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There was a video which crossed my Twitter time line earlier today – just a couple minutes of a street scene in Philadelphia…just a bunch of clearly wasted drug addicts wandering aimlessly. It was very sad and it showed, better than anything else, the cruelty at the basis of Progressivism. This is what they want – deliberately orchestrated. If we try to do anything about it, they’ll call us cruel…while they create places where junkies can shoot up “safely”. The Left considers this preferable to any system enforces decency.

My view: we’re going to have to get hold of this problem. It is inhuman to allow people to slowly waste away in public. It will cost us some money, but probably less than the total cost we’re paying now, especially in ruined lives. The basic principle is that nobody is allowed to be intoxicated in public. I’d set it up so that the first time you’re picked up publicly intoxicated you get ticketed and a small fine. Second time, ticketed, small fine, 24 hours in the drunk tank. Third time; 7 days in the tank. Fourth time: however much time it takes to get the person completely dried out (even if this requires medical intervention for the seriously addicted) and then six months on a chain gang (without necessarily having chains, but the idea is incarcerated and taken out 8 hours a day to do some work); the prisoners earn minimum wage so after their dry out plus six months, they are clean and sober and have some money. Fifth time; repeat of the fourth but two years on the chain gang. Sixth time: permanent incarceration on the chain gang. All through the first five arrests they are offered – free of charge – rehab facilities to get permanently clean. Before we essentially make them permanent wards of the State, they are given every opportunity to turn their lives around and become productive citizens…or at least drunks smart enough to get high indoors and stay inside until sober. No more filthy, diseased, drug addicts/drunks wandering the streets. If a person can’t on their own stay sober in public – remember, it would be on the sixth time that the hammer falls – they we will ensure they stay sober, forever. No brutality here, guys; drink or drugs can get into a person and they simply lose the ability to resist it. That is just life for some people – but we can’t let them wander around high and filthy causing all sorts of knock-on problems for everyone capable of staying sober until they get home.

And the overarching principle here is that the public square is for all of the public and so must remain a place where the public can be, at all times, with minimal chance they suffer any loss caused by the drug addict, boozer or criminal. It is our moral duty to make sure that at midnight on a Friday, a 14 year old girl is completely safe no matter what neighborhood she’s in. This might be as unattainable as all ideals are – but we must strive for it and get as close as we can.

Team Pudding Brain has their brilliant plan to stop the drug crisis – they are going to make it harder for responsible people to get pain medication from their doctor. As the linked Tweet notes: the Democrat’s invariable plan is always to punish the responsible for the actions of the irresponsible.

XVIII Airborne Corps announced that they are changing the name of Fort Bragg to…Fort Liberty. Which means they couldn’t find a differently abled, non-binary POC hero to name it after. Entirely gutless. Look, I understand not keeping Bragg – Braxton Bragg was not only a Confederate general, he was a lousy Confederate general. There have been some heroes we can honor, ya know? One very good suggestion was to rename it after Major Richard Winters of Band of Brothers fame. Another candidate would be Corporal Melvin Biddle who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service in action with the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment during the Battle of the Bulge. But, I guess our military can only honor woke these days, so as they couldn’t find a woke hero that wouldn’t offend every other woke group, they went with milquetoast.

John Fetterman was sent to the hospital with clinical depression, likely a long term effect of his stroke last year…and then his wife took off for a little vacation to Canada with the kids. Oh, you think that’s bad? Well, it gets worse: she posted all this on her Twitter account! What a complete psycho creep! I really do feel for Fetterman – he’s a moron surrounded by ambitious people who don’t give the least damn whether he lives or dies.

Someone has posted pictures of Madonna and Roseanne Barr and notes that Roseanne is the better looking woman these days.

Now that the East Palestine, OH train wreck has become a political train wreck for Team Pudding Brain, we’re all being urged to stop being political about it. Standard MO for the Democrats – anything that looks bad for them is time for unity. Anything that looks bad for us and its time for 24/7 hate-coverage. Oh, and the statement by Mayor Pete and other Democrats/MSMers that it was the ending of a regulation by Trump which caused the problem? Two things wrong with that:

  1. The regulation in question, in place or not, would have made no difference.
  2. The regulation was terminated by a law passed under Obama.

