building blocks of the human body and send it signals to do things it was never designed to do and which are often harmful or even lethal to it. And the tinkerers don’t care.

        Are these resulting changes to the DNA cumulative? Hereditary? Like a recessive gene which comes into play only when it is present in both male and female and then comes up on the playlist of both male and female, what will happen when artificial genetic manipulations act the same way and a couple of generations down the line align with both a male and a female?

        What is our future when humanity is seen as nothing but a giant resource for experimentation?

        I remember Thalidomide. It was a supposedly benign drug to quell nausea, prescribed to pregnant women experiencing nausea in the first few weeks of pregnancy. And this single drug affected thousands of developing unborn children at the stages of their development where normally they would have been developing arms, legs, hands and feet. One component of one drug, evidently not retained in the body to be passed on to future generations, and some of us remember the photos of the “thalidomide babies” with tiny deformed hands attached to shoulders, etc.

        Now we are creating drugs that not only stay in the body they permanently CHANGE the body, in ways the tinkerers don’t understand and evidently don’t even care about. Imagine if Thalidomide were to become a permanent part of a woman’s genetic makeup, lurking like a recessive gene, to pop up generations later when the roulette wheel of genetics links it with the same gene in two people, sparking a genetic explosion. That couldn’t happen (probably) with a single drug, but it is certainly likely with the current efforts to manipulate our very genetic code.

        It’s interesting how centuries-old allegories become so relevant again—in this case the desire to become omnipotent by succumbing to the temptation to eat the apple

      • Amazona February 12, 2023 / 1:07 pm

        I believe Spook has reminded us of the need to ask “And then what?”

        Back to genetic modification and the failure to ask “and then what?” Let’s assume that there was never collusion between a chemical company and scientific exploration of genetic crop modification. That’s a different, albeit important, discussion for another time.

        But someone identified a problem: Weed control in food crops was outrageously expensive, labor-intensive and often requiring the use of really toxic herbicides. So it seemed brilliant to develop crops resistant to glyphosate, a potent herbicide. The thinking was that a crop could be sprayed with glyphosate, killing all the weeds but not harming the food crop. Easy peasy. A little genetic tinkering and all of a sudden mass spraying of millions of acres of food crops with glyphosate took place every year.

        “And then what?” Well, we started discovering glyphosate buildups in people. And this is toxic.

        Did anyone research the possibility that glyphosate would accumulate in treated soil, and/or remain as an integral part of any food crop and be ingested by people? (Or by animals then eaten by people?) Just how far down the line did this “research” go, or was it limited to one identified problem (fast and effective weed control) with a closed door at the end of the process? How much glyphosate is put into the soil in a given time period, how long does it remain there, how much does it accumulate and over what span of time, and how much of it is transferred into food crops? Was this research done?

        Roundup is a non-selective herbicide, meaning that it will kill most plants it comes in contact with.

        Its use increased massively after genetically modified, glyphosate-resistant (“Roundup ready”) crops were developed, such as soybeans, corn and canola .

        Glyphosate kills plants by inhibiting a metabolic pathway called the shikimate pathway. This pathway is crucial for plants and some microorganisms, but does not exist in humans.

        However, the human digestive system does contain microorganisms that make use of this pathway.

        However, Roundup contains more than just glyphosate. It also contains a lot of other ingredients, which help make it a potent weed killer. Some of these ingredients may even be kept secret by the manufacturer and called inerts.

        Several studies have actually found that Roundup is significantly more toxic to human cells than just glyphosate.

        Now that the lawsuits are piling up regarding Roundup, the most well-known glyphosate herbicide and made by Monsanto, these questions are being asked. But were they asked before the decision was made that “problem solved” meant the case was closed?

        (And this is where accusations of collusion among Monsanto and researchers and manufacturers arise, made even more relevant these days with the concerns about collusion between Big Pharma and our government.)

      • jdge1 February 13, 2023 / 2:55 am

        All excellent points that should inspire some reflection. And then what? Or perhaps at this stage of the game… And now what? The arrogance of some in the scientific community combined with some who have or seek great wealth, are making reckless choices regardless of the consequences. For those who refuse to acknowledge or accept God, there is absolutely no moral compass or need to consider one’s actions. As Amazona pointed out, those people consider themselves the highest authority, the ultimate decision makers, tinkering with minute pieces of massively complex and intertwined workings, without concept or consideration of its true costs or outcome.

