Obamunism! Food Inflation Starts to Hurt

From Zero Hedge:

Somehow even as all that deflation in home prices continues, like perfectly joined communicating vessels, countervailing inflation continues seeping into pretty much every other aspect of society. But don’t take our word for it, (or even gold’s, which is just under all time record notional highs): according to Rasmussen, “Americans nationwide continue to lose faith in the Federal Reserve Board to keep inflation under control, with the number who say they are paying more for groceries now at an all-time high.” Specifically, “93% of adults report paying more for groceries now than they did a year ago, the highest finding to date…

I still tend to agree with those who hold we are in a long-term, deflationary trend…but this doesn’t mean we can’t have short-term, inflationary spikes…like we’re having right now.  While oil prices have tumbled from their highs of the Spring, the fact remains that gasoline prices are still significantly higher than they were a year ago…and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get sticker shock when I go grocery shopping.

All of this inflation is the result of Bernanke printing up money.  Remember, he did this so that he would have the money necessary to bail out the banksters – and all the money printing works out to picking your pocket.  The dollars you have, you see?, are now worth less…but those with things of actual value to sell simply cannot take less than fair value for their goods.  If they did, then they’d go out of business.  This means that everyone with things of real value to sell (gasoline or food, for instance) must charge more.  This isn’t price-gouging as liberal class-warfare talking points would have it…it is a logical, reasonable response to events.  In this case, the deliberate devaluing of our currency by our central bank in order that very rich people who run very large financial institutions shall not feel pain.

This is the final price of liberalism – our money being stolen by an agency of government so those most closely connected to government can be bailed out.  Bernanke bailed out the banks, Obama/Pelosi/Reid bailed out the unions…they were looking out for their own, and the rest of us got screwed in the process.  The cure is to end the relationship – and the primary means of doing that is to kill off Big Government, so that no corporation or union can, by manipulating government, gain the power to loot the people of their hard-earned wealth.

Obamunism! What Has Happened to the Dollar?

Read the chart, and weep:


If you look back to 2009, you can see that the dollar was worth about 1.15 Swiss Francs…now it is worth about 0.84 Swiss Francs.  This is what happens to your money when your government goes massively in to debt and prints up bags of money…the value of the money goes down.

This really needs to be driven home – the Obama/Bernanke economic polices have amounted to the stealing of our money.  Those dollars you carefully saved in 2009 for a rainy day?  They are now worth less than they were in 2009…think of it like putting a dollar in the piggy bank on January 1st, 2009 and then checking piggy today and finding about 90 cents in there.  What happened to your dime?  Well it, and a dime out of all your dollars, was taken way…and given to banksters and well-connected, Democrat special interests.  And this didn’t happen just to your dollars, but to everyone’s.  This is the most massive heist in human history…and it was carried out right under our noses by men who claimed they were doing it for our own good.

This is why you’re paying more for a gallon of gas and for a loaf of bread – it isn’t that gasoline and bread have actually gone up in price, but that the value of your dollar has gone down…and gown down at a time when almost all of us are earning either just the same number of dollars as before, or even less for those who lost their jobs and/or were forced to take a pay cut.  Remember it, remember it, remember it:  in order that Bernanke’s bankster buddies and Obama’s union cash cows could be protected you had your money stolen from you.

It is, indeed, time for a change – the Ruling Class is robbing us blind, selling us out to foreigners and working not just to deprive us of our rights, but of our own country.  Fight hard and never give up – remember what sort of people we’re dealing with and use it to steel your heart to ever greater efforts in 2012.  We must get rid of these people if we want to save our nation.