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  1. Cluster February 25, 2023 / 10:04 am

    According to MSNBC this morning, Tucker Carlson is the most dangerous voice in America. LMAO. This is quite the preemptive strike isn’t it? Considering that Tucker will be releasing much more J6 footage next week, given to him by McCarthy, and what we’ve seen already completely contradicts MSNBC’s narrative. Here’s a small sample

    Here’s the delicious irony, MSNBC is worried that Tucker will “selectively edit” the footage to spin a “conspiracy theory”. YCMTSU

    • Retired Spook February 25, 2023 / 10:48 am

      They’ve definitely got the projection thing nailed down.

      • Amazona February 25, 2023 / 11:08 am

        Are they claiming Tucker has now replaced Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis as “the most dangerous” blah blah blah?

        That seems like a tough title to hang on to.

  2. jdge1 February 25, 2023 / 10:28 am

    Another arkancide? So hard to protect your reputation.

    • Cluster February 25, 2023 / 11:09 am

      Remember Vince Foster? The dead bodies associated with the Clinton’s rivals that of Al Capone.

      • Amazona February 25, 2023 / 11:11 am

        At least with this “suicide” they found a shotgun “near the body”.

        I guess if you can hang yourself, then shoot yourself with a shotgun (no easy feat anyway) you can probably throw your gun away before you pass on. Which you would want to do because ?????

      • Cluster February 25, 2023 / 11:16 am

        I know we like to make fun of this, but when in the hell are we going to hold these people accountable for engaging in needless wars, not securing the country, fleecing other countries, picking at the scabs of racism, selling out our manufacturing base, censoring speech, not educating our children, sexualizing our chilren, etc., etc.

        I can say this as a matter of fact, with Democrats in charge, America is the most corrupt and vile country in the world and there isn’t even a close second.

      • Amazona February 25, 2023 / 11:28 am

        I don’t think your comment “America is the most corrupt and vile country in the world” is even remotely true, given the corruption and abuse of humanity in places like Africa and China.

        But as the former leader of the Western World, we have fallen far, and have a lot of work ahead of us if we can get the Leftists out of power. And by “out of power” I don’t just mean pure political power—I mean power of the press, for the most part.

  3. Cluster February 25, 2023 / 10:29 am

    Isn’t it interesting to watch people who profess to care oh so much about the environment and of course THE CHILDREN, completely ignore the disaster in E. Palestine. OH?? Never listen to what they say, watch what they do. Much like all the climate change alarmists building mansions on the coasts – they don’t believe what they preach. They are indeed false prophets.

    • Amazona February 25, 2023 / 10:48 am

      Where’s PETA? All those innocent animals being poisoned, dying horrible deaths, and PETA is silent.

      • Cluster February 25, 2023 / 11:07 am

        They are ALL silent. No concern whatsoever for the environment, the children, or the wildlife. Where is Greta Thunberg?? Or Al Gore?? Do they not care?? Tells you everything you need to know about these people. Meanwhile MSNBC is in Ukraine this morning anguishing over the plight of the Ukrainian people and their children. Did you know that Baltimore is more dangerous then Kyiv?

        It really is time for a national divorce

      • Retired Spook February 25, 2023 / 11:40 am

        It really is time for a national divorce

        I’ve been thinking about this ever since we discussed it a week or so ago. As was previously pointed out, the logistics of a split would be cumbersome at best, unworkable at worst. Absent splitting up some states as Amazona suggested (I love the idea, but it has about as much chance of happening as Congress voting for term limits) it seems to me that the logical first step would be for states that value freedom and respect the Constitution to begin to ignore federal regulations and mandates that violate the Constitution, ie., civil disobedience at the state level. Of course they’d have to forego federal funds, but I suspect so many people and companies would flock to those states, that the additional tax revenue would make up for loss of “federal” money. If enough states resist, say significantly more than half, that could solve the problem, at least short term. It might lead to some sort of confrontation, probably first in the courts, then maybe devolving into civil war. At the end of the day, and I’ve said this before, I don’t see how we resolve by peaceful means the 180 degree differences that divide us. If the Left had all the guns, you can bet we’d be living in a real world 1984 right now.

      • Mark Noonan February 25, 2023 / 4:43 pm

        A national break up is only a very last resort – when our backs are really to the wall and its secession or death. But you’ve hit a point that many are starting to make – if we can’t Make America Great Again, we can Make States Sovereign Again. The bottom line is that the federal government actually has little authority over what States do – this was, of course, intentional in the Constitution. The way the Fed had wormed his way into the States is via federal dollars – you have to dance to the Fed’s tune if you want the money. But the States don’t have to take the money; and they can also use the money without following the dictates and let the Feds sue them over it…and even if they start resisting federal mandates on the money, the Democrats will be wary of pulling the funding because that would place all federal funding at risk; any court case on it can be spun out for years.