        If we were to wait until exhaustive research and testing were done before every scientific revelation were rolled out to ensure its safety, we’d still be stuck in the dark ages. However, given the law of unintended consequences it would seem prudent to slowly introduce the world to new discoveries, even potential remedies. Then, if can been shown that a certain scientific discovery has dire outcomes, all use of that discovery should cease or at least be strongly curtailed with stringent controls. Instead, what we’re seeing is minimal preparation and testing, especially in areas that should generate high ethical cautions & concerns, manufactured lies about its value and dangers, generation of fear through collaborative exploitation, massive global mandates, elimination of accountability, concerted effort to hide results through manipulation, distortion or elimination of data and / or threats of license, job or incarceration… Now what?

        The answer to that question might seem daunting and our personal response or action seem miniscule. Some of evil’s greatest weapons are the generation of hopelessness, which in turn builds anger & hatred. The fight starts with the courage to stand and proclaim the truth, a Godsend of this blog and others like it, and a belief that individuals with integrity CAN make a difference. When Jesus said; “If someone should strike your left cheek turn and offer them your right.”, he was not advocating that you should allow yourself to be abused or victimized. It was a recognition that confronting hatred & anger of others with hatred & anger of your own, would only result in most everyone losing. Rarely does it resonate with those doing the fighting, that those instigating the fight are standing safe and obscured off to the side. Though it often seems, even when some are caught in their dastardly acts they are rarely prosecuted, much less punished. That however should not diminish our efforts to continually side with the truth. Stand with God and be assured, he has not forsaken us.

  3. Amazona February 12, 2023 / 10:40 am

    It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.

    Thomas Sowell

  4. Cluster February 13, 2023 / 10:03 am

    I’m more and more convinced that American academia and teacher unions are the greatest threat to not only this country, but the world.

    Yale University economics professor sparks outrage by proposing mass suicide and disembowelment of elderly people in Japan to deal with the country’s rapidly aging society

    The new religion of climate change, systemic racism, and ESG have destroyed our childrens minds. And make no mistake, this is a religion. And they are devout. They are idolizing false Gods and themselves and there is nothing more repugnant.

  5. Cluster February 13, 2023 / 10:09 am

    MSNBC is again this morning making sure their viewers know that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. Why do they feel like they have to do that? Seems odd. Of course these are the same people who erect walls to protect themselves from the people they govern so maybe they’re not even convinced of it themselves.

  6. Amazona February 13, 2023 / 10:24 am

    the lady in the video is defending this and saying that it is up to the parents to protect their children by talking about it.

    This is the same nonsense we heard in the debate about putting smut in school libraries: “It’s the parents’ responsibility to monitor what their children read”. As if this justifies exposing young children to sexually explicit and often deviant material. While some might be advocating for the grooming of children to accept and engage in early sexual activity, I think most of this is just an effort to gloss over the lack of character shown by just avoiding the responsibility to take a stand and defend it.

    This all seems to be part of the movement to show off how “tolerant” we are, by refusing to stand up for anything. It’s narcissistic preening of moral superiority—“I’m too morally advanced to pass judgment so I will accept anything and shift the responsibility onto someone else”.

    We’ve become a society in which acknowledging that something is wrong is somehow proof of moral failure. Now being “judgmental” is one of the most awful things anyone can be. It’s even worse than being “opinionated”. Now the refusal to take a stand is cause for bragging rights.

    I see it all the time. On NextDoor someone will warn about coyotes attacking dogs being walked and sure enough, some smug preener will rush in waving the “look how special I am because I’m so TOLERANT” flag to scold “they were here before we were and they’re just acting according to their nature”.

    But what do we get when we can’t stand up for, or against, anything? Is spinelessness really a virtue? Is “wishy-washy” really something to aspire to?

    I think as a nation we are a lot better off with the “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” attitude.

    • Cluster February 13, 2023 / 10:55 am

      Remember when Hillary said “it takes a Village” to raise children? Seemed like a benign comment in the moment but we’re realizing now how malignant that comment actually was. They want control over the children, much like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc., etc.

