“Ethical Cleansing”

Have yourself a population which, despite your best efforts, still bitterly clings to old-fashioned morality?  Well, here’s you answer – just get hold of the school system and start brainwashing the kids in to rejecting that old-fashioned morality.  From Life Site News:

Equity policies purporting to combat “homophobia” amount to “ethical cleansing” that aim to eliminate opposing moral views, says the Catholic Civil Rights League of British Columbia.

In a July 6th letter, CCRL BC Director Sean Murphy criticized the BC Civil Liberties Association’s support for an equity policy that passed in the Burnaby school board in June.  The policy aims to combat “heterosexism,” which it defines as the “assumption that all people are heterosexual and that heterosexuality is superior and more desirable for all people than any other sexual orientation.”…

Which works out, in practice, to a program of telling the kiddies that being gay is just as good (well, better, really) than being straight. As I’ve been saying for many years now, the so-called “gay rights” movement is not about securing tolerance for homosexuals but is instead an effort to legally enforce the notion that homosexuality is morally the same as heterosexuality.  The activists (which are not by any means the same as all gay people – quite a few of whom want no part of the totalitarian nonsense of the gay left) don’t want to be free to live their own lives…they want to grab hold of society and shape it to fit their ideas of what is right and wrong.  It is a legislation of morality they want – their own morality, as opposed to the morality held by the overwhelming majority.

In my view, the ultimate reason for this is that most gay people probably realize, deep down inside, that they are doing things they ought not to.  Understanding that gay people can have a deep-seated attraction to members of the same sex, it still sits there quite starkly – sex is not just for personal pleasure; ultimately, its purpose is children, and sex which is not at least in theory for the creation of children is disordered sex (s0, yes, liberals; older couples past their time and infertile couples can still have sex…because it isn’t absolutely impossible that a child will result, as is the case when two men engage in sex).  But with this realization there is still the very strong desire to do what they do…and whenever someone does something, it is nearly automatic that they will seek to rationalize their action…and also to seek approval of their peers.  Its the difference between a gay person knowing his neighbor resignedly tolerates his behavior and his neighbor actively applauding it.  Gay rights people want the applause.

And, so, “ethical cleansing” – a clearing out of the public square any hint that some where, some how, someone might have an objection to homosexual sex.  Not good enough to be tolerated; not good enough that every sign of unjust discrimination is removed; it must be a societal approval of homosexuality as being the same as heterosexuality.  We must instruct the children, regardless of their parent’s wishes, that if they choose to engage in homosexual sex, it is perfectly ok…great, laudable…something to be proud of.  And anyone who disagrees is a homophobic bigot.

This species of liberal fascism must be stopped – we must not allow liberal ideologues, for whatever reason, to undermine the inculcation of parental morality.  If a parent wishes to teach his child that homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality, that is fine…wrong, but within parental rights.  But if a parent wishes to teach that homosexual sex is inherently disordered and can never be approved, that is also within parental rights…and we can’t have the public school system saying otherwise.  At bottom, if you can’t get a societal consensus on teaching a certain moral precept, then the public school must not teach it.  The issue of homosexuality is not one of those issues we can all agree on (like, say, teaching that stealing is bad) – so it is better for the schools to remain silent on the subject and let each set of parents impart what knowledge they will.  Might lead to a wide variety of opinions and this wouldn’t be conducive to a liberal-fascist world view, but it would be just and workable.