        Additionally, in those times when we do have power in DC, especially any time we have a trifecta, we can cut the strings…IOW, shovel the money out, but place no federal strings on how it is used. Democrats can change that back when they return to power, of course, but the back and forth, itself, takes time and would also result in a plethora of time-consuming federal lawsuits over the matter (side note, we don’t use Lawfare nearly as much as we should – but we’re starting to and the Trump federal judges, especially, are mostly working out very well).

        Make your Red State Redder…win the school boards, county commissions and sheriff’s offices. Implement an explicitly anti-woke agenda. Permit gas and coal fired power plants; permit new factories…go on and build them regardless of federal objections and let the lawsuits flow down like rain! Pass Civil Rights laws which directly impede the actions of federal law enforcement (the GOP did this in response to the Fugitive Slave Act in the 1850’s so there is precedent for it). Prohibit State and local police cooperation with the Feds except in very narrowly tailored cases…mostly to do with foreign suspects. Don’t turn over data about the population – except number of people – to the feds. Require that federal warrants to wiretap in a State need sign off by at least two State judges. Make it an offense against State law for a federal agent to violate the civil rights of a citizen (would love to see some out of control FBI agents dragged into State court on those charges!). Resist, delay, hamstring, sue…do everything we can to make the operation of federal authority in the Red States onerous and cumbersome.

      • Amazona February 25, 2023 / 6:24 pm

        I really like the idea of calling their bluff. Unless something is specifically a matter of federal authority tell DC to go sit on a stump and run the states independently

      • Amazona February 25, 2023 / 7:55 pm

        But I think you might be surprised at the response to a referendum in affected states about setting up new states. A county in NE Colorado voted to leave Colorado and join up with Wyoming and I don’t doubt that neighboring counties in Nebraska and Kansas would like to get free of the cities controlling them.

      • Mark Noonan February 25, 2023 / 9:51 pm

        Yep. It is at least something to try…and maybe we can, by doing it, get the Left to back down…they can keep all the idiocy they want in the areas they dominate and just leave us the heck alone.

      • Cluster February 25, 2023 / 11:55 am

        The national divorce has already begun in the polls. The US government and the American media have less popular support today than ever before in our history. The American government is acting against the people they govern. And not only that but confidence in our medial industry, academia, and security state are at all time lows. The fact is, the vast majority of American people do not at all support the actions of their government, the narrative of their media, or the credibility of their institutions, and a breaking point will arrive. It’s just a matter of when

  4. Amazona February 25, 2023 / 11:04 am

    Major Association Of US Doctors Makes Official Statement On Transgender Procedures For Minors

    This was published on February 20. This is the first I have heard of it. One might think this would be a major news story, right? Except for that “contradicting the narrative thing”. From the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons:

    The AAPS warns that gender transition procedures are “generally irreversible and have a high probability of causing sterilization.”

    The procedures also “commit a patient to a lifelong need for medical, surgical, and psychological care.”

    Such procedures in minors are also medically and ethically contraindicated due to a lack of informed consent, the AAPS stated.

    “Physicians and medical professionals should refuse to be mandated or coerced to participate in procedures to which they have ethical or scientific objections or which they believe would harm a patient.”

    The nonprofit association maintains that while medical, surgical, and other methods can be used to change the physical appearance of a person’s body, they cannot change a person’s biological sex.

    Biological sex is determined at conception by genotype, and with the exception of rare circumstances that could result in ambiguous genitalia, biological sex is “indeed obvious” and is correctly identified at birth, the AAPS states.

  5. Amazona February 25, 2023 / 11:19 am

    AZ Senate/House Elections Presenter Claims That Sinaloa Cartel Uses Bribes, Money Laundering, Election Fraud to Control Elected Officials and Traffic Drugs, Humans, Ballots in Arizona

  6. Cluster February 25, 2023 / 12:09 pm

    I think it should be widely broadcasted that MSNBC is much more focused on the plight of white people in Ukraine than the plight of brown people immigrating to a white supremacist country. Doesn’t that seem odd?

