Why Liberals Hate the “Conscience Exemption”

From Life News:

A new study provides more good news for pro-life advocates, as it shows fewer doctors are willing to perform abortions than before — creating a situation where the lower availability of abortion may be helping to reduce abortions.

The new report, published today in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, finds 97 percent of physicians surveyed say they have encountered patients wanting an abortion while only 14 percent of doctors are willing to do an abortion. That’s lower than the 22 percent of doctors who said they would do an abortion in the last poll, from 2008…

In the main, no doctor who is worthy of the name would perform an elective abortion.  Doctors know better than most that the unborn child is a unique, human life…and anyone committed to healing and saving will have a very hard time getting around this concrete fact.

There has been, over the years, a continual drop in the number of doctors who are willing to perform an elective abortion, greatly cutting in to the availability of the inhuman procedure, even without legislative restrictions.  Because of this, the pro-abortion fanatics are determined to force doctors and other medical professionals to provide abortion and other anti-life medical procedures – these people fought hard to ensure that ObamaCare had no meaningful “conscience” clause for medical providers who feel that things like birth control and abortion are immoral…and the pro-aborts will keep at it.  And here’s the bad news – as long as Roe is recognized as the law of the land, they are in a strong position.

If abortion is a right – and if health care is a right – then no doctor can refuse to perform whatever medical procedure a patient orders.  That, right there, shows that asserting a right to an abortion is absurd – no human right can ever denigrate another human right…you do have a right to choose, but this includes the right to choose “no” when asked to participate in an abortion.  But this bit of common-sense doesn’t matter to the pro-aborts…they just want their anti-life agenda to become absolutely the law of the land, and they’ll use every tool they’ve got…including asinine judicial rulings such as Roe.  And if they have to forcibly conscript our doctors and nurses in to the abortion industry, they’ll do it in the name of a “right” to an abortion.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – the issue of life is the most important issue facing us today.  Next to it, issues such as the debt, the economy, war and all the rest fade to insignificance.  Whether or not we survive as a people depends on what we do about life.  Look around the world today and what do you see?  A dying world.  All of the nations of the Earth are locked in a dance with death.  Only a few nations retain a robust birth rate…while some nations have already entered terminal population decline (meaning that unless there is a massive turn-around in the birth rate, they will die out, as nations, within a bit more than a century).

We here in the United States are barely increasing – and a lot of that increase is due to recent immigrants, who haven’t quite been as poisoned by the Culture of Death as native people.  But even the nations the immigrants come from are now rapidly falling in to death…our illegal immigrant problem from Mexico will shortly solve itself…believe it or not, the Culture of Death has so corrupted Mexico that Mexican women (once know for their fertility) are not having children.  Our source of cheap, imported labor is drying up at the source.

I can’t really explain the motivation of those on the side of death – certainly there is an element of despair in them (likely stemming from some species of non serviam coming from the Enemy), but I’m at a loss to fully explain why they want us to die.  The only thing I know for certain is we must fight and destroy the Culture of Death.  We must not say that Life and anti-life are equal and worthy of respect…the pro-abort position is an illegitimate abomination, which can only be adhered to out of rank ignorance, or simple wickedness.  All our policies must be geared towards encouraging men and women to marry and have children, and providing them with the economic and legal basis to sustain a decent household for the raising of children.  Anything which detracts from this must be hindered, all that advances it must be fostered.

Remember, then, why you are fighting for small government, low taxes, sensible regulations, strong morals, decent education and religious liberty…not for your own self, but for all of those here today, and for those who come after.  All our efforts are not for political victory or so we can make money, or bomb our enemies to smithereens…but just so Joe and Jane Average can get married, have kids and raise them in a decent society.  If you’re not fighting for that, then you’re not fighting for anything worthwhile.