      It’s who they are.

  7. Cluster February 13, 2023 / 3:17 pm

    So a lot of questions from the media today as to “why is China doing this”?? The answer is real easy … because they can. China has paid off the Biden’s and they have a whole lot of dirt on the First Family so they can operate in the United States with impunity. Thanks Biden voters

  8. Cluster February 13, 2023 / 3:33 pm

    Never forget, the rancor, division, and chaos in America today, all started with Barack Obama.

    • jdge1 February 13, 2023 / 4:00 pm

      Didn’t start with him but was certainly amplified by him. Obama was among the first to take off the mask and openly state his intentions. That the masses were gullible enough to believe “fundamentally transform” meant something good for them, shows just how easily they are led. And since admitting to being wrong is near impossible for these people, they continually double down on stupidity. We see this play out repeatedly in leftist run cities across the US and in other countries.

  9. jdge1 February 13, 2023 / 5:14 pm

    Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts

    Interesting that the FDA has a website listing dozens, if not hundreds of items on recall or with safety issues. Many of the food items listed have or potentially have listeria, salmonella, undocumented food ingredients or potential cross contamination with typical allergy foods such as nuts, dairy, eggs. But despite all of the known side effects, many which are debilitating, and associated deaths, the none of the various covid jabs are on that list. The government agency created to protect us from harmful products and marketing is not only allowing these most damaging chemical injections falsely labeled as vaccines to stay on the market, but is intentionally advancing them for use, even among our youth who have proven to encounter greater harm than good. So tell me again, why do we need this agency?

  10. Cluster February 13, 2023 / 8:59 pm

    America blows up the Nord Stream pipeline, has a highly toxic train derailment and explosion, and is killing whales on the east coast and environmentalists??? Crickets

    • Retired Spook February 13, 2023 / 11:59 pm

      Kinda tells you everything you need to know about so-called environmentalists, doesn’t it?

    • Amazona February 14, 2023 / 11:07 am

      The “environmentalist” label has always been a joke, albeit not a very funny one.

      You’re an “environmentalist” if you advocate for solar energy, though the materials to make solar panels are not environmentally friendly and recycling or disposal is problematic.

      You’re an “environmentalist” if you advocate for electric vehicles, though the materials to make their batteries are not only damaging to the environment they are mined by slave labor, much of it young children, who in the process are exposed to lethal doses of harmful chemicals, and in spite of the environmental problems of battery disposal when they are depleted. They also demand huge levels of electricity, which is expensive and at this point mostly generated by the fossil fuels the EVs are supposed to replace.

      You’re an “environmentalist” if you advocate for wind power, though the vanes have short life spans and must be disposed of, often just buried in large pits, and the wind turbines are deadly to birds. and sea life—-supposedly eagles and whales are high on the list of creatures beloved by environmentalists, yet they are the most vulnerable.

      All of the above require huge amounts of materials that are rare and/or dangerous, large expenditures of wealth and energy to build, large expenditures of wealth and energy to dispose of after the ends of their useful lifetimes, cost more to the consumer, have limited applicability, and create more problems than they solve. They also run into objections from “environmentalists” who pay lip service to the concepts but don’t want to see the wind turbines from their homes, or want them built in wilderness areas, or don’t like the aesthetics of square miles of solar panels even in the desert, and they for darned sure don’t want a lot of ugly transmission lines built to move this expensive electricity to where it is needed.

      This is all, of course, to escape from reliance on fossil fuels, which are now much more relatively clean, easier to acquire, and using existing technologies. Again, it’s the secular religion of the Left, the dogma that is faith-based with its own rituals (such as “protests” and riots) and its own sacraments (such as the sacrifice of unborn children).

      It’s also interesting that the demographic most associated with “environmentalism” is the one most comfortable with slave labor in China to make its iPhones and Nikes, and with children being forced to do heavy brutal labor in Africa just to have maintenance rations till they die of exposure to toxic elements in the materials they are mining by hand. They are the ones advocating for global government run by the U.N.—the same entity which is famous for its soldiers extorting sex from young girls in exchange for an egg or a piece of bread in starving populations supposedly being “protected” by the U.N.

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