  7. Cluster February 25, 2023 / 1:07 pm

    This is a good example of who these people are …

    It turns out Fetterman’s lightheadedness was the result of him not being able to take care of himself: He was not eating or drinking enough fluids to sustain himself.

    Fetterman is on his own in D.C. His family did not move to Washington with him, opting to remain in their hometown Braddock. This meant that Fetterman, still recuperating from a debilitating stroke while starting a new high pressure job, had no one to look after him. His staff obviously wasn’t. They knew he was suffering from depression and that between the stroke and depression he was difficult to deal with.

    • Mark Noonan February 25, 2023 / 4:30 pm

      You hesitate to call someone an inhuman bastard…but, my goodness: the guy is sick. Really sick. He had a stroke for crying out loud. Even if he was still up to snuff for the Senate (which, TBF, doesn’t require a lot of intellect – as in all Legislative bodies, 90% are just there to vote as told and collect their graft), he still needed a lot of care to deal with the effects of the stroke. Who the hell are these people? How did we make them?

      • Cluster February 26, 2023 / 9:32 am

        Who are these people indeed !! I have no clue but can offer an opinion. They have become what many people have become all throughout history. Their narcissism has led them to abandon Faith, and their desire for power and control has led them to some very dark places. Endless war and abortion on demand are just two examples of the culture of death they have created and Fetterman is just a useful pawn who they have and will continue to exploit. This is who they are.

  8. Cluster February 26, 2023 / 9:18 am

    The anti war movement in America is growing. Let’s encourage that as much as we can. Americas war mongering ruling class and the people that vote for them need to know … they do not represent real Americans.

    And a revival of Faith in God is growing on college campuses, no doubt as a result of Satanic secular agenda of the Ruling Class, and we need to encourage this as much as we can. Americas ruling class needs to know that their agenda of abortion, gender fluidity, endless war and destruction, and inner city dystopia is not the agenda of real Americans.

  9. Cluster February 26, 2023 / 10:17 am

    So I just watched Mark Levine and I think this is the first time I have ever disagreed with him. Mark is all about the war in Ukraine and “protecting the free world”!!. I’m not. We have much more pressing problems in our own hemisphere and our own country to worry about, and we have no business ignoring those existential problems in favor of protecting the sovereignty of others. The Mexican cartels, Central America socialism, and Americas open borders have destabilized our own region in much the same way Russia’s authoritarianism has destabilized Europe. This is exactly like rushing to help the neighbors put out their house on fire while fire consumes our own homes. It’s insanity.

    Additionally, where are the peace talks???? All these war mongering Americans, including Levine, have just assumed that Putin is on the march to take over Poland, and other NATO countries. Really?? Have we talked with him?? Currently, Putin is having a very difficult time taking just the eastern edges of Ukraine. I hardly think his military is up to the much more difficult task of taking on Poland and Germany.

    And finally, when will Americans realize that not everyone wants to live in a democracy? And we have no right to impose it. Putin enjoys more popular support in Russia than Biden has in America. Let people live the way they want to.

    • Retired Spook February 26, 2023 / 10:52 am

      This is exactly like rushing to help the neighbors put out their house on fire while fire consumes our own homes. It’s insanity.

      It’s even worse. It’s like rushing to help your neighbor who has a meth lab in his basement put out a fire in his house while ours burns to the ground.

  10. Cluster February 26, 2023 / 10:30 am

    I want to thank Woody Harrelson for speaking the truth …

    In his monologue, Harrelson, 61, likened pharmaceutical companies to drug cartels, and quipped that they hatched a plot wherein they bought up media and politicians then forced the world to stay at home unless everybody took their drugs

    I have never been tested and never been vaccinated and never will comply to these evil pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, I have zero trust in Americas medial industry, judicial system, academia, and media and encourage everyone to be highly skeptical as well. All of their actions over the last decade have been sinister, self serving, and malicious.

  11. Retired Spook February 26, 2023 / 10:58 am

    Laugh for the day:

    • Amazona February 26, 2023 / 11:54 am

      I like that. But I also like this:

      • Cluster February 26, 2023 / 1:21 pm

        Isn’t that the truth. As Spook always says, I am amazed at the restraint of God fearing, 2A Americans. But there is a breaking point and Democrats are pushing that envelope every day.

      • Retired Spook February 26, 2023 / 2:06 pm

        The lions are still keeping their powder dry, and man do they have a lot of powder. Leftists would do well to remember that.

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