Liberal Proposes to Finish Off Los Angeles

Bankrupt?  Municipal services decaying?  Everyone who can leave moving out as fast as they can?  Then here’s your liberal solution…raise taxes!  From Bloomberg:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the chief of California’s largest city, called for sweeping changes in Proposition 13, the nucleus of the nation’s anti-tax movement.

The state’s perennial budget crises could be eased by as much as $8 billion a year by removing Proposition 13’s limits on tax assessments for commercial property, Villaraigosa said in a speech to the Sacramento Press Club today. He also urged new taxes on services such as legal representation that he said might yield as much as $28 billion a year…

In the “give credit where it is due” spirit, I have to say I agree with the proposal to tax legal services.  It would be the most effective means of killing of liberalism’s most effective means of gaining power.  They use lawyers to subvert America day in and day out – lay a 90% tax on legal fees, and that will come to a screeching halt.  Of course, given that trial lawyers are a mainstay of Democrat fund raising, you can expect such a proposal to go nowhere…but, it is still a good idea, and we should think about putting it in the GOP platform along with the “wealth tax”.

Aside from that, Villaraigosa’s proposals are just economic suicide.  Los Angeles and California are suffering from the inability of Californian’s to create wealth.  The block to such creation is California’s insanely burdensome tax and regulatory environment…Villaraigosa proposes to increase the burden.  And he wants to do it in lieu of cutting back the worthless, wealth-destroying California bureaucracy.

I guess they just don’t learn – from Obama right on down to mayors like Villaraigosa:  all liberals can ever think to do in a crisis is raise taxes and keep spending.  We have the answer for that – and we’ll give it November next year.