Pop Culture Rant

Weirdo writes a play using the music of the 80’s band The Go-Go’s. New York Times reviewer doesn’t like it. SJW hate mob descends.

Skimming thru the review and various bits and pieces on Twitter – I wouldn’t give such a concept more attention than that; you can dig deeper if you like to waste your time – I get the idea that this play was supposed to be some ground-breaking event and that the reviewer failed in his duty to praise the effort for being ground-breaking…but how using 35 year old music to kowtow to 2018 Progressive ideology is supposed to break any ground is beyond me. The whole thing seems boring – especially since the Go-Go’s started to bore me about 15 minutes after their first song hit the charts (but they were the first all-girl band to write and play their own music! Yeah? So, what? Their musical style was boring and their lyrics trite…but not even trite in a fun way like most pop lyrics are). The whole thing is rather a SJW rip-off of Mama Mia!, if you ask me. Apparently without the fun…and with substandard pop tunes as a hook.

I get nostalgia – I’m a Conservative, right? But I think, at times, we get nostalgic for things that only seemed cool at the time. It is like the continuing popularity of The Eagles on classic rock stations. It was mega-popular when it came out and I think people associate it with happy days of youth. But, come on, the music sucked! No one moves faster to change a radio station than me when I hear the first three notes of Life in the Fast Lane or Hotel California. Hotel California topped the charts in 1977 and you get to hear it several times a day if you listen to classic rock stations…but you’re lucky if you hear Lido Shuffle once a year on the same stations. And you can go listen to Hotel California if you want to compare, but I’ll actually provide Lido Shuffle for your enjoyment:

After listening to that and realizing that I’m right, also realize that if they ever do a play using 1977 music it’s gonna be with the Eagles music, not Boz Skaggs.

And just because, also from 1977:

But, Eagles, Eagles, Eagles. And don’t think I’m just ripping on them…Heart also sucked; as did Carlos Santana (never heard a more boring guitarist). Basically, most chart-toppers were lousy. You ever listen to those re-broadcasts of American Top 40? It is practically impossible to listen to: 9 out of 10 songs are just hideously bad. Not worth plowing through them to get to the one gem that actually endured the test of time.

Where am I going with all this? Nowhere – this is a rant, dang it! I’m just venting spleen on something that irritates me: and, in this case, it is the use of some of the worst music ever made as some sort of cultural markers for our civilization. I don’t care about that play because the subject matter of it seems pretty dumb…what I’m upset about is they used a lousy band and now I can find people waxing rhapsodic over the nuances of the fargin’ Go-Go’s! There are no nuances in a song that says over and over and over a-freaking-gain “we got the beat”. Meanwhile, this will never be part of a hit Broadway play:

Summer’s going fast, nights growing colder
Children growing up, old friends growing older
Freeze this moment a little bit longer
Make each sensation a little bit stronger

Because that might make you think about something – maybe even something pleasant. Its from this song:

And the guys who made up Rush are probably pinko enough…but their music is too actually good to make it on Broadway. So, we’re stuck with lousy music being made into bad plays about subjects that no one cares about. And then have to hear shrieks from SJW’s who feel we don’t appreciate it enough.

End